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Must Visit Places In New York

Best Hostel In New York City The Local Nyc

Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in New York State for Your Next Trip | MojoTravels

If, like us, budget travel is more your style dont fret. Staying in a fabulous budget friendly hostel in NYC is an option. The Local NYC is likely the best hostel in New York City. The Long Island City hostel is located right across the East River from Midtown and is only a 10 minute subway ride away from 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

The hostel has a lovely rooftop patio with skyline views of Manhattan, large and immaculately clean rooms with lockers and uber comfy mattresses, and an onsite bar for mingling or to enjoy live music and locally crafted brews on tap. For the cheapest prices at The Local NYC click here.

As always, happy travels, and well see you on the road!

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Best Places To Visit In Upstate New York + Hidden Gems

When it comes to New York State, many only think of New York City: an immense urban metropolis. However, the vast State of New York also expands into flowing hills, roaring rivers, breathtaking mountains, cute towns, and rushing waterfalls. Beneath all its natural beauty also lies important facets of history, tied deeply to the land and its people. Want to experience this for yourself? Here are 31 of the uniquely best places to visit upstate New York.

Things To Do In Nyc Embrace The Madness Of Times Square

For longtime New Yorkers Times Square is a no-go zone, a place reserved for tourists and those unfortunate souls who have to work there. For a first time visitor, however, Times Square can be a magical place of blinking lights and dazzling displays.

Back in day, as late as the early turn of the century, Times Square had a dark reputation for being a seedy and sometimes dangerous area of Manhattan. Those days are long, long gone. The modern Times Square is policed to the point of feeling occupied, and is totally safe day and night. The major avenues running through the Square have been closed to traffic and turned into a pedestrian zone for tourists to slowly walk along, or sit at tables while eating an overpriced snacks.

There are a bunch of stores in Times Square that you can get shopping done at, although we arent sure why you would pick that area for your shopping needs. You can also find many restaurants here, all of which are overpriced, but the excitement of dining in Times Square convinces some people to splurge.

Overall, while locals avoid it like the plague, Times Square should be on every first time visitors list of things to do in New York City.

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The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

It can be hard to know where to start in NYCespecially when it comes to the city’s incredible museums. Our trip planners suggest prioritizing a visit to The Met.

The museum has a fantastic collection. You could literallyLITERALLYspend days exploring it. Masterpieces of art, historical artifacts from all over the world, real ancient Egyptian templesthe Met has it all.

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island

New York Sightseeing: Top 7 Must

The Statue of Liberty is the nation’s most iconic monument, a symbol of hope to millions of immigrants on their way to Ellis Island. Tourists can visit both attractions via a ferry operated by the National Park Service that meets passengers at Battery Park and runs continuous loops throughout the day.

The first stop is the statue, where visitors can enjoy views of both the monument and the New York City skyline at no charge. You can also purchase tickets to access the pedestal or crown, although crown passes sell out at least six months in advance. Be sure to wander through the museum in the base of the statue and check out the extensive educational signs, statues, and historic markers.

The ferry stops next at Ellis Island, where there is a museum on the first floor of the main building, an architectural masterpiece that once served as the main processing center and hospital from 1892 to 1954. On the upper level, tourists can wander the rooms of the quarantine wing and see some of the original bunks and facilities used by those hoping to start new lives.

Inside are poignant exhibits, with walls of photos, documents, and personal stories that capture defining moments in American history, one person at a time. Tourists should plan at least a half-day to enjoy sightseeing at both attractions, or if pressed for time consider hopping aboard the ferry and using the ride to get phenomenal views of these historic landmarks from many angles.

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Go Across The Brooklyn Bridge The Best Thing To Do In Nyc

You can find the best views in NYC for free by visiting the Brooklyn Bridge. This landmark is a must-see in NYC, whether you walk, jog, drive, or bike across it. This massive attraction is over 130 years old and, at 1,595 feet, was the worlds longest suspension bridge from 1883 to 1903.

1. Go across the Brooklyn Bridge, the best thing to do in NYC

As you travel across the bridge, youll get stunning views of the skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge Park below. One of NYCs best parks, Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooks the East River and hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. Each of the parks piers features different attractions, including playgrounds, sports fields, green spaces, and a carousel.

While youre exploring the area, check out the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a pedestrian walkway that offers a picture-perfect view of the Lower East Side.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum

A stirring tribute and remembrance to all the men, women, and children who lost their lives on the horrible day that was September 11th, 2001. Pay your respects and marvel at human resilience while you are at it.

While you are down near One World Trade pass by St. Pauls Chapel. After September 11, 2001, St. Pauls became the site of a relief ministry for rescue and recovery workers. It is a minor miracle that while the skyscrapers were collapsing just across the street there was no practically damage done to St. Pauls Chapel. Due to this the church was nicknamed the little chapel that stood, and has earned a bit of a legendary reputation.

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Things To Do In New York City Brooklyn Bridge Walk

As one of New Yorks most iconic works of engineering and design the Brooklyn Bridge has connected lower Manhattan with lower Brooklyn for over a hundred years. We highly recommend you take a walk or a bike ride over the bridge, and stop along the way for some unforgettable views and photos.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous plot a course to leave Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge and return via the Manhattan bridge, which is a bit further up north. If you do so on bike the trip will take no longer than two hours.

While you are in the vicinity you might want to stop and have a pie at Grimaldis, one of the very best places to get delicious NYCs pizza.

Panama Rocks Scenic Park

New York – 10 places you must visit in the Big Apple

Panama Rocks Scenic Park is a park with impressive rock formations located in Chautauqua County. The rock formations are surrounded by a one-mile hiking trail and visitors are permitted to go off-trail and explore on their own.

The woods contain many caves, crevices, and passageways for visitors to discover. The park is located only 15 minutes away from Chautauqua Lake and visits to both places could easily be combined into a day trip. The park is a great place to spend time in nature but is only open seasonally so its recommended that visitors check the website before making the trip.

11 Rock Hill Road, Panama, NY 14767, Phone: 716-782-2845

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East Village A Great Place To Visit In New York At Night

  • Ethnic diversity and blend of cultures
  • Fantastic nightlife
  • Arty atmosphere

Why its awesome: East Village, located in Manhattan, is known for its Russian, Ukraine, and Jewish heritage and for its past arts scene and hippie vibe. A place that celebrated differences and promoted tolerance, various subcultures found their home in East Village. Indeed, punk rock was born here. There are many parks and community gardens in the neighbourhood, and youll also find interesting landmarks, art galleries, eateries with an international flavour, and a wealth of bars and clubs.

What to do there: During the daytime, there are plenty of interesting museums to keep you busythe Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, Ukrainian Museum, and Museum of the American Gangster are just a few to add to your list. Stroll through Little Ukraine, see the St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church, and see a different culture. In Alphabet City, experience Japanese street culture and follow the Mosaic Trail with lampposts adorned with interesting designs.

Shop in quirky stores, thrift shops, record shops, independent outlets, vintage stores, and small boutiques. Enjoy being outdoors in places like Tompkins Square Park, East River Park, and the many community gardens, and admire the details in the marble cemeteries. As nighttime falls the areas bursts into even more life, taking on something of a rock star ambience.

New York Harbour And Statue Of Liberty Evening Cruise

Downtown New York is stunning from the water by day, but the sight of the harbour and skyline at night is one of those experiences that will stay with you long after youve gone home. has an hour-long cruise after sunset, with running commentary imparting titbits you might not have known.

The cruise departs from Pier 16 at South Street Seaport, and arcs around Lower Manhattan to take in the Statue of Liberty, the forest of skyscrapers including the likes of One World Trade Center, and then under the Brooklyn Bridge and up as far as the Empire State Building.

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Where To Stay In Nyc

There are so many things to see and do in NYC, so its a good idea to spend the night at one of the best hotels in the city. Below are some of our two absolute favorites, although we also have a complete guide on where to stay in New York City.

  • Pod 51: This is a cheaper alternative that doesnt skimp on quality, plus it has a rooftop garden and its close to the Rockefeller Center.

Greenwich Village One Of The Nicer Places In New York To Sightsee

Must See Non
  • A former haven for artists and an area known for its Bohemian vibe
  • See the Washington Square Arch and other interesting pieces of architecture
  • Vibrant performing arts scene
  • Diverse and inclusive neighbourhood

Why its awesome: Greenwich Village is a bustling neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan. In contrast to the rest of the city, you wont find soaring skyscrapers here instead, youll find leafy residential areas, tree-lined streets, pretty parks, and several olde-worlde buildings. Known as the citys Bohemian heart in times gone by, the area gave birth to several counterculture movements and was also home to the citys gay movement.

In earlier times the area was home to New Yorks first prison. It also boasts the citys longest-running off-Broadway theatre. Each year, Greenwich Village hosts the biggest Halloween Parade in the world. There are many interesting landmarks throughout the area and plenty of establishments where you can eat, drink, shop, and have fun.

What to do there: Walk around Greenwich Village and youll likely notice that, unlike many other parts of the city, streets have names rather than numbers. See major landmarks, such as the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, Isaacs-Hendricks House , the eye-catching Greek revival homes, the Cherry Lane Theatre, the Hotel Albert, the Tenth Street Studio Building, and the old Jefferson Market Courthouse.

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Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Guided Tour

Both islands have a unique experience to offer that you should discover for yourself at least once. You can always visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island with a guide to make your visit that much richer adding in historical context and local insight but however you choose to visit, these two deserve top billing on your NYC bucket list.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art A Great Place To Visit In New York If You Are Alone/traveling Solo

  • Biggest art museum in the USA
  • Home to more than two million works
  • Art from ancient times right up to the present day
  • Beautiful architecture

Why its awesome: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the biggest art museum in the USA and one of the most-visited museums in the world. It first opened in 1872 and is amongst the best places in New York for art lovers. Spread between different areas, the museum contains pieces from all over the world, with collections covering all time periods from classical antiquity to the present day.

The museum showcases many of humanitys finest achievements, with spectacular exhibits that include Renaissance art, an Egyptian tomb, Islamic art, furnishings, clothes, weapons, and more. A fantastic place for all lovers of art, you can spend hours exploring the vast museum without barely scratching the surface.

What to do there: Take plenty of time to fully appreciate the many marvels in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Be dazzled in the two-level Greek and Roman Sculpture Court, home to ancient statues from ancient civilisations. Travel overseas in the Asian Art Collection, a quiet part of the museum that is perfect for reflection and admiration as you view works from across the continent. Be wowed as you gaze upon the re-assembled Temple of Dendur, transported overseas from Egypt and dating back to the ancient Egyptian era.

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Border Of Lower East Side With Two Bridges

If I had to choose my favorite five square blocks in all of New York City, it would be below Broome Street and above East Broadway, between Bowery and Essex in the lower Lower East Side. Its got the greatest concentration of my favorite bars, restaurants, and authentic ethnic food spots all in one little pocket. I just love wandering those streets lined with street art and always buzzing with that unmistakable New York energy picking up my favorite bites , meeting friends for dinner and a drink , or just soaking up the sun with a good book on the benches lining the small pedestrian park along Allen Street . Karen Chen, Editorial Producer

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Must-Visit Places for Ice Cream in NYC | New York Live TV

Museums have had to pivot this year, and its important that we support them particularly smaller institutions that dont have the funding of larger ones. The Tenement Museum, which normally gives tours in their two buildings on Orchard Street, has now shifted to doing outdoor walking tours of the neighborhood. Nothing can totally replace seeing in person what the cramped indoor quarters of a tenement were like and truly understanding what living conditions in the late 19th century were like for many families. But a guided walking tour does provide other context: We were able to see the areas first movie house, the Spanish-Baroque Loews Canal Street theater, and the Jarmulowsky Bank, still standing after all these years. Jacqui Gifford, Editor-in-Chief

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Times Square A Must Visit Place To Visit In New York On The Weekend

  • Often referred to as the Crossroads of the World
  • Main destination for New Yorks New Years Eve celebrations
  • Major entertainment area and popular tourist destination
  • Long history

Why its awesome: Times Square is a major retail, commercial, and entertainment area in New York. One of the worlds busiest pedestrianised zones, 330,000-odd people walk through the square every day. Often referred to as The Centre of the Universe and the Crossroads of the World its a thriving part of an already hectic city. Numerous advertisements and billboards line the busy square and many street performers provide enchanting entertainment right on the pavements for free. Times Square is amongst the best places in New York for people watching.

Youll even see people dressed up as popular Disney characters and other well-known characters from cartoons and movies. Theres stuff for families, couples, and groups of friends to enjoy here and, while busy on all days, it is especially vibrant at the weekends. The energy is electric and its a place that you cant forget in a hurry.

Wonder how to spend a weekend in New York? Head over to our insiders Weekend in New York guide!

Things To Do In Nyc Check Out Grand Central Station

Historic Grand Central Station is one of the more impressive public spaces in New York City. Its also a good location to add to your Instagram collection.

You can pass through here on your way to many other destinations, so GCS is worth at least 15 minutes of your time or you can even take a guided tour if you want to learn all about the history and its hidden attractions.

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