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How To Go Niagara Falls From New York

From Albany To Syracuse

Viator Exclusive: Niagara Falls Day Trip from New York by Private Plane

Your next stop is Syracuse, which can be reached via I-90 W. On the way, you may want to stop in the city of Utica, which is known for being rich in history and culture. Its also a great place to grab a bite to eat, as its famous for some local specialties like the pasta dish called Utica chicken riggies, spicy escarole and half-moon cookies.

New York Ny To Niagara Falls Ny

OurBus is proud to offer bus service fromNew York, NY to Niagara Falls, NY. OurBus was created to make the feeling of traveling as good as the feeling of arriving. Passengers can expect to easily buy bus tickets online, track the ETA of the bus in real-time, receive mobile boarding passes and enjoy the amenities of a modern bus with free Wifi, power outlets, comfortable reclining seats, a sanitized restroom, and free bottled water. Customer service is at our core so you can speak with a real person 24/7 and we have the most flexible rescheduling policy in the industry.

We cantwait to have you onboard OurBus to Niagara Falls, NY from New York, NY.

Is This Your First Time In New York

If it is your first time in New York and you want to enjoy the city to the fullest, you will probably prefer to stay in the Big Apple for as long as possible, as there are many things to discover. In that case, it may not be worth leaving New York to embark on a full-day excursion, especially if, as mentioned above, you don’t have much time in the city.

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Airport Transportation To The Falls

Taking just about 90 minutes, traveling by plane from NYC to Niagara Falls is the fastest way to get there. After flying into the Buffalo International airport, the falls are only a 30 minute drive away from the epic falls. The speed will cost you though, because at around $80 air travel is the most expensive way to get to Niagara Falls from NYC. There is also the hassle of going through security lines which makes the process longer, and boarding and deboarding the plane can add to travel time. So, while its still the fastest way, flying to the falls will probably take two to three hours of real travel time. If you do decide on flying to the falls consider pre-booking airport transportation and buying your Niagara Falls tour tickets online to save time!

Best Day Of The Week To Tour Niagara Falls From New York City


As with many other tourist attractions, you will find fewer people if you visit the Falls during the week. That said, I recommend that you check the fireworks calendar on the official Niagara Falls website to try to coincide your visit with a show that will add a very special touch to your excursion.

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Parking At Niagara Falls State Park

The park is equipped with four lots and several city lots just footsteps from the Park.

  • Parking Lot 1 | Prospect Point: This lot is the closest to the Visitor Center and the Maid of the Mist.
  • Parking Lot 2 | Goat Island: This lot is is located near the entrance of the Cave of the Winds tour and Top of the Falls Restaurant.
  • Parking Lot 3 | Three Sisters Island: This lot is located on the east end of Goat Island near Three Sisters Islands.
  • Parking Lot 4 | Niagara Gorge: This lot is just off the northbound Niagara Scenic Parkway, convinient for those visiting the Aquarium of Niagara or the Schoellkopf Site.This is also the in-park stop for the Discover Niagara Shuttle which will bring you from within the park to the attractions outside the park.

Here’s a handy Parking Lot Map of the Niagara Falls State Park

A Shuttle From Buffalo Airport To Niagara Falls

One of the best options to get to the falls from the airport is the direct shuttle, which departs every hour from 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. All you have to do is go to crosswalk 3 in the arrivals hall.A rental car from Buffalo airport to Niagara Falls

One of the most comfortable options is to rent a car at the airport. This way you will have the possibility to explore cities like Toronto or Niagara-on-the-Lake. I recommend you book the vehicle with Auto Europe, one of the best car rental comparators.axis from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls

If you are traveling 4 or 5 people, the taxi is a recommended option to get to the falls. They can also take you to both the Canadian and the American sides.

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When Is The Best Time To Go To Niagara Falls

I would say as long as you dont mind the cold go in late November. We got there just too late as everything had closed the week before. This meant we couldnt access all of the viewing platforms and the Maid of the mist wasnt running. The jet boat was, but it was a bit out of my price range. What this did mean though was there were no people!

We decided to get up early and try and catch a sunrise. When we walked over to the falls after sunrise we had it to ourselves for the whole time we were there. It was pretty special! If we had gone the week before I could have still gone on the Maid of the Mist and Im pretty sure the ques still would have been non-existent. I would love to go back in the summer but if you go then be prepared for the crowds!

New York City To Niagara Falls Road Trip

Niagara Falls, New York – Travel Guide | Things to Do | Secret Tips

On a 400 mile road trip between NYC & Niagara Falls, there is plenty to see and do, from the charming coppers town area to wildlife refuges and of course the finger lakes region which has shimmering lakes, 19 waterfalls and world renowned wine!

This road trip can be spread over multiple days we did it within 7 & really made the most of it! Of course the icing on the cake is the majestic Niagara Falls which offers over 42 million gallons of water per second, which plummet over the edge of its three gigantic waterfalls!

Niagara Falls consists of three waterfalls, two on the U.S side separated by Goat Island and one on the Canadian side

Insider Tip:

The Largest & most spectacular of Niagara Falls, is Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. So make sure you can you passport handy and/or necessary visa passes if traveling from another part of the world!

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Bringing Children Into Canada

Minors age 15 and under must have proper identification, such as a birth certificate, passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card or Certificate of Aboriginal Status. While passports are recommended, they are not required for American minors age 15 or younger crossing the border by land – a birth certificate will suffice.

If a minor is travelling alone or with an adult that is not their parent or guardian, they should carry a letter from their parents/ guardians. This letter should authorize the person meeting them or travelling with them to take responsibility for the minor while visiting Canada. The letter should also include addresses and telephone numbers where the parents or guardian can be reached.

Divorced or separated parents should carry custody or legal separation documents and a letter of authorization from the other parent to facilitate their entry into Canada.

If you are travelling with a group of vehicles, make sure you arrive at the border in the same vehicle as your children, to avoid any confusion.

Popular International Routes By Train From New Yorks

Amtrak operates several international routes that originate from New York City, with some reaching as far north as the Maple Leaf to Toronto in Ontario or the Adirondack to Montreal in Quebec. The Maple Leaf line from New York City to Toronto will take about 13h. The Adirondack line from New York City to Montreal takes about 10h. Another popular route departing from New York City is the Empire Service, which operates through Upstate New York to Niagara Falls in Canada. The trip takes about 7h.

New York Brooklyn Bridge. Source: Shutterstock

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Traveling From New York To Niagara Falls

It’s easy to get from New York to Niagara Falls with FlixBus, with 1 direct buses per day. It can take a minimum time of 7 hours 55 minutes.Bus travel is the most environmentally friendly way to travel long distances and we’re working to make it even greener with high environmental standards across our fleet of buses, the use of alternative drive and fuel technologies, and the option for all passengers to offset their carbon emissions at the point of buying a ticket.The average cost of bus travel between New York and Niagara Falls is $65.10, which makes bus travel far cheaper than any other method.

From New York City To Niagara Falls By Plane


Visitors can also take a planned one-day tour by air, which includes round-trip airfare between NYC airports and Buffalo, a half-day guided tour of the attraction from both sides, a boat cruise, and a buffet lunch at the Top of the Falls restaurant. The Maid of the Mist cruise operates only during the warmer months when visiting during winter, participants are taken to the Journey Behind the Falls observation decks and portals located behind the falls. The entire tour takes approximately 14 hours and hotel transfers to and from the airport are available from properties located between 23rd and 74th streets.

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Is It Worth Going If I Go With Children

If you doubt that the little ones will like the excursion, I’ll solve the question right away: they will be amazed. The scenery, the sound of the water, the waterfalls, the boat ride…. If we adults are impressed, visiting Niagara Falls with children can literally be the adventure of a lifetime.

However, keep in mind that the bus ride is not short, so the decision will depend more on whether they tend to fall asleep during the trip, whether they get overwhelmed or get road sick, etc.

Returning To The United States

Depending on the length of stay, American citizens are entitled to take goods back to the U.S. duty free. Be aware that goods purchased in a duty free shop are not automatically free of duty upon your return to the U.S.

You can find a list of duty free items to bring back to the U.S. here, as well as a list of prohibited and restricted items here. For further information on U.S. customs regulations, please visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

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About The Niagara Falls Tour

There are a few different tours you can take. Being a budget traveler I chose the cheapest option and then roped my mum and her partner in to make it even cheaper! The normal cost is $135 if there are four of you and you all share a room its $300! So its worked out really cheap. But all it included is getting there and back and the hotel. Once you get on the bus they will try and sell you all of the extras including the jet boats and evening entertainment.

Now, if you asked my mum how she liked this particular tour she would tell you she hated every moment of it and would NEVER go on another. I, on the other hand, thought it was brilliant! So here is a rundown of the tour from both viewpoints.

Niagara Falls State Park

Niagara Falls, New York: Top 5 Things to Do

If youre operating on a budget then a stop at Niagara Falls State Park shouldnt be missed. Its totally free and open to the public and offers unobstructed views of the American Falls. While the views arent as expansive as they are from the Canadian side, the American side allows you to get much closer. For even more unobstructed views theres the Niagara Falls Observation Tower that stretches over the Niagara River from the park that makes you feel as though youre flying.

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Take The Public Bus New York City To Niagara Falls

By public bus, you are looking at 9-15 hours! Most of the buses leave from the Port Authority Terminal and arrive either on the New York side of the falls or you can carry on to the Canadian side. Its cheaper to book in advance and there are three main companies offering connections from New York to Niagara Falls: Greyhound, Trailways NY, and City2City.

P.S you can also walk across the border to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From New York City To Niagara Falls

The fastest way to travel to Niagara Falls is, without a doubt, by plane. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport isn’t actually in Niagara Falls, but in the nearby city of Buffalo, which is only 30 minutes away by car or up to two hours away by public transit . Flying to Toronto is also an option if you want to visit the Canadian side of the falls, and it takes about an hour to reach them by car.

Planes depart frequently from all three of the New York City airportsJFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. Prices don’t fluctuate depending on your departure point, so you can freely choose whichever airport is most convenient for you. If you buy tickets in advance and aren’t traveling during a busy holiday period, prices start at about $80.

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Which Side Of Niagara Falls Is Best: American Side Or Canadian Side

Canadian side hands-down. The falls are magnificent, but you can only see the height/views of the falling water with a partial viewbut the Canadian side of Niagara Falls gives you the epic view/feeling that made you want to visit.

If you dont mind getting drenched in the midst , youll feel like youre in a superhero movie.

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Day : Drive To Niagara Falls + The Touristy Side

ISX Canada

Our journey to Niagara Falls began with a 7-8 hour bus ride from Manhattan to Niagara Falls, which is 400 miles traveled. Since my bae and I both do not drive, we took a bus tour that included an overnight hotel stay. This provided us with a great overview as I had never been to the New York side. Next time, I would probably try to use public transportation to get there so we have that flexibility!

TIP: I highly recommend driving if you can so that you have more flexibility in deciding where you go and how long you spend at each place. We found ourselves rushed at times!

We arrived at around 4:30 PM as we made several rest stops. Since it is summertime, there were a few activities that we were able to squeeze in that evening

A. Ride Maid of the Mist Boat:

This is probably the most popular activity to see in Niagara Falls! This 20-minute ride on a double-decker boat provides a unique perspective of the Falls. Did you know that Niagara Falls is actually made up of 3 waterfalls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls? The 3 waterfalls combine to produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on Earth, which you will get to experience on this boat ride. The boat gets right up to the base of the Horseshoe Falls!

FYI: There is literally NO DIFFERENCE between the US and Canadian versions of the Maid of the Mist. They leave from exactly the same spot and identical circle routes. Ultimately, you will get the same views!

3. Visit Cave of the Winds


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Best Way To Visit Niagra Falls From Nyc

I am planning to visit NYC during thanksgiving this year

Please suggest what is the best way to visit Niagra falls from

How long will you be in New York City? If it’s less than a week, my suggestion woudl be to not go to Niagara Falls. It’s not a day trip.

If you do go, I would fly toBuffalo from NYC, and either rent a car in Buffalo or get a bus to the Niagara Falls area in Canada. I would get a hotel room overnight, and spend your first day and second morning seeing the sights. Then I would drive back to the airport the next day and fly back to New York.

How To Get To Niagara Falls From Nyc

Nov 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

The iconic Niagara Falls is located close enough to New York City about 400 miles to be exact many who plan a trip to The Big Apple try and fit in a trip to the falls as well. Obviously, the quickest way to do so would be to fly, but some might not have the budget to do so or there may be some other reason they avoid air travel. Driving is a six-to-seven-hour trip which may be too long for some, but the explorations and scenic views make the journey more exciting and fun to consider for others.

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