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How To Cook New York Strip Steak On Grill

How To Cook New York Strip Steak On Grill

How to grill the best New York Strip Steak of your LIFE!

How do you Grill a New York strip?

  • Grill Method: Direct grilling over high heat with the lid open. Grilling Time: About 8 minutes total for a 1 thick New York Strip steak. 1Approximately 45 minute before you are ready to grill your New York strip steaks, take them out of the fridge and rub in some garlic salt and fresh ground pepper.

How To Cook Strip Steak In The Oven

  • Be sure your steak is completely thawed.
  • Bring the meat to room temperature. Remove your steak from the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before grilling.
  • Set oven for broil and preheat 10 minutes.
  • Season steaks as desired we recommend Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.
  • Place steaks on the rack of a broiler pan. Position broiler pan in oven so that the surface of the beef is 3 to 4 inches from the heat. Broil to desired doneness, according to the times listed below.
  • For the perfect medium-rare steak, broil in the oven for 10-12 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 12-15 minutes for a 1½ inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F.
  • Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. The temperature of the meat will continue to rise for as much as 5°F during this time . The final temperature will read 135°F.
  • Resting steak is also important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface if you slice into it immediately after cooking, those flavorful juices will end up on your plate, not in your steak. Allowing your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and throughout the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.

Prepare The Compound Butter

The compound butter will help the steaks get a nice crispy crust and that juicy texture inside.

Combine the salted butter, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and thyme in a bowl.

Use one tablespoon of the mixture on your serving platter.

Make sure that you do this before grilling the steaks to create a nice and smooth platter once the steaks cook.

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How To Reheat New York Strip:

Ever since I discovered this reheating method for reverse sear steak, I actually use it for all my steaks, including this New York strip recipe:

  • Preheat the oven to a low temperature, such as 250 or 300 degrees F.
  • Place the steaks in a baking dish and add a little broth to the bottom . Seal the top with foil.
  • Heat in the oven for about 10 minutes, or until warm.

What To Serve With Traeger Grilled New York Strip Steak

How to Grill Steaks Perfectly For Beginners  Omaha Steaks

This steak is wonderful with a Caesar salad, but any salad works. You can also serve with something like grilled asparagus or zucchini. Here are some other suggestions for sides that you might want to give a try as well.

These recipes work well with steaks especially!

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How Long Do You Grill A 1

A 1-inch thick strip steak might not seem like it is too thick, but for a tough cut of meat, you need to grill it for longer periods of time to allow the heat to seep through the meat.

Usually, I cook mine for at least 10 minutes as with that amount of time, I like the slightly medium-rare finish.

So basically I cook it for 5 minutes on each side.

This takes some practice though, as the timer is not the most reliable indicator.

So if you want to make sure that the steak is cooked to the doneness that you want, invest in a good meat probe to measure the internal temperature of the steaks.

Which Is Better New York Strip Or Ribeye

The main difference between a ribeye and a NY strip is that the ribeye has more internal marbling or fat. The New York Strip has a thick band of fat running down one side that you cant really eat. The Ribeye is a great choice if you are looking for a tender steak with plenty of flavor and a buttery smooth texture.

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Grilled New York Strip Steak

If youre craving steak, this Grilled New York Strip Steak recipe is a classic everyone will love. These steaks are grilled over direct high heat to sear and seal in the juices. After grilling, theyre topped with blue cheese butter that melts into the steaks for maximum indulgence.

  • 3 10-ounce NY strip steaks
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • parsley, chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste

How To Store And Reheat Ny Strip Steak

Grilling New York Strip Steaks over Charcoal | How to Grill New York Strip Steaks | AntStill BBQ
  • Storage: let steak cool to room temperature then transfer to an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator for up to five days.
  • Microwave: its best to slice the steak before reheating so it heats evenly. Transfer sliced steak to a microwave safe plate. Microwave for 30 seconds then at 15 second intervals as needed.
  • Skillet: warm sliced steak in a skillet with a drizzle of oil or a slab of butter over medium heat, stirring often until warmed through.
  • Oven: transfer steak to a baking sheet, cover with foil and reheat at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes or just until warmed through.

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How To Buy Strip Steaks

If you have a choice and can discuss it with the butcher , try to get a steak from the rib end of the tenderloin.

Buy the best grade of beef you can afford. USDA Prime is the top of the range, with only about 2% of the beef in this country earning that label. This will ensure that your beef has nice fat marbling throughout, which is what gives beef steaks their incredible flavor, not to mention tenderness. USDA Choice comes after that, and within Choice there are different levels, so once again, it will come back to the conversations you have with your butcher as to what is best behind the meat counter that day. The grade Select is below Choice, and will be leaner still.

A freshly cut steak should be a pretty bright red color, and have no dark spots. It will turn a more brownish red as it ages, which doesnt mean its bad, just that it was not cut as recently, and the exposure to oxygen causes the darkening of color. Steer clear of any streaks with an odor that is slightly sour, or anything but fresh.

Here’s The Secret To Grilling A Juicy New York Strip Steak Perfectly

The New York strip is a favorite among grillers, and answers to a few names. Some people call it the Kansas City Strip or the Strip Loin. But whatever you want to call it, its still the cut with the long strip of fat running down the side, the one that we like to call the fat cap. It is part of why the New York strip is so flavorful and juicy and doesnt really need much to make it superb. All you really need when cooking it is some high heat oil and some salt.

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Is New York Strip Steak Healthy

New York Strip Steak is a leaner cut of beef with a high amount of protein, amino acids, iron, and zinc. Here are some health benefits of steak:

  • Protein: steak is a powerful source of protein to fuel your body. It is excellent for helping to build muscle and for maintaining muscle mass. Even fit individuals can suffer muscle atrophy if they do not consume enough protein which contains amino acids . Protein can also help repair muscles from wear and tear and to relieve muscle aches.
  • Amino acids: steak also contains the dietary amino acid called beta-alanine, which helps form a dipeptide called carnosine, which is crucial to support physical activity. Healthy levels of carnosine reduce fatigue and improves muscle performance, endurance and precision during physical activity.
  • Iron: steak contains high levels of iron which is absorbed more quickly than iron found in supplements and even some vegetables. Iron is needed to carry oxygen to from the lungs to all parts of the body. Your body also needs iron to make some hormones and keep your hair, skin and nails healthy. If you do not have enough iron, you wont have healthy oxygen circulation, which will cause fatigue and grogginess.
  • Zinc: A serving of beef contains 4.8 mg of zinc, which is 44% of the Daily Value. Zinc is vital for a healthy immune system, correctly synthesizing DNA, and healing wounds.

Grilled New York Strip Steak Recipe

How to Grill the Perfect New York Strip Steak  Omaha ...

Grilling New York Strip steaks is the best way to cook this prime cut of meat! You just can’t beat the seared char on the outside and the tender, juicy inside. With basic ingredients and a quick, simple preparation, this Grilled New York Strip Steak recipe lets the meat’s robust natural flavors shine! Serve your grilled steak with a baked potato and Caesar salad for a classic, crowd-pleasing dinner.

I happen to live with four meat-loving boys, so grilled steak is a staple on our summertime table. Since my husband is typically in charge of the grill, I asked him to share his go-to New York Strip Steak recipe on the blog. Not only is this process simple, quick and delicious, it’s 100% kid-approved. When you find the best way to cook New York Strip, you stick with it!

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What Temperature Do You Grill A 1

The same goes with 1-inch strip steaks when it comes to the temperature you need to use to cook it properly. However, you need to make sure that you cook it longer.

1-inch strip steaks can get up to 177 degrees Fahrenheit when it comes to the internal temperature, which means that the interior is cooked but not dried out.

Since the steak is thicker, it is only natural to allow it to reach a higher internal temperature so that the interior cooks and all the bacteria inside are killed.

If you were wondering how to grill a new york steak then this guide is going to help you out A LOT.

If it is your first time then do check out this easy grilled New York Strip steak recipe.

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What Is Strip Steak

A strip steak is cut from the short loin of the cow. This muscle doesnt do too much work, making the strip steak a rather tender cut of meat. Its not quite as tender as the nearby tenderloin, but its still a great option for a nice, typically boneless steak that cooks evenly and quickly with a great beef flavor and nice chew.

Strip steaks have many names, including Kansas-city steak, New York strip steak, top loin, and a hotel-style steak. No matter what you call them, they are delicious and tender and a popular restaurant steak. Strip steaks are best when they are well-marbled with nice, white fat weaving through the muscle of the steak.

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Cooking Thinner Steaks On The Grill

You can grill a steak of any thickness successfully, but there is a sweet spot of thickness. Steaks that are too thin will probably not get those beautiful pronounced grill marks by the time the interior is cooked to your liking. If you are cooking thinner steaks on the grill, 1-inch or thinner, only flip them once so that the outside can sear up before the steaks overcook. Keep the heat fairly high so the outside has a chance to sear and caramelize before the inside gets too well done.

Should You Serve Steak Pre

How to Make a New York Strip Steak

Just like any and every cut of meat that comes off a hot grill, make sure to let the meat sit and rest. This allows the moisture in the meat to reabsorb into the full cut of meat and helps keep it juicy and flavorful.

If you cut it too soon, you will know it because all the juices will run out onto the cutting board. Some people think that water is blood because it has a reddish tint to it, but its not! Blood coagulates and does not just sit in a piece of meat waiting to spill out. Not trying to gross anyone out, but just trying to point out the difference, which is very important.

Restaurants typically serve a New York Strip cut into a bunch of slices. They slice against the grain of the meat which helps the bite of meat be easier to chew rather than stringy.

If you are serving as an appetizer, then cutting it into strips which folks can pick up easily with a toothpick makes perfect sense. When it comes to serving individual steaks as an main course though, Id leave the slicing up to the eater.

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New York Strip Steaks On A Charcoal Grill

An easy method for grilling New York Strip Steaks on a Charcoal Grill. Keep it simple and season it up right, Dont overthink it.

New York Strip Steaks are on of the most popular cuts of beef because its the perfect balance of tenderness and beefy flavor. Its Leaner then a ribeye but has more fat than a Filet.

Should I Trim New York Strip Steak Before Cooking

Yes. NY Strip Steaks come with a band of fat around the steak, with a thicker band on one side. The thick band is too thick to benefit the steak and can cause flare ups when grilling. More importantly, the fat will shrink faster than the meat when cooking, which can cause the fat to fold or compress the meat, squeezing out valuable juices and impeding an even sear.

You will want to trim the thick band down to pretty thin, about & frac18 to ¼-inch thick. The easiest way to do this is to look to the corner of the steak to find a chunk of fat and grab hold of it. Use the fat like a tab and pull away from the steak. It should separate from the steak as you pull away and downward, leaving only a thin layer of fat behind. If this method doesnt work for you, slice the fat off with a sharp knife, taking care you dont cut into the meat. Dont worry about getting it too even.

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How Do You Know When A Steak Is Discreet

How to control your steak temperature without a raw thermometer. Feel the palm just below the thumb. Raw. Now take your thumb to the index finger and touch the same part of the palm again. Underdone. Touch your thumb with your middle finger. Medium. Move your thumb to the ring. Good work. Now press the little finger with your thumb.

How Long Do You Grill A New York Strip Steak

Grilled Spice Rubbed New York Strip Steak

If you wonder how long to grill a new york strip steak then it depends on your preference. You can cook a 1-inch steak for about 4-6 minutes on one side to make new york strip steak tender.

If you use a high temperature to cook it, it might take longer to cook at lower heat.

When it comes to the doneness of the meat, you need to cook the strip steak for 3 to five minutes to get medium-rare doneness on the meat.

You achieve medium doneness when you cook the steaks for 6 minutes on each side for one-inch-thick steak depending on the thickness of the steak.

If the steak is thicker then you can cook for another minute extra but otherwise, it is mostly the same time as it is for a one-inch thick new york strip steak.

As you can see, you need to cook the strip steak a bit longer than other steaks cuts.

The reason behind this is that the New York strip steak is a little tougher than most cuts.

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How To Cook New York Strip Steak On A Grill

New York Strip steak is a tender meat cut and it is slightly expensive but full of flavors. In this guide on how to cook new york strip steak on a grill, we would cover everything you should know.

This guide on how to cook New York Strip steak on a grill will help you get the best finish on your strip steak which is important to me considering how expensive these are.

I always wanted to cook New York Strip steak and now since I have, I can share the recipe here.

New York strip steak is so good that you can make this recipe and it would taste as it came from a good steakhouse.

New York Strip Steak is perhaps one if not the best cuts of meat to cook on a grill.

If the cut of meat has enough marbling, then you will be able to enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness on the steak.

The one I got from Snake River Farms is perfect for it, hence I recommend them as I loved the quality of New York Strip Steak from them.

The problem is that it is not that easy to make the meat tender and stay juicy.

That is especially true if you use direct heat from the grill as it can easily burn the crust of the steak.

So you need to be careful and cook the steak at the right temperature and timer to make sure that it cooks all the way through while also making sure that it stays tender and juicy.

The New York strip steak is not the softest cut of meat. It is a great choice since it gives off a meaty flavor, so once you cook it properly, you will have one of the best steak meals at home.

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