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Barry Davis – Mock Mediation, Part 1 of 2

Even if a couple mutually decides that divorce is the right move for them, dealing with the division of property and many other aspects of the divorce process can be difficult without the intervention and guidance of a third party. Some advantages of divorce mediation include:

  • Confidential consultation
  • Couples have more of a say in the process as opposed to the court
  • Cheaper compared to other forms of litigation
  • Less likely to produce a fractured relationship which will complicate child custody arrangements later

A divorce mediator is an attorney who is trained specifically to help divorced couples compromise on the conditions of their separation. The difference between having a mediator versus the more traditional method of divorce is that a mediation attorney does not take sides. In traditional divorce scenarios, each spouse hires their own attorney, and those attorneys advocate for their own clients and negotiate with each other to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. A divorce mediation attorney works for both parties involved, and they are completely neutral. They participate in the discussion, but they do not have the power to make a ruling for the couple the couple gets to make their own decisions. This is different from arbitration, where the attorney serves as a judge and makes a ruling.

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Meet With An Experienced Manhattan Beach Divorce Attorney

The sooner you can meet with a family lawyer in Manhattan Beach at the Harris Family Law Group, the earlier you will understand exactly what your divorce will look like, including what makes sense from a financial standpoint, so you can make informed decisions about having this important conversation with your spouse and children, when applicable.

Our Manhattan Beach divorce attorneys make things easier for our clients by charging easy-to-understand flat rates, so they do not have to worry about excessive billing hours or a surprise bill at the end of the process. We simply provide the rate you will pay for our representation upfront, so you can manage your divorce without the additional stress of the expense.

If you have questions about divorce, child custody, and financial support, contact our experienced Manhattan Beach family law attorney at the Harris Family Law Group today by calling to get the help you need to move forward with confidence.

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What Is The Difference Between An Annulment And Divorce

While divorce may be permanent, it does not dispute the fact that a marriage was legally enacted and in existence in the first place.

An annulment, however, is very similar to a divorce as it may involve a dividing of assets, custody and visitation negotiations, and so on but an annulment means that the marriage was established on false pretenses. If a man discovers, for example, that his wife has been lying about an extensive criminal past , or that she was never formally divorced from a former spouse, he may file for an annulment rather than a divorce.

If an annulment is successful, it is from a legal perspective as if the marriage did not ever truly exist. Annulments can also be sought for religious reasons, particularly given the gravity of divorce in the understanding of certain faiths.

Barry Davis Divorce Mediator At Wwwdavismediationcom

Individual &  Joint Mediation Sessions

Manhattan Beach, California, United States · Divorce Mediator at · Davis Mediation

Whether or not the mediator is a lawyer, it is important that both parties consult with their own attorneys prior to actually signing any final divorce

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Divorce Mediation Works | Client Reviews of divorce assistance, Attorneys & law firms from state of California. Rate Manhattan Beachs attorneys or make an

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Davis Mediation Divorce Mediation, Manhattan Beach, California. 178 likes. Divorce Mediation Economical, Confidential, Effective Solutions for Divorce.

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What Are The Biggest Benefits Of Divorce Mediation For Children

When a child experiences a high-conflict divorce, it can leave lasting psychological and emotional harm. Although it may not be the parents intention, children often feel forced to choose sides. Parents may even actively try to alienate the child from the other parent without realizing the impact it can have on the child. As a parent, it is natural to want to fight to protect your relationship with your child but often it is the endless fighting that does the most harm.

Mediation reduces the likelihood of childhood trauma from divorce by reducing conflict, providing positive approaches to family communication, and demonstrating collaborative decision making. Parents are encouraged to consider mediation because of benefits including but not limited to:

In countries where family mediation is an accepted adjunct to litigation, research has shown that in cases where mediation is utilized, there is greater potential for the development of optimal co-parenting relationships as well as ongoing parental cooperation. Research also shows that agreements reached through mediation are more likely to be adhered to by the parents. Parents ability to develop customized outcomes that meet their childrens unique needs and requirements during mediation are more likely to succeed in implementing the terms of the agreement.

Eric Piety Ma: Manhattan Beachs Top Divorce Mediator

As an experienced therapist with a background in divorce law, Eric takes a well-rounded approach to divorce and child custody mediation. His abilities to listen to each point of view and facilitate productive discussions among feuding parties have helped him become one of the top mediators in Manhattan Beach.

Your Guide to a Smarter Divorce

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Are There Parenting Resources Available Before Going To Divorce Mediation

Before going into a mediation session, all parents are encouraged to go through the parenting tools and resources on like the Divorce Mission Statement and utilize the books and podcasts found on The parenting site provides easy-to-use tools to draft successful letters to your co-parent and to develop and tweak your parenting plan. It is also recommended that parents use the suggested age-appropriate parenting plans provided by the Orange County Superior Court and the communication tools of as resources to help your children through this process.

Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce In California

Barry Davis – Mock Mediation, Part 2 of 2

Divorces in California can be either uncontested or contested. In the case of uncontested divorces, one spouse files and fills out the divorce papers claiming grounds and listing all shared children, assets, and income. These papers are then sent to the other spouse, who agrees and signs the papers.

If the spouse disagrees with some part of the divorce papers, they will refuse to sign and contest the divorce. This will then require several court appearances where the court decides all matters.

In some cases, a streamline divorce process called summary dissolution is possible. For a marriage to qualify for a summary dissolution, all the following must be true:

  • Residency requirements are met
  • The couple has been married fewer than five years
  • The couple has no children, and neither is currently pregnant
  • Neither spouse owns any real estate
  • The couple owes less than $6,000 in debts from the time when the marriage began
  • Community property , excluding vehicles, totals less than $38,000 in value
  • Neither spouse separately owns property worth more than $38,000
  • Both spouses agree that neither will receive spousal support
  • Both spouses have agreed how they will divide their property and debts

If any of these are not true for your potential divorce case, you will not qualify for a summary dissolution.

In the event of domestic violence or substance abuse, it is important to provide evidence at this point, as it could drastically affect spousal support and/or child custody.

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How Does Mediation Work

In divorce mediation, the two divorcing spouses agree to meet with a neutral third party- the mediator who will facilitate discussions regarding the terms of the divorce. While you can engage in mediation without an attorney, it is highly advisable to have one in your corner. Some of the most notable benefits of mediation are listed below.

  • Mediation is usually much cheaper than litigation
  • Mediation allows both parties to provide input into the resolution, often fostering a better post-divorce relationship
  • Mediation allows more control over the outcome than litigation
  • Mediation is confidential, allowing couples to keep private details about their finances and personal lives out of the public eye

How Long Does Divorce Mediation In Los Angeles Typically Take

In comparison to the unknown timeline of a full-scale divorce suit that will end up in a trial, the length needed to complete mediation will be clear early on in the process. The average length of mediation usually involves at least three to four two-hour mediation sessions, spread out over at least a month or two. More complex cases can take between four to six months to complete. In addition to the timeliness of mediation, you will never have to feel as though you and your childrens futures are in the hands of someone other than you and your spouse.

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Can I End My California Marriage If My Spouse Does Not Want To Get Divorced

It is not uncommon for one spouse in the marriage to be the one who decides they want to get divorced while the other wants to stay together.

And while there are countless reasons someone seeks a divorce, none of them matter in the state of California, since we are a no-fault divorce state. That means one spouse does not have to prove the other did something wrong to dissolve their marriage. They must simply state that they can no longer get along, or what is technically referred to as irreconcilable differences.

Further, both spouses do not need to agree to end the marriage.

One spouse can decide to end the marriage, and the other cannot simply stop or avoid the process by not participating, as the divorce can be finalized as a default judgment.

Typically, it will not matter who files for divorce first, as the court does not give preference to the filer or a disadvantage to the respondent.

The more important details of your divorce are in the planning not the speed at which you file.

How To File For Divorce

Robert M. Helfend 13101 W Washington Blvd Ste 464, Los Angeles, CA ...
  • To file for divorce, you will usually need to have resided in your state and county for at least 6 months to 1 year. It does not matter where the marriage took place.
  • Next, youll need to obtain all the required divorce forms, found on your states website or the applicable courts office of the clerk.
  • Once the forms have been filed and summons served on your spouse, your spouse will have some time to respond to the petition .
  • Procedures will vary by state and it is recommended you speak with a divorce lawyer to understand the requirements in the area you live.

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Manhattan Beach Mediated Divorce Lawyers Attorneys

  • Highest rating: 4
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: To schedule a free consultation with a professional legal representative, contact the Manhattan Beach mediated divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Baden V.
  • More : To schedule a free consultation with a professional legal representative, contact the Manhattan Beach mediated divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Baden V.

Child Custody & Visitation

Often, the most contentious aspects of a divorce case revolve around child custody and visitation, and for good reason. We understand how important your children are to you, why is why it is so critical to have a qualified attorney on your side who can fight for the best possible outcome. Furubotten Law, APC offers a range of services depending on your needs and unique situation, including initial child custody and visitation agreements, orders to show cause, child custody modifications, and relocation agreements.

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Divorce Mediation Lawyers In Manhattan Beach California

Find a divorce mediation attorney in California to help you resolve the issues in your divorce case out of court. Issues decided during the divorce mediation process can include the equitable division of assets, alimony, child support and child custody. Divorce attorneys use mediation as a tool to help the parties sit down with a neutral third party to talk through possible settlement offers to see if both sides can agree. The cost of mediation in a divorce case in California is almost always less than litigating the issues at trial. In many jurisdictions the court will require divorce mediation in California before a trial will be scheduled.

Are There Minor Children In Your Home

Divorce Mediation Lawyer – New York Divorce Attorney Brian D. Perskin

Kids are going to make a huge difference in your divorce decision-making process and may help drive the who gets the house conversation.

Our California family courts will want both parents to be involved in their childrens lives, which is something you and your spouse can decide if you can decide on your own, without the courts interference alone or during mediation.

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Divorce Mediation In Los Angeles Frequently Asked Questions

Going through a divorce can be emotionally taxing, extremely costly, and legally confusing. Choosing divorce mediation can help alleviate those challenges as mediators support individuals in processing any issues that arise all while maintaining the autonomy and agency of those involved. If you are looking to file for an alternative to litigation, our divorce service will create a space for you to find amicable resolutions with less conflict and legal costs.

Questions regarding mediation are normal we have compiled some frequently asked questions and provided answers!

The Importance Of A Good Consultation

The goal of an initial consultation is to find an attorney you are comfortable working with and someone who can help you understand your options under the law. Seek to understand the relevant legal experience the attorney brings to your case. While it is not realistic to expect an attorney to resolve your legal issue during an initial consultation, you should gain a level of comfort with his/her ability to do so. A good consultation can clarify issues, raise pertinent questions and considerations for your case, and help you make an informed decision towards resolving your legal issue.

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Legal Solutions Tailored For You And Your Family

Regal Law & Mediation, APC is a boutique law firm in the South Bay that focuses on family law matters such as divorce , legal separation, paternity action, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support , property division, support collection and post-judgment issues. Our firm serves the South Bay communities and nearby cities of Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, Palos Verdes Estates, Carson, Hawthorne, Lomita and Long Beach. We are committed to representing our clients best interests and legal needs during all stages of a separation or divorce.

RLM firmly believes in resolving family law disputes through negotiation, settlement or mediation. Where a settlement is not possible, we zealously represent our clients while keeping their expenses and objectives in mind. To further alleviate our clients worries and concerns during this process, we maintain a clear line of communication with our clients and give them all the information they need to make informed decisions.


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About Denise Furubotten

When couples who file for divorce want to avoid the drawn out and often costly legal battle that accompanies a contested divorce, they may wish to seek the assistance of a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator works with the couple to discuss and draw up all legal agreements regarding child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of assets or debts. This venue allows both parties to express their concerns and desires without animosity.

This can be a very trying time in your life and we are here to help. To schedule a free consultation with a professional legal representative, contact the Manhattan Beach mediated divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield, at 310-546-5858 today to discuss your legal options. We will help you to identify the course of action that is right for your unique situation.

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