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Cheap Parking In Midtown Manhattan

Where Can I Find Parking Garages

Midtown Manhattan Isn’t What It Used to Be

Parking in a garage or a paid parking lot is often a better alternative to finding street parking. But you will pay for the convenience. Cost per day are between $20 and $50 but may be higher for event parking or in areas like the Theater District. You will save money by parking on the edges of Midtown or in less-popular neighborhoods. Apps and websites like SpotHero or Best Parking allow you to see the prices in real time and in some cases reserve a spot in a specific garage. This is a great option if you dont want to spend time driving around looking for a place to park.

Where Can I Park My Car In New York City

Where you can park your car depends on what part of the city youre in. Manhattan has less street parking but more garages, while the other boroughs of New York have mostly street parking outside of some commercial shopping areas. You need to pay close attention to street signs regarding parking regulations, but here are some general rules citywide:

  • Double parking is not allowed, even if someone is in the vehicle.
  • Alternate side parking rules for street cleaning are in effect across the city, and govern which side of the street you can park on.
  • You cannot park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • You can only park in school zones when school is not in session.
  • The easiest way to find open parking spots is with an app like SpotHero, Pango and ParkNYC.

Cheap Parking Spaces In Midtown East For Rent

Spacer has 18 cheap and secure parking spaces available for rent in central Midtown East. You can select to rent undercover, outdoor, garage, driveway, overnight and secure parking spaces for your car right now. The average price per month is $491.47. For the cheapest and best central Midtown East parking we recommend selecting from the list above, viewing the car park details and booking a long term parking space by selecting the dates you need or you can find out more abouthow it works.

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Alternatives To Monthly Parking For Your Extra Car

If you just moved to NYC and have multiple cars, heres what you need to know. Most people dont drive within the city public transportation is really good so you probably only need one accessible car per household, for road trips and other rare occasions.

Wondering what to do with that extra car?

  • Sell it
  • Store it with friends or family outside the city. People really do this!
  • Instead of monthly parking, look into garages that offer car storage. Youll know your car is in a safe and secure location, and its a lot more affordable than a full-access monthly parking spot.
  • Monthly Car Storage Resources

    Many parking operators in NYC offer a car storage option that gives you limited access to your car for a MUCH cheaper rates. Here are some resources to check out:

    Tips To Find Free Parking In New York City

    Cheap Parking in MIdtown Manhattan

    The parking situation in New York City is often a gamble. More often than not, there will be no free spaces wherever youre going, which will leave you driving in circles for hours trying to find a spot.

    Thats a great way to ruin your day, and maybe even your vacation. You definitely dont want to deal with parking nightmares while youre trying to enjoy yourself.

    So, does free parking in New York actually exist? Or is it a myth?

    Great news: New York free parking is out there. You just need to be a savvy traveler to find it.

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    Stay At A Hotel Offering Free Parking In New York

    If youre staying in New York City for an extended period and need to drive in, make your life easier and choose a hotel that offers Manhattan free parking.

    This amenity makes it a breeze to arrive at your hotel, park your car, and forget it for the remainder of your trip. You can walk or take public transportation to all the places on your itinerary, saving yourself a headache and a half.

    Your Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Best Nyc Monthly Parking Deals

    So, youre looking for monthly parking in New York City? Whether youre looking to find a better monthly parking spot, or youre just starting to park in the city, you need to learn about your options.

    Given NYC monthly parking spots average $570, youll certainly want to do some research before you commit. To help you get started, weve created a step by step guide to finding monthly parking. Now lets get into hacking the NYC monthly parking system.

    NYC Parking Company Directory | | Cheapest Monthly Parking by Neighborhood | Monthly Parking Garages by Amenity | 9 Other Monthly Parking Resources | FAQ

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    Parking Near Midtown East

    With the help of SpotHero, enjoy the convenience of booking a parking spot ahead of time, ensuring you have a space waiting for you when you get to Midtown East.

    To get started, select the timeframe you wish to book parking for, find your ideal spot on the map, and head to checkout to complete your reservation!

    Tips For Using Nyc Parking Garages

    NYPD: Man Assaulted Over A Parking Space In Midtown
    • Most garages charge extra for oversize vehicles such as minivans and crossovers.
    • Your ticket will have a return time. Ask a parking attendant what happens if you return after the return time on your ticket. Is there a grace period? At what rate is additional time billed? It may be safer to extend the time period rather than risk getting penalized.
    • You can pay by credit card but its handy to have some dollar bills in your wallet for the parking garage valet. The typical tip is a few dollars, handed to the valet when you pick up your car.


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    The Best Websites And Apps For Cheap Nyc Parking

    Its more expensive to park in a garage than to park on the street. But it will save you time and headaches, especially if youre in a hurry and dont know the lay of the land. There are over a thousand off-street parking garages in Manhattan. These range from the tiny to the gigantic .

    Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental

    There are some excellent websites and apps that can help you locate street parking, parking lots and parking garages, and you can also reserve a spot at a discounted rate. It pays to use these resources, as prices can vary significantly by just a few blocksor even on the same block.

    If youre looking for an app to help you find street parking, try Pango or ParkMe.

    Best Parking offers a terrific overview of parking options, with an interactive map of the citys garages and information about parking regulations, garage prices and times. Its fast and easy to zoom in on a neighborhood or street and compare prices, and you can reserve a spot before you arrive.

    SpotHero lets you book and pay for your parking spot via your smartphone, and it also promotes its exclusive deals with parking facilities. You get 10 percent off with promo code FIRSTSPOT10 in the app or $7 off a first-time reservation of more than $8 with referral code KAPKM. gives access to 185 discounted parking venues in the city, including commercial garages and private garages for hotels and office buildings.

    Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops

    Give Up And Use An App To Reserve Parking And Pre

    Parking in NYC is tough no matter the day, time, or season. If you cant find free parking options during your research, sometimes its best to give up gracefully and reserve parking instead.

    Youll have to pay a fee to park, but what you gain in peace-of-mind might be worth the price. Paying to reserve a space ahead of time means you wont be circling neighborhoods searching for a spot, which can make you late for events.

    There are lots of parking apps that show you all possible parking options in garages and parking lots. You can reserve your spot through the app and pre-pay. Here are some most-recommended parking apps:

    • SpotHero shows you a real-time map of available parking spots you can reserve. You can also reserve and pre-pay through the app.
    • ParkMe includes a parking timer, so you never run over your allotted time and risk a ticket.
    • Pango will find you both on-street and off-street parking. You can even pay for tickets inside the app.

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    Cheap Parking Spaces In Manhattan For Rent

    Spacer has 27 cheap and secure parking spaces available for rent in central Manhattan. You can select to rent undercover, outdoor, garage, driveway, overnight and secure parking spaces for your car right now. The average price per month is $427.57. For the cheapest and best central Manhattan parking we recommend selecting from the list above, viewing the car park details and booking a long term parking space by selecting the dates you need or you can find out more abouthow it works.

    How Much Does It Cost To Park In New York City

    How to Find Cheap Parking Near Madison Square Garden

    The cost of parking in NYC depends on what part of the city or borough, whether youre parking on the street or in a garage or parking lot, how long you are parked, and the time of day and day of the week, among other factors. The good news is that metered street parking in Manhattan is broken into zones, and you can find the cost online so you dont get sticker shock. As of 2022 you will pay between $1.25 to $4.50 for the first hour at a meter, depending on where in the city you are. The average cost of daily parking in New York is $19, although in prime parts of Manhattan you will spend around $50 to park in a garage for a day.

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    Do Nyc Parking Garages Provide Covid

    Most of the NYC parking garages that you see listed on the website or WayApp has covid-19 compliances listed in the description. These are lots that provide premium services like contactless parking, frequent sanitization, and other professional services. You can compare the services offered across the various NYC Parking garages before booking a spot online through

    Where Can I Park For Free In Nyc

    If you find a parking spot in New York where you dont have to pay, you might feel like you won the lottery. But if you pay attention to street signs and know a couple of tips, you can indeed find the unicorn that is free parking in NYC.

    • There is free parking on Sundays on metered spots. Be sure to look for signs listing any time limits or specific hours you can park there.
    • On major holidays, standing and alternate side parking rules are suspended.
    • You can park for free during off hours in areas with regulations like No parking between 2 am and 6 am if there arent meters.

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What did people search for similar to parking near Midtown East, Manhattan, NY?

    People also searched for these near Manhattan:

    What are people saying about parking near Midtown East, Manhattan, NY?

    This is a review for parking near Midtown East, Manhattan, NY:

    “DONT USE THIS GARAGEWe used this parking lot on Saturday 6/4/22, attendant took our car on the second floor, before getting out of the car, we put our sunglasses in there cases and put them into the console between the seats, when we picked up the car, and on our way home, I went to get the glasses out, my husbands glasses were gone, stolen out of our car, I called the garage, told them what happened, and explained I just want the glasses back, he said he was the manager, but wouldn’t give me his name and was rude and vulgar, my only advice is DONT USE THIS PARKING GARAGE”

    Where Can You Find The Best Deals For New York Parking

    New York City Midtown Manhattan East

    New York City has plenty of affordable parking spaces spread out across the city. However, if you want to park at the absolute best cheap parking NYC spots, you need to park at lots like the Barclays Street Parking LLC, Seaport Parking Lot B, GMC Parking , and Pearl Parking LLC. Most of the lots offer high-quality parking services for some of the best rates possible!

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    Hotels With Parking In Nyc

    The best hotels with parking in NYC are located in Brooklyn, Queens or in Jersey City near the PATH subway. Here is a map of all the hotels in Brooklyn and Queens that have free parking and are also near the NYC subway. Here is a map of all the NJ hotels that have free parking and are also within walking distance to transit from NJ to NYC.

    NJ Hotels with Parking near NYC

    One of the best ways to save when visiting NYC is to look for a cheap hotel in New Jersey with free parking. There are several cheap and reliable hotels that offer shuttle service to NYC, or are also within walking distance to the subway to NYC. Here is a map of all the NJ hotels with free parking.

    Hotels with Parking Near NYC in Connecticut and New York Suburbs North

    Some of the best hotels for driving to NYC from I-95 north are hotels that are near train stations and have free parking. Here is a map of hotels with parking in CT and the suburbs of New York with parking and near a train station.

    The Best 10 Parking Near Midtown East Manhattan Ny

  • Midtown West

    This is a placeholder

    DONT USE THIS GARAGE We used this parking lot on Saturday 6/4/22, attendant took our car

    Request a Quote

  • Midtown East

    This is a placeholder

    have an online coupon that cut the cost of parking at the hotel by almost 50%!!! The staff

  • Midtown East

    This is a placeholder

    Parked the car, gave the man a tip and it was waiting for me on the bottom floor when I returned. Worked out fine for me.

  • Midtown East

    This is a placeholder

    Had to pay for parking to avoid getting tickets for overnight stay in Manhattan. The attendant

  • Murray Hill

    This is a placeholder

    Think twice about parking here – they will scratch your car and be careless..and then tell you it

  • Murray Hill

    This is a placeholder

    Located right next to City Parking, which I believe is different from this site . DROP OFF

  • Midtown East

    This is a placeholder

    This garage is located under scaffolding so it’s a bit tough to find. On weekdays it’s $19/day which is an amazing deal! They run a pretty tight ship

  • Murray Hill

    This is a placeholder

    parking only I think. Underground dungeon kind of place. People are very polite. Clean. Just down a short

  • Murray Hill

    This is a placeholder

  • Midtown East

    This is a placeholder

    underground parking area is very reasonably priced compared to other parking garages. The employees that I remember by name are Vosne an Wesley.

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    Monthly Parking In Manhattan Ny

    Youre calmly driving, imagining an organized day ahead of you. And then you realize youve got it all wrong: there is no available space near the bus stop in Manhattan so that means youre going to be late for work. You berate yourself for not booking a street parking or a spot in a car park in advance. But then, its so expensive in downtown Manhattan and the area that few drivers are willing to commit to that expense. Many consumers in Manhattan, Washington DC and the entire U.S. experience this on a daily basis. But now the tide is turning in their favor thanks to Spacer. 83 spots in the Manhattan area are waiting to be booked for as little as $346.14. All you have to do is pick yours.

    It could be that you need monthly parking near your premises if you dont have a parking garage yourself. Or perhaps you work in downtown Manhattan and need covered parking to protect your vehicle from the elements while youre in the office. For all these scenarios and more, Manhattan hosts have what you need. On Spacer, these hosts are inviting you to use their vacant parking spots in the forms of gardens, Parking Space and other areas big enough for cars. Will you accept the invitation of rent my driveway in Manhattan that can instantly solve all your parking woes? It can cost you as little as $81.05 per week and its managed via a simple online platform. Spacer is taking the U.S. by storm, so its time you join.

    Park For Free Outside The City

    Midtown West Parking Find Book Parking In Midtown West Nyc

    If you drive into Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan via a bridge or tunnel, youll have to pay tolls. To avoid tolls and have a better chance at free parking, try parking outside the city and taking public transportation to your final destination.

    You can park in New Jersey, which is just across the river, and take a ferry to Manhattan. You can also try your luck in the suburbs outside New York. Just look for the nearest train station close to your free parking spot.

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