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How To Obtain Divorce Records In New York

How To Find Sex Offender Information In Buffalo

How to Apostille a New York Divorce Certificate

The Buffalo Police Department website provides a link to the state sex offender registry operated by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services . The search tool on the registry allows users to search for offenders by name, county, and zip codes. Members of the public may also call the Sex Offender Registry Deputy Alicia Gordon at 858-3285 for sex offender information. The sex offender registry provides information about level 2 and level 3 offenders, to obtain information on level offenders, requesters must call the DCJS at 262-3257. The caller must provide the following information for an accurate search:

  • The offenders name and address
  • The offenders date of birth
  • The offenders drivers license number or social security number

Are New York Divorce Records Public Or Confidential

Generally, when cases are litigated, the court papers become part of the public record. Family and matrimonial cases in New York, however, are different. They remain confidential, and cannot be accessed without a court order.

Under New York Domestic Relations Law Section 235:

An officer of the court with whom the proceedings in a matrimonial action or a written agreement of separation or an action or proceeding for custody, visitation or maintenance of a child are filed, or before whom the testimony is taken, or his clerk, either before or after the termination of the suit, shall not permit a copy of any of the pleadings, affidavits, findings of fact, conclusions of law, judgment of dissolution, written agreement of separation or memorandum thereof, or testimony, or any examination or perusal thereof, to be taken by any other person than a party, or the attorney or counsel of a party, except by order of the court.

How To Find Annulment Records

To find annulment records you can visit the courthouse where your annulment was filed and request a copy of your annulment record from the court clerk. There will be a small fee for a certified copy of your annulment and you must show photo ID.

  • James Jonessays:

    How do i get a list of recent divorces in my city?

  • squarryadministrator

    You will want to contact the relevant family divorce courthouse and inquire with the clerk if this is possible. Most divorce courts will have a record of divorces, annulments and legal separations that can sometimes go back several decades. Even though this is public record they might not be able to hand you a list but its a good starting place. If they cant provide you with a list of divorces they can probably point you in the right direction.

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    How To Find Divorce Records In Tennessee

    Contact the Tennessee Department of Health and Vital RecordsYou can request a copy of divorce records by in person, online or by mailOnline divorce record certificates are serviced by a 3rd party company called Vital CheckProcessing times vary depending on the method of obtaining a divorce certificate copyCopies of Tennessee Divorce Certificates are $15 each

  • Brianna Esays:

    I am looking for a date of divorce and nothing more. This is for Kevin C Berthelsen and was married in Jackson County Mo. should be around 1989-1991.

  • squarryadministrator


    We dont show any Missouri divorce decree dates in our database resources. You might also want to check with the Missouri Department of Health and Vital Records as they manage the divorce records for the state of Missouri. You can also contact your Missouri county courthouse clerk.

    Obtaining New York Divorce Records

    How to Apostille a New York Divorce Certificate

    There are several ways either spouse included in a divorce may obtain a copy of their divorce record in New York. The first is online. This is done by visiting the New York Department of Health website and choosing the ?Vital Records? option on the page. Requirements to obtain a copy of a divorce record online include:

    $30 fee payable by credit card only $15 fee for priority handling $8 vendor processing fee A copy of one form of photo identification A copy of one form of proof of address

    Proof of address may include:

    Utility bill Telephone bill Letter from government agency

    All orders are processed and mailed in 5 to 10 business days. These orders are mailed to the address provided on the application submitted online, which is why it?s imperative to double check all information prior to submission.

    Alternative Ordering Options

    Phone orders are an option for anyone who is looking to obtain copies of divorce records in New York. They?re made by calling 1-877-854-4481 and following the prompts. The same fees that apply to orders made online apply, as do the identification requirements in place for online orders.

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    Are Buffalos Criminal Records Public

    Not all records are open to the public. The request of an individuals criminal records is restricted to the individual on record, law enforcement, and employers. The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services performs criminal record checks for personal requests, employment, and licensing purposes. The Erie County Sheriffs Office also provides a fingerprint-based local criminal history service. This requires a notarized application form and fingerprint card for each record requested and must be performed in person at the

    Erie County Sheriff’s Office1st floor of 134 West Eagle Street10 Delaware Ave.Buffalo, NY 14202

    Fingerprint cards cost $25 and the criminal history check costs $25 and $1 for each additional copy.

    Who Would Search For A Divorce Record

    Anyone who knows where to look can access divorce records in New York. While most people would not care to do some digging to get that information, there are some parties that might want to find a divorce record and look for a way to exploit it. Consider celebrity divorces and how much the tabloids would give to know the intricacies of child custody, alimony, and so forth for such couples.

    In more common situations, public divorce records could benefit other family members who might be interested in trying to get their hands on property or financial assets, such as in a high net worth divorce. No matter the circumstances, it can feel like an uncomfortable invasion of privacy to have your divorce put where the public can pick it up for inspection.

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    Full Divorce By Act Of Parliament

    In order to remarry, a full divorce by Act of Parliament was required. Before 1858 fewer than 300 full divorces were granted. Only four of the petitioners were women and they had to prove life-threatening cruelty by their husband.

    You can find divorce acts in the Parliamentary Archives. Only a few examples exist in The National Archives in C 89 and C 204.

    C 89/15/20-21 contains the first true parliamentary divorce in 1670, between John Manners, Lord Roos, and Lady Anne Pierpont. This created a precedent for parliamentary divorces on the grounds of the wifes adultery.

    Does New York Recognize Common

    FAQ: Are Divorce Records Private in New York State?

    The state of New York does not Recognize Common-Law Marriages. Since 1933, the state has prohibited such unions. However, New York accepts common law weddings as legitimate if they occur in states where such marriages are legal and valid. By acknowledging common-law unions formed in other states, New York implements and enforces the full faith and credit provision of the United States Constitution, which states that states must accept the legal decisions of other states, including marriages. Thus, if you live in one of the ten states that accept common-law marriages as legal and then move to New York, the State would recognize your marriage as lawful as well.

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    Where And How To Find Buffalo Death Records

    Buffalo City Death certificates and records are not subject to freedom of information laws and so can only be obtained by the following persons:

    • Surviving spouse of the deceased
    • Parents of the deceased
    • Surviving children or siblings of the deceased

    The Buffalo City death records can be obtained in person or by mail from the Buffalo City Clerk’s Office in person or by mail. To request in person, the requester needs to visit the clerks office at city hall. The requester needs to bring along a valid government-issued photo ID and a fee of $10 per certificate. The fee when the request is in-person can be paid in cash, credit or debit card, or money order made payable to the Buffalo City Clerk.

    Buffalo death record requests by mail involve mailing a request to the vital records office containing the following:

    • a written request containing the following information: name on the death certificate, date of death, place where the death occurred, and a contact phone number for the requester.
    • A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID
    • A proof of address if not on your ID or the Address on it is not current
    • The fee of $10 per certificate in a money order payable to The Buffalo City Clerk
    • A self-addressed and stamped envelope for returning the record

    The information should be mailed to the City Clerks vital records office at:

    Vital Records65 Niagara SquareBuffalo, NY 14202


    How To Obtain Buffalo Civil Court Case Records

    Buffalo civil court records are obtained by contacting the Erie County Clerk who serves as the clerk of court for both the supreme and county courts. This makes them the custodians for all court-related documents and records. These records can be obtained in person or by mail by contacting the County Clerk at

    The Erie County Clerks Office,Actions and Proceedings office,92 Franklin Street,Buffalo, NY 14202

    Mailed requests should include a filled copy of the appropriate request form available on the information request rules page of the county clerk website. Requesters should also include the appropriate fee and a self-addressed and stamped envelope for returning the records. The fees should be in a check or money order made payable to the Erie County Clerk.

    The records can also be obtained online by filling and submitting the online request form available on the County Clerk website.

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    Divorce In New York: 1847present

    In 1847 the power was transferred to Supreme Court in each countyeach County Clerk has maintained an index to “matrimonial actions” .

    All of these county indexes are open to the public, but researchers should note that the divorce files themselves are sealed for 100 years. If the divorce was granted more than 100 years ago, you can examine the file, which is usually in the custody of the County Clerk. In some counties other departments maintain these records, so looking into the details of the county of interest is highly necessary.

    Even without access to the full file, the index can contain valuable information about the event.

    The New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer addresses more recent divorces in the chapter on vital records:

    Divorce certificates have been issued in New York State since 1963 certificates for divorces in New York State and New York City are filed with the New York State Department of Health in Albany. Without a court order, the parties to the divorce are the only persons who may obtain certificate copies.

    Are Pennsylvania Divorce Records Public

    Vital Records New York City Phone Number

    The Pennsylvania state open records law 65 Pa. Cons. Stat. Secs. 67.101 to 67.3104, also known as the Right to Know Act or the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law, is a series of laws created to assure that the public has access to public records of governmental bodies in Pennsylvania.

    Any citizen of the United States of America, including the citizens of Pennsylvania, may request public records. The records are often kept in the Prothonotarys Office in the county where the divorce was filed and finalized, and this process has been in place since 1804. Because they are kept in the Prothonotarys office, Pennsylvania divorce records and marriage records may also be available at the courthouse where the divorce was finalized. Most other requests are handled by the Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records. In order to obtain general divorce records, it is necessary to contact the court in the Pennsylvania county where the divorce was finalized. Requesting parties can access a Pennsylvania divorce record through mail, fax, online websites, or in person.

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    Where And How To Obtain Buffalo Divorce Records

    Divorce records in New York may only be requested by the couple involved in the divorce or their legal representatives. Buffalo City divorce records are obtained by contacting the Erie County Clerk who is the custodian of these records. The records can be obtained in person or by mail. Requesters will need to fill the divorce record request form available on the county clerk’s website. The form will need to be printed and notarized and then returned in person or by mail to the county clerks office at:

    The Erie County Clerks Office,Actions and Proceedings office,92 Franklin Street,Buffalo, NY 14202

    The requester will also be required to provide identification to show they are authorized to request the record. If a case index number is not given in the form then requesters will be charged a search fee to locate the record. The fees for the records should be in money order or check payable to the Erie County Clerk. Cash is only accepted if the request is made in person.

    To Obtain A Certified Copy Of A Supreme Court Paper & Exemplification In Person:

    The certification fee is $8, plus $0.25 per page. Please note: if you are in need of an exemplification, there is an additional fee of $25, and a 48-hour waiting period.

    Please go to Window 9.

    Note: All fees are payable to the Kings County Clerk by Bank or Postal money order, certified check, NYS attorney’s check or cash. No personal checks will be accepted.

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    Are New York Divorce Records Public

    New York divorce records are not available from family courts, although they fall under the New York Family Court Act, Section 166, which determines public access to family law records. These are provided by the Supreme Court and maintained by the New York Department of Health or certain county clerks offices. To find divorce records, visit the office or online website of the county in which the divorce was finalized. The NYSDH also provides copies of divorce certificates upon request. Its records include divorces granted in the state from 1963 to the present. The Department of Health only releases divorce certificates to the parties involved in the case. A third party may obtain this document by presenting a New York State Court Order. Restricted and sealed Family Court records include pleadings, findings, orders, decisions, transcripts, and documents filed during proceedings. Those permitted access to these records include:

    • Parties involved in the family law case described in the documents, and their attorneys
    • Parents, guardians, and individuals legally allowed to care for a child as well as their attorneys
    • Representatives of the child protective service involved in a family law case
    • Representatives of the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct

    New York Family Courts can redact sections of their records before making them available. Commonly redacted records include addresses of children involved in family law cases.

    To Obtain A Certified Copy Of A Religious Corporation Certification By Mail:

    Substitutes for pre 1880 New York Vital Records: Using New York State and Federal C

    A search will have to be conducted. The fee for a search and a certificate recording the result of the search, called either a “Find on File” or a “Fail to Find” certificate, is $10. This fee covers a two-year search. If more years need to be searched, an additional $5 is required for every additional two years or portion thereof. Please send separate bank or postal money orders for each two-year search period. We will return any bank or postal money orders that were not used.

    The cost is $.65 per page with a minimum charge of $1.30 for copies of the documents. This does not include the $8 certification fee. We will notify you of the exact fee for obtaining the certificate.

    Please note: if you wish to obtain a copy of a religious corporation certification for a small claims court proceeding, the copy does not need to be certified. In your request, you will need to provide the name of the business located in Brooklyn. All fees are payable to the Kings County Clerk by bank or postal money order, certified check, or NYS attorney’s check. No personal checks will be accepted. Please mail your request with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

    The Kings County Clerk, Room 189, Window #10360 Adams Street

    If you have any questions, you can email us

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    Divorce In New York: 17871847

    In 1787 the New York State Legislature enacted a law which permitted divorce on the grounds of adultery in addition to legal separations and annulments

    Divorces were granted at first by the Chancery Court, a state court – records of the Chancery Court for this time period can be found at the New York State Archives in Albany. There is one notable exceptionChancery Court records for downstate circuits, covering New York City and the several counties close to it, are separate.

    A useful article on these downstate records is published in the April 1998 issue of The Record. Charles Farrell’s “Index to Matrimonial Actions 17871840, New York County Clerk’s Office” includes an index which includes the plaintiff, defendant, date, and type of proceeding . The introduction also contains a sample abstract that shows the depth of information that can be obtained from these records.

    These records were recently moved from the New York County Clerk’s Office to the New York State Archives. This summary list of major record sets transferred to NYSA may be helpful, though researchers investigating these records should reach out to NYSA directly for guidance and assistance.

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