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What Is New York Life Insurance Rating

Free New York Life Riders

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The Insurance Exchange Rider enables you to transfer your policy to someone else. Although this rider is free, theres a fee to perform the transfer.

In some cases, the Living Benefit rider allows you to access some of the death benefits. You can access this free rider if youre terminally ill. A physician must diagnose you with 12 months or less to live in order for you to access the benefits.

New York Life also offers a free Spouses Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Option rider. If you pass, your spouse can use the benefit payout for a new, fully paid life insurance policy for themselves.

New York Life Insurance Policy Details

One of the largest life insurers in the country, New York Life offers term, whole and universal products, as well as simplified issue term and whole life, a “custom” whole life policy and a guaranteed acceptance product. The company is serious about life insurance and financial services education and has both an extensive website to provide information and an agent network eager to help build a customized program for you.

Term Life Insurance

Simplified term life insurance is offered through agent website, which allows customers to get quotes for and purchase simplified policies online with no medical exam. This insurance comes in coverage amounts ranging from $10,000 to $150,000. The premium is based on age at issue and increases as you age, every five years as contracted.

  • Accidental death benefit
  • Spouse’s paid-up insurance purchase option
  • Yearly convertible term rider.

The level premium convertible term policies additionally offer a level premium convertible term rider.

Whole Life Insurance

A simplified issue whole life policy is available in a range of $5,000 to $50,000 with no medical exam, but instead, just three health questions. You can quote and buy the policy online and get a guaranteed monthly rate that you pay up to age 95 for lifetime protection.

  • Child’s protection benefit
  • Option to purchase paid-up additions
  • Payer protection benefit

Universal Life Insurance

  • Life extension

New York Life Life Insurance

New York Life offers a wide range of life insurance policies with something for everyone. You can choose a shorter-term life insurance policy, or combine planning for your loved ones with your own investment or retirement needs by choosing a whole or universal life insurance policy from New York Life.

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How To Choose The Best Life Insurance Company

When choosing a life insurance company, there are many things you need to consider. Remember that youll likely have this policy for decades or more, so its even more important to put thought into deciding which company to buy from.

  • Policy types: Not all life insurance companies offer every type of policy. Consider what type of policy you want and find a company that offers it.
  • Price: While price isnt the only consideration, its worth looking into whether you can get the same coverage for a lower price.
  • Financial strength: Agencies like AM Best and Standard & Poors rate the financial strength of companies. In general, the better a companys financial strength, the more likely they are to be able to pay out claims.
  • Customer service: You want a company that is responsive and easy to work with. Look at customer reviews on sites like BBB, J.D. Power, etc.
  • Discounts & add-ons: Some companies offer discounts for bundling your life insurance with other products. Some also have add-ons like long-term care coverage that you can tack onto your life insurance policy.
  • Company size: In most cases, larger companies with more assets on the books will be more stable. While there are advantages to shopping small, you must also consider which company is more likely to last.
  • Historical performance: Dont just look at how the company is doing right now consider how theyve done in the past. Youll be holding this policy for many years, so longevity matters.

What Is New York Lifes Market Share

New York Life Insurance Review 2021

As of 2018, New York Life is the third-largest writer of life insurance with a 5.2 percent market share, representing $7.3 billion in direct written premiums.

New York Life Insurance Direct Premiums Written and Market Share by Year


The company has seen a gradual increase in premiums over the past several years, a trend that should continue.

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Overview Of New York Life Insurance

New York Life has been in the life insurance business practically since the concept was developed in the 1840s, and although it was founded in New York, the company was quick to expand to states in the West as the frontier opened up. In the final quarter of the 20th century, New York Life diversified and expanded its life insurance offerings, including healthcare a short-lived endeavor and financial services. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners ranks New York Life as the third-largest life insurer in the country, and its market share was 5.54 percent in 2015.

New York Life Insurance Review 2021

New York Life Insurance

  • Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by NerdWallet.
  • Ranks high in J.D. Powers 2020 customer satisfaction study for life insurance.
  • Doesnt offer life insurance quotes online.

New York Life bills itself as one of the nations oldest mutual life insurance companies. As a mutual insurer, New York Life is owned by its policyholders. Customers who buy certain products, such as whole life insurance, are entitled to vote in board elections and receive annual dividends.

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New York Life Investment Management Client Types And Minimum Account Sizes

For the most part, NYLIM tends to work with affiliated insurance companies, institutions, investment companies, pooled investment vehicles and wrap fee programs. Through these wrap fee programs, the firm indirectly has a collection of individual clients. However, the vast majority of NYLIM’s AUM comes from investment companies.

The minimum size for an account managed at NYLIM varies based on the division that the account exists in.

  • Multi-Assets Solutions Group: Minimum is set on a client-to-client basis
  • $100,000

What Is New York Life Insurance

How Does New York Life Deny Disability Benefits Without Examining Claimants?

Life is full of financial obligations that can have negative repercussions on your loved ones long after youre gone. Fortunately, a life insurance policy can protect them against those hardships.

A life insurance policy can be the difference between financial security and financial disaster for those you leave behind. If you have a family, you owe it to them to explore your coverage options.

New York Life Insurance Company is one of the oldest and largest life insurers in the country. Since 1845, they have provided families with peace of mind in knowing they are prepared for any eventuality.

This review will give you a complete overview of the company and guide you through all their policy options to help you make the best decision.

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Must Sell To Friends And Family

Like many traditional life insurance organizations, New York Life follows the Project 100/200 method to find prospects.

In short, New York Life helps you put together a list of friends, family members, and business associates whod make good prospects for life insurance.

Then, your job is to approach them and show them how you could possibly help.

While this strategy is fundamentally sound and effective, it bothers many people as it comes off pushy like a MLM.

Many do not want to sell to their friends and family, and be that guy thats always bothering them to buy insurance.

What Types Of Insurance Coverage Are Offered

New York Life offers term, whole life, universal, and variable universal options to meet a variety of financial needs. You can also choose from multiple riders to further tailor your policy.

Life insurance policies fall into one of two general categories: term or whole.

Term life policies only pay if the death occurs within a set time frame, usually between 10 and 30 years.

Whole life policies have no term and pay whenever a death occurs, regardless of age. Some also build cash value by allocating a portion of your premiums into an interest-bearing account.

Whole policies have multiple variations: traditional whole life, universal life, guaranteed universal life, indexed universal life, and variable life.

Now, that you know the difference, lets look at what New York Life offers.

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Aarp Life Insurance Review 2021

AARP life insurance

  • Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by NerdWallet.
  • Offers small selection of New York Life term and whole life policies to AARP members.
  • No medical exam required to apply.

The AARP Life Insurance Program features a selection of policies issued by New York Life Insurance Company for the groups members.

The AARP advocates for older people and has more than 37 million members. Anyone age 50 or older can join. The nonprofit has a taxable subsidiary, AARP Services Inc., which earns money on sales of insurance and other products it endorses.

The Drawbacks Of New York Life

New York Life Insurance Review: Life Insurance Simplified

New York Life is a leading insurer. Resultantly, its challenging to find drawbacks to purchasing a policy from the company.

However, the company does have one unfavorable policy quirk. You can only purchase policies under $25,000 of premium from New York Life agents.

This circumstance limits the availability of agents for clients. It also makes it harder for an agent to recommend a New York Life policy.

At Top Whole Life, were firm believers in an independent insurance model, where all agents can sell to all clients. This kind of policy allows for increased competition and, in the end, offers more value to customers.

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A Brief New York Life Whole Life Insurance Review

New York Life is one of the most well-known insurers in the United States. The company offers a range of insurance products. These products include term, whole, variable and universal coverage.

There are a few reasons why you may want to consider a New York Life insurance policy. First, your surviving spouse can use your policy to access life insurance without a medical exam with New York Life insurance.

Also, the insurer offers accelerated death benefits. In addition, for example, the company offers disability and living benefits.

In addition, New York Life insurance is flexible. You can convert many of their term policies into permanent, whole coverage.

If the idea of earning passive income appeals to your interest, thats another excellent reason to consider New York Life. The company shares its success with policyholders. In fact, it has a strong history of paying regular dividends.

Furthermore, New York Life receives top ranks. The company has earned an award as one of the best term life insurance companies.

It has also received accolades as one of the best whole life insurance companies. Overall, New York Life is a solid pick for meeting your life insurance needs.

Before diving into a New York Life insurance review, it helps to understand the insurers offerings.

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Can I Get Life Insurance If Im A Smoker

Yes, you can. Most life insurance companies offer life insurance to smokers, but rates are typically much higher. Some companies offer better rates for smokers than others, while some even offer an incentive to quit smoking, offering lower rates for a period of time while the insured works on kicking the habit.

Life insurance policies also may have contingencies for those that are considered high risk, including individuals with a family history of heart disease or cancer, or with an existing medical condition. Many policies require a medical exam as well to determine your insurability. If you qualify for coverage, rates could be significantly higher.

Overall, smokers and those with high-risk health factors will pay higher premiums, but coverage is available at most major life insurance companies.

New York Life Universal Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance Agent Salary Range : Life Insurance & More

New York Life offers universal life insurance policies, which offer permanent coverage with the ability to accumulate cash value at a faster rate. In addition, universal life insurance policies allow you to use your cash value to pay premiums, meaning you can pay less to maintain coverage over time.

Universal life insurance is available from NYL if you’re between the ages of 0 and 90, and policies have a minimum $25,000 face value. Survivorship policies are also available, but the minimum face value is $250,000.

When you purchase a universal life policy, there are three death benefit payout options you can choose from:

  • Your beneficiary receives a payout equal to your policy’s face value.
  • Your beneficiary receives the policy’s face value plus its cash value.
  • Your beneficiary receives the policy’s face value plus the sum of premiums paid .

The payout structure you choose will impact the policy’s cost, so you may want to compare rates for the different payout options before choosing.

The rate at which a universal policy’s cash value grows is dependent on New York Life’s base declared crediting rate, which can increase and decrease based on the company’s performance. It also depends on the face value of your policy, as larger policies are given a higher crediting rate so long as the policy has been held more than 10 years. However, there is a guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate of 2.5%.

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What Is The Best Life Insurance Company

Choosing the best life insurance company is a personal decision. The best one for you may not be for someone else. New York Life is an excellent life insurance company with a long history of financial stability and happy customers. You can compare insurers in Bankrates best life insurance companies review.

New York Life Coverage Options

New York Life provides superior whole life insurance benefits. There are a range of products available to suit your budget, lifestyle, wants and needs.

For example, the company offers a guaranteed death benefit. You can also accrue tax-deferred cash value with a New York Life whole insurance policy.

You can even take the option to borrow against your policys cash value. Also, you can qualify to earn annual dividends with a New York Life policy.

New York Lifes whole life premiums never go up in price. Furthermore, you can customize your policy with additional riders.

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New York Life Investment Management Background

New York Life Investment Management was founded by its parent company, New York Life Insurance Company, in 2000. NYLIM remains an indirect, but wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company.

Yie-Hsin Hung serves as the firm’s CEO, while Anthony Malloy acts as executive vice president and chief investment officer . Between them executives, Hung and Malloy have more than 60 years of financial industry experience.

Other Paid New York Life Riders

New York Life Insurance Company Employee Reviews

The Dividend Option Term provides additional term insurance coverage. This rider prevents the price of your insurance from increasing.

You can convert the term portion of the Dividend Option Term to whole life. You may want to choose this rider if you want to make your policy more affordable.

With the Level Premium Convertible Term rider, youll receive additional term coverage with premiums that will not increase for five years. You can also convert the term portion of this rider to a whole life policy within ten years.

The Yearly Convertible Term rider is similar to the level premium convertible rider. However, the price for coverage increases each year.

The Option to Purchase Paid-Up Addition adds cash value to a whole life policy immediately. Youd purchase this rider if you want to build cash value right away.

The Policy Purchase Option rider allows you to add whole life coverage in the future. However, it will enable you to do so without another medical exam and underwriting process.

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Instant Legacy Single Premium Universal Life

New York Life’s instant legacy policy is a lower risk alternative to a standard universal life insurance policy. Instant legacy is a single premium policy, meaning you only make one lump sum payment, and coverage remains in place essentially for your lifetime. The policy matures at age 100.

There’s a 4 percent guaranteed interest crediting rate, and if you decide to surrender your policy at any point, you’ll receive at least the entire amount you paid in premiums, if not more. In addition, the death benefit is guaranteed to be at least as large as the policy’s original face value.

Instant legacy universal life policies are available if you’re between the ages of 21 and 85, and the policy comes with an accelerated death benefit option if you develop a terminal illness. The minimum premium is $10,000 and the maximum premium depends on your age:

  • $60,000 if you’re between 21 and 49
  • $100,000 if you’re between 50 and 69
  • $125,000 if you’re between 70 and 85

Another benefit to instant legacy is that it’s one of the few New York Life products with simplified underwriting. There’s no medical exam to purchase coverage you’ll simply need to answer some questions about your health and lifestyle.

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