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Where Is The Ice Cream Museum In New York

Museum Of Ice Cream Comes To New York

Showcase: New York’s museum of ice cream

Step inside the pretty-in-pink doors at 558 Broadway and enter through the gift shop and scoop shop to the ticketed entry to let the fun begin. The space spans nearly 25,000 square feet spread out over three floors. The space features 13 all-new installations, and there is something to touch, eat or photograph in every single room. Visitors are assigned entry times every 15 minutes when you purchase a ticket online, and youll be accompanied by around 15-20 people who all have the same time slot as you. The experience is semi-guided, so you can move at your own speed through the exhibits. Everyone is encouraged to look, eat, and play to have the best ice cream experience. Prepare to be asked for your ice cream name and follow the signs that say melt this way.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK DECEMBER 12: Guests attend Museum of Ice Cream SoHo Flagship Opening Party on December 12, 2019 in New York City.

Your first stop is an ice cream lounge complete with an ice cream shake maker extraordinaire and lounge singer wearing ice cream cones on their head. Enjoy a treat and a song and then venture upstairs. Here youll find a floating table filled with dozens of delicious desserts. Amongst them, however, are some edible ice cream-shaped cake pops to enjoy. Next, turn a corner to find a room of doors that open to lots of sweet surprises ! Youll then take a ride on a celestial subway and float through the clouds and admire the sun, moon, and stars.

Second Ice Cream Tasting

They have a really cool art installation that makes it look like a hand is coming out of nowhere and feeding you more ice cream. I love the concept.

They served Black Tap Milkshakes this time around, and it was really dang good. Ive never had Black Tap before so I was happy to try. The consensus? Sister & I loved it, Mom thought it was too sweet and passed.

The Museum Of Ice Cream:

  • I would recommend for a girls day or if you have kids, leave the boys at home for this one.
  • Everything is pink which I loved and the interactive piece of each room is picture opportunities.
  • You only get to taste ice cream twice the first room and the last. And for COVID precautions you can only eat the ice cream outside right now.
  • Masks are required and if you take them off for any pictures you will be escorted
  • For the most part it is self guided
  • They played great early 2000s hip hop music through out the museum
  • The sprinkle pit is flat you cannot jump into the sprinkles pits, you can walk around the room or stand on circles in the pit.

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Where To Buy Tickets

You can get your Museum of Ice Cream entry tickets at the venue or buy them online, much in advance.

If you plan to get them at the attraction, you must get in the ticketing window queue.

Depending on the time of the day , you may have to wait in the ticket counter line for 15 minutes or more to buy your ticket.

The second and better option is to secure admission to New Yorks Ice Cream Museum online and avoid waiting in the queue.

Your First Look Inside The Flagship Museum Of Ice Cream In New York City

Museum of Ice Cream in 2020

The Museum of Ice Cream began as a pop-up concept in 2016 and is now opening a massive flagship location in the city where it all began: New York. The 25,000-square-foot building features 13 all-new multi-sensory installations including a celestial subway, queen bee hive, three-story spiral slide and colossal sprinkle-filled pool with about 100 million rubber rainbow pieces. For a sneak peak inside, follow us.

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Museum Of Ice Cream Experience Opens In New York

NEW YORK, NEW YORK DECEMBER 12: Museum of Ice Cream Co-founders Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora attend Museum of Ice Cream SoHo Flagship Opening Party on December 12, 2019 in New York City.

Baby, its cold outside so head inside to chill out at The Museum of Ice Cream ! The MOICs first permanent space in New York is now open and this sweet sensation is a must-do for families. It is like an ice cream dream come true for kids of all ages. From whirling down the three-story slide, to frolicking at the ice cream playground, to jumping into a sprinkle pool from a diving board it is non-stop, sweet fun . Everyone will scream for ice cream!

The Museum Of Ice Cream Finally Has A Permanent Location In New York City

You know what they say: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. And now, New Yorkers can get their frozen treat fix throughout the year at the Museum of Ice Cream.

According to USA Today, the Museum of Ice Cream is opening a permanent, flagship location in New York City, so you can indulge in all things dairy to your hearts content.

At the new museum, located at 558 Broadway in Soho, guests are greeting with a strawberry pink lobby complete with a giant ice cream scoop, USA Today reported. So far, so good. Then, guests will be able to walk through 13 new exhibits inside the 25,000 square foot space, according to NBC News. And yes, theres free ice cream throughout the museum.

The museum put up several pop-up locations throughout the country, including Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, as well as a permanent location in San Francisco. The museum is more of an immersive art experience, one that provides multi-sensorial expressions of ice cream that cater to the appetites of our generation, according to the museum’s website.

Among the many rooms guests can explore are a quintessentially New York Celestial Subway, which is actually a three-story slide a giant hall of scoops and a massive pool of rainbow sprinkles. Guests can even pick their own ice cream-inspired name tags.

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Museum Of Ice Cream New York Ny Usa

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 40.739388, -74.009933.

Museum of Ice Cream located at 100 Gansevoort St in New York is a dream destination for children. A real-life fairy tale includes a pool of sprinkles, a chocolate ice-cream room and other things young children can only dread about. And certainly everyone is treated with ice-cream of own choice))

Things That Will Happen At The Museum Of Ice Cream

VLOG| whats inside the museum of ice cream NEW YORK

This post is part of the Mommy Shorts Guide to Manhattan, a series where I share all of our favorite family-friendly spots in NYC.

The Museum of Ice Cream has been traveling around the country for the last few years, popping up in San Francisco, LA, New York City and Miami with its colorful photo ops and unique flavors of ice cream. MmmmmChurro. The tickets usually sell out before I get a chance to go, so this time, I was NOT going to let that happen.

When I found out the Museum of Ice Cream was coming back to NYC and setting up shop in SOHO, I got on their mailing list and bought tickets before it even opened. Their new location opened in December and will be here until May 31st, which means, it should still be possible to get your hands on some tickets. Especially if you go during the week. We rolled up on a Wednesday after school.

What happens at the Museum of Ice Cream exactly? Will your child learn about the science behind the making of ice cream? Or the benefits of a balanced diet and how to incorporate cold creamy treats in moderation?

No. No, they will not.

At the Museum of Ice Cream, your kids will be provided with a sugar and adrenaline rush that will take them from 3pm until way past their bedtime. That much I can guarantee.

What else is on offer, besides spiking blood sugar levels?

Lets take a look.

Up front, its a store and an ice cream shop that is open to the public.

Youll show off your best banana split.

Youll play DJ and scratch a tune.

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Ice Cream Museum Opens In New York City: Limited Free Admission

Is there anyone that doesn’t love ice cream? A cup of vanilla on a hot day or a hot fudge sundae during the fall could entice nearly everyone to an ice cream shop. Could that love actually bring people into a museum, though?

The answer is: “yes!”

Despite the universal love of ice cream, it’s easy to wonder how people could turn it into a museum. Most people are only exposed to the delicious, but somewhat predictable, flavors offered by places like Carvel and Baskin Robbins. There, the most exotic flavors that consumers will come in contact with usually come in the form of a flavor of the month.

The flavors found in those chains, however, are not nearly the rarest forms of ice cream available. Right in New York City are smaller businesses that carry significantly more exotic flavors.

Oddfellows, another purveyor of that creamy goodness, sells combined flavors that make even the most common ingredients look new and exciting. Among their flavors are: buttermilk honey blueberry, saffron passion fruit, and cornbread.

Both businesses, known for their high-quality and interesting flavors, have a hand in the pop-up ice cream museum coming to New York City.

The museum will be opening on Friday, July 29, 2016.

The ice cream wonderland seems to be a page right out of Willy Wonka’s playbook, but it was the brain child of Maryellis Bunn.

Activities At Museum Of Ice Cream

Youll mainly visit the Museum of Ice Cream to experience the special spaces, but the museum also regularly organizes events and workshops. For example, you can register for an ice cream making workshop. Its also possible to visit the associated shop and drink an ice cream cocktail at the outdoor bar.

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Have A Private Party Or Team Tour

Want to really make a celebration extra sweet? You can host private events from birthday parties to weddings at the MOIC. You can start your day with a “morning swim” for up to 40 people in your own private Sprinkle Pool before heading into the experience with your group. Or, enjoy the decked out Piano Room and play DJ on the pink turn tables.

Summer Just Got A Little Sweeter

Museum of Ice Cream Admission in New York

NYCs museum completely dedicated to ice cream is officially back open!

The Museum of Ice Cream started as a series of pop-ups, and was so popular that it came to NYC permanently last December. After being closed since March due to COVID-19, you can officially indulge your sweet tooth once again.

The museum is full of multi-sensory installations, and some have had a little bit of a makeover because of pandemic safety measures. But it still looks like a deliciously fun time!

Feast on a spread of the sweetest treats in the Oh Yeah Room :

Take a ride in the NY Celestial Subway, featuring state-of-the-art immersive technology:

Or make a splash at their iconic Sprinkle Pool, which has been completely revamped. They say there will be no more swimming, but promise it will be just as exciting. From some hints on social media, it looks like you can still walk across the pool!

There is also a brand new bar and alcohol service, complete with ice cream cocktails. All service is outdoors, with a delectable selection of craft cocktails and boozy shakes.

And, for the first time ever, the Museum has in-person ice cream making workshops! Youll learn about the history of ice cream and make your very own flavor from scratch. The one-hour workshop is led by scoop masters who will walk you through every delicious step of the way.

featured image source: Facebook / Museum of Ice Cream

Also published on Medium.

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Reasons To Visit The Museum Of Ice Cream In Nyc

The Museum of Ice Cream is back in New York City with new multi-sensory interactive experiences and whimsy to spare. And whether you’ve been to a MOIC pop-up in the past or are new to the colorful deliciousness, you’re going to want to take the fam and try everything–one spoonful at a time!

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How Timed Tickets Work

You can arrive at the entrance of the Ice Cream Museum up to half an hour after your ticketed entry time.

That is, if your ticket has 3 pm mentioned on it, you can enter the museum till 3.30 pm.

If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, the guest relationship manager tries their best to accommodate your entry.

However, admission is not guaranteed. You wont get a refund as well.

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Where Is Ice Cream Museum

The Ice Cream Museum is located at 558 Broadway New York, NY 10012. Get Directions

It is better to take public transport.

Prince Street station, served by N, Q, R, and W trains, is right next to the Ice Cream Museum.

Spring Street station, serviced by 4, 5, and 6 trains, is four minutes by walk from the attraction.

Bus Numbers M1, M55, SIM1, SIM1C, etc., can drop you at Broadway/W Houston Street, which is 45 meters from the museum.

If you plan to drive, many parking garages are available nearby.

Get A Scoop Of The Moic In Nyc

We Went To Museum Of Ice Cream | COVID NYC

Add this and other places to your personal travel plan. We will then help you with further suitable suggestions: free of charge and straightaway!

After a successful pop-up in NYC in 2016, the Museum of Ice Cream now has a permanent location in New York. The MOIC in NYC is the first of several flagship locations launching in the US and abroad. Heres what you need to know about it.

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Does It Live Up To The Hype

Get more Spoon in your feed.

The Museum of Ice Cream in NYC is officially sold out until September 4th.

But I was lucky to pick up a ticket, because Ive had my eye on this museum for awhile now . And was it absolutely amazing? Yes.

If you missed out, heres my version of a guided tour to this Instagrammable ice cream fantasy land:

Tickets To The Museum Of Ice Cream Nyc

Tickets for visiting the Museum of Ice Cream are already on sale. For $38 per person, you dont only get admission to the MOIC, your ticket also includes ice cream tastings and signature treats exclusive to the MOIC NYC.

Considering that the Museum of Ice Cream pop-up in 2016 was sold out extremely quickly and the word about MOIC is spreading on social media, its best to reserve your tickets in advance. Tickets are available for dates between December 14th to 1st. Even celebrities including Beyonce and Katy Perry have been to MOIC locations in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and New York!

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Ice Cream Museum Prices

Ice Cream Museum ticket costs $47.50 for all visitors three years and above.

At $56.08 for all visitors three years and above, Ice Cream Museums night tickets are costlier than the regular tickets.

The museum doesnt offer discounts for seniors, students, or the disabled.

Infants younger than three years dont need tickets and can enter for free.

Note: During the tour, you get to eat delicious treats, all included with your admission.

Pinkmasmuseum Of Ice Cream New York

Rare Tickets To NYC

18 Nov 2021 9 Jan 2022

Merry Pinkmas, everybody! With the festive season approaching fast, the Museum of Ice Cream Austin is putting the finishing touches on its annual pink-hued wonderland.

The usual sweet treats will be replaced by Pinkmas-themed bites, and there will be special games, activities, and singalongs. This magical immersive experience will feature festive drink specials at the cafe, including…Show more

Merry Pinkmas, everybody! With the festive season approaching fast, the Museum of Ice Cream Austin is putting the finishing touches on its annual pink-hued wonderland.

The usual sweet treats will be replaced by Pinkmas-themed bites, and there will be special games, activities, and singalongs. This magical immersive experience will feature festive drink specials at the cafe, including gingerbread milkshakes, Pinktinis, and Sprinkle Pool sundaes. Yum!

Additionally, there will be a special donation opportunity. Bring a toy to be donated to Toys for Tots, and you’ll receive a complimentary ice cream scoop at the cafe.

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What Is Moic Nyc

The Museum of Ice Cream is a place where you can take your latest Instagram profile picture while enjoying an ice cream. Its called a museum but above all, its an experience. MOIC consists of thirteen rooms where there is always something different to experience, all in the theme of ice cream. In one room, ice cream sundaes are distributed, another is full of coloured mirrors and as you walk through you will discover all kinds of photogenic corners, places to sit, coloured walls and all kinds of activities with ice cream as a central theme. In the next room, more ice cream is distributed and the museums final highlight is a bath full of coloured sprinkles. If all that ice cream hasnt made you feel enough like a kid yet, the three-story slide sure does. The Museum of Ice Cream is perhaps best described as a playground for young adults!

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