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What Art Exhibitions Are On In New York

Jr: Chronicles Brooklyn Museum

Art exhibit shows New York’s Times Square submerged in water | Al Jazeera English

JR is a French-born artist who takes individual portraits of everyday people, and then blows them up and wheat-pastes them in public places. This multimedia exhibit follows his career through different displays of his work, including The Chronicles of New York City mural which features the faces of 1,128 New Yorkers. To go along with the exhibit, a giant outdoor version of the same mural built from shipping containers was also on display earlier this year in Domino Park in Williamsburg. $10-16.More here.

Labyrinth Of Forms: Women And Abstraction 19301950

Whitney Museum of American Art, opens October 9

In the early part of the 20th century, as European artists belched out manifestos calling for the end of painting and museums, white America was just starting to feel great about itself. It looked around and saw skyscrapers, flappers, jazz bands, Hollywood everything except, of course, its racism. Thats when Europe began to self-immolate and abstract artists such as Piet Mondrian, Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Marcel Duchamp, Max Beckmann, and waves more immigrated to our shores. They triggered a chain reaction an American art world came into being, a sort of international American Baroque and Classicism. Art history was rewritten. Imperfectly.

The modest show Labyrinth of Forms: Women and Abstraction is a much-needed step toward setting the record straight. Here is an exhibition of mostly smaller works on paper made in America by women. We all know the figurative painting and social realisms of male painters like Edward Hopper, but abstraction was much slower to take root in this country. Women artists everywhere must have sensed that the doors of other American genres were already closed to them and so moved into the vacuum.

Art On The Ave In The West Village Through July 8 2021

Art on the Ave was an idea conceived in 2020 by teachers struggling to find a way to discuss the trauma and tragedy of a year living in the middle of a Pandemic. They wanted an opportunity to provide a platform for their students to have a meaningful discussion about what was going on all around them. Asking artists to express this in a creative way, and showing the work in an outdoor environment, socially distancing, seemed like a great way to benefit not only their students and the artists, but also provided a nice artistic adventure the the local community.

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Born In Flames: Feminist Futures At Bronx Museum Of The Arts To September 12 2021

Born in Flames: Feminist Futures is a constellation of imagined world-scapes projected by fourteen contemporary artists. Set within the space of an exhibition, the artwork presented is a projection of the artists larger visions about futurity. Each section of the show is a microcosmic speculation on what could have been, what is, or what is to come. These worlds are steeped in lessons of our complicated pasts, peppered with the ravages of oppression but also blooming joys. Their work critically examines current struggles for equity by exploring strategies for justice and equality through multifaceted futurisms.

Yayoi Kusamas Cosmic Nature New York Botanical Garden


Spring-Fall 2021

This unique multisensory presentation will be on view in New York for most of 2021, and the NY Botanical Garden will be the exhibits exclusive venue. Yayoi Kusamas NYBG takeover will feature a variety of installations throughout the 250 acres of landmark landscape and buildingsof which will include floral and vegetal sculptures as well as nature paintings. $35.

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In The Mad Loupe: Beau Mccall ~ June 9

As part of The Museum of Arts and Designs 45 Stories in Jewelry: 1947 to Now, we found the exciting, related virtual event, In the MAD Loupe: Beau McCall, who creates the most extraordinary pieces ~ all with buttons. The event will take place on Wednesday, June 9th from 2-3pm, when Beau McCall and Barbara Paris Gifford will talk about jewelry, fashion, and contemporary art, all made with buttons. Register Here.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Tribeca ushers in the return of live entertainment as the first major North American Film Festival to be held in person.

Sam Durants Untitled Opens In Early June

Sam Durants Untitled is the second High Line Plinth commission. This large-scale fiberglass sculpture in the shape of an abstracted drone atop a 25-foot-tall steel pole continues High Line Arts mission of presenting new, powerful, thought-provoking artworks that generate and amplify some of todays most important conversations. In addition, walk The High Line and enjoy The Musical Brain 57 Forms of Liberty and Retainer.

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Melvin Edwards: Brighter Days On View In City Hall Park To November 28 2021

Melvin Edwards: Brighter Days will include five works created between 1970 and 1996, as well as a new sculpture commissioned in 2020, which was the originally anticipated date for this exhibit. Now, stepping out of our COVID-19 shutdown, this Public Art Fund exhibition was unveiled in City Hall Park on May 4th, 2021.

Jim Rennert: Timing Inner Dialogue And Listen On View At Pershing Square Through December 2021

Showcase: Lygia Pape exhibition at New York’s Met Museum

Cavalier Gallery unveiled three life-size works by artist Jim Rennert, which have been installed in New York Citys Pershing Square Plaza West located on the west side of Park Avenue between East 41st and East 42nd Streets in Midtown Manhattan. Each sculpture stands over 6 feet tall and depicts the daily struggles and achievements of everyday people. The sculpture installations are being facilitated as part of the New York City Department of Transportations Temporary Art Program.

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Adrian Sas: Source To Spout In Riverside Park ~ June 18

Artist Adrian Sas augments our understanding of reality with an installation entitled in Riverside Park. by wrapping a series of panoramic photographs around drinking fountains throughout the park, Sas reveals the system of protected lands, reservoirs, and aqueducts which feeds these fountains. This new and very refreshing installation will be on view from 64th street to 148th street throughout Riverside Park beginning June 18, 2021.

Samantha Holmes: Mundilio/little World At West Farms Square Plaza In The Bronx On View Through September 2021

Samantha Holmes collaborated with Bronx-based lacemakers to inform the traditional Puerto Rican lace patterns woven into the steel. The installation is a monument to womens work and the cultural dynamism of the Bronx. Here, the artist hopes to bring the softness of cotton into the resilience of steel, as the sculpture stretches across the plaza, filling it with the colors and textures of the surrounding neighborhood ~ weaving this vibrant community the very fabric of the piece.

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Dawoud Bey: An American Project At The Whitney On View Through October 3 2021

Reflecting the evolution of Beys vision, the exhibition examines his enduring engagement with portraiture, place, and history. From early portraits in Harlem and classic street photography to multi-panel studio portraits and nocturnal landscapes, Bey has consistently focused his lens on Black individuals, foregrounding the uniqueness of his subjects while reflecting the profound and ongoing effects of the history of the United States. Co-organized with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, An American Project will be on view at the Whitney from April 17, 2021 through October 3, 2021.

Here Are Some Indoor And Outdoor Art Exhibits In New York City To Explore This Spring

Best art galleries in NYC

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Things are looking up New Yorkers! COVID-19 restrictions are easing and the weather is improving almost daily.

Take advantage of the longer, warmer days while remaining safe. Weve included a handful of indoor and outdoor art exhibits for you to visit this spring.

Brookfield Place Public Art Installations Indoors, 230 Vesey St., Manhattan

Walk through Brookfield Place any day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to view not one but two new art installations. Have your perceptions changed by artist Anne Vieuxs digitally made vinyl artwork . Travel to the exploited and vulnerable Colombian rainforests through Tatiana Arochas monochromatic pieces. Arochas work will be on display for the public until May 28, 2021 and Vieuxs work will be on display until July 5, 2021.

Up South Textile Installation Outdoors, 153rd Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, Manhattan

Check out Up South in Colonel Young Triangle Park, a visual interpretation constructed by an array of artists through numerous textile mediums. The public installation honors individuals who birthed the movements leading up to, during and after The Harlem Renaissance and is presented by Harlem Needle Arts . The installation is on view through July 31, 2021.

Interactive Reflect at Domino Park Outdoors, 300 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

KAWS: WHAT PARTY Indoors, 200 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn

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Modern Look: Photography And The American Magazine Jewish Museum

This exhibit examines how photography, graphic design, and popular magazines converged to transform American visual culture from 1930 to 1960. There will be over 150 works on display, including layouts and photos from magazines like Harpers Bazaar and Vogue that were influenced by European immigrants post-World War II. $8-18. More info here.

Shop The Village Kicks

The Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the local retail community, today announced Shop the Village, an experiential and Instagrammable initiative designed to bring people back to the West Village during June 2021 and beyond, after many months of not being able to fully enjoy and participate in New York Citys vibrant downtown community.

Allouche Gallery opens its doors to Operation Varsity Blues, a group exhibition exploring the structural inequities of the American higher education system through the lens of the recent high-profile college admissions scandal. The exhibition features new, commissioned works by seven artistsLindsay Adams, Debra Cartwright, Kevin Claiborne, Malaika Temba, Lindsey Brittain Collins, Alteronce Gumby, Lanise Howard, Jeffrey Meris, Raushan Rucker, Khari Turner, Telvin Wallace, and Esteban Whitesidewho are responding to the 2019 college admissions scandal of the same name wherein affluent families conspired to influence undergraduate admissions decisions at several top-tier American colleges and universities. Operation Varsity Blues is organized by author, art historian, and independent curator Charles Moore.

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Testsumi Kudo: Metamorphosis At Hauser & Wirth On View Through July 30 2021

In a wide-ranging practice spanning four decades, postwar Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo explored the effects of mass consumerism, the rise of technology, and ecological degradation on post- war society through satirical, critical, elaborately detailed and meticulously constructed environments that continue to exert a powerful influence on artists today. Opening 5 May, Tetsumi Kudo. Metamorphosis, the artists first exhibition at Hauser & Wirth New York, focuses upon the late artists idea of metamorphosis which emphasizes the need for personal and collective spiritual evolution beyond the values of Western Humanism, which he believed caused war, racism, and colonialism, and alienated people from the natural environment.

Joseph E Yoakum: What I Saw

Banksy Street Art Exhibition in New York

MoMA, opens November 28

I love the wobbly, wonky, almost shamanic landscapes of the self-taught artist Joseph E. Yoakum , which seem to teeter on the edge of psilocybin dreams. That he started making art out of nowhere at the age of 71 only makes his work more magical and an inspiration to late bloomers everywhere. He depicted his wide travels and said, Wherever my mind led me, I would go Ive been all over this world four times. Witness the world as never quite seen before. Or since.

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Your Concise New York Art Guide For May 2021

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Spring and all of its pollen is in the air.

Congestion aside though, theres plenty to get excited about in New York this month,from the return of the annual spring ritual of Frieze , to a glorious array of Melvin Edwardss sculptures in the Financial District, to the feminist futures charted at the Bronx Museum. Dont forget your mask!

Dessane Lopez Cassell

When: May 59Where: online & The Shed

Held at the Shed for the first time this year, Frieze New York will be smaller than past editions at Randalls Island, with a focus on local and US-based exhibitors . Frame, a dedicated section for younger galleries among the sixty exhibitors, will feature solo presentations of work by artists including Ina Archer, Dana Lok, and Otis Houston Jr. A performance-activated artwork by Precious Okoyomon, winner of the 2021 Frieze Artist Award, will also be on view.

When: through May 12Where: CUE Art Foundation

When: through June 12Where: Susan Inglett Gallery

When: May 5July 30Where: Hauser & Wirth

Laura Lappi 7 X 7 On View To September 5 2021

Finnish-born, Queens-based artist Laura Lappis 7 x 7 explores issues of space in New York City and the cost of living and housing, and how that impacts many communities. With this sculpture, Lappi draws attention especially to immigrant communities and their living conditions in Queens. While Queens is the New York Citys most culturally diverse borough welcoming immigrants from different backgrounds, its housing affordability is often out of a reach for many people. The sculpture consists of a black wooden house structure that measures seven feet long, five feet wide and seven feet high, referring to the size of the average illegal basement room. Each wall has an embedded letter, creating a word H-O-P-E. Inside the structure a light is making the sculpture visible and glowing during the night. This exhibition is made possible by the Art in the Parks: Alliance for Flushing Meadows Corona Park Grant, which supports the creation of site-specific public artworks by Queens-based artists for two sites within Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

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Kim Carlino: Spectrum On View In The Garment District Through March 2022

The Garment District Alliance is brightening Midtown Manhattan this spring with a vivid, painted mural titled Spectrum, created by artist Kim Carlino. The artwork which contains 34 unique colors and is painted on 82 concrete blocks along the 7th Avenue pedestrian corridor signifies the citys vibrant comeback as New Yorkers and visitors return following the pandemic.

David Smith: Follow My Path At Hauser & Wirth On View To July 30 2021

Art in New York

New York In a 1952 lecture at the Detroit Institute of Arts, David Smith described the inspiration behind one of his recent sculptures, saying My wish is that you travel by perception the path which I traveled in creating it. That same wish goes for the rest of my work. Taking its title from his remarks,

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Milford Graves: Heart Harmonics Sound Energy And Natural Healing Phenomena On View At Fridman Gallery To July 7 2021

A set of four hand-painted wind gongs will resonate throughout the gallery, activated by the sounds of Graves unreleased Heart Music recordings. The artist spent nearly 40 years establishing a healing correlation between the vibrations of percussive instruments and the rhythms of the human heart, which he termed biological music, a synthesis of the physical and mental, a mind-body deal. These works not only represent his scientifically recognized research, but also the deep, artistic connection he shared with his wife Lois who has painted two of the gongs in the exhibition as a tribute to her late husband and his work.

City/game Basketball In New York Museum Of The City Of New York

Basketball has a big presence in NYC, and the Museum of the City of New York is paying homage to the relationship between sport and city in City/Game Basketball in New York. From games in schoolyards and street corners to enormous sports arenas, it traces the game in NYC through photos, memorabilia and more. $14-20.More info here.

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The Empire State Building: A Celebration In Photographs At Keith De Lellis Gallery ~ June 23

Two Art Exhibitions in New York, 2017

In May, 2021, The Empire State Building celebrated its 90th anniversary. This month, Keith de Lellis Gallery celebrates the 90th anniversary of New York Citys magnificent Art Deco skyscraper in its summer exhibition. After demolishing the famous original Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Fifth Avenue in 1929, the Bethlehem Engineering Corporation took on the worlds most ambitious building project to date: the construction of the Empire State Building, the first 100+ story building. The Chrysler Building, with 77 stories, briefly held the title of the worlds tallest building before being unseated by the Empire State a mere 11 months later. Dwarfing all surrounding buildings, the Empire State stands at 1,454 feet tall. Construction began on March 17th, 1930 and was completed in record time, opening on May 1, 1931. As a tourist attraction, the site found immediate success, collecting a ten-cent fee for a birds eye view of New York City from telescopes atop the observatory.

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Rowan Renee: That Day We Looked Happy

That Day, We Looked Happy

When: through May 30Where: FiveMyles

Meticulously crafted and intensely personal, Rowan Renees latest exhibition plumbs the artists family archives. Building upon the poignant body of work they presented in MoMA PS1s landmark exhibition , Renee again employs delicately hand-woven forms, as well as fused glass, to work through familial trauma and grief. Needless to say, the results are deeply moving.

When: May 1723Where: online

26 international galleries, including Fridman Gallery, Jack Bell Gallery, and Retro Africa, will exhibit work in the seventh New York edition of 1-54, an art fair that was founded in London in 2013 with an exclusive focus on contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. This years online edition will be accompanied by a program of virtual talks, screenings, and performances, as well as a curated presentation of textile work by female artists, Knotted Ties, on view at Christies at Rockefeller Plaza from May 15 to 26.

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