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Must Try Restaurants In New York

Date Spot El Quinto Pino

Must-Try Italian Restaurants In NYC

A great date spot can mean something different to every person. But, as a general rule, it should have plates for sharing, great drinks and an interesting atmosphere something to remark on, should first-date conversation hit a lull. This Chelsea Spanish spot hits all three qualifications with flamenco flair. The space is split into a retro-homey dining room and a buzzing front bar. If a high-top table is available, settle in up front and order drinks from the chalkboard menus perhaps the tart, frozen gin-basil pomada, sangria or one of several good sherries. Food options rotate but always include shareable snacks like pimenton-dusted fried chickpeas, garlicky shrimp, creamy croquettes and the renowned uni panini.

Go to: El Quinto Pino

Vegan Ethiopian Dishes At Bunna Cafe

Everything especially the price point is eshi at this vegan Ethiopian eatery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can order four plant-based dishes for only $9 at lunch, or a seven-dish feast for $14, and the cost rises only a few bucks at dinner. Accompanied by the spongy sourdough flatbread, injera, the colorful assemblages are meant to be scooped from plate to mouth. Try keysir selata, a cold salad of sauteed potatoes, carrots and beets, or misir wot, red lentils cooked with spicy berbere sauce.

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Fresh Eggs Combo At Tom’s Restaurant

Once an indelible part of city life, diners and luncheonettes are closing down and fading from memory. Yet crowds still congregate outside circa-1936 Tom’s, meaning house tradition endures of handing out coffee, sausages and orange slices while customers wait. Consider it a consummately Brooklyn amuse bouche, preceding lemon-ricotta, mango-walnut or corn and cranberry pancakes , combination egg breakfasts and of course, nostalgic egg creams or cherry lime rickeys to wash it all down.

Classic Ramen At Hide

7 Places You Must Try In New York City

Though supermarket ramen cups will always be a frugal diners go-to, the quality restaurant-procured noodle bowls can be pretty costly, thanks to long-simmered broths, heritage pork and hand-pulled noodles, among other reasons. At the two well-trafficked locations of Hide-Chan a true office workers oasis in Hells Kitchen and Midtown East traditional Hakata-style tonkotsu broth is culled from pork bones, cooked for hours on end to release iridescent pools of intensely meaty marrow, and firm, thin noodles are specially designed to absorb the soup without getting soggy. Yet while add-ins can up the price still further, Hide-Chans original bowl is only $11.

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Bagels And Bialys At Kossar’s

Bagels are serious business in NYC, and residents hold deeply rooted — sometimes generations-formed — opinions on who makes the best rounds. But 80-year-old Lower East Side mainstay Kossar’s has leg up. They not only traffic in seriously legit bagels — made from brewer’s yeast, flour, kosher salt and good old New York tap water — but also the tougher to come by bialys as well. Affectionately referred to as Jewish English muffins, the chewy, airy orbs have gobs of roasted onion, sundried tomato, sesame or olives in their centers, which make them ideal for eating as is with or without the schmear.

Sri Lankan Buffet At Lakruwana

There are numerous reasons to ride the ferry to Staten Island. The Manhattan views are one, but another is the wealth of terrific Sri Lankan restaurants, courtesy of the city’s most-concentrated ex-pat population. At Lakruwana, $8 lunch specials of rice and curry or string hopper kottu , are an economical way to get acquainted with the cuisine, but non-residents would do well do avail themselves of the elaborate weekend buffet, a $14 all-you-can-eat feast of deviled chicken, goat biriyani and assorted Sri Lankan specialties such as pittu, fish ambul tiyal and lamprais.

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Marea Central Park South

To get the full experience, you should really dive into some of the seafood dishes, such as the polipo, which is grilled octopus served with smoked potatoes and pickled red onions. It is phenomenal. Lunch and dinner both offer a tasting menu, which is the best way to try as many of the delicious options at Marea as possible.

240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019, Phone: 212-582-5100

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Tacos At Los Tacos No1

Must Try Authentic Thai Food in NYC

Id say Chelsea Market in general is a must-visit in NYC for anyone who travels for food, but as I have to choose one dish, Ill go with tacos from Los Tacos No.1. Chelsea Market is an indoor market and dining space located in a building that formerly served as the headquarters for National Biscuit Company. It has dozens of restaurants inside from simple and affordable like Los Tacos No. 1 to high end like Buddakan.

The menu of Los Tacos No.1 is short and sweet with only four varieties of tacos available. But the few options they serve are impeccable. Take it from a person who lived in Austin for two years and is now spoiled for life by Texan tacos. Their adobada and carne asada tacos are worth waiting in line for .

Los Tacos No.1 75 9th Ave

Bagels galore at Russ and Daughters shop.

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Burgers At Hard Times Sundaes

Snow cones were called “hard times sundaes” during the Great Depression, because ice drizzled with syrup was the rare treat people could actually afford. And while Italian ices used to be part of the menu at this food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar spot , they were quickly surpassed by the drool-inducing burger a far more indulgent option that still manages to be wallet-friendly at $6. If you can’t resist the triple stack, it will boost the bill to $11, but you can balance your budget by loading up on freebies like diced onions, grilled onions, mushrooms and pickled jalapenos.

Bar For Food The Nomad Bar

This is no dive bar. Spun off from the ultrapopular NoMad restaurant just next door, this place serves bar food as only a two-time James Beard Foundation Award winner can put it out, and its well worth the upgrade. The chicken pot pie is studded with meat from the NoMad restaurants luxurious truffled roasted birds, and a bacon-wrapped hot dog glistens with truffle aioli. Flatbreads, olives and other snacks pop up as tempting teases of the ubiquitous usual offerings. The three burgers, though chicken, veggie and a dry-aged beef cheeseburger are the reason to jostle for a barstool. The classic cheeseburger has marrow folded into the mixture, creating a perfectly greasy patty capped with a slick of cheddar, grilled red onion and special sauce. And, since this is a bar, the tomelike drinks menu more than stands up to the food: All the drinks are made with craft spirits, fresh mixers and a keen knack for balanced flavors.

Go to: The NoMad Bar

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Pauls Da Burger Joint

Pauls Da Burger Joint was recommended in Food Networks Top Places to Eat. This place is best described as a 50s style restaurant with counter service. When this family restaurant opened in 1989, it was originally called Pauls Palace. This vintage style restaurant has the best burgers in town for the most reasonable prices. Many customers would consider this their home away from home. You may want to give their loaded fries a try while you are there. This is another one of the best places to eat in NYC on a budget.

Phone: +1 529-3033

Chicken Adobo At Papa’s Kitchen

A Gastronomic Must Try: Black

Sandwiches and pizza abound, but it’s tough to find a protein-based, nutritionally balanced entrée in NYC for under $10. But Papa’s Kitchen, a sibling-owned Filipino cafe, fills a void from its standalone micro-house in Woodside, Queens. Made from a treasured family recipe, the Philippines’ national dish of banana leaf-wrapped chicken adobo is a paragon of form comprising fall-off-the-bone chicken pieces braised in garlic, vinegar and soy, all over rice.

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Hannibals Soul Kitchencharleston Sc

Sometimes, you can taste a lot of history in one bite of food. Here, that bite should be the crab rice served at Hannibals Soul Kitchen, one of the last old-school Gullah Geechee restaurants in the area. Its version is definitive, with local blue-crab meat pan-fried so its crispy but still retains bits of soft flesh, piled generously over white rice. And its just one item on a menu that delivers other Lowcountry dishes youd be hard pressed to find better examples of anywhere. Kim Severson

Laughing Man Coffee Company

If you find yourself in Greenwich Village stop by Laughing Man Coffee a coffee shop owned by the one and only Greatest Showman himself Hugh Jackman. Laughing Man is dedicated to supporting coffee farming communities by investing in programs that pave the way for a more successful and healthy future for the farmers and their families. A hipster coffee joint with heart. Mostly take away only but a few seats outside if youre lucky to grab one.

184 Duane St, New York, NY 10013, laughingmanfoundation.org

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Dinner + A Show Danji

Though Times Square itself is a bastion of neon signage and meandering tourists, slightly north and west of the mayhem is this 36-seat Korean haven. Chef Hooni Kim serves inventive Korean dishes that are ideal for after-theater snacks or full dinner. The restaurant, open until midnight on weeknights serves bulgogi beef sliders, garlicky wings, kimchi fried rice and plenty of vegetarian options. The bar mixes clever cocktails, but the slightly sweet unfiltered rice beer is the best pairing against the spices.

Go to: Danji

The Johnny Roast Beef At The Original John’s Deli


Open since the late 1960s, this Italian sub shop hails itself The Hero King for good reason: an epic, overstuffed list runs hot and cold, with colorfully dubbed iterations such as the Henry Hill, Adrian Balboa, Tony Manero and Al Capone. The kitchen makes a mean rice ball , but John’s is practically synonymous with what’s colloquially called the roast beef with mutz featuring a good half-pound or so of thinly sliced beef, cheese, sweet caramelized onions and rivers of dark gravy, ladled with abandon from awaiting, bubbling vats. It’s no wonder the sparse décor runs to rolls of paper towels, strategically positioned throughout the room.

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Dumplings At East Wind Snack Shop

Chris Cheung may come from the fine-dining world, but his most-recent success centers around snacks that require breaking an Alexander Hamilton. We’re talking pork belly “Gwacos” for $5, Shanghai vegetable dumplings for $7, dry-aged beef pot stickers for $8, and shrimp har gow swiped with abalone sauce for $9. Granted, these aren’t the 5-for-$1 dumplings traditionally found in Chinatown, but unimpeachable craftsmanship and top-of-the-line ingredients are worth the mini splurge and the trip to one of East Wind’s three Brooklyn locations.

Chicken Over Rice At The Halal Guys

Chicken over rice is the ultimate NYC street food! Ok, the second ultimate right after hot dog which is funny because thats how The Halal Guys started as a hot dog cart on the intersection of West 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue by a few guys from Egypt. After opening their original cart in 1990, they quickly realized the demand for halal food from Muslim cab drivers and switched to making rice with chicken and gyro instead.

Twenty eight years later, a single cart turned into a conglomerate of sorts with multiple locations across the country and even abroad. The original cart on 53rd and Sixth Ave still exists and usually has a long line of locals and tourists alike. There are also plenty of copycats around New York now, so if you want to try the real thing, double-check the address of the branch online and look for yellow and red uniform the staff is wearing.

You need to order chicken over rice or lamb over rice, but they say the secret is in the sauce that comes with them. Take both the white and red sauces and mix them in it makes all the difference.

The Halal Guys corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Ave

Photo by Charley Lhasa

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Fried Smelts At Johnny’s Reef

City Island seems a veritable world apart from NYC, let alone part of the Bronx. Accessible only by bus, car or boat , the impossibly quaint, frozen-in-time fishing village is fittingly dotted with seafood joints. And chief amongst them is Johnny’s Reef, which has presided over the water-engulfed southernmost end for more than six decades. A brief selection of raw options runs to a half-dozen littlenecks or cherrystones for $6, but most everything takes a pass through the deep-fryer, including high-roller lobster tails, piles of tender-boned frog’s legs and diminutive, mild-tasting smelts .

Pastrami Sandwich At Katzs Deli

5 must

One cannot leave New York without trying a pastrami sandwich from Katzs Deli. Its not my opinion, it is a fact. First of all, the deli is over a hundred years old! It was opened in 1888 under the name of Iceland Brothers. Over time the deli changed names and locations a few times until it found a permanent home on Houston Street as Katzs Delicatessen .

Katzs Deli is most famous for its pastrami sandwich that is so big, theres a sign inside that dares you to finish it on your own. Pastrami here is prepared the old-school way: first curing for 3-4 weeks, then smoking for up to 72 hours, and finally boiling for 4 to 6 hours. After that, you can cut the meat with a butter knife.

If you are still not convinced, Katzs Deli doesnt only have amazing food, but it served as a filming location for movies like When Harry Met Sally and Across the Universe. I wrote all about my experience at Katzs in this post.

Katzs Delicatessen 205 East Houston Street

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Yummy Noodle House Nyc

The New York Eater recommends that anyone who is looking for a good restaurant in Queens should try out the Yummy Noodle House. This restaurant ranked number one on The New York Eaters list of The Hottest Restaurants in Queens. This is one Hong Kong-style restaurant that you will not want to miss. The food is authentically made with the right amount of flavor.

Many who visit this place recommend ordering the Stone Pot and Curry Bowl. You can also customize your dumpling soup if you want. The friendly staff along with the ambrosial menu will make you want to come back for more. This is one of the best restaurants to eat at in Queens.

Phone: +1 888-7848

For Breakfast Brunch & lunch

Daily Provisions serves the best donut in New York City. If, for some reason, you need more incentive to check out this all-day cafe near Union Square, they also serve BECs and lunch sandwiches that may ruin all other BECs and lunch sandwiches for you moving forward.

There are a few time-tested ways to increase your appetite – exercising, smoking weed, and going to Faiccos. Even if you go to this century-old Italian deli with no intention of eating, thatll change as soon as you smell the imported cheeses, and see the racks of housemade sausages, olive oils, and deli meats. Once the prospect of food officially excites you, order one of the fantastic sandwiches, like the massive Italian sub or the chicken cutlet with mozzarella and housemade pesto.

At Olmsted, your table next to the big plant wall will have a bowl of quail eggs from the quail coop in the backyard. Thats also where they grow the microgreens served on most of the dishes. The food at dinner is fantastic, but they also do one of the best brunches in the city. Get the maple flatbread with duck egg and duck sausage, and then have a rum and matcha cocktail next to the crawfish farm in the backyard.

This temple of Jewish appetizing in Soho is over the top in every way, and pulls it off entirely: the lox comes on towers, the waiters yell HOT BAGELS! whenever theres a fresh batch out of the oven, the breakfast sandwich costs $18 , and the French toast is one of the best things you can eat in NYC.

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New York Food Favorites That You Will Love

Are you wondering what to eat in New York City during your first trip to the Big Apple? Read on to discover ten must-eat New York food favorites that you simply should not miss during your Gotham adventure.

Start spreading the word. The highlight of any trip to New York City is the food in one of the countrys best food cities.

Lets face it, eating in New York is the best thing to do in the city that doesnt sleep. This is a city where you can eat great food from the crack of dawn until the crack of dawn.

Sure, the US megacity has fabulous museums and sights that all travelers should visit during their first visit. Travelers who buy a New York Pass never regret checking out the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and 9/11 Tribute Center too. As for art, we recommend the Met, MOMA and Neue Galerie.

What can we say? After living and working in Manhattan for a combined 17 years followed by too many visits to count on our fingers and toes, we now focus on finding the best food every time we return to New York.

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