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Italian Restaurants In The Bronx

Snacks Shops And Sights

Original Little Italy in NYC – Local’s Perspective

We begin our tour of Belmont on Arthur Avenue at 189th Street. Right at the corner find Tony & Tinas Pizzeria . The minute you step inside, youll see the Albanian flag, a black double-headed eagle on a bright red background, and portrait of Mother Teresa, perhaps the most famous Albanian after John Belushi. The pizza here is quite good, but turn instead to the bureks, flaky Balkan pies cooked in the same stacked ovens as the pizzas. The best filling and one rarely found in the five boroughs is pumpkin, though the spinach, ground meat, and cheese pies are almost as good. Buy a cup of homemade yogurt for dipping.

Heading south on Arthur Avenue, youll hit Ciccarone Park a block away, named after a fallen World War I hero. Outfitted with tables and chairs, bathrooms, playground equipment, and bocce courts that can turn lively late on weekend afternoons, this will be your pit stop if you carry out food and need a place to eat it, or if you need a bathroom along the way, since youll never be more than a few blocks away from this park.

We next walk another block south to the corner of 187th and Arthur Avenue, which is the beating heart of Belmont. If youre a vino Italiano enthusiast, Mt. Carmel Wines & Spirits is a must stop, if only for a browse. Three shelves alone are devoted to Tuscan varietals, with the cheapest being surprisingly low in price, though the most distinguished bottles sell for over $100.

The Official Site Of Businesses Of Arthur Avenue Known As Little Italy In The Bronx

Since its founding, the Belmont section of the Bronx, fondly known as Bronx Little Italy, has been a critical part in the development of the borough and city. An economic as well as a cultural engine, Belmont hosts thousands of regional and local shoppers as well as domestic and international tourists every year, making it one of the busiest and best-known communities of NYC.

The authentic Italian culture found in the vibrant community of Bronx Little Italy sustains a thriving business district that includes world-class restaurants, high-quality artisanal food shops, and specialty stores carrying handmade local and imported items that youd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Charming old-world ambiance emanates from the generations of Italian families who continue to give the area a welcoming small-town character that is unique for an urban setting.

Most of all, it is Arthur Avenues authentic dining experience that delights visitors year after year. Where else can you take a short walk and discover such a wealth and breadth of fine Italian delicacies at your fingertips? Within a few footsteps in this beloved New York neighborhood, you can revel in some of the most authentic cuisine, culture, and commodities outside of Italy. Guests from across the globe come to sample the tastes and traditions of this extraordinary community, home to numerous businesses that are still owned and operated by the same families that started them over a century ago.

Arthur Avenue Retail Market

If youre looking for a mecca of Italian food, this market has everything in one spot. From fresh bread to pastries, the market holds nine restaurants, five pastry shops, three coffee shops and much more . Dont forget to hit up a Bronx favorite, Mikes Deli, for its hearty sandwiches.

2344 Arthur Ave. 718-295-5033 or arthuravenue.com

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Top Best Restaurants In The Bronx New York City

The Bronx is one of the five boroughs in New York City. It is a large neighborhood in the northeast of New York City. The Bronx also has many attractions, including parks and golf courses that make it a popular tourist destination.

The Bronx is home to some of the best places to eat in New York City. It is more than a home to small diners and family-run pizzerias it also has its share of high-end Michelin-starred restaurants that make it one of the best dining destinations in New York City.

Here are 13 great places to dine in the Bronx:

Calandra’s Cheese: 2314 Arthur Ave 718


This dairy dynamo is not to be missed. Whether your cheese of choice is cow, sheep, local, or imported, Calandra’s has it all. There is no need to play coy around the abundant free cheese samplesthe friendly staff encourages nibbling as you shop and will help narrow down your selections. Calandras burrata is out of this world, and a relative bargain. Dont miss the lesser-known burrino, with a more distinctive rind and roots in Southern Italy. Be warned that the fior di latte mozzarella should be ordered a day in advance. Calandras makes their ricotta and mozzarella fresh daily, and stocks every Italian deli essential in the most authentic way possible. Calandras Cheese also makes gift boxes to ordera perfect, unique, customizable gift for anyone who appreciates true New York, Italian food, or just simply great cheese. The free samples might lure you in, but the variety of pasta, cooked and cured meats, and more will fill your table and keep you coming back.

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Get A Taste Of Some Italian Favorites In This Cozy Modest Neighborhood Restaurant

Enzoâs of Arthur Avenue is the perfect Italian restaurant in The Bronx to go to for date night, or any other special occasion! Image courtesy of

2339 Arthur Avenue | The Bronx | enzosarthurave.com

In the heart of Arthur Avenue sits Enzoâs, a modest Italian restaurant popular for its red sauce and other Italian creations prepared from local and seasonal ingredients. You can stop by at any time at this Italian bistro and grab as many spicy sausages and broccoli rabe as you can.

âIt just doesn’t get any more Italian authentic than this place. The delicious menu choices will make it hard to decide.â – Yelp Review

Have One Last Taste Of La Dolce Vita By Way Of The Bronx

A few doors down from Cosenzas, Peter Madonia, the 66-year-old co-owner of Madonia Bakery and chairman of the Belmont BID, seems baffled that the bakerys cannoli technique is such a point of fascination. They fill each shell to order, and Madonia and insists they do it that way for a very simple reason: they would get soggy otherwise. Im glad nobody else does it, he says. Eat a cannoli thats been sitting in the showcase all day, and then eat one thats filled fresh. You tell me. Founded by Peters grandfather in 1918, Madonia Bakery also serves freshly baked bread and an impressive range of biscotti, all piled up neatly behind glass.

Right next door is yet another family-owned business that dates way back: Biancardis, a butcher shop that moved into Arthur Avenue in the 1930s, according to co-owner and third-generation butcher Sal Biancardi. You wont see a block in the city of New York with as many businesses that have withstood the test of time for 100 years, being owned by the same families, Biancardi says from behind the counter.

Just as my conversation with Biancardi is wrapping up, a woman walks over to us. I came to his fathers original store down there, she says, pointing in the direction of the shops earlier location, down the block, when I was in my moms stomach, 50 years ago.

Biancardi just smiles, nods, and says, There you go.

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Are There Italian Delivery Deals In Bronx

As you look for ways to save money on your next order, check out the Italian spots known for offering users an excellent value, like Evo Cocktail Lounge in Parkchester, Original 167 Pizza in Highbridge, Pugsley pizza in Belmont, and Anthonys Famous Quesadillas & Fries and Sals pizza and Restaurant in Norwood.

The Arthur Avenue Market: 2344 Arthur Ave 718

Arthur Avenue businesses in the Bronx thrilled to celebrate Columbus Day after pandemic pause

The Arthur Avenue Market was established by Mayor LaGuardia in 1940 as a central indoor place for all of the pushcart vendors to sell their wares. Today it is a bustling hub stocked with every Italian delicacy and prepared food, courtesy of an assortment of vendors all under one roof. Be sure to hit up Mikes Deli for one of their epic sandwiches, including their eggplant parm, which beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network.

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Popular Italian Restaurant That Is Known For Its Savory Thin

2357 Arthur Ave | Belmont | zeroottonove.com

Summer is finally here, so itâs the perfect time to dine outside! Luckily for you, Trattoria offers a stunning outdoor patio perfect for kicking back and relaxing with your friends.

Located on Arthur Avenue, Trattoria is known for its extensive selection of authentic Italian food like the Salmon con Vegetali, Pollo Scarpariello, and Pasta al Forno. Are you already foaming at the mouth? Reserve a table at Trattoria for your next meal! The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.

âService was exceptional and food was nothing but delicious. We all had fun and it was a nice day spent together. We will be back for sure.â – Yelp Review

Eating Around The Bronxs Little Itay On Arthur Avenue

Saffron potato gnocchi with baby shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes at Enzo’s

John Mariani

The pandemic hit the Bronxs Arthur Avenue neighborhood restaurants as hard as any, but, as ever, they survive and in many cases are again thriving, not least because they cater to an extraordinary number of regularsmany of them former Bronxites, now living in the burbswho come back for the kind of comfort food and comforting hospitality that has long distinguished this Italian-American enclave.

And the food has never been better, for while the cooking is still predominantly southern Italian, a glance at the days specials will find a wide range of regional cucina allItaliana supported by first-rate ingredients, many purchased right there from the streets market vendors and bakeries.

Bronx, New York City, USA – December 28, 2013: Sidewalk scene with people visible at traditional … Italian fish market on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx in New York City on December 28, 2013. Arthur Ave. is well known and visited for being the Little Italy of the Bronx.


Also of significance is the influx over the past two decades of eastern Europeans from Albania, Croatia and elsewhere who have added measurably to the neighborhoods appeal and opened their own restaurants, which I shall be writing of in the near future.

603 Crescent Avenue


Roberto’s fettuccine with truffles

John Mariani

Roberto’s cannoli is a sumptuous take on a Neapolitan dessert.

John MarianiJohn Mariani


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Enzos Of Arthur Avenue

Enzos is the place to go on Arthur Avenue for a hearty meal that always hits the spot. Dig into heaps of spicy sausage, broccoli rabe, and garlic tossed with orecchiette, or swordfish with capers and artichokes.

Its a neighbourhood institution where you can expect the best meatballs of your life. The secret? Theyre fried beef and veal meatballs topped with onions and hot peppers.

Where To Eat On Arthur Avenue In The Bronx

Restaurants  Bronx Little Italy

New York City Food Crawls Danica Lo

For seven years, sisters Ali Zweben Imber and Daryl Zweben Hom have documented their culinary adventures on a popular food blog and Instagram account called The Sisterhood of the Unbuttoning Pants . Both graduates of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, Ali and Daryl come from a long family legacy in hospitality stretching back four generationsand have extended their innate industry savvy to the very 21st-century pastime of chronicling favorite meals on social media, to the tune of 105,000 followers and loyal fans.

This September, the Zweben sisters will publish their first dining guide, New York City Food Crawls: Touring the Neighborhoods One Bite & Libation at a Time , which features approachable neighborhood eating, drinking, and shopping destination lists curated by the discerning twosome. Chock full of local knowledge and insider infothis book definitely isn’t a run-of-the-mill list of tourist hotspotsconsider New York City Food Crawls an indispensable handbook to exploring some of this city’s most beloved institutions and undiscovered-by-tour-groups gems.

New York City Food Crawls is available now on Amazon.com

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Romantic Italian Restaurant That Serves Hearty Brick

2477 Arthur Ave | Belmont

Last, but certainly not least, on the list is Michaelangeloâs Little Italy. This restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas, pastas, salads, soups, and more authentic Italian dishes. Some of our favorite plates include the Risotto Arancini, Margarita Pizza, and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Michaelangeloâs offers delicious desserts like Cream Filled Cannoli and Cheesecake! Try out Michaelangeloâs for your next meal.

âTrying to find a new pizza place to order from and this place is a strong contender. We ordered the Margarita A La Petrit and it’s really good. Will order again.â – Yelp Review

There is no shortage of authentic and hospitable Italian eateries in the Bronx and this list will help you narrow down to the most outstanding joints youâre yet to try. So, which restaurants are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Patricias Of Morris Park

1082 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10461, United States

Contact: +1 718-409-9069

More than a neighborhood Italian restaurant, Patricias of Morris Park is an Italian landmark in the Bronx. Patricias has been serving homemade Italian cuisine since 1979.

Patricias of Morris Park, located on Park Avenue in the Bronx, serves classic Italian dishes. The restaurant has a rustic style with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The menu consists of different appetizers ~ pizza and pasta ~ soups, salads, and vegetarian entrees.

Their wine bar offers a large selection of wine, beer, and spirits. They also have an amazing garden area in the back.

Lunch offers value for money, and everything on the menu is extremely delicious! I loved the stuffed clams fresh clams with garlic white wine sauce pepperoncini.

If youre looking for good food, friendly service, and a great atmosphere, Patricias of Morris Park is the place to go!

My favorite wine was the Gatta a red wine from Puglia, produced by Bivongi Winery Murgia. I highly recommend this wine!

Visit Patricias of Morris Park if you love authentic wine collection!

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Charming Italian Restaurant On Arthur Avenue That Is Known For Its Friendly Low

2331 Arthur Ave | Belmont | emiliasrestaurant.com

Whether you want to grab a quick bite before a Yankees game or fuel up after a long day at the Bronx Zoo, Emiliaâs is the perfect spot for authentic Italian food and drinks. On the menu, youâll find mouthwatering Italian dishes like the Gnocchi con Burrata, Penne alla Vodka, Chicken Parmigiana, and Pork Osso Buco.

Hosting a private event? Emiliaâs offers special catering packages that include restaurant favorites like the Gnocchi Bolognese and Cheese Ravioli. Check out their menu online now!

âThe food was phenomenal: that antipasto platter had creamy fresh mozzarella, bracingly salty prosciutto, smoky roasted peppers, briny olives, and a truffle provolone) while the pastas were cooked perfectly .â – Yelp Review

Where To Shop Like A Longtime Little Italy Local

Mario’s Restaurant on Arthur Avenue in Da Bronx Serves Up traditional Italian cuisine

Start out with some produce at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. The tomatoes are flush red and the basils fragrant — both are worth carrying back home with you. If youd like to do as much shopping as you can under one roof, stop at Peters Meat Market and choose your cut. The braciole and spirals of sausage are especially appetizing, even uncooked. For a quick breather, post up at the Bronx Beer Hall, located in the middle of the Market, and sip on some craft beer from New York State.

Stock up on authentic pasta at Borgattis Ravioli & Egg Noodles, over on East 187th Street, between Hughes and Belmont avenues. Joan Borgatti, 55, owns and operates the business with her husband Chris, whose grandparents originally opened the shop more than 80 years ago.

In 1935, 100 ravioli were $1 a box — now, theyre $14.75, Joan says after catching up with a regular. Not bad. Borgattis ravioli is made fresh every day, comes in different sizes , and is available in a number of styles, including pumpkin and ricotta, spinach and ricotta, and meat and spinach. Joan, whos worked at the store for 29 years, suggests that you start simple, with the large cheese. The raviolis impossibly soft and the fillings creamy she describes it with one word: Classic.

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The Best Italian Restaurants In The Bronx

The Best Italian Restaurants in the Bronx from MICHELIN Guide

Italian NYC

The Bronx is super diverse among its many residents are Albanians, West Indians, and Puerto Ricans. Though its demographics have shifted over the years, the borough remains a hotbed of Italian food. Arthur Avenueknown to many as the real Little Italyis home to many specialty stores and restaurants, as well as The Arthur Avenue Retail Market, an enclosed culinary oasis featuring fresh pasta, homemade sausages and cuts of meat of all kinds, extra-virgin olive oil, and various prepared foods. For a meal after picking up a few Italian provisions, these are the best Italian restaurants in The Bronx.

Da Franco & Tony Ristorante


Enzo’s of Williamsbridge






zero otto nove

US$25-50The MICHELIN Guide

Arthur Avenue: The Real Little Italy

All the Goodfellas and ladies know that Arthur Avenue has the best Italian restaurants, markets, bakeries, and specialty stores. Located in the Belmont section of the Bronx, the area around Arthur Avenue and 187th Street is often referred to as the real Little Italy, and is the intersection of years of tradition and generations of families. Arthur Avenue has more family-run businesses operating for over 100 years than any other part of the city, and although many of these businesses thrive because of the local residents, over 85 percent of customers come from more than five miles away. The authenticity available cannot be rivaled many of the shops import hard-to-find items from Italy, and even if two stores specialize in the same item , they will each offer something that the other does not. There is a strong sense of community, everyone seems to know each other, and everyone is connected to their strong Italian heritage.

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