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How To Get A Job At 14 In New York

What You Need To Know About Working At Age 15 In New York

How I Got A Job At 14 Years Old!!!Pt.2(McDonalds)

There are things you need to know if you are going to try and get a job with a business or company at age 15. The New York Government has one of the strictest child labor laws in the US that dictate when and how you can work.

The law limits the number of hours that minors like yourself under the age of 18 may work when school is in session and if minors of 16 and 17 year olds got a job and need to work between 10 Pm and midnight on a day before a school day, they will need a written permission from a parent or guardian and a certificate of satisfactory academics standing from their school before they can be allowed to do the work.

Minors of any age may not work when school is in session, unless they have graduated or withdrawn from school. Home-schooled kids may not work during the hours of the local public school.

During school hours, minors 14 and 15 year olds are limited to the following hours in most occupations

  • More than 3 hours per day on a school day
  • More than 8 hours per day on a non-school day
  • More than 18 hours in any week
  • More than 6 days in any week

When school is not in session or during vacations 14 and 15 year old may work 40 hours per week.

This law does not apply in certain situations where there is no minimum age such as

  • Babysitting
  • Working at a business your parent own
  • Modeling
  • Any job that involves theatrical employment like acting in commercials or movies.

Find Jobs And Internships

Youth Employment & Opportunities Locator

There are many programs that can help you on your path to success.

Find job placement programs, paid training, career counseling and other opportunities using the Youth Employment & Opportunities Locator.

New York Citys Department of Youth & CommunityDevelopment

DYCD helps teens and young adults ages 14- 24 find internships, paid summer jobs, skills training and other opportunities. Visit DYCDs jobs and internships page.

For NYCHA Residents

Check out opportunities on the NYCHA Office of Resident Economic Empowerment & Sustainability website. You can also call .


NYCs Department of Small Business Services Workforce1 program prepares and connects qualified job candidates to jobs across the city. Visit Workforce1.

The Cna Test In New York

The CNA test in New York is administered at regionaltest sites partnered with Prometric. The exam comprises of 2 portions: a written exam, and a clinical skills evaluation. Both are administered on the same day. The written exam has 70 multiple choice questions in English. If English is your second language, you are able to opt out and take the written exam orally. You can take CNA classes en español as well. The oral exam offer 60 multiple choice questions and 10 multiple choice comprehensive reading questions. The skills examination requires the nurse aide evaluator to supervise you performing 5 skills randomly selected in 25 minutes or less. New York requires that within 24 months of completing your CNA training, you must apply and pass both exams.

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How Many Hours Can A 16 Or 17 Year Old Work

New York City has more millionaires than any other city in ...

For older minors, New York child labor laws allow more flexibility regarding working hours. During the school year, sixteen and seventeen year olds may work as many as four hours per day Monday through Thursday. They may earn up to eight hours daily on weekends and holidays, as long as the work takes place at or after 6:00 in the morning and ends by 10:00 at night. When school dismisses for the summer or other lengthy breaks, these teens can work up to 8 hours a day and 48 hours per week, and can stay on shift until midnight. Regardless of the time of year, underage employees are unable to work more than six days of the week, except for farming assistants, newspaper carriers, and other authorized exceptions.

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Dream It Plan It Make It Happen

Explore for the future and prepare for careers. Find your age group to learn more about what jobs you are eligible and what you need to do to get working papers to prepare for a job interview.

As a parent or guardian, it is important to help your child think ahead and plan for their career. We provide information and resources for parents to help guide their children through careers starting with elementary school to helping their children manage their career choices.

If you are under 18 years old and want to work you will need working papers. There are three types of working papers, dependent on your age.

How To Become A Cna In New York

To start a CNA training program, you need to be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma, or the equivalent. Next, you will need to find accredited CNA classes in New York, these programs must include a minimum of 60 hours of classroom instruction and 100 hours of supervised training. There are some training programs that are offered within the regular employment context, if it meets state code. The New York Department of Public Health partners with Prometric to offer a comprehensive training and certification experience. Prometric offers a list of nurse aide training programs, however, the majority of these can be found at local community colleges, trade schools, or even the American Red Cross. You can find local CNA classes near you as well as CNA classes online.

New York requires 160 hours of training for CNAs, the highest hours of CNA training required in the nation. The program can be completed in 6-15 weeks and requires 60 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of clinical training, that will be under the direct supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse . Some accelerated programs offer 4-week CNA classes as well.

Below you can also find city-specific information within New York on how to become a CNA:

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Am To 1: 00 Pm & : 00 Pm To : 00 Pm


Recruiting for School Nurses and Day Program Nurses

Explore rewarding options at our Nursing Job Fair:

Balance of Family Life & Work Less Stressful Environment


If you are looking for a place where you can truly make a difference and live your passion every day, we invite you to take a close look at AHRC New York City. We are always looking for bright and talented people to join our diverse team.

Getting An Employment Certificate

A Week at Palantir: Product Design Intern in New York City | 16 Weeks of Internships

New York child labor laws require every job-seeking minor to obtain an employment certificate prior to beginning work. This work permit rule applies to any worker under the age of 18, including high school graduates and minors working for their parents.

  • Do you need a work permit during summer?

During the school year and the summer, minors must have non-factory employment certificates at 14 and 15 year olds, student general employment certificates when they reach 16 and 17 year olds, and full-time employment certificates for older minors leaving school to join the workforce.

  • Where can I get a work permit besides school?

Outside of school, minors can find work permit applications at their local board of education office, or online at the New York Department of Labor or Department of Education website.

  • How do I get a work permit during summer?

  • Minors may choose the type of industry they want to work in, and obtain a job offer and the proper forms
  • Along with their guardian and potential employer, the youth must fill out and sign the application for a work permit.
  • Job seekers must also bring proof of age as well as written confirmation of physical fitness from a doctor in order to apply for working papers.
  • The issuing officer will review the forms before approving the application for a work permit.

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How To Renew Your Cna License In New York:

The state of New York requires you to renew a CNA license every 24 months. Nursing homes are required by state regulations to submit the nurse aides Recertification Application and fee. However, if you have not worked for pay for a minimum of 7 hours during the previous 24 consecutive months, or your healthcare employer is not approved by the NYSDOH, your certificate cannot be renewed. You will be required to retest or retrain and retest using one of the certification routes. To become re-certified in the state of New York, fill out the application on page 44 of the New York State Nurse Aide Bulletin or download the New York Nursing Assistant Registry Renewal Form.

Completed forms must be mailed to:


What To Know Before Starting A Job Search

If you live in New York and are considering getting your first job, you need to find out what the minimum legal working age in your state is. Are you eligible to work there? If so, you can start saving for school or college expenses, a vehicle, clothing or other items young people generally need. And don’t forget to set aside some money to have fun, if possible.

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Permissible Jobs For Minors In New York

Despite a lengthy list of prohibited occupations, New York teens have a variety of acceptable job options available to them. While child labor laws forbid anyone under 16 from working on the main floor of a factory, minors as young as 14 may perform clerical jobs in offices away from the manufacturing zone. Underage workers can also work the counters in dry cleaning facilities, laundromats, tailor or shoe repair shops, and similar establishments. Other types of businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities, regularly offer jobs to minors as well.

Applying For A Work Permit In New York

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The process to obtain a work permit or working papers in New York is straightforward. The work permit is required for all minors seeking employment, however depending on the minors age and when they are seeking to work, the minor will seek one of three different versions of the work permit. First there is the Student Non-Factory Employment Certificate-AT-18 which is for 14 and 15 year olds who are looking to be employed in permitted employment opportunities during non-school hours.

The second is the Student General Employment Certificate-AT-19 , which is for 16 and 17 year olds seeking to work outside of school hours. Finally, there is the Full-Time Employment Certificate-AT-20 . This is for those aged 16 and 17 who are either not in school or are looking to leave school for full time employment. Minors under the age of 18 who are seeking to work in New York should take the following steps to obtain a work permit:

  • The minor should first get an application. They can typically do this at their public high school.
  • The minor will take the application home for their parent or guardian to sign.
  • The minor must get a written statement from a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that they are physically fit to work.
  • The minor should bring this written statement, as well as proof of age and bring them to the office where they got the application.
  • The minor will provide the employment certificate to the employer.
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    There Are Multiple Listings For The Job That I Want

    NYPL has several career opportunities that exist in multiple locations. We post each position separately because our locations range from the northernmost part of the Bronx to the southern tip of Staten Island. We recommend that you apply to any and all locations that you are interested in to ensure that your application gets in front of the right recruiter. If you apply for only one location, we may also consider you for other locations and will reach out if we are interested in speaking with you further.

    New York Law Provides Disability Benefits For Pregnant Employees And The State’s New Paid Family Leave Law Provides Benefits For New Parents Too

    By Lisa Guerin, J.D.

    Legally speaking, maternity or parental leave has two parts: the time you take off while you are unable to work due to pregnancy and the physical experience of childbirth, and the time you take off to spend with your new child. For the first part, pregnancy disability leave, New York is one of a small handful of states that gives employees the right to time off that is paid through insurance. For the second part, New Yorkers benefit from two state laws that give them the right to be paid part of their usual wages when they take time off work for pregnancy and for parental leave.

    In addition, the federal Family Medical Leave Act gives employees in all states the right to take unpaid leave for these reasons. The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act also prohibits your employer from discriminating against you because of your pregnancy, which may give you the right to take time off work in some cases.

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    How Do I Apply For A Job

    To apply for a job, please visit the Careers at NYPL page to view all opportunities at NYPL. You will be able to apply filters to narrow your search to positions that match your skill set or location preferences. In order to be considered for any position, you must complete an application that includes a resume and/or cover letter. You must also answer any screening questions associated with the job.

    How To Get A Work Permit In New York

    14 Day âQuarantineâ? in Upstate, New York | Vlog Part 1

    Getting a work permit in New York is much easier than most teens think, but the entire process can be pretty confusing if you’ve never done it before. Because of this, we’ve created this page which outlines everything you need to know about getting a work permit in New York. If you’re under the age of 16, a work permit is required to work part-time at any company, so follow what we’ve outlined here and you can get a job in no time.

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    Jobs For Teens In New York

    New York offers an assortment of things to do for teenagers who reside in the state. No matter ones individual interest, there is something to fulfill it. Teens in New York can explore museums, visit all sorts of shops, and dine on a variety of foods. For teens that love the outdoors, there are beaches and over 2000 miles of hiking and biking trails in the state. Should teenagers in New York be interested in a job in order to gain experience and earn money, the opportunity is there to do so the unemployment rate for the state is 4.7% as of May 2016.

    If you’re under 16 years of age, there are specific labor laws in New York that don’t allow you to work for traditional employers. Of course, if you’re 14 or 15 years old you can get a work permit in New York, but otherwise there isn’t too much information on this page that will help you. With that being said, if you’re under 16 years of age and don’t have a work permit, please select the appropriate age below to find jobs that suit your age group.

    If you’re under 16 years old, your job options are different. Please select your age below:

    How Is My Application Being Screened

    Our team of recruiters screens through applications and resumes to identify the candidates that we feel best meet the qualifications of the role. That’s right, actual humans are reading your resume! So please make sure you submit a resume that best reflects your skills and expertise as they relate to the position you are interested in.

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    What Jobs Can I Do

    There are some restrictions on where you can work as a 14-year-old. For example, you wont be able to work:

    • In factories or industrial sites
    • In pubs or betting shops
    • In areas prohibited by local bylaws
    • In a job that could negatively affect your wellbeing, education, or health

    However, that doesnt mean you cant work anywhere.

    Although some roles may be off limits, there are a number of jobs that are perfect for 14-year-olds, which allow you to work around your school life and adhere to employment law. These include:

    • Dog walking or cat sitting
    • Babysitting

    Still Looking For More Employment Ideas For Your Teenager

    I Went Back to the New York Stock Exchange

    Another option to consider if youre still looking for jobs to hire 14 and 15-year-old teens is Parents are able to create an account and apply for their children as young as 14-years-old. From there, youll be able to easily check out the available jobs in your area that hire 14 and 15-year-old teens in their area, including babysitting, pet care, house sitting, lawn maintenance, and more!

    Other great places to promote your services include Nextdoor or in your neighborhoods group.

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