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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In New York City

Interesting Facts About New York Auto Insurance

How much does Auto insurance cost in New York
  • In certain circumstances, New York requires a free inspection of your vehicle to protect you and your insurer.

  • An estimated 13.8% of New York drivers were uninsured as of 2019. Uninsured motorist coverage can protect you if the at-fault driver has no auto insurance or not enough coverage.

  • There are 60,000-70,000 deer-vehicle collisions in New York State annually. Make sure you carry comprehensive coverage to protect against collisions with animals.

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    Why Michigan Car Insurance Is So Expensive

    Michigan is extremely generous to car crash victims. If youre hurt badly in an accident even if it was your fault Michigans no-fault policy requires insurance companies to pay for all the medical care you need, in addition to reimbursing you for up to 85 percent of your lost wages .

    As a result, personal injury protection fraud is rampant. Attorneys encourage car accident victims to run up large medical bills, and then pocket a percentage of the bill. Some people even fake accidents, then split the insurance payout with the doctor or chiropractor.

    Other factors make Michigans car insurance expensive too, such as the high frequency of car thefts in Detroit and the use of to determine auto insurance rates.

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    Average Car Insurance Cost By Vehicle


    Note: Premiums are representative only individual premiums will be different

    Drivers with bad credit pay an average of 71% more for car insurance than drivers with good credit, according to WalletHubs analysis. Insurance companies consider drivers credit history because it is generally correlated with their likelihood of filing an insurance claim. They do not directly use credit scores when calculating the cost of premiums, however. They do use the same underlying information, though: your credit report.

    Vehicles With The Least Expensive Insurance In New York

    How Much Is Car Insurance In Nyc Per Month

    You can potentially save on car insurance depending on your vehicle. In New York, the Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, Subaru Crosstrek and Forester 2.5i are among the cheapest vehicles for insurance, based on average rates for 50 top-selling 2021 models. The 20 cheapest cars to insure are below.

    The most expensive cars for insurance in New York among popular models are the Tesla Model S Performance and Lexus ES 300H .


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    Most Expensive Cities For Auto Insurance In America

    The table below lists what it currently costs for full coverage insurance in the 10 most expensive cities in the country. New Yorks Brooklyn zip code of 11212 puts it in the top two at more than double what the average American paid in 2015.

    This table suggests the average monthly cost for full coverage car insurance in the City of New York is around $370 per month. Clearly, being able to shop around for the best rates and comparing coverage is the only way to go.


    New York City Car Insurance 2022 Rates + Cheapest To Insure In Nyc

    How much does auto insurance cost in New York City? Not only do we find the overall cheapest vehicles to insure, we break them out by segment to truly find the cheapest car insurance in NYC.

    Start QuoteCompare New York car insurance rates and save on your next policy.

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    What Is The Penalty For Driving Without Insurance In New York

    New York takes car insurance very seriously. If youre caught driving without car insurance in New York, you could face a penalty anywhere between $150 and $1,500. Your car can be impounded, and you could even face jail time for up to 15 days. Your license and vehicle registration will likely be suspended. To reinstate your license, youll need to prove to the DMV that you have valid car insurance coverage and also pay a $750 reinstatement fee.

    All of these penalties apply whether youre driving your own car while uninsured or letting someone else borrow your car.

    Keep in mind that a police officer will always ask to see proof of liability insurance at any traffic stop, even if you were stopped for something unrelated to car insurance. And if you cant provide proof of insurance, the police officer will assume that you dont have coverage. Thats why its important always to have a copy of your insurance card somewhere where you can easily access it while driving. While many insurance companies provide electronic ID cards, we recommend keeping a paper copy as your primary proof of insurance. You never know when youll forget your phone or run out of battery!

    Useful Info For Driving In Nyc

    Cheapest Car Insurance New Drivers NYC How to Get the Best Auto Insurance Rate

    A glance at a New York highway map reveals that the Empire State is crisscrossed with interstates, stretching from Riverhead in eastern Long Island to Ripley, the state’s westernmost town, 500 miles away. These well-maintained highways make driving between regions of New York relatively quick, safe, and easy, though traffic congestion around major cities is unavoidable. And driving within the city limits of New York City is an entirely different story.

    CAR: If you plan to drive around the city, use Google Maps to navigate New York City streets. There are also apps like to help you get around and find affordable parking. lists parking spots near you, allowing you to compare parking rates and locations as well as make reservations.

    TOLL ROADS: In New York, there are three toll roads:

    • A 14-mile stretch of I-95 entering New York from Connecticut
    • The 24-mile Berkshire Connector connecting the Thruway to the Massachusetts Turnpike and, most importantly, the majority of the New York State Thruway .

    If you plan to use these toll roads regularly, an EZPass transponder will be your best friend. Cashless toll collection has been implemented on the Thruway, which means you’ll be billed by mail if you don’t have an E-ZPass device. Even if you don’t have an E-ZPass account, the Tolls NY app can help you track tolls and manage payments. 800-333-TOLL is the toll-free number for E-ZPass inquiries.

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    See what you could save on auto insurance

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    Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes For Drivers With Poor Credit: Geico

    Geico offers the best quotes for drivers with poor credit, at $2,719 per year. Geico’s full coverage rates for these drivers are $1,622 cheaper than average and only 22% more expensive than average for drivers with average credit.

    Drivers with poor credit in New York can pay more than double the rates of drivers with good credit.


    USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

    Rules Of The Road In New York

    If you dont follow the rules while driving, you would get a ticket in New York instantly.

    Especially in New York City, you must strictly follow the speed limits, car seat laws, move over laws, etc. to avoid getting stopped by the police.

    Fault vs No-Fault

    New York is amongst the twelve states in the US which follow the no-fault system allowing motorists to file claims with their own insurance company in the event of an accident irrespective of fault.

    To overcome the inefficiencies and delay in claim settlement under the fault system, New York adopted the no fault system in the 1970s which aimed to expedite the process of claims settlement after a crash.

    Seat Belt and Car Seat Laws in New York

    In New York, front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts. Children under 16 must wear seat belts irrespective of their position in the car and those who are under four must be put inside a child restraint system.

    The child safety seats and restraint system must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard 213. If you arent sure about the fitting of child seat, you can visit one of the child safety seat inspection sites in New York.

    How to choose the correct child safety seat?

    The state of New York recommends motorists to carefully assess the dimensions and weight capacity for car seats available in the market and select one thats suitable for their children.

    There are certain basic rules to follow for child safety seats:

    Keep Right and Move Over Laws in New York

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    What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In New York

    The average cost of car insurance in New York is $1,692 per year according to Thats 13.7% higher than the national average. Of course, your auto insurance cost will depend on many different factors including your age, where you live, and your driving history.

    Some people get the bare minimum coverage, while others prefer the comfort and security of more protection. Liberty Mutual customizes your New York auto insurance, so you only pay for what you need.

    Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance For Drivers In New York

    How Does a DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

    We found that Progressive offers cheap full coverage car insurance for New York drivers with a quote of $1,489 for an annual premium or 40% cheaper than the average rate. Erie is the next best option at $1,540 per year or 38% less expensive than New Yorks average $2,462 insurance rate.


    *USAA is for qualified military personnel, their spouses, and direct family members. Rates may vary depending on driver profiles and zip codes.

    Those who qualify for USAA benefits can get their full coverage auto insurance at just $125 per month for liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

    The average driver in New York paying for full coverage insurance is $2,462 or $205 per month. Drivers can find cheaper auto policies by comparing top car insurance providers rates like those listed here.

    Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the offers within the content are from companies where may receive compensation. This does not influence our analysis of services or products. Our opinions are our own in good faith.

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    What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In New York By Age

    New York teenagers pay $790 in average monthly rates for car insurance. After a few years of driving experience, twentysomethings pay $340 less in premiums.

    People in their 30s, 40s, and 50s cruise far below the state average. When drivers hit 60 or older, the average monthly prices are nothing short of fantastic. Drivers in their 70s get the lowest cost of all age groups, a reflection of their many decades of experience behind the wheel.


    Cost Of Car Insurance In New York Vs Neighboring States


    Drivers in New York can find cheap car insurance with no deposit or no down payment, but all that really means is you only have to pay the first month’s premium to get coverage. You cannot get car insurance in New York without paying something upfront. But you can minimize the cost of coverage in New York, which ranks 49 for the cheapest car insurance rates in the country. The average monthly premium in New York is about $371 for full coverage and around $152 for state minimum coverage. Drivers in New York should expect to pay about that much in advance each month to keep their car insurance policy active.

    The biggest drawback of paying for auto insurance monthly is that it’s almost always more expensive than paying in full for six or 12 months of coverage upfront. Some New York insurance companies charge slightly more for month-to-month premiums, and there can also be payment processing fees. Most car insurance companies also discount rates for customers who pay in advance.

    You can still find cheap car insurance options if you can’t afford a big deposit, though. The best no-down-payment car insurance keeps rates low and only requires the first month’s payment to start your policy.

    Ithaca has the least expensive auto insurance premiums in New York, with an average of $638 per year. By comparison, the average cost of car insurance in New York overall is $1,828 per year.

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    Average Cost Of Car Insurance Before And After An Accident

    Insurance companies price their policies based on risk, and a driver with a history of accidents may be charged higher rates.

    Among our sample insurers, insurance rates rose by 44% on average after an accident.

    Geico saw the largest increase in insurance rates, with premiums going up by almost 65% for a driver with one at-fault accident on his record. Conversely, State Farm penalized drivers the least after one crash. Its rates increased by only 24% for our sample driver.

    Drivers who have a history of accidents or traffic violations should take special care to shop around for auto insurance policies. Your combination of accident history, vehicle, location and other factors may be priced differently with another insurance company, and switching to an equivalent policy with a rival insurer has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars per year.


    Rates are an annual average for our sample driver with a full-coverage policy.

    What Is The Driving Scene Like In New York City

    Is It Worth Owning a Car in NYC?

    Many factors influence insurance rates, including demographics, , annual commute, coverage level, education, etc.

    However, insurance companies also consider the car you drive, road conditions, traffic congestion, and the likely risk of theft in your location.

    In this section, we will talk about how these factors impact your insurance factor.

    Roads in New York City

    We understand that New York City, and especially Manhattan, is too congested to offer a scenic drive.

    However, the city provides fantastic opportunities to head out and escape the pace for a while. Take a drive to the Palisades or the Catskill Mountains, and you will be amazed by the beauty of the city and nearby places.

    In this section, we talk about some of these famous roads and their conditions.

    Major Highways

    The five boroughs of New York are spread over a few islands and connected through a system of twelve bridges and tunnels. The most iconic of these is the Brooklyn Bridge, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    The city has some of the most congested streets in the country. New York invented the term gridlock.

    A network of interstates and highways connects the vast city of New York. Here is the map of the network of roads connecting New York.

    Some of the significant roads connecting New York include I-95, I-495, I-87, and U.S. 1. I-95 is the major road connecting the city from the South, whereas I-87 connects from the North.

    Here is the list of major roads and expressways connecting New York:


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    Average Car Insurance Cost In New York By City

    The most expensive city for full coverage in New York is Brooklyn, at $4,208 per year for full coverage. Corning is the cheapest city for full coverage car insurance, at $1,426 per year.

    Full coverage car insurance rates in New York can vary by as much as $2,782 per year, depending on where you live in the state. Typically, auto coverage costs are higher in large cities, where accidents and auto theft are more common. This may be why New York City overall is among the most expensive cities for car insurance in the state, on average, at $3,884 per year for full coverage.


    We split out the rates of individual Queens neighborhoods in the table below. However, we combined them when determining the average annual cost of car insurance in the borough.

    Comprehensive And Collision Coverage

    Comprehension and collision coverage are typically bundled together and have the same coverage limits.

    Collision coverage is when your car runs into another car, an animal, and lampposts, to name a few.

    Comprehensive coverage protects you from collision claims and nearly anything that happens to your car, such as if its stolen or if a tree falls on it and damages it, or if there are theft or weather incidents.

    While this doesnt apply to New Yorkers, comprehensive coverage also covers your car if its carried off by a tornado or drowned in a flood.

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    Main Street America: Best Auto Insurance With The Cheapest Rates

    We looked at many auto insurance companies to find one that had the cheapest rates but none could beat Main Streets premiums.

    Main Street has the lowest minimum coverage and full coverage premiums and is a great choice if you want to keep your expenses down or if you are on a budget.

    Main Streets premiums are so cheap that they blew away the competition, including customer favorites like Progressive and GEICO.

    And not only that, Main Street beat the average New York City rate.

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