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How To Visit Statue Of Liberty From New York

At The Statue Of Liberty

How To Visit the Statue of Liberty in New York

When you arrive at Liberty Island, be sure to check the ferry times as you walk out for your trip onward. We planned for 90 minutes at the statue so we kept an eye out for the ferry that was scheduled 2 hours after our visit. That way we could have a 30-minute cushion should the line be too long .

It was a pleasant stroll walking around Liberty Island seeing the views of Lady Liberty from every possible angle. She really is an impressive sight. The views of the Manhattan skyline are outstanding from here so be sure to take it in from every angle.

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Statue Of Liberty Tips

  • Stand on the port side at the back of the ferry going out to the Statue of Liberty. It will give you the best views of the city and of the statue as you approach.
  • Book ahead of time on the Government Website, for reserved tickets and skip the security lines.
  • If you want to go up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, book your tour at least a week in advance a
  • Make sure to go to the Ellis Island Museum and visit all of the floors for the full experience.
  • If you are planning on seeing a few New York Sites like the Statue of Liberty, the Top of the Rock, The Empire State Building and the Museums Metropolitan, Natural History, MOMA and more, get the New York Pass to expedite your experience and save a lot of money.
  • If you have a New York Pass or City Pass, you must go into the ticket office at the castle to receive a boarding pass.
    • Plan more of your New York City travels:

    Traveling to the United States, see our United States Travel Guide


    Note: We received our first New York City Pass through a conference we attended in New York City in 2011. New York is not paying us or expecting us to endorse the pass. It came with our purchase of tickets to the conference. However, we always find it to be an amazing deal and asset during our travels around New York so we wanted to share it with you all.

    Travel Planning Resources

    Looking to book your next trip? Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly.

    Significant Benefits Of Travelling To The Liberty Island With A Guide

    It would be the utmost preference of having a guide along with you while planning a tour to the Statue of Liberty. The tour guide will be around you all the time and deliver you some of the interesting facts about the Statue of Libertys intent and architectural history. Hiring a guide would be a good idea as the tour guide will let you know what would be the best time of the day to make a trip to the mark. The guide would also provide you with many instructions associated with your ticket bookings and resting places. The arrangements of all ferry booking and admission in both the islands would be made by the guide itself, which would sound pleasing as it would help in reducing the load from your shoulders.

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    The Ferry At Battery Park

    Local 1 to the last stop South Ferry. Express 4 or 5 to Bowling Green. Local R/W train from Brooklyn/Queens to Whitehall Street.

    M1, M6 or M15 to South Ferry .

    From the East Side take the FDR Drive South to Exit 1, South Ferry/Battery Park. From the West Side take the Westside Highway South to Battery Park. NOTE: Street and private garage parking is limited in the Battery Park neighborhood.

    Free Or Not Seeing The Statue Of Liberty Is Truly Priceless

    Pin by Robert Louis Kowalski on Quintessential New York ...

    Credit: David.Clay.Photography / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Theres clearly quite a few options for those of you wishing to see Lady Liberty and save some money on your next visit to the Big Apple. Now you can have some extra cash to spend on those Broadway tickets.

    If you have extra time as well, check out these other free Statue of Liberty replicas!

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    Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island Tour

    • Duration: 5h
    • Audio guide in 9 languages
    • Live guide in English
    • Roundtrip ferry service from Battery Park to Liberty and Ellis Islands
    • Statue of Liberty grounds visit
    • Entry to the Statue of Liberty Museum
    • Entry to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum
    • Ticket option ‘Guided Tour’: Fully guided tour in English
    • Ticket option ‘Self-Audio-Guided Tour’: 30-minute English guided tour of Battery Park + audio guides in 9 languages for Liberty Island and Ellis Island

    Free cancellation option available for all tickets

    America’s Symbol Of Freedom

    Few things represent America, ‘Land of the Free’, more that the Statue of Liberty. It’s one of the best-known statues in the world and an icon of American popular culture, appearing in countless films, TV shows, photographs, paintings and more.

    The history of the Statue of Liberty

    The statue was a gift to America from France in 1886, commemorating the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. It was a very generous gift, costing over $10 million in today’s money.

    Modelled on the sculptor’s mother

    Designed by French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, New York’s Statue of Liberty is said to be modeled on his mother. The figure represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. She holds a tablet in her left hand showing the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and in her right hand a torch, symbolizing enlightenment.

    Other interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty:

    • The Statue of Liberty, plus pedestal, reaches an impressive 305 feet .
    • There are 354 internal steps to the Statue of Liberty’s crown
    • Chains and a broken shackle lie at the Statue’s feet, which symbolize Lady Liberty as a woman free from oppression and servitude.
    • The seven spikes of the crown symbolize the Seven Seas across which liberty should be spread
    • 300 different types of hammer were used to create the copper structure
    • The light green color of Lady Liberty is the result of natural weathering of the copper.

    Tickets to Liberty Island

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    Why Cant You Go Into The Crown Of The Statue Of Liberty

    Grounds ticket holders are allowed to tour the grounds of Liberty Island, but cant go inside the statue. Crown tickets are the most limited. They allow the holder to visit the pedestal and also go all the way up into the statues crown. Getting to the crown requires climbing 146 steps, and there is no elevator access.

    Lighthouse Board And War Department

    New York – Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour

    When the torch was illuminated on the evening of the statue’s dedication, it produced only a faint gleam, barely visible from Manhattan. The World characterized it as “more like a glowworm than a beacon.” Bartholdi suggested gilding the statue to increase its ability to reflect light, but this proved too expensive. The United States Lighthouse Board took over the Statue of Liberty in 1887 and pledged to install equipment to enhance the torch’s effect in spite of its efforts, the statue remained virtually invisible at night. When Bartholdi returned to the United States in 1893, he made additional suggestions, all of which proved ineffective. He did successfully lobby for improved lighting within the statue, allowing visitors to better appreciate Eiffel’s design. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt, once a member of the New York committee, ordered the statue’s transfer to the War Department, as it had proved useless as a lighthouse. A unit of the Army Signal Corps was stationed on Bedloe’s Island until 1923, after which military police remained there while the island was under military jurisdiction.

    Oral histories of immigrants record their feelings of exhilaration on first viewing the Statue of Liberty. One immigrant who arrived from Greece recalled:

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    Alert For Ticket Purchasers

    Statue Cruises is the ONLY vendor that can provide access to both Liberty and Ellis Islands through an exclusive contract with the National Park Service. We strongly recommend that you purchase ferry tickets online or from the official Statue Cruises ticket box offices. Tickets sold by street vendors Do Not bring passengers to Liberty and Ellis Islands.

    Announcement And Early Work

    By 1875, France was enjoying improved political stability and a recovering postwar economy. Growing interest in the upcoming Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia led Laboulaye to decide it was time to seek public support. In September 1875, he announced the project and the formation of the Franco-American Union as its fundraising arm. With the announcement, the statue was given a name, Liberty Enlightening the World. The French would finance the statue Americans would be expected to pay for the pedestal. The announcement provoked a generally favorable reaction in France, though many Frenchmen resented the United States for not coming to their aid during the war with Prussia.French monarchists opposed the statue, if for no other reason than it was proposed by the liberal Laboulaye, who had recently been elected a senator for life. Laboulaye arranged events designed to appeal to the rich and powerful, including a special performance at the Paris Opera on April 25, 1876, that featured a new cantata by composer Charles Gounod. The piece was titled La Liberté éclairant le monde, the French version of the statue’s announced name.

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    Is The Statue Of Liberty Facing New York Or New Jersey

    Liberty Island is one of the islands that are part of the borough of Manhattan in New York. The historical developments which led to this construction created the rare situation of an exclave of one state, New York, being situated in another, New Jersey. So, for all practical purposes, its in New York!

    Benefits Of Booking A Statue Of Liberty Tour

    Pin on New York
    • Its so much easier youll save yourself a lot of time and stress, especially working out the best timing your tour guide will give you a meeting time, thats it.
    • You get an expert guide to share the history and fun facts about the Statue of Liberty.
    • Although it costs more than booking it yourself, its still very affordable
    • Tickets sell out fast booking onto a tour can be a good last-minute option

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    How To Visit Statue Of Liberty

    To explore the maximum experience at the Statue of Liberty at the short turnaround time, it is important to consider the best time and how to visit Statue of Liberty. The monument has two islands, one is Liberty, where the statue is situated, and another is Ellis Island. The only way to travel to the monument is a ferry operated by a company authorized by the National Park Services. There are two embarkation points of the ferry one in New Jersey and the second in Manhattan.

    Is There A Free Ferry To The Statue Of Liberty

    Nope. The only way to get to Liberty & Ellis Island is to pay to ride a Statue Cruises ferry. No other company has permission to dock on either island.

    Guide tip: Be careful what you purchase when youre looking for a ferry ticket. Many companies advertise visiting the statue when really they just circle around it. Make sure youre getting what you pay for. If you want to step foot on Liberty Island, you must buy through Statue Cruises or a reputable tour company that handles the logistics of getting tickets from Statue Cruises.

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    Pedestal Access To The Statue Of Liberty

    Unlike the crown access to the Statue of Liberty, there are usually some tickets available for purchase on the day of your visit from ferry offices for pedestal access. However, there are very few and these tend to sell out fast. as a result, I highly recommend booking your visit to access the pedestal up to three or four months before your planned trip.

    The pedestal is directly under the statues feet, which contains a museum. There are 215 steps between the base of the statue and the top of the pedestal. Alternatively, there is elevator access. The Pedestal also rewards visitors with one of the most beautiful views of the New York City skyline to be found anywhere in the city. Purchase a pedestal ticket on Statue Cruises website here.

    My Favourite New York Guide Books

    Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York City, USA

    Although my guidebooks failed me when I was trying to figure out how to visit the Statue of Liberty, I love the compact size and condensed information in the Lonely Planet Pocket New York City Guide. If youre looking for a more detailed guide, Lonely Planet has one.

    Otherwise, the DK guidebooks for New York are excellent.

    I hope that was useful but if you still have any questions , drop me a line in the comments belowand have a great timing visiting the Statue of Liberty.

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    Some Background Information About The Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island

    The Statue of Liberty is actually located in New Jersey state, but its within territorial jurisdiction of the State of New York . It represents a joint effort between the USA and France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Its official name was Liberty Enlightening The World. Lady Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

    The statue became a National Monument in 1924 and been cared for by the National Park Service since 1933.

    The statue, which is made in copper, was designed by French sculptor Frederic August Bartholdi. Its metal framework was built by Eiffel the same of the Eiffel Tower of Paris. It was not always green: originally, it was a copper color . Throughout the years, exposure to air, pollution and water caused a change of color which eventually settled for the current green-blue shade we know it for.

    Lady Liberty holds a torch with her right hand whereas with her left one she holds a tabula ansata with Roman numeric inscription that reads the date July 4, 1776.

    Raising the funds for the construction of the Pedestal was not easy. The mayors of Boston and Philadelphia offered to fund for that, but asked for the statue to be moved to their city. Eventually, Joseph Pulitzer, launched a campaign suggesting that anyone whod contribute would have their name printed in the paper, and managed to raise the funds.

    Skip The Line Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Guided Tour

    On this guided tour to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, you meet at Castle Clinton in Battery Park and head to the ferry where you will be able to skip the line with priority boarding. Once on Liberty Island, you can visit the grounds and go inside the Statue of Liberty Museum. When you are done exploring, head back to the ferry and travel on to Ellis Island. You are then free to stay on Ellis Island for as long as you wish.

    If this tour is sold out, see if the Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial tour has availability.

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    Fun Facts About The Statue Of Liberty Of The United States

  • The Statue of Liberty in New York is around 305 feet and 6 inches from the Pedestal to the torch. It weighs around 225 tons which is truly overwhelming.
  • The headgear which the Statue is wearing on the summit is actually a crown which signifies independence and the seven rays on the crown depicts the seven continents and the oceans which makes it as a universal emblem of Liberty.
  • The length of each ray is 9 feet, and weight is around 68 Kilograms.
  • There are 25 sections featured on the crown which is said to characterize the jewels found on earth.
  • The new torch of the Statue has been redesigned with a hefty covering of 24k gold sheets. The torch reflects the sun rays in the daytime but is beamed up in the dark.
  • For arranging funds for the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Americans and French citizens collected 250,000 U.S dollars.
  • In 1984, UNESCO also acknowledged the Statue of Liberty as the world heritage site.
  • The Statue is holding a book in its left hand which is inscribed with a date July 4, 1776, in Roman figures.
  • Between the phases of 1886 to 1902, the Statue of Liberty was also used as an operating lighthouse.
  • Statue Of Liberty Tour W/ Express Bus From Midtown Manhattan

    How to Visit Statue of Liberty &  Reflecting on Freedom ...

    If you are staying in Midtown Manhattan , then booking this tour will save you from the stress of having to reach the ferry port terminal for yourself.

    Included in the ticket price is VIP reserved access to the ferry, rerry tickets to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, a guided walk around Liberty Island , Ellis Island and the 9/11 Memorial pools, and bus transportation between midtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty ferry. Book your tickets here in advance.

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    Visit Statue Of Liberty Or Take A Cruise

    Depending on your time in New York, you will need to make the decision of visiting Liberty Island itself or simply taking one of the many statue cruises offered to get a view of her from the water. Whatever you decide, you are going to love it. The Statue of Liberty is the most iconic statue in the world and is not to be missed!

    You can book this 90 Minute Cruise of New York City If you dont have time to visit the Statue of Liberty, take this cruise tos ee the iconic sites of midtown and lower Manhattan on a Semi-Circle Cruise. See Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. Sail down the Hudson, cruising around the Battery, and up the East River. Youll pass under the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges to the United Nations and then head back to Pier 83

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