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How To Start Acting In New York

Further Your Formal Education

How to start a Voice Acting Career (vo demos, agents, auditions, more)

Once you have some foundational knowledge, start looking for more formal education. You can find acting teachers in a variety of different places. Research local community colleges and universities that offer night classes to identify one that works for your schedule. This will also help you gain valuable experience since you may be able to participate in student films, commercials and media projects.

How Should I Prepare

Before moving interstate to spend pilot season in New York get local representation. Freelancing during pilot season is a huge waste of time. You need a team of people on your side to get you pilot auditions. Pilot season is hectic and you cant do it on your own. Make sure you update your headshot, resume, and showreel before you approach agents.

You should also read our self-taping equipment guide in case youre asked to self tape!

Being based in New York will give you greater access to pilot auditions than say Houston, Sydney or London, but LA is the place to be during pilot season. Even if a series is shooting in New York, the lead roles will be cast nationally/internationally.

Get yourself an agent or a manager and go for it this pilot season!

Beginner Acting Classes In Nyc

Our beginner acting classes in NYC are for adults ages 18 and up. These classes provide a great foundation for the craft and introduction to the Barrow Group approach. The class highlights quick and powerful ways to make your performance more natural and spontaneous.

Students will work on ensemble building exercises, script analysis, scene study, and monologue work.

Our beginner acting classes in NYC are structured as follows:Beginner Acting Class I: The BasicsBeginner Acting Class II: Getting SpecificBeginner Acting Class III: On-Going Scene StudyBeginner Acting Class III: Introduction to Film/TV On CameraBeginner Acting Class IV: Theatre Performance

Is it too late to start?It is never too late to start!

I have no acting experience, is this right for me?Yes! This class provides a great foundation for the craft. No previous training or experience is required.

What approach do you teach?We teach a specific set of tools that are specific to The Barrow Group. Our approach offers techniques designed to: encourage spontaneity foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior help you become more sensitive, imaginative, and responsive relaxes the actor change your work effortlessly and invisibly more freedom as an actor

Will this class help me be a better public speaker?Yes! Many find that the ensemble exercises and tools introduced in our beginner acting classes improve public speaking skills, confidence, and creating compelling narratives

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The Market Goes Fast I Mean Really Fast

Getting an apartment in NYC is vicious. Its first-come-first-serve. You have to move at a quick pace.

My roommate and I were on all the rental sites – Zillow, Naked Apartments,Street Easy. Every day. Constantly checking for new listings in the areas we were looking for, praying for cheaper prices and bigger spaces. We would see listings go up one day and taken down the next sometimes within a 24 hour time frame.

A Practical Guide For Actors Moving To New York City

Acting Careers Start Here  Train in New York City

I have officially moved to New York City!

If you know me, you know I’ve been trekking into the city from Jersey every day for two years. As an actor living at home, I was able to save up money not having to pay for food and rent. And it was nice.

However over time, transportation costs did add up.

It would take me ten minutes to drive to the train station, park my car, buy a parking pass, buy a train ticket, catch the train , and walk to whatever audition I needed to get to.

The cost of parking was $6, and a train ticket to and from NYC was about $22 a day. To save money, I would have my grandparents drive me to the train station now and then and I eventually opted for a monthly NJ Transit pass.

Still, I wasnt fully in NYC. I didnt feel like New York City was my home, even though I was there every day.

New York City was work to me. New Jersey was home.

But now Im hoping this move will provide me more freedom in the city to do more of the things I want to do – see shows, take classes, audition more, hang out with friends, get work done. Living in New Jersey limited how long I could stay in New York City without having to stay overnight. The trains only run until a certain time at night, and I hated having to travel back to NJ so late.

It was time for a change.

Im thrilled for this new adventure. Im also nervous.

Heres what I learned about signing a lease in NYC.

Our first meal in our NYC apartment – Dunkin Donuts, of course!

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The Barrow School: Acting Classes Done Right

The Barrow School offers acting classes of a flavor no one else can imitate. We focus on straight, screen, improv, and musical theater acting with renowned instructors, all professionals in their own right. You will learn how to work in the New York market, becoming a commodity in your own right. Each type of acting class is offered in great detail, preparing you to walk into the Equity building or other audition venue and give it your all so that you can get cast. We prepare you completely for that moment. There will usually be nothing in the audition process that will surprise you after our preparation. Youll have the perfect audition material: song, monologue and background in cold reading. All this groundwork will wow the auditioners and allow you to shine and prove that you are good enough to work on Broadway or in film.

Do All Acting Studios Teach The Same Techniques

Studios and schools have different beliefs about technique. Some programs proclaim that the idea of having a set technique or process is a myth. They believe that because each actor is unique, they have to find their own way of training, gaining skills, and working. However, two techniques are well known and accepted in professional industry circles, Method Acting and Meisner Technique. These two disciplines came out of the same original training program, a method that came to the United States by way of the Moscow Art Theater in Russia. Konstantin Stanislavski developed this experimental actor training that was later adopted by the Group Theater in the late 40s and early 50s. This training resulted in some of the most groundbreaking performances theatergoers had seen in America.

Method acting became even more well-known thanks to Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Elian Kazan. Brandos raw talent, combined with this new approach to acting, took the world by storm. Many studios continue to teach Method exclusively.

Acting Studio New York NY Students in Acting Class Maggie Flanigan Studio

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How To Become An Actor With No Experience

An actor begins their performing arts career when they make the choice to learn more about the industry, develop routines that help them perform with confidence and invest time to develop their techniques. Experience is helpful when starting out, but it’s not necessary to become successful. If you want to become an actor but have no experience, there are many things you can do to prepare yourself for this career.

In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide for starting an acting career and identify ways to prepare as an actor before gaining any experience.

Looking For A Challenge Try A Professional Acting Career

How to Become a Professional Actor

Having lived and worked as an actor in New York, I can say from personal experience that you will never know how hard it is until you try it for yourself. That said, there is an amazing community of actors, writers, directors and designers living in New York, and so if you have a true love of theatre and performance, you couldnt ask for a better playground to skin your knees. But: your knees will not come away unscathed pursuing a career in NYC theater from what will likely include countless auditions, cattle calls, and productions that you yourself would not pay to see.

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The 7 Best Acting Schools In New York City

By Own Your Own Future

Many kids want to be an actor when they grow up. They see their idols performing crazy acts on the screen, and want to be like them. It might seem impossible to get into the world of acting. But there are so many shows being produced nowadays that you can easily find a spot in some offshoot comedy.

Its not the most fashionable, but you have to start from somewhere. But before getting into the action, youd do better by attending an acting school. As the home to Broadway, New York is the ultimate dream for many actors. They want to be a part of it, and this means attending one of the best acting schools in NYC.

Aspiring stars can easily find several options if they search online. The problem comes when they try to narrow down their choices based on reviews or personal preferences.

New York has a rich history of producing talented actors. It is one of the most vibrant cities for theater, film, and television productions. It is also home to some great universities that offer fine arts degrees. On top of this, there are many vocational or non-academic institutions with acting schools.

Promoting Yourself As An Actor

  • 1Buy professional headshots. Headshots are photographs of your head and shoulders. Actors are required to have both a headshot and resume when submitting for a role. Headshot used to be black and white, but the current expectation is that headshots are full-color.
  • Make sure the picture is current and looks like you. If you age or change your hairstyle, you will need to get new headshots.XResearch source
  • Bring several different clothing options to the photoshoot and have pictures taken wearing different shirts. Donât wear distracting patterns or colors. Keep your outfit simple so the focus is on your face.XResearch source
  • 2
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    How To Become A Broadway Actor

    This article was co-authored by Lesly Kahn, MFA. Lesly Kahn is an acting teacher and coach based in Los Angeles, California. She is the founder and owner of Lesly Kahn & Company, Actor Training, which focuses on preparing actors for employment in film, television and theatre. With well over 30 years of experience, Ms. Kahn has coached hundreds of actors who have become household names. She also ran the BFA Program in Acting at Marymount Manhattan College, and worked in television as well as New York and regional theatre. Lesly holds a BFA from New York University and an MFA from The Yale School of Drama.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 81% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 124,946 times.

    Many people aspire to make it on Broadway. The steps to get there can seem long and hard, but if you are willing to put in the work, you just may see your name in lights. Train hard, work hard and put your name out there at auditions and on the stage in New York City.

    Acting Agents And Managers

    Top 5 Broadway Schools For Kids In New York

    At some point, youll want to start looking for an agent. Do you have to have one? No, not at all. Especially if youre not a member of any of the acting unions, SAG-AFTRA or Equity or live outside of any major city.

    Dont ever pay an agent or manager a fee for joining their agency or company. There are actor scams out there where youll be asked to pay an agency fee when you sign up. Dont do it. Ever. The only time you should pay an agent or manager is after youve received payment for an acting job youve booked and already worked on.

    If youre in Los Angeles or New York City, check out our actor mailing labels. We have sets of casting director mailing labels and agent mailing labels updated monthly.

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    Get A Headshot & Resume

    If you’re more serious about your acting career and you’re using extra casting as a way to break into the film industry, you’re going to take a headshot and build a resume. Find a photographer in NYC who has experience taking headshots and go from there. You can start gathering experience on your resume once you register as an extra and start getting gigs.

    Choose A School With Several Programs And Courses

    New York is home to many actors schools, and you can choose from a wide range of programs. They should offer different levels so that beginners can start at the most basic level before moving up as they learn more skills.

    The best way to find out which acting school in NYC would be right for you is by attending an open day or visiting their website. Some schools may even have a free trial class for students who want to test the waters before making up their mind about enrolling there.

    Check out what other courses and workshops they offer do not just focus on acting classes as you will need much more than that if your goal is to work in this industry. Acting school should also prepare you for the business side of things such as applying to auditions, knowing your rights and duties when working on set, or even how to write a good resume.

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    Acting Lessons For Free

    If you browse online, you are going to find plenty of free recommendations to help you with developing your skills. Especially if youre among beginners, you dont need to enroll in the heaviest courses, which can turn to be intimidating or scary. Finding a suitable course is easier if your first acting lessons are observed in the privacy or your solitude, when you can get to accommodate yourself to the methods, try a few exercises, practice a monologue. If youre not looking for acting classes for yourself, but perhaps for your kids, then you can scale it down a little and start by some local lessons or a weekend introductory course using an easy method. Dont throw yourself from the beginning in something expensive or very demanding even if you are very enthusiastic. Learn by yourself what Stanislavski and Meisner methods mean so that you wont appear like a silly student once you enroll in an acting class. Try a cheap summer workshop after you studied on your own and then consider acting classes NYC.

    S To Working As An Actor Outside Ny And La

    How to Audition for Netflix! (Shows, Movies, Reality TV + Casting Calls)

    You know how the saying goes, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, but what if you don’t live in New York or L.A.? How do you make it anywhere when here is hundreds of miles from the big time? If you are frustrated living outside of a big city and want to make it in show biz, dont fret. Here are some helpful tips to guide you.

    1. Don’t wait. Great actors grow up all over the place. Julia Roberts grew up in Georgia. Michael J. Fox hails from Canada. Everyone starts somewhere, and most of them acted on their dream before they landed in the big city. Don’t wait to develop your talent. If you’re serious, focus on hard work, discipline, and the resources within your reach today.

    2. Take local classes. Good actors hone their skills consistently. You can’t do that by signing up for a workshop once a year. Acting, voice, and dance programs abound even in many smaller towns. Get creative if there isn’t a quality program that meets your needs. Colleges often have wonderful programs or instructors who freelance on the side. You’d be surprised how many English teachers studied Shakespeare and are eager to share valuable insight and training.

    4. Build your resume. You don’t need big city credits to impress an agent or casting director. Think twice before passing up a school or community theater production.

    You need solid acting experience to gain the skills that get industry attention.

    Master your craft, empower yourself, and enjoy the journey.

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    What Is Your Why: Why Do You Want To Become An Actor

    So often the only things we focus on are craft and how to get work, but a great question to ask yourself is Why? Why do You want to do this? Is it about the work? To tell stories? For the camaraderie you feel in acting classes? The promise of big money? Or to be famous? Everything is a valid answer no judgement here! But if its purely money, honestly, a banker or stockbroker might be a better choice. Reality stars can become famous, and writing is also telling stories. Maybe your answer is a combination. mine waswhen I finally figured it out years later. Knowing your why is highly personal and will help you avoid the pitfalls, wrong turns and bad advice. To thine own self be true.

    How To Become An Actress In New York

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    Acting opportunities in New York include Broadway musicals, off-Broadway productions, film, television, commercials, soap operas and experimental theater. Becoming a working actress involves developing acting skills, writing an acting resume, acquiring an agent and going on auditions. The following are the steps involved in becoming an actress in New York.

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