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How To Pay Tolls Online New York

How To Pay New York Tolls

New York Thruway Tolls Go Cashless

This page is valid for anyone in the state of New York, but it also focuses on local NYC tolls paid on New York City bridges and tunnels administered by MTA or The Port Authority.

That said, we should start with your options for paying tolls on the New York State Thruway:

Option 1: Cash

You know how that works. No credit cards accepted at toll booths. Cash only. If you dont have enough cash, a toll collector should give you an unpaid toll slip, which you can pay next time you go through a toll plaza or pay online or pay by phone or pay by mail . NOTE: Some toll booths have become cashless, meaning that if you dont have EZ-Pass , you wont be able to pay cash and a bill for your toll will be sent to the address on file for your vehicles license plate.

Option 2: EZ-Pass:

E-ZPass works like a debit card. You keep a balance in your E-ZPass account, and every time you go through a toll booth, the amount of the toll is subtracted from your balance. The toll booth knows to debit your account because you attach an E-ZPass electronic tag to your vehicles windshield, and this tag gets scanned as you pass through the booth. The E-ZPass is also nice because it works at many other New York locations as well as in 15 other states, including New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and more.

You can buy and prepay your E-ZPass in one of 3 ways:

Note that there are discount plans available for drivers who frequently go through certain toll booths.

Will Tolls Increase Is There A Cost Difference If You Don’t Have E

Thruway tolls are in line for a significant hike in 2021 if you’re not a New York-based user of E-ZPass, the multi-state program in which drivers keep a transponder in their car and have tolls automatically deducted from an account.

Tolls billed by mail would increase by 30% beginning Jan. 1 under a plan set for approval next month by the Thruway Authority Board of Directors. For out-of-state E-ZPass holders, tolls would increase by 15%.

Each mailed bill would come with a $2 surcharge under the plan, as well.

E-ZPass rates, which include a built-in discount, would remain flat for New York users. That’s in part to encourage more drivers to use the automated system and cut down on the number of bills mailed out.

That means a trip in a passenger vehicle from Exit 47 near Rochester to Exit 23 in Albany would cost $14.50 plus the $2 surcharge, up from the current $11.15 cash toll.

The standard E-ZPass toll for the same trip would remain $10.59.

Once approved, the new plan would mark the first Thruway toll increase since 2010.

Pay A Traffic Ticket In New York

The method to pay your traffic ticket will depend on where you received the ticket. If you received it in New York City, you will have a TVB ticket.

You can pay this traffic ticket:

  • Online.
  • In person before a judge or clerk.
  • .
  • .

If you have non-TVB traffic ticket, check your ticket for payment options or contact the traffic court responsible.

For more information, see our Paying Traffic Tickets page.

NOTE: Traffic tickets can result in points added to your driving record. Points may be removed by completing a state-approved defensive driving course. For more information, please visit our DMV Point System page.

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What Happens If I Do Not Respond To My Tvb Ticket After I Receive A Suspension Notice

If you continue to ignore the ticket after your license is suspended for failure to answer the ticket, you will automatically be convicted of the charge. This is known as a default conviction. The default conviction is equivalent to a guilty finding. The DMV then suspends your driver license for your failure to pay the fine. 2

You will remain suspended for failure to answer your ticket or appear at your traffic violation hearing until you

  • enter into a payment plan, or
  • satisfy this debt in full

Payment options

    • complete and detach the bottom portion of your ticket
    • if paying by check or moneny order
      • make payable to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
      • write you ticket number on the check or money order
    • send the form and payment to

Traffic Violations Division Plea UnitPO Box 2950 ESP Albany NY 12220-0950

Note: Some convictions can cause the suspension or the revocation of your driver license. For more information, see Suspensions and Revocations or read the DMV brochure Suppose Your License Were Taken Away.

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Alternatives To Toll Roads Or Car Rental E

Warning about e

There are some alternatives to toll roads or e-Toll fees. These include:

  • Paying cash/card for tolls. Remember, some toll roads are cashless, which means you might have to drive through an e-toll and opt in to the Budget e-toll program.

  • Use or bring your own e-toll device. This will require advance planning on your part.

  • Avoiding toll roads altogether. While driving, you can program your navigation to avoid toll roads. Just set your GPS device or smartphone maps app to the avoid tolls option.

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What If I Have An E

Let’s say you have an E-ZPass account but you forgot your transponder at home or in another car.

In that case, the cashless tolling system will still bill your E-ZPass account if the license plate number of your car is registered under that account.

But here’s the catch: You’ll be billed at the higher toll-by-mail rate, according to the Thruway Authority.

That could make a significant difference, with toll-by-mail rates set to outpace E-ZPass rates by more than 35% next year. So remember to have your E-ZPass transponder attached to your windshield.

Mta Port Authority Issue Warning To Those Who Don’t Pay Tolls Sent In Mail: ‘we’re Always Chasing The Money’

NEW YORK — Earlier this week, CBS2 told you a story about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority pulling over a man facing tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid tolls and fees.

But not ever toll violator is such an egregious evader.

So what are local agencies doing to track down the commuters who are more casually avoiding payment by ignoring the tolls in the mail? CBS2’s Jessica Layton explains the consequences.

When the MTA nabbed the person in a car on the Bronx Whitestone Bridge, it was a good get. The guy who owed $58,000 in unpaid tolls and fees was one of the most persistent toll violators the agency has ever seen.

“That was a big fish,” said Daniel Decrescenzo, president of MTA Bridges and Tunnels.

But if he’s a big fish, what about the motorist minnows who don’t owe that much, but are still ignoring tolls sent by mail? Don’t assume they’re off the hook.

“My saying is, We’re always chasing the money,'” Decrescenzo said.

Maybe you’ve seen the posted warning signs, but what really goes into enforcement?

Decrescenzo says if you don’t have an E-ZPass, you will get a bill for the toll within 30 days. If you don’t pay that, another bill will in 60 days plus a $5 late fee. After 90 days, you’re officially a violator.

“Now we can take legal action or enforcement action against you, and we even give you time after that before we submit your plate for suspension to DMV,” Decrescenzo said.

The agency collected about $1.7 billion in tolls last year.


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New York Car Insurance Fines And Violations

Another serious offense leading to traffic tickets in New York is operating a vehicle without the proper car liability insurance coverage within the state. Police officers also issue NY traffic citations to drivers who allow other individuals to drive their vehicle without the proper coverage, and to those that forge their insurance proof. The traffic fines issued as a result of no-insurance offenses can be as high as $1,500.

Note: Drivers who commit several traffic infractions within a certain time period may reduce their chances of obtaining favorable vehicle insurance rates as well, as violation convictions are an indicator of unsafe driving behavior.

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Common Causes Of Toll Violations

‘RETIRED’ tag leads to toll violation notices from across the country

Whenever a motorist drives through a toll booth and does not make a full payment for using the toll lane, the signpost will display a red light, and when this happens, the system will record a violation against the vehicle. Some of the most common toll violation causes are:

Also, do note that toll violation notices are recorded and issued by Vehicle Enforcement Systems to violators.

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Paying A New York Ticket By Mail And In Person

Drivers can pay traffic citations in New York by mail and in person regardless of whether or not they were issued a TVB traffic fine. Depending on the severity of the offense, however, you may be required to make a court appearance.

If you choose to provide your NY ticket violation payment of a TVB ticket by mail, fill out the corresponding sections of the citation, include the fee payment and mail the package to the TVB Plea Unit office in Albany. Drivers who decide to pay driving tickets in person, on the other hand, can do so through a nearby TVB office.

Note: If your traffic ticket payment is not due to the TVB, inquire with the corresponding court about the in-person and by-mail payment procedures.

Toll Payment Options And Agencies Handling Tolls

Find Your Road For The Agency Responsible For Toll Payments

Use this resource to pay your tolls and toll violations online. Payment options for each agency are shown below, whether you need to pay by plate, by invoice, pay for a missed toll, or a handle a toll violation. In some cases, you may be able to dispute a toll.

In the state of New York, the following agencies collect tolls:

The Port Authority Of New York & New Jersey is also known as The Port Authority.

Toll Payment Options For The Port Authority Of New York & New Jersey:

  • P.O. Box 341
  • Lawrence, New York 11559 is not affiliated with any government agency. We work with government agencies to provide you accurate information. Agency contact and toll payment information is checked regularly for accuracy.

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What Happens If I’m Pulling A Trailer Or Camper Behind My Vehicle

A car pulling a camper will be considered one transaction and it can use the E-ZPass that is mounted on the car windshield, according to the Thruway Authority. The new electronic system will automatically reclassify the transaction when pulling a camper or trailer.

Cash toll rates are calculated based on the height of the vehicle, the total number of axles of a vehicle and distance traveled. Vehicle classification for E-ZPass are calculated using the height and axles of a vehicle and its towed vehicle, if applicable.

There are E-ZPass discount plans available for trucks towing gooseneck or fifth wheel campers and non-tandem commercial vehicles in specific classifications. For more, go to

Which States Have Budget Rental Cars With E

Is This a Good Way to Pay For Electronic Tolls?

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Budget e-Toll is offered in the Northeast , California, Chicago Area, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Puerto Rico. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Budget toll road policies before pickup to avoid unwanted fees. Budget offers e-Toll services in the following states:

Budget e-Toll is offered in the Northeast , California, Chicago Area, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Puerto Rico. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Budget toll road policies before pickup to avoid unwanted fees. Budget offers e-Toll services in the following states:

View More

Northeast :

Northeast :

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Payment Plans And Tickets In Multiple Jurisdictions

If you have multiple traffic tickets, each ticket must be answered in the court of the location it was issued.

If you have a pre-existing payment plan with a specific court, and you receive traffic tickets in another jurisdiction, your original payment plan will not apply to any new traffic fines, fees, or penalties you receive. You may apply for a new payment plan with the new court

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New York City Tickets

All non-criminal traffic violation tickets issued in the 5 boroughs of New York City are adjudicated by the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau .

TVB does not handle parking violations, red light camera offenses, criminal driving violations , or tickets answerable in a local court.

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Paying Without An Ez Pass

If you do not have an EZ Pass, you can stillpay your New York toll charges in one of the following two ways:

  • Mail Tolls

This is a traditional form that uses mail order. Your toll bills will be mailed to the registered address of the vehicle owner. Once youve received the bill, you can pay it in person, over the phone, or through your bank. Know more about Mail Tolls.

  • Short-termAccount

You can alsoset up a short-term account with your credit card and license plate number.This plan is ideal for those who use rented cars.

Driver License Suspension Reform

MTA cracking down on fake, obstructed license plates at tolls

The New York State Legislature amended the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law in Chapter 382 of the Laws of 2020 and Chapter 76 of the Laws of 2021 to eliminate certain driver license suspensions and to allow motorists to apply for payment plans for certain traffic ticket fines, surcharges, and fees.

Following these changes to the VTL, you may be eligible for a payment plan at no additional charge for most suspension termination fees, other fees, fines, and/or surcharges you owe for traffic tickets.

Payment plan eligibility is limited to traffic ticket-related fines, fees, and surcharges. This legislation does not cover all types of required payments under the VTL.

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Video Result For New York Toll Pay Online

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Traffic Ticket Fines And Penalties

Traffic fines in New York and other costs associated will depend on various factors, such as the:

  • Type of violation.
  • Number of points on your driving record.
  • Court handling your case.
  • County where you received the ticket.

Typically, your fine amount will be listed on your traffic ticket. However, if a NY State Police officer ticketed you, youll need to call the court handling your case or the TVB for the total amount.

Your fine amount will depend on the severity of your offense and the type of ticket you received .

NOTE: If you accumulate 6 points or more on your driving record within 18 months, you will be subject to additional fines and penalties. Our NY Point System page has more information.

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How Do Toll Roads Work

Certain highways and roads in the U.S. require a small fee to travel on, but only about half the states in the U.S. have toll roads.

Should you encounter a toll road, you have a few options for how to pay a toll road fee. These include:

  • Electronic transponder

  • Online registration of license plate

  • Cash

  • Debit or credit card

If youre wondering how to pay tolls with a rental car, you have the same payment options as listed above. The simplest option is to use the electronic transponder in your rental car, but you can also choose to use the other payment methods. See Alternatives below.

Be aware that some toll roads will only accept certain forms of payment. For example, some toll booths do not accept cash, whereas others will accept cash but not a credit or debit card. Some toll roads only accept electronic paymentsyou wont have the option to pay with cash or card.

Toll roads are typically faster and less crowded than regular highways, and they are better maintained. Toll roads are able to provide those advantages because of the extra cost to drive on them.

What Do You Do If A Toll Violation Was Issued In Error

Cops nab driver with $56K in unpaid tolls

Toll violations are hardly issued in error due to the advanced technology used at toll lanes. However, glitches are possible, and this may lead to errors. On a daily basis, quite a few drivers are issued a toll violation in error, and you could be one of them. If you suspect that you have not violated a toll lane, you can dispute it. But before then, you need to do your due diligence.

  • Make sure you have sufficient balance in your toll account: You can check your balance after exiting the toll gate and before you pass through another. If your balance covers the toll fee, then it means you probably didnt commit any offense intentionally
  • Make sure your transponder is working and properly positioned: Check your transponder to ensure it is positioned upright and is working well

If yours is a case of being in the wrong lane or you didnt make the full payment for some reason, you can contact EZ Pass customer service to pay what you owe. If you want to go ahead to contest the violation, do visit the EZPass website to review instructions about how to dispute the violation notice issued to you.

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