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How To Go To Canada From New York

Explore The Highlights Of Nyc And Philadelphia

Toronto to New York City by Road

From the iconic to the unexpected, we embark on an orientation tour of the City that Never Sleeps. View the towering Art Deco façades of the Empire State Building, pulsating Times Square and the tranquil mid-city oasis of Central Park. Well journey through the Land of the Free to Philadelphia and visit the Liberty Bell Center to gaze upon the famous cracked bell whose inscription has inspired so many to proclaim liberty. View Independence Hall, site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, before traveling to Washington, D.C.

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From New York City To Niagara Falls: 4 Best Ways To Get There

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Straddling the border between the United States and Canada, the powerful Niagara Falls is a must-see for anyone visiting New York City. Located 400 miles from the Big Apple, Niagara Falls can be reached in several ways: You can choose to go with an organized tour or travel on your own by way of a car, bus, train, or plane.

Niagara Falls, cascading 167 feet into the Niagara Gorge, consists of three waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls , Bridal Veil Falls, and American Falls, all of which are located in Western New York. The latter two and part of the Horseshoe Falls are part of the Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest state park in the state. Although the view from Canada is considered to be better, you can experience the splendor of 3,160 tons of water gushing over the crest every second on both sides of the border from various vantage points.

You may want to give yourself more than a day to enjoy the falls and the surrounding region in a leisurely manner, and don’t forget to bring your passport or an enhanced driver’s license to walk or drive across the border on the Rainbow Bridge.

Here are four of the best ways to get from New York City to Niagara Falls to help you plan an unforgettable trip.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

Bus Route Information For Toronto To Nyc

Our bus from Toronto to NYC happens to be one of our most popular routes among our network of over 100 cities across North America, allowing you flexible scheduling.

With convenient departure times, megabus makes planning your next Toronto to NYC trip simple.

Keep track of your Toronto to NYC itinerary online at, easily accessible from your smartphone.

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Take In The Sights And Flavours Of Niagra Falls

Experience the soul-stirring rush of cascading waters as we embark on an exhilarating boat ride to the base of Horseshoe Falls, which plunges dramatically into Lake Ontario. Enjoy some free time to explore on your own, contemplating this tremendous force of nature. Well continue to the flower-filled, tree-lined historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. This evening we’ll Connect With Locals at a local winery and sample some of Niagaras regional cuisine paired with their delicious vintages at a Be My Guest dinner.

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What You Need To Bring


When you cross the border from Canada into the U.S. youll need your passport or proof of citizenship, which will be checked before you get on the bus.

A word of warning: If you dont have the correct documents for your trip, you wont be allowed to board the bus because you would be denied entry at the border. So make sure you have everything you need before you board.

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Greetings From New York City

Take a bite of the Big Apple and youll wish youd had more, as the vision and passion of this vibrant city inspires you to believe your dreams really will come true. Check in to your New York hotel and spend the afternoon exploring its soaring skyline on your terms. This evening, youll meet your Travel Director and fellow travelers for a Welcome Reception at 6 p.m.

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How Long Is The Train Ride

The train may be one of the most relaxing ways to reach Niagara Falls from New York City, but it’s also the slowest and generally the most expensive. It’s a nearly nine-hour journey, so you’ll use up an entire day just sitting on the train, and with tickets starting at $68, you’ll likely spend more than taking the bus or even a plane. However, if you want to visit other Upstate New York destinations, such as Albany, Rochester, the Hudson River Wine Valley, or the Finger Lakes, the train passes through all of them en route to Niagara Falls.

Amtrak trains depart from the Moynihan Train Hall, the expansion to Penn Station that opened in January of 2021. The Niagara Falls Station is located two miles from downtown and the viewpoints to see the falls, and it’s easiest to use a cab or ride-sharing service to get there.

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Niagara Falls Border Crossing Information

This page is updated on a daily basis as needed. Please bookmark for easy reference.
NEW: With the US/Canada border reopening you may experience delays at the Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge border crossing. Plan accordingly and check border crossings timesbeforehand.
The Rainbow Bridge between Niagara Falls New York USA and Niagara Falls Ontario Canada is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is now open for tourism purposes for those that are US Citizens.
Travel to Canada requires proof of vaccination and all persons aged five plus must provide a negative test result obtained 72 hours prior to entering Canada. Children under age 12 are exempt from a vaccination.
Canadians cannot currently travel to the US for non-essential purposes by land or sea. Canadians can fly to US destinations. Buffalo New York is the closest airport to Niagara Falls NY USA. NEW> This restriction will end in early November, an exact date has not been announced.
Travelers from other countries will be permitted to enter Canada starting Tuesday September 7th 2021. A 14 day quarantine will be required for non-vaccinated travelers.
NIAGARA FALLS IS OPEN! All the park areas, hotels and attractions in Niagara Falls US/Canada are currently open.
There are certain attractions on both sides of Niagara Falls that may still require a mask . Please bring one with you!

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From New York City To Niagara Falls

USA to CANADA ROAD TRIP : New York to MONTREAL, Montreal to Quebec City

The fastest way to travel to Niagara Falls is, without a doubt, by plane. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport isn’t actually in Niagara Falls, but in the nearby city of Buffalo, which is only 30 minutes away by car or up to two hours away by public transit . Flying to Toronto is also an option if you want to visit the Canadian side of the falls, and it takes about an hour to reach them by car.

Planes depart frequently from all three of the New York City airportsJFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. Prices don’t fluctuate depending on your departure point, so you can freely choose whichever airport is most convenient for you. If you buy tickets in advance and aren’t traveling during a busy holiday period, prices start at about $80.

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Toronto To New York Bus Route

Toronto to New York is one of the most popular routes. MegaBus provides convenient departure times when planning your journey to New York. When travelling by bus from Toronto, youll depart from the Toronto Bus Terminal at 610 Bay Street.

If youre worried about where to sit on the bus to ensure you get the best view both sides of the bus have a scenic view! Additionally, youll have access to free Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment, power outlets and reclining seats. This journey lasts 12 hours and 25 minutes so you can be sure that youll travel in comfort.

Price for roundtrip: $80-$150

Us/canada Border From New York

Montreal or Ottawa from Manhattan NY?

My family plans to travel by car in mid November & we’re thinking to visit these great 2 Cities & maybe add Quebec if we have time. Then after 3 days, we will head to Niagara Falls Canada & back to US from that location.

We’re thinking to meet my sister whose flying from Winnipeg to Montreal or Ottawa to meet us

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Montreal when going to NYC.

Make sure everyone has the appropriate passports and the car has insurance/paperwork for Canada.

I happen to like the city of Ottawa& it’s not all that bad a trip from NYC although I’d make it a 2 day trip. I’d go from NYC to the Finger Lakes& then take 81 straight north & cross the border at the International Bridge. From there it’s a short ride to Ottawa.

Frankly, rather than wondering which border crossing is closest, I’d see which city appeals most to you. Take a look at the Trip Advisor sites for both of those cities & see which suits & go from there. If you look at a map both cities are relatively the same drive north. It’s just that Montreal is a bit closer because it’s more directly north whereas Ottawa is somewhat west of Montreal. But neither is significantly further north than the other.

The Champlain /Lacolle is the biggest en route. But also busiest. Coming north, look for Rouses Point crossing. About a 5 mile detour but easily made up in time saved.

We then drove round to Toronto to finish the trip.

Removed onNew York City

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Departing From Jfk International Airport

The AirTrain JFK makes getting to the airport simple. An easy connection from the New York City subway and bus network and the Long Island Rail Road, the AirTrain JFK is an efficient and cost-effective transportation method for budget-conscious travelers. Looking for a no-fuss journey ahead of your flight? Expect to pay flat rate of CA$52, plus tolls for a taxi toJFK International Airport .

Cathay Pacific flights from New York to Vancouver depart from Terminal 8. Each of the JFK Airport terminals host a variety of gift shops, shopping stops, and eateries. Need to do some last-minute shopping? Delite Chocolates and Swarovski both make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Sample The Flavours Of Montreal

Train Trips to Canada From NYC

Visit a local farmers market outside of Montréal to Dive Into Culture and experience the flavours of the region during a lunch tasting including wine and cider. Savour the good life as you arrive in Montréal. Meet your Local Specialist and visit Notre-Dame Basilica, the Old Port of Montréal, and Place Jacques Cartier. The rest of the day is at leisure.

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Which Direct Flight Route Between New York And Canada Is Cheapest

Although Newark Liberty International Airport is generally the least expensive option, you can find great deals to Canada from all three major New York City airports. In Canada, the Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa airports are generally the cheapest to fly into, in part due to their close proximity to NYC.Canada is a vast, diverse country with something for everyone. Toronto and Montreal are close to New York City and offer great restaurants, excellent cultural attractions and lovely scenery. If you want a more rugged outdoor adventure, Alberta may be the province for you. The soaring peaks of the Rocky Mountains have plenty of space for hiking, climbing and skiing. Vancouver offers the best of both worlds, with a bustling city full of arts and culture, yet offering easy access to the outdoors, including Stanley Park. Central Park may be more famous, but Stanley Park is larger and offers spectacular ocean views.Canada may be a large country, but its popularity as a tourist and business destination makes it an easy place to visit. Try our simple smart search engine to find the best deals on flights from NYC to the Canadian city of your choice.

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Border Crossing Rules For Niagara Falls New York

Roughly 30 million visitors cross into Niagara Falls, Ontario, each year.

A trip to see the massive and powerful Niagara Falls is not complete without seeing it from both sides the New York side and the Ontario, Canada side. The Canadian side of the falls is only a bridge away from New York, but there are strict border crossing requirements to enter Canada, as well as for returning to the United States. Having all of your proper identification and paperwork ready will make your trip from the New York side to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls a breeze.

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Vancouver International Airport Information

Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island, approximately 12 kilometres from downtown Vancouver. Following flights from New York to Vancouver, a number of transportation options await to take visitors where they want to go. The Canada Line rapid rail carries passengers to downtown Vancouver in 30 minutes. Looking for a more convenient ride after your New York to Vancouver flight? A taxi ride from the airport to downtown Vancouver costs around CA$42 and takes approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can book a hotel shuttles at Arrivals . Rather go your own way? Car rental services lie right outside the airport on the ground level of the parkade.

Via Detroit To Windsor Ontario

Driving to Montreal, Canada from NYC

A slightly more complicated option for reaching Canada from New York City is to travel to Detroit via train and cross over to Windsor, Ontario, via taxi. In order to reach Detroit, take either the Lake Shore Limited or the Cardinal routes from New York to Chicago. From Chicago, take the 7-hour trip on the Wolverine Line through southern Michigan to the city of Detroit. Once at the station, call for a cab with the required permits to take you to the train station in Windsor. From here, you can take VIA Rail Canadas trains throughout Canada.


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Niagara Falls Border Crossings

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There are three United States to Canada border crossings in the Niagara Falls area, all within 28 miles of Buffalo, New York. The Lewiston-Queenston Bridge crossings are among the busiest of all Canadian border crossings. Whirlpool Rapids Bridge and Rainbow Bridge can move much faster, as Whirlpool Rapids Bridge is reserved for NEXUS pass holders and Rainbow Bridge is void of commercial traffic. All bridges offer convenient passage into southern Ontario and Toronto and are used by those traveling to Niagara Falls, Canada or the Niagara wine country. But which one to take at the time of your journey should depend on factors like preferred route, wait times, and duty-free shopping opportunities.

What Amenities Are Included On A Bus From Toronto To Nyc

  • free Wi-Fi
  • free onboard entertainment with Megabus RIDE
  • individual power outlets
  • reclining seats
  • reserved seating

Dont worry – both sides of the bus are the scenic side. Whether your Toronto to NYC or NYC to Toronto trip is for business or leisure, megabus will get you there comfortably and conveniently.

All of our seats on our luxury double-decker buses from Toronto to NYC are equipped with onboard restrooms, individual power outlets, three-point seatbelts, reclining seats, free Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment subject to availability.

Plus, when booking your bus tickets from Toronto to NYC, youre given multiple seating upgrade options to ensure your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

On all of our double-decker buses from Toronto to NYC and NYC to Toronto, we offer reserved seating.

Reserve one of the 20 most popular seats on our buses to enjoy panoramic views, a more spacious ride, and to sit at a table or secure seats next to family and friends .

Remember that reserved seats are limited, so make sure to plan ahead and book early for your Toronto to NYC trip!

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Traveling Into The Us With Cannabis/marijuana

Cross-Border Travel:

  • It is illegal to cross the international border with cannabis/marijuana.
  • Cannabis/Marijuana is an illegal substance at the Federal Level in the United States.
  • This applies to both medical marijuana and personal marijuana for recreational use.
  • This applies even if crossing from Canada into a U.S. state where cannabis is legal or decriminalized, such as Washington State, Vermont or Maine.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can an individual/passenger attempt to cross the International border with cannabis or products containing cannabis.

A few more tips for your trip

We’ve put together a few travel tips to help make your journey with us as comfortable as possible.

Documents Required To Cross The Us

Chicago, Niagara &  New York

The only acceptable documents to cross the US-Canadian border by land or sea are:

US Citizens 16 and Over

  • United States Passport, or
  • United States Passport Card, or
  • Trusted Traveler Card , or
  • Enhanced Driver’s License , or
  • Enhanced Learner’s Permit, or Enhanced State ID card, or
  • Merchant Mariner Document, or
  • Military ID with Military orders, or
  • Form I-872, American Indian Card
  • Amish and Mennonite Old Order only:- copy of birth certificate, and- signed copy of IRS form 4029, application for exemption from Social Security and Medicare taxes and waiver of benefits.

Canadian Citizens 16 and Over

  • Canadian Passport, or

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Direct Flights: New York To Vancouver

Travelers looking for direct flights from New York to Vancouver have a number of options. Cathay Pacific offers non-stop New York to Vancouver flights from JFK International Airport while WestJet flies from LaGuardia Airport in New York to Vancouver. From Newark Liberty International , Air Canada offers direct flights from New York to Vancouver.

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