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How To Get A Business License In New York City

State And Local Permits And Licenses

What Business Licenses are Needed in New York – Starting a Business in New York

On the state level, as a New York business, you can find out what kind of licenses and permits are required by going to New York Business Express.

On the local level, as a New York City business, you can find information about permits and licenses here. As far as I can see, they do not require any particular license for the sale of new goods on the internet.

With respect to using your home as a home office in New York City, I wouldnt worry about any permit or license, as long as your business doesnt disturb your neighbors. But if in doubt, you should consult the New York City Zoning Code, or your towns zoning code, if you dont live in NYC.

Then there is other paperwork that a new business may need to file, even though I wouldnt call that a permit or a license.

Applying For Your License

Information will differ depending on the type of license you need and are applying for. Most applications will request the business name, address and contact information, names of owners or officers, owners address and contact information, number of employees, federal employer identification number or the owners social security number and a signature and date. Some local business permits may also require proof of identification and documentation showing compliance with all state and city requirements.

You will need to meet with a City of New York representative at City Hall to receive planning approval. This step should take place after you have identified and applied for the necessary business license on the New York City License Centre page. You should take this step before locking yourself into any real estate contracts to make sure your business is approved for the zone you are in. Once you obtain building and planning approval, you should bring your applications and other supporting information to the City Clerks Office to pay the applicable fees and/or get more information for anything else you may require.

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Obtain Permits Licenses Employer Information And Insurance

If youve completed New Yorks Business Express new business questionnaire, then your customized checklist will include information about whether you need to obtain professional licensing or permits to legally start and operate a business in New York. This checklist also provides you with links to your county clerk and main county office so you can inquire about your local licensing, permitting, and zoning requirements.

At this stage, youll also need to brush up on your employer obligations if you plan on hiring employees. Among those requirements includes carrying business insurance, such as unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, and disability benefits insurance. If you arent hiring employees, then after you complete your checklist youll be provided with a Certificate of Attestation of Exemption, which attests that your business isnt required to carry any of the aforementioned insurance types.

Whether you have employees or not, however, youll almost certainly need to buy some type of coverage, whether thats commercial property insurance to protect your property from damage, professional liability insurance to cover negligence or malpractice suits brought against your practice, and/or general liability insurance to protect your business from a host of potential legal claims.

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Build Your Bakery Team & Hire Employees

Unless the business is completely automated, personnel will likely be required. After all, its good old-fashioned hard work that built American business. And it will continue to be the labor of people that make businesses succeed.

In the case of hiring staff, there will be certain legal considerations that must be taken into account.

  • Staff hierarchy Are management in place? Who runs the various business operations?
  • Deductions & taxes Accounts with the IRS setup? Software or accounting in place for payroll?
  • Health care and benefits Are your staff protected?
  • Working conditions Does the working environment comply with all state regulations?

Nyc Liquor License Requirements And Laws

New York City Certificate of Marriage

The New York State Liquor Authority is responsible for issuing licenses and permits. Submitting your application is easy through the New York Business Express website.

However, New York liquor licensing requirements can vary based on your business type and type of license requested. For example, licensees applying for a grocery store or liquor store license will have a different liquor license application than a catering business that wants to serve alcohol.

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File Records For Your Form Of Business

In addition to licenses and permits, some legal forms of business, such as corporations and limited liability companies , must file organizational documents. More specifically, corporations, LLCs, and certain other types of businesses must register and file with the Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code of the New York Department of State . You can find detailed information on the DOC website.

New York Business License

You can obtain a New York business license online.

We provide the information and resources you’ll need to get federal, state, and local licenses and permits for your small business, including the sellers permit.

Recommended: Visit our How to Start a Business guide for more help with planning, starting, and maintaining your business.

New York Business License:

Hire a Professional Service

For a small fee, you can hire someone else to research and file for licenses that your business might need.


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How Can I Apply For A Business License In Albany Ny

The City of Albany has online applications that you can type directly into the designated fields and print. The document consists of your business name, give owner and business contact information and a physical address for your business. You will declare the type of ownership of your business, whether you are a sole proprietor, a part of a larger corporation, in a limited liability partnership or limited liability corporation. If applicable, you will need to provide your contractors license or your sellers permit number, such as for construction and electrical work. Next, you will need to have all of your specific business operations information available in great detail to answer the questions that the City of Albany has regarding how you will run the business, how many employees you will have, what products or services will you provide, and so forth. Once you have completely written in your business information, you will need to print your application and return it to the City of Albany, either in person or by mail to: City of Albany

Get New York Business Licenses

How to get FREE NYC real estate license

As the third largest state in terms of population, New York attracts businesses that want to compete in a wide range of industries. Before starting a New York business though, you must apply for the licenses and permits that state, city, and county agencies require for your industry. Many businesses must acquire some type of New York business license to operate legally within the state. has helped many small business owners and entrepreneurs attain a business license in New York. Our decades of experience allow us to swiftly and seamlessly research the licenses and permits that you need. By allowing to complete this process for you, your business can avoid additional fines, fees, and delays.

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Applying For A Business License

Not every business in Syracuse needs a business license. There are different types of licenses, depending on your type of business. You can find the list of business license applications here. If you have questions about whether your business needs a license, call the Central Permit Office.

Most Common Business License Types:

The following business types need a Certificate of Use:

  • Bars & Restaurants

Second Hand License applies to:

  • Used Car Dealers
  • Taxi Cab Driver’s License
  • Ground Transportation License

To apply for a business license, you’ll need:

  • Business Type
  • Phone number
  • State licenses related to your business type

Apply by finding the correct form, printing it out and submitting it to the city in person or by mail.

Please note that you must pay your fee by check. Credit cards and cash are not accepted.

If you have questions, please contact: Pam Dalton, Business Licensing CoordinatorCity Hall Commons

Get Your Home Care License In New York

Choose a name for your home care business that makes sense. A common issue with starting a home care business and getting it licensed is the choice in name. If you use words that relate to medical terminology it can hurt your ability to market and give consumers the wrong opinion about what services, your home care business is offering and can offer. Transparency is the best marketing strategy for your home care business. Be clear and concise on what you are trying to convey to the consumer . This can also cause issues with licensing your home care business further down the line and depicts that your business is not what it seems

Make it unique! The constantly growing home care market is saturated with common names that use words such as: always, best, caring, first, and hands . There are other barriers that can also prevent you from registering your name. As with many great ideas, there is a chance someone thought of it first. Names that are matching other business names cannot be registered and names that are too alike can also be rejected. Researching to see if the name is available is always required and this is done with a search on the New York Secretary of State website.

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Find Your Requirements With The Nyc Business Wizard

Before you start looking for your license requirements in New York City, check state laws with the NYS Business Wizard. Then follow the process I outlined above to secure state-level licensing.

Next, visit the New York City Business Wizard to get your custom checklist. Answering the NYC Wizards questions also can help you double-check your state-level to-dos, since each list breaks down steps by federal, county, and city.

Im Hosting Experiences In New York City Am I Operating A Business That Requires A Permit Or License

Business license

In most cases, no.

The City of New York requires these types of businesses to get a permit or license. In general, most Experiences shouldnt fall within these business types. If youre not operating one of these types of businesses, the City doesnt require you to register.

In addition, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance requires a Sales Tax Certificate of Authority if you sell retail goods . The State also requires you to register if you hire employees to help with your Trip or Experience. If you dont plan to hire any employees or sell retail items as part of your Experience, you likely wont need to register your business with the State either.

That said, we encourage you to carefully review the types of business that have to get licensed or permitted by the City and State. You should also review the Citys helpful article on Registering Your Business, check out the Citys Small Business Services website, speak with City representatives, and speak to a lawyer to make sure youve satisfied all filing and registration requirements before hosting your first Experience.

Example 1: Anna is a Trip host who runs Experiences one week per month where she shares her love of handmade jewelry by bringing her guests to her favorite boutiques in Brooklyn. She runs her Experiences alone, is operating as a Sole Proprietorship, and uses her own name in her Listing.

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Register An Assumed Or Fictitious Business Name

If you are a small business that does not plan to operate under your own name, you can operate under a business name. This circumstance may also arise where some corporations and LLCs originally register under one name with the state , but may later decide that they wish to operate under another name. This other business name is known as an assumed/fictitious or trade name, or a DBA . If operating under an assumed name, corporations, LLCs and limited partnerships in New York must file with the state. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships as well as other business entities which use an assumed name must file with the county clerks in each respective county where the entity does business.

New York Business Outlook And Trends

New Yorks economy is the third-largest in the country, and if it were its own country, it would be one of the worlds most powerful. New York offers unparalleled opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs!

New York City is the entrepreneurs best friend this city has a plethora of startups. New York City is the top city to open a small business in America, according to CNBC.

Small businesses form a substantial portion of the New York State economy, and 98% percent are smaller than 100 employees. They employ over 54% of the workforce!

THE easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start your business!$0 Plus State Filing Fees with!

For those of you who are thinking about starting a small business in New York, there is no better time than now. With the current state governments pro-business initiatives and recent tax benefits for entrepreneurs, it has never been easier to start your own company.

Find out more about business startup resources at the Empire State Division of Small Business

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Make A List Of Keywords

The words and phrases that your prospective customers type into internet search engines to find companies like yours. Add other towns, states, and countries to your search to find similar firms, outside of your marketing area for inspiration.

Dont use another firms exact name, just use those names to brainstorm your own unique brand name.

  • Use such as industry names and see what comes up
  • Brainstorm a list of related keywords
  • Try your competitive advantage term to find interesting concepts
  • Your value proposition, innovation, or special feature is a good source to build memorable names
  • Outside of Your Industry Step back and look for an interesting combination of words from outside the industry such as Apple for electronics.

Do I Need A License To Operate My Business In New York

How To Get My TLC License in NYC

Whether your business needs a license depends on the type of business you are running. For example, all businesses that are involved in the sale of goods will need to get a certificate of authority to collect sales tax. Certain occupations must also be licensed by the state, and depending on the services offered, your business may need more than one license. New York has an Online Permit Assistance and Licensing system that can tell you what state licenses your business may need.

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Electrician Insurance In New York

If youre a contractor working for an employer, youll be covered by your employers liability insurance. Many homeowners policies specifically exclude payment for damages caused by unlicensed contractors. So, if an accident happens, any damages may be disproportionately shifted to the electrical contractors liability insurance. Under these circumstances, you may decide to get your own professional liability insurance.

If you own an electrical contracting business, youll need general and professional liability insurance, personal property protection, and workers compensation.

Ready To Incorporate In New York

The New York Department of State regulates many issues related to business incorporation in New York. The government agency, for instance, requires choosing a unique name designating your organization as a corporation. will help you choose a name that has not already been selected by another business. We can also help you confirm that your business follows other regulations to expedite the incorporation process, allowing you to begin operating in New York as soon as possible.

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High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License

One option for licensing for HVAC professionals includes the High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer license which is issued by New York City Building Department. There are several options for HVAC professionals to choose from in order to meet requirements to take the exam. The first option is to complete 5 years of work experience as one of the following occupations: Fireman, Oiler, Journeyman Boiler-Maker, General Assistant or Machinist. Another option for professionals is to either obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering and complete 1 year of related work experience or to obtain an Engineer Certificate and maintain it for 4 years. Additional pathways to meeting requirements to take the exam include completing 5 years of work experience with maintaining a steam generating plant of a governmental building along with 1 year of experience in New York City completion of a 2 year long apprenticeship along with 3 years of experience in New York City maintaining a Commission from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for at least 7 years maintaining High Capacity Fossil Fuel Operator certification along with 5 years of related work experience or maintaining high pressure certification or licensure for at least 5 years.

Test Your Business Idea

Evolution of the New York Driverâs License (40 pics)

Now that you have researched your idea, it is time to test its viability. Its important not to invest in an idea until we know for sure whether or not it will be profitable!

Serial entrepreneurs should always test their ideas before investing too much time and money.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have done tons of business idea testing. Some ideas passed, but lots failed. But I am sure glad that the ones who didnt were only small investments while my newfound confidence in myself was more valuable than anything else!

Below are the best ways I have found to test new product ideas. Get the full list of my 10 best ways to field test your business ideas here.

  • Visit Trade Shows with Your New Products
  • Ask Others for Constructive Feedback
  • Run A Short Testing Ad Campaign
  • Stage a Focus Group Session

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