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How To Get An Abortion In New York

A Demand To Define Woman Injects Gender Politics Into Jacksons Confirmation Hearings

Is it legal to have abortions at up to 9 months in the U.S.? | VERIFY

Republicans have spent hours this week trying to portray Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as an extremist on issues of race and an apologist for child sexual abusers. Late Tuesday, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, added another social issue to the list of cultural grievances the G.O.P. is foisting upon her in her confirmation hearings: gender specifically, what makes a woman a woman.

Transgender rights are dominating outrage on the right, after the Republican governors of Indiana and Utah vetoed bans on the participation of transgender women in womens sports in recent days and a transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, won a collegiate swimming championship.

Ms. Blackburn brought that swimmer up late Tuesday as Judge Jacksons first day of questioning was coming to a close, then asked, Can you provide a definition for the word woman?

As she and other judicial nominees before her have done regularly, Judge Jackson dodged the question as outside of her role on the bench, saying, Im not a biologist.

But Ms. Blackburn pressed the point and the hot-button issue.

But it was connected to the politics of the looming midterm elections. At 11 p.m. Tuesday night, the senators office blasted out an email with the headline, BREAKING: Judge Jackson Cannot Define The Word Woman.

As they did all day on Tuesday, operatives at the Republican National Committee grabbed on to the latest line of social attack on Wednesday morning to amplify Ms. Blackburns message.

What Is Joe Biden Doing About This

The president said on Thursday that he was directing the White House gender policy council to respond to this decision with help from the health department and the justice department to ensure that women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions. The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said when Congress returns from recess, Democrats will introduce a reproductive health bill, but it is extremely unlikely that would pass in the Senate.

Presidents Are Not Kings: Jackson Twice Ruled Against Trumps Attempts To Suppress Information

Two of Judge Ketanji Brown Jacksons most famous rulings one as a district court judge and one during her brief stint as an appeals court judge involved attempts by former President Donald J. Trump to keep information about his White House secret.

In both cases, she ruled against Mr. Trump.

In the first case, Judge Jackson was a Federal District Court judge for the District of Columbia. In 2019, a dispute came before her involving a subpoena by House Democrats to Donald F. McGahn II, Mr. Trumps former White House counsel.

The lawmakers wanted him to testify about Mr. Trumps actions during the Russia investigation. Mr. Trump had instructed Mr. McGahn not comply, saying the information was privileged. But she disagreed, ruling that the former White House lawyer had to obey a congressional subpoena seeking his testimony.

Presidents are not kings, she wrote, adding that current and former White House officials owe their allegiance to the Constitution. They do not have subjects, bound by loyalty or blood, whose destiny they are entitled to control.

There was one notable difference between the two rulings: speed.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Tuesday pushed back on Republican attacks on her record, defending her work representing terrorism detainees and sentencing child sex abusers as she presented herself as a firm believer in judicial restraint fit to be confirmed to a seat on the Supreme Court.

Jonathan Weisman and Jazmine Ulloa

NEWs analysis

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New York State Ranks No 1 In Abortion Rate But Abortions Down 24% In Us In Last 10 Years On Record

– Of the 47 states that reported their annual abortion numbers to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York had the highest rate, ratio and overall number of abortions, according to a newly released CDC report.

But, over the last ten years on record , the total number of abortions in the 47 states that have consistently reported their abortions to the CDC has declined by 24 percent.

The abortion numbers come from the CDCs Abortion SurveillanceUnited States, 2016, which was published by the CDCs Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on Nov. 29.

The rate of abortions is the number of abortions per 1,000 women 15 to 44 years of age in the relevant jurisdiction the ratio is the number of abortions per 1,000 live births.

In 2016, the year covered by this new CDC report, there were a total of 623,471 abortions in the 47 states that reported their abortion numbers.

The abortion rate in those 47 states was 11.6 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44.

The abortion ratio in those 47 states was 186 abortions per 1,000 live births.

In New York, the rate was 21.8 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 years, and the ratio was 373 per 1,000 live births.

The total number of abortions in New York was 87,325.

The CDC each year asks 52 reporting areas to provide data on the abortions that take place there. These reporting areas include all 50 states, the District of Columbia and New York City .

Quality Respectful Abortion Care


There are two ways of ending a pregnancy: in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill. Both are safe and very common. If youre pregnant and thinking about abortion, you may have lots of questions. Were here to help.

As a trusted abortion provider, we have over 100 years of reproductive health experience in New York and our health centers are conveniently located near you.

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Ny On Opposite End Of Spectrum

New York’s Reproductive Health Act was signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 22 of this year and garnered national attention from supporters and opponents.

Proponents of New York’s abortion law say it installs the rights afforded women under the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision into state law, protecting them if a conservative court were to overturn the landmark case.

Roe v. Wade does allow states to regulate or even prohibit abortion after the point of fetal viability 24 to 28 weeks so long as they make an exception for abortions that protect the mother’s life or health.

Whatever Emotional And Psychological Health My Kids Have Now As Young Adults We Owe To The Distribution Of Their Parenting Across Four Households

It is all fine. My kids father is an exceptional parent. He gave up his life for them he submitted to our new circumstances in a way I didnt. After graduating from college, he got the first job he could, as a public-school teacher of students diagnosed as experiencing emotional disturbances, a catchall for not only kids with psychological disorders but also those who just keep misbehaving in a regular classroom. He has had some version of that job for 20 years, providing an invaluable framework of continuity and stability as our kids grew up, with a work schedule that matched a schoolchilds. He is a nurturing father, firm and patient. He worries about them more than I do. When hes not with them, he misses them more than I do. When we divorced, after crashing together and making two kids in two years and then almost immediately falling apart, he grieved and struggled but stayed focused on our little ones and continued to be kind to me. He was supportive of my ambitions and trusted me when someone else might have tried to be controlling, would have been jealous or fearful of my taking steps that fell outside the bounds of stereotypical behavior for mothers. The kids have only heard us speak highly of each other, even though weve been divorced for as long as they can remember. Its all fine because they have only experienced their parents as friendly and respectful toward each other.

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What Type Of Abortion Is Best For Me

Medical Abortions


  • Have an abortion in the privacy of your home, or a place that is comfortable to you.
  • Prefer to have the choice of being alone to having others with and around you during the abortion process.


  • Medical abortions are only possible up to ten weeks of pregnancy.
  • Time period includes 3-4 hours at Choices including registration, lab work, sonogram, counseling, and meeting with a provider, and 48 hours at home.
  • Extreme pain, cramping and bleeding and, sometimes, nausea, diarrhea or chills.
  • Heavy bleeding and cramping during the passing of the pregnancy.
  • Only 91-95% effective, may require repeat medical abortion or surgical abortion.

How Pregnant Am I

Pro-life lawmaker reacts to New York’s new law allowing abortion until birth – ENN 2019-01-24

Use the pregnancy calculator to find out the number of weeks pregnant from your Last Menstrual Period.

When Was The First Day Of Your Last Menstrual Period?
Estimated Length Of Pregnancy :

Disclaimer: The information provided by this pregnancy calculator is not a diagnosis and is not intended to replace clinical care in any manner. Please make a confirmation of pregnancy appointment online at or by calling 718-786-5000 to receive a complete pregnancy evaluation with a licensed healthcare provider at Choices.

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Prohibited Abortions In New York

New York doesn’t have as many barriers to terminating a pregnancy, like some other states. If you choose to have an abortion, you won’t have to get the consent of your partner or your parents if you’re 18. As well, there’s no “cooling off” period in New York. However, there are a few basic requirements that the Supreme Court of the United States has not invalidated for being too intrusive.

After the First 24 Weeks, With Exceptions

Abortions are illegal if they’re performed after the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, unless the fetus isn’t viable or the abortion is necessary to protect the mother’s health. One of the justifications for this requirement is that it’s a balance between the safety of the mother and giving her time to consider an abortion. Arguably, a mother could be able to make the decision to have an abortion within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. After that amount of time, nearly the end of the second trimester, the risk of harm to the mother increases greatly. New York repealed all penal code statutes for aborting a fetus and thus there are no criminal penalties for abortion.

Drugs and Medicine That Cause an Abortion

New York law previously made it illegal to administer or take drugs with the intent to cause a miscarriage, but this section of New York’s penal code has been repealed.

How Does Someone Legally Access Abortion In Texas Now

To obtain an abortion in Texas under the law, a person would have to realize they are pregnant very early in gestation.

The law bans abortions once a medical professional can detect cardiac activity in an embryo, usually in the first five to six weeks of a pregnancy.Cardiac activity does not confirm the pregnancy is viable and is detected with advanced technology before a heart is formed.

The law includes a narrow exemption for medical emergencies but there is not an exemption for rape or incest.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Abortion Services At This Health Center:

Abortion Pill

Abortion pill is offered up to 11 weeks and 0 days after the start of your last menstrual period.

If your last period was more than 11 weeks and 0 days ago, read about our in-clinic abortion services below.

Abortion pill services are available by appointment only.

You will need to follow up within 1-2 weeks to make sure your abortion is complete and that you are well. In the unlikely event that you are still pregnant, you may need another dose of medication or to have an in-clinic abortion to end the pregnancy.

After your abortion pill visit, you will need access to a telephone, transportation, and backup medical care available to you once you are home.

In-Clinic Abortion

In-clinic abortion is offered up to 24 weeks and 0 days after the start of your last menstrual period. If your last period was after 24 weeks and 0 days, we can still help. Call us for a referral list of health care providers in your area that offer other abortion services.

In-clinic abortions are available by appointment only.

If you desire medication to help make your in-clinic abortion more comfortable, you must have a responsible companion with you to help you get home safely.

If you are more than 16 weeks pregnant, your in-clinic abortion may require multiple visits.

If you plan to have sedation, please do not eat for 8 hours or drink clear liquids for 8 hours before your appointment.

If you have asthma, bring an inhaler if you have one.

New York Abortion Laws At A Glance

How Abortion Views Are Different

The table below provides a helpful summary of the basic provisions of New York abortion laws, followed by a more in-depth look.


New York Consolidated Laws, Public Health Code, Section 2599-AA and Section 2599-BB

Note: The previous Section 4164 is repealed.

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion As of Jan. 22, 2019, abortion is no longer in the state’s penal code. This means health care providers acting in good faith may not be held criminally liable.
Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion Within the first 24 weeks or after 24 weeks if necessary to preserve the mother’s health or if the fetus isn’t viable.
Penalty for Unlawful Abortion

New York removed abortion from its Penal Code. No one can be held criminally liable for aborting a fetus, even after the 24th week of pregnancy.

Penal Code Sections 125.40, 125.45, 125.50, 125.55 and 125.60 were all repealed.

Consent Requirements
Not required
Physician Licensing Requirements

Any health care practitioner that is licensed or authorized under Title Eight of the Education Law may perform an abortion, if it is within the scope of their practice. In addition to M.D.s, this could also include nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives.

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I Couldnt Consider Abortion Or Adoption But The Weird Thing Is I Also Couldnt Consider Having A Baby I Never Decided I Never Chose

The presentation was videotaped, but when I watched it later, I discovered there was no sound. I saw myself standing before the class, gesturing and moving my mouth, but I couldnt hear anything I was saying. I was also pregnant with my son when I gave this talk, but I didnt know it yet one of many moments in my life when Ive wondered whos writing this story. If there is a God ordaining all our days, my note here is Pretty heavy-handed, God.

I believed that abortion was wrong, so I never let it be a possibility. And no, I dont know why I was able to have premarital sex, though I believed it was wrong, and yet I couldnt believe abortion was wrong and do it anyway such are the vagaries of human action. I also believed I should be punished for having premarital sex, so I felt I deserved to lose control over my life.

Because I was legally an adult and even a college graduate, you could make the argument that I hadnt really lost control of my life, that I could have made whatever decision I wanted to make. That I could have decided how to feel about whatever decision I made. You could make the Buddhist argument that no one can ever lose control because control is an illusion. But I didnt have any of those ways to understand the situation back then.

How To Take Your Abortion Pills And What To Expect

You will take 2 sets of pills for your abortion

  • DAY 1: You will take a pill at the clinic Monday 1 .
  • If you throw up within 15 minutes of taking Mifepristone, please return to Choices. Do not take the next 4 pills!
  • DAY 2 or 3: You will take 4 pills at home on Day 2 or on Day 3, 24-48 hours after taking mifepristone on-site .
  • You may take ibuprofen for the pain. Follow the instructions on the back of the ibuprofen bottle.

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Is Abortion Covered By Medical Insurance

Abortion prices in Brooklyn are relatively high and its coverage depends on whether a person has insurance through Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, a private employer-sponsored plan, or another source. In addition to that, states have significant control over the ways private insurance companies cover abortion. It is highly recommended to contact your insurance provider before undergoing an abortion procedure.

Can I Qualify For A Free Abortion

Supreme Court Orders New York to Reconsider Mandatory Coverage of Abortion | EWTN News Nightly

For women who are not able to pay for an abortion and do not have insurance or other resources, we can work out financing so abortion can be free or low-cost. We partner with funding agencies so no one need to be afraid they will be turned away. If you live in New York State you may qualify for Emergency Medicaid which covers all pregnancy-related services, including abortion. Click here to visit our financial help page.

To see if you qualify for emergency medicaid, take our quiz.

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Cultural Attitudes About Abortion Remain Complicated

Earlier this month, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, called out what she identified as “complacency” about abortion rights among young women. And while the Schultz’s characterization of the thousands of young women initiating pro-choice campus organizing and vocally supporting pro-choice social media campaigns as “complacent” wasn’t quite accurate, in some ways, ambivalence toward abortion has been on the rise lately.

National statistics indicate that as taboo as discussing abortion seems to be, it’s a surprisingly common procedure: One in three women will have an abortion, and 95 percent won’t regret their decision.

Since last year, with the spread of heavily edited and misleading footage targeting Planned Parenthood, silence and ambivalence on reproductive rights could be destructive.

The rise of inflammatory rhetoric portraying abortion as murder and providers as murderers, higher rates of arson and intimidation on clinics, and even gun violence inspired by dangerous political rhetoric in 2015 indicate that four decades after Roe v. Wade, abortion rights remains a serious political issue.

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