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How Much Is It For A Trip To New York

The Langham New York Fifth Avenue


Address: 400 5th Ave., New York, NY 10018

Phone: 695-4005

With the Theater District just a 12-minute walk, Bryant Park six minutes away, and the Empire State Building around the corner, you can’t ask for a better-located hotel in New York City. But this luxurious five-star spot is hard to leave, thanks to its Michelin-starred restaurant Ai Fiori, well-appointed suites , spacious gym and spa, and fabulous 60-story views of Manhattan.

Much Overdue Thank You/quick Trip Report

My family and I visited NYC for the first time this past July and I read this forum for months before my trip along with posting my own questions and everyone was extremely helpful so thank you to each and everyone of you who contributed to making my trip a success!! Special thanks to nywhiz who gave recommendations on hotels, foods, and tours

Though I am 6+ months late, I thought I would share a mini trip report for those planning their NYC trips for the upcoming summer.

We flew into LaGuardia and it was very easy to get a yellow taxi to Manhattan. The driver knew exactly where we needed to go by just mentioning the street names

We stayed at the Lotte New York Palace in Midtown East which was pricey but they were running a special for one night free – we stayed 4 nights total. We stayed in The Towers which were very spacious rooms on the high floors and two queen beds which is what we were looking for with 3 people to one room. The staff was excellent at recommendations and helping us get around the city. A lot of what we wanted to see was walkable from the hotel which was a plus

We spent a lot of time on and around 5th avenue and Rockefeller Center for shopping and exploring.

On our last day we spent the day in Hudson Yards mostly walking the High Line to Chelsea, visiting Chelsea Market, and the Meatpacking District. Also spent time in the mall in Hudson Yards and the Vessel across from the mall

You Can Find Awesome Activities To Fit Your Budget

No matter what you want to do, you can likely find it on the cheap in New York. Excited about comedy clubs but unwilling to spend $20 for a show? Check out an open mic night. Into museums but worried about the price tag? Many NYC museums offer pay-as-you-can deals or have specific free days.

Plus there are free activities everywhere, like the Staten Island Ferry, the Chelsea High Line, and so many more. Talk to someone who actually lives in NYC to get the low-down on the coolest activities, all tailored to your budget!

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Save On Popular Attractions In Nyc

There is so much to see and experience in NYC that you will never be able to do it all in one visit. As a student visitor, you can prioritise free sights and activities and leave the expensive ones for future trips when you are done school and have more money to spend.

1. Top free sights and activities

  • The High Line elevated walking path in Chelsea

Check out some more reduced price and free opening times here from Timeout.

3. Use a discounted sightseeing pass

If you are still interested in visiting higher cost attractions like the Empire State Building Observation Deck, the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Centre or the One World Observatory, consider a sightseeing pass, since these major attractions dont tend to offer any student discounts. If you can pick up a sightseeing pass online on a special sale day like Black Friday, it can be a more affordable way to visit expensive attractions.

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Take A Walk In Central Park

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Central Park offers a little something for just about anyone. Are you travelling as a couple? Enjoy an intimate picnic together. Are you visiting Ney York alone in the Summer? Attend one of the free concerts and enjoy the atmosphere. Theres no wrong way to enjoy Central Park, and many locals love to simply walk around the various paths that span over 40 blocks and take in the beauty of their city.

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How To Get Around

Trains: The New York City subway is one of the most extensive public transit systems in the world. It connects Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, and runs on Staten Island. Each ride costs $2.75. A seven-day pass is available for $33 and covers both trains and buses.

Buses: A network of buses offers easy access to the rare spots not served by nearby train stations and to New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Individual bus rides cost $2.75. Seven-day transit passes cost $33 and cover trains and buses. While buses can be convenient, traffic can sometimes make them easy to outwalk.

Ferries: One of the best ways to hop among New York’s boroughs in good weather is a ferry. Ferries connect Queens, the western coast of Brooklyn, the eastern side of Manhattan, and Staten Island. Rides are $2.75 each. Subway and bus passes aren’t accepted on New York ferries. The Staten Island Ferry is free.

Taxis: Cabs are all over Manhattan, but a little harder to find in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Green cabs offer service in northern Manhattan and the outer boroughs. To hail a cab, look for one that has its light on and raise your arm. All New York cabs are metered and required to accept credit cards.

Rideshare: Uber and Lyft are all over New York and offer similar pricing. Rideshare can be the best way to travel in parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

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She was also understandably skittish about opening it because she has a huge phobia of bugs so let it sit on her porch for a week.

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Food And Drink Can Get Pricey But There Are Cheap Options Everywhere

New York is home to some of the best high-end restaurants in the world, but there are also thousands of out-of-this-world budget spots if you know where to look. See what New York locals say about where to get the best dollar dumplings, pizza slices, and food truck grub in the city. Their recommendations can make NYC budget travelso easy.

Factors To Think About As You Prepare Your Budget For A Trip To New York City

Things To Do In New York: 4 Day Travel Guide

Firstly, you must consider when you want to go to New York City. The flights and accommodation rates vary depending on the season.The cheapest season is from January to March.The seasons that attract more tourists are when there are school holidays .

The accommodation is another factor to care about. The place where you will stay and the comfort and services you want. You can start at around $90 a night up to $250-300 or a few thousand dollars for high-end hotels.

The lifestyle you want in New York also matters. You may dont mind eating sandwiches, going out at night, or shopping your budget may be more limited than a couple who wants to dine in restaurants, see a show on Broadway, and visit many places.

The 7 factors that seem most important to me are: the flight transportation meals visits, attractions and shows extra expenses .

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Nightlife In New York City

Theres a good reason NYC is called the city that never sleeps. There are countless nightlife options for your trip to New York City.

If youre looking for cocktails while on your trip to New York City, Employees Only is considered by locals and tourists alike to be one of the best spots. This 20s callback bar on Hudson St. is known for its inventive drinks and its Prohibition-style interior.

Another great spot for drinks on your trip to New York City is The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog. Voted one of the best bars in the world, this 3-floor bar provides plenty of small plate options, vintage cocktails and wines.

For live music fans, The Rockwood Music Hall is an outstanding venue to round out your NYC trip.

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Transportation Options In New York City

Our bus to New York City takes you directly to at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 27th Street, just a few blocks from Penn Station.

A few of our most popular routes in New York City include:

Upon your arrival, getting around on your NYC trip will be a breeze.

Taxis are easy to flag down and public transportation and the subway lines make your trip to New York City extremely accessible. You could even call for an ride shares to get around.

Alternatively, much of NYC is easy to navigate by foot.

If youre looking for exercise in NYC, bikes are available to rent all over the city.

Learn more about megabus’ top bus routes.

Is $1000 Enough For 5 Days In New York


As one of the worlds most popular travel destinations, New York City attracts over 65 million visitors each year. This should come as no surprise, considering the thriving city is home to some of the best shopping, dining, museums, and theatrical performances in the world.

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Commonly referred to as The City That Never Sleeps, New York City is overflowing with exciting things to do and see. However, its not the cheapest city in America.

You might be wondering how much you need to budget for this trip. Is $1,000 enough for five days in New York?

Its a great question, but first, you must ask yourself what you will be doing in the Big Apple. If you plan to stay at a 5-star hotel and dine at upscale restaurants in Manhattan, then a budget of $1000 is definitely not going to cut it.

However, if you book a mid-tier hotel and take advantage of the many free things to do in New York, then a budget of $1000 is just fine.

We know the average accommodation price is $137 USD a night, making up a little over half of your $1000 budget.

So its important to take advantage of the many affordable options for dining and tourist attractions in New York City. The city is flush with cheap eats from delicious street food in Chinatown to reasonably priced cafes in Queens.

If you opt for a hotel with a kitchenette area, you could even make some of your own meals and carry snacks to further reduce the cost of dining in New York.

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Ways To Extend Your Budget

Now, if you look at your potential itinerary and see nothing but dollar signs flying across the screen, dont panic! There are ways to get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing entertainment.

For starters, invest in a MetroCard. For just $33, you can ride subways and buses the whole week. That will allow you to explore the city during the day and reserve the taxi or ride-shares for select evenings out–especially if the whole family is in tow.

Another crucial purchase is a 7-day New York Pass, particularly appealing to sightseers. Consider that a ticket to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building is $75 for one adult. A ferry ticket to explore Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is $23.50. If you and your significant other want to see multiple attractions, the bill adds up.

Well, at $299 for adults and $199 for children, the New York Pass covers entries for those landmarks, as well as a number of museums, including the Guggenheim, Museum of Natural History, MoMA, and the Met.

Youll also save money just by leaving Manhattan. Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island are all filled with terrific restaurants that significantly beat the prices of those found in Times Square.

Finally, the best way to maximize your budget is to do things that are free. It costs nothing to stroll through Central Park, marvel at Grand Central Station, people-watch in Midtown Manhattan, or settle in at historic Greenwich Village for a while.

How Much Should I Budget For A Trip To New York

A reasonable budget for two for a weekend in New York is around$1,200.This assumes youll be spending two nights and three days in the city.

The above cost is based on staying in good, mid-range accommodation andgoing to a mix of restaurants and cafes for meals. It makes allowances for a couple of sightseeing activities, but doesnt take into account expensive activities like adventure sports or private tours.

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Whitney Museum Of American Art

  • Regular price: $22 Adult Free with New York Pass
  • M/W: 10.30am 6pm Tu: Closed Th/F/Sa: 10.30am 10pm Su: 10.30am 6pm

Once you complete your optional visit to the Whitney Museum of Art, you are headed to Brooklyn! We definitely want you to see the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and experience this different culture that Brooklyn holds vs. Manhattan. Take the DOWNTOWN A/C train to Fulton St. for Brooklyn Bike Tours and Rentals or to Chambers St. for The Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Neighborhood Tour. The Bike Tour can last between 2-3 hours depending on if you want a guided tour or if you just want to rent the bikes for 3 hours and take a self-guided tour. Please be aware the guided bike tours are at 1pm so may need to adjust your morning plans to make it on time. The Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Neighborhood Tour you will walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and learn about this iconic landmark while enjoying the beautiful views of Manhattan. You will then tour the trendy DUMBO neighborhood which is home to scenic waterfront views, boutiques, art galleries, and great pizza shops!

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How Much Does it Cost to Visit NYC for 1 Week?? [in 2022]

Being a tourist in New York City isn’t cheap. With costly accommodations and big-ticket dining and entertainment experiences, a weekend trip to the city that never sleeps can add up quickly. If youre wondering how to budget for your trip to NYC, look no further. Heres how much you can expect to spend on accommodations, food, tourist attractions, entertainment, transportation and more.


There are several items to consider when budgeting for a tourist trip to New York City, such as accommodations, food, tourist attractions, entertainment, transportation and more.

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The Things To Consider

Planning is the most important factor in making any successful trip happen. Do your research beforehand use the internet, call up acquaintances, figure out how long you intend to stay. Once you have done the groundwork, you should have the answers to a few questions.

  • Are you traveling alone? If not, how many people are joining you?
  • When are you planning to go?
  • How long are you staying?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the things you absolutely must do while in New York?
  • Is it more important that you have a comfortable room or that you can do more things in NYC?

The answers will determine what you have to focus on when looking for things like accommodation, flight ticket prices, and potentially guided tours. For example, you might prefer a beautiful view over sightseeing and attractions. Therefore you plan ahead for a pricier accommodation, and spread the rest of your money accordingly.

Walk Between Places On Short Distances

Walking around New York City can be crazy, and a couple of blocks may take a lot longer than youd ever think because of all the people and traffic around.

But if youre feeling fit and love to explore a city on foot, then New York is a great place to do it.

There are tonnes of excellent little shops, galleries, churches, bars and restaurants to be found if you simply wander around and keep your eyes open.

Another good resource for all things New York City is the NYC & Co website.

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Where To Stay In New York City

Theres absolutely no shortage of accommodation in New York City, and the first thing youll need to do when deciding where to stay is to pick a Manhattan neighbourhood to use as a base.

It all depends on your budget and what you want to see when youre in town, and theres plenty of great articles online to help you decide which one suits you.

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