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How To Get Bartending License In New York

New York Bartending School

New York Liquor License Attorney Obtain Your New York Liquor License Fast

One of the Top NY Bartending Schools!

Rated the “best bartending school in New York” in the Bar, Club & Lounge Guide New York Bartending School has been responsible for training some of the most professional bartenders at the busiest bars and clubs in the state. The school’s reputation is unparalleled in the hospitality industry, with its up-to-date and comprehensive training program.

The school offers flexible class schedules, allowing students to practice as often as they like. You can even take courses over and over again for no added fee! All instructors are state licensed, professional, experienced, and extremely supportive. Graduates gain access to a local and national job placement assistance program that includes a daily listing of real bartender jobs. Find out why New York Bartending School is not only one of the leading bartending schools in NY, but in the entire country!

  • 990 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY, 10305
  • 718-981-1671

Earn $300/night Bartending Full Or Part

Good bartenders are always in high demand!

Our highly-rated, full certification, quick-start bartending training course, taught by exceptional NYC bartenders and mixologists, is designed to fully prepare you to get a bartending job and start making money immediately.

Upon completion of the course, well help you apply for several of the great bartending jobs, available on our private job board, at top NY bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels, and further, well show you how to avoid the bads ones.

Our classes have limited seating, contact us to find the next available

Or call: or text: .

Bartending In New York City

While opportunities are everywhere, keep in mind that by the end of your journey you may be serving drinks in the Mecca of American bartending. People everyday leave their jobs across the country for a shot to compete in the NYC arena.

Keep in mind that the pricing of living here is expensive, with a one-room bedroom going for about $2831 a month. What that rent price offers however is access to the city that never sleeps.

You name it and you can find it in New York City. Broadway plays, music shows, historical landmarks, diverse cultures, and some of the best damn food in the world makes NYC a unique destination. Additionally, NYC has a nightlife that is second to none.

All in all, theres a bartender on just about every block and bartending gigs for just about every venue you can think of. The hard part, of course, is getting your foot in the door.

We hope this gets you started and headed in the right direction. Heres the best bartending schools NYC has to offer.

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How To Get Bartending Certification In New York

New York Bartending Certification

New York State Law Requires Bartenders to be Only 18 The best part about being a bartender in NYC is the leniency in its alcoholic laws. Alcohol cannot be consumed only from 4:00 am to 8:00 am in some states and the rest of the day is all yours to visit any pub or bar you want. All you have to do is get the required training with the help of Local Bartending School and give the exam to get the certificate. Some famous cities of New York City are Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester and there are 56 more.

The minimum age to become a bartender in New York is 18. However, state law requires drinkers to be 21.

The NY Certification Exam Takes 30 Minutes The exam is taken under the supervision of an examiner even though you take the course online. The test takes almost 30 minutes and there is a fee for this exam. The training is so extensive that the students actually get to sit at the bars where the qualified instructors show how to prepare all kinds of drinks and beverages so that they practically learn it.

New Yorks Two Types of Courses You can also take on and off-premise course.

On-premise serving course can be taken if you are working at a bar or restaurant. The off-premise responsible serving course can be taken if you are working in a convenience store, liquor store, or other off-premises sales business.

Online New York Bartending Course Costs up to $8.99 $399

Is New York City a Good City to Bartend in?

Bars in New York:

How To Sign Up

Learn More About How to Get the Liquor License in New York ...

Simply choose the course thats right for you below , and follow the steps:

  • Choose which course is right for you by clicking one of the courses below.
  • Fill in all the forms details
  • Complete the course at your own
  • Take and PASS the exam
  • Once youve passed, youll receive your certification in the mail in 7-10 business days.
  • Get out there and land a job! You can look for first bartending job here.
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    Why Take Your Bartending Classes At Abc Training Center

    Easy. Our formula for success is simple, you can check out our entire article regarding bartending courses but to summarize we offer:

    • Complete 40 hours hands-on bartending classes
    • Brand-new, modern facilities and equipment
    • Flexibility day, night, and weekend schedules
    • Real training at real bars
    • Friendly, professional instructors with many years of experience
    • Modern and practical curriculum

    All at a location that is minutes from Manhattan!

    Bartending License: A Beginners Guide On How To Get One

    A few years ago bartending was seen as a part-time job or a gig which individuals would get to make extra money on the side. However, bartending has since grown into a full-time profession for thousands across the country.

    A recent study found that people are getting increasingly attracted to bartending primarily due to its 2.5% job growth rate and a lucrative annual salary exceeding $24,000. Mixing drinks for a living sounds fun, and more individuals are earning their bartending license put their skills to the test.

    While not all states require bartenders to earn a bartending license before practicing their craft for money, many food and beverage establishments are starting to enact these licenses as a requirement to ensure their staff knows the basics before serving customers.

    If youre looking to start your career as a bartender, but have no idea how to get your license, we have all the answers for you. In this article, we address some of the most common concerns would-be bartenders have. Read on, as we tell you what exactly you need to do to become a licensed bartender.

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    Progress Through The Course

    Once you have selected your course and paid the fees, remember that it is up to you to complete your program in your preferred time period. Once you finish the course, you will have to pass a final exam. The certificate will be awarded to you once you pass this exam.

    The courses offered will broadly cover the following subjects in any state:

    • Alcohol and its effect on the body
    • Identifying intoxicated customers
    • Laws and penalties regarding minors
    • Refusing sale
    • State-specific laws relevant to the liquor
    • Pass the Exam

    The last stage in your bartending course is to pass the exam. Different states have different passing scores which you need to achieve to earn your certificate. In most states, the passing score is 70%. Once you have cleared your final exam, all you have to do is print the document and take it to your employer.

    How To Get A Bartending License In Each State

    New York Liquor License Specialist – Get It FAST & Easy – Rezzonator Services

    Getting your bartending license increases your chances of finding an employer. It is proof that you have attended the required alcohol training. However, different states have different requirements in age and procedures before you can get your bartending license. Moreover, employers can get discounts on their liquor liability insurance if their employees are certified. Most importantly, getting a permit before you find work indicates your dedication to the job.

  • Select a state you wish to work in as a bartender
  • Double-check the state requirements
  • Enroll in an online bartending license class depending on your desired state
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    Bartender’s Professional Training Institute

    Learn How to Bartend in a Real Bar!Great bartending starts with learning from great teachers, and what better way to become a pro behind the bar than learning the art of bartending in an actual bar? This is exactly what you will get should you decide to train at the Bartenders Professional Training Institute. All the classrooms at this New York bartending school are designed like real bars so that students can be stimulated on the job while training. Get to train in state of the art bar stations under the guidance of qualified instructors. You will even enjoy individualized training since the classes are small, with only 6 -12 people. Classes at the school commence weekly, and students can choose between full time, weekend or flexible learning schedules.

    • 70-74 Morningside Drive, New York City, NY, 10027
    • 212-854-4537

    Which Tips Certification Should You Choose

    TIPS Certification training has 5 courses in total you can take. Were only going to cover 3 here because theyre the only ones that will be relevant to you. Each course fits a specific purpose so make sure you choose the right one because you might not have the right license if you dont. If you are a bartender or server then the On Premise course is your best option. More details below.


    TIPS On Premise program is the most popular course and will most likely be the training for you. The course consists of a 5-hour program designed for servers at restaurants, bars, hotels, in-store tastings, or other establishments where alcohol is consumed on the premises.


    The TIPS Off Premise program is a 3-hour program that covers the sale of alcohol at grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, and gas stations. Students will learn strategies to help in the prevention of preventing illegal alcohol sales to either underaged or intoxicated customers.


    Teh TIPS University Certification is program is a 3-5 hour program for college & univesrsity students wholl be working in off campus bars. It provides these students with the confidence, skills, and strategies to prevent alcohol-related problems that occur on and off campus.


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    The New York Division Of Alcoholic Beverage Control

    The New York Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control – State Liquor AuthorityBartending License, ATAP – Alcohol Training Awareness Program certificate regulations for sellers and servers in New York

    • NY Dram Shop Laws: Yes
    • NY Happy Hour Laws: The following promotions are prohibited by licensees in the state of New York:To offer, sell, serve or deliver an unlimited number of drinks during any set period of time for a fixed price.To advertise, promote or charge a price for drinks by offering free drinks or multiple drinks for free or for the price of a single drink or for a low initial price followed by a price increment per hour for a minimal amount.Promotions that are allowed include two for one, half price, and Happy Hour special promotions when the drink is no lower than one-half of the regular price.

    Can bartenders in NY work as a bartender with a felony conviction? yes

    New York State Liquor Authority

    How to Get a Liquor License and How Much it Costs

    Still confused? Lets start at the top, with the New York State Liquor Authority. In 1933, FDR repealed the 18th Amendment which was Prohibition. Now that alcohol was legal again, the government wanted to make sure that they had strict control over it. In 1934, New York State created the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law which also created the New York State Liquor Authority and the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. These are the folks that keep an eye on bars, liquor licenses, and other alcohol-related things in NY State. They are like the IRS of the liquor industry.

    According to Wikipedia, the NYSLA determine whether public convenience and advantage will be promoted by the issuance of licenses to traffic in alcoholic beverages and to carry out the increase or decrease in the number thereof and the location of premises licensed in the public interest. These were all measures to keep the public happy after repealing Prohibition. The government wanted to appear in charge of the situation and very strict in their alcohol policies. A lot of the same old laws created back then are still in effect to this day. One of their laws put forth that you should be very familiar with is that officially, the service of alcohol in New York State is prohibited from 4am to 8am.

    With the public in mind once again, the NYSLA also created the Alcohol Awareness Training Program.

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    The Best Online Bartending Schools Of 2021

    Pernod Ricard built a comprehensive online learning platform that can be accessed by any bartending enthusiast, anywhere.

    This program kicks off with profiles of every spirits category, covering the history of the spirit, cocktail applications, and guided video tastings. It moves through a compendium of cocktail recipes and a variety of serving techniques, as well as important moments in the history of cocktails. David Wondrich, a renowned authority on the history of cocktails and Editor in Chief, Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails, has been affiliated with the BarSmarts classes.

    The course ends with the DrinkBuilder exam. To ace it, bartenders must make four different classic cocktails pulled from previous readings. Participants have two chances to pass each modules test and 60 days to finish up the full program. If they pass, graduates walk away with a certificate and the opportunity to level up to the advanced course, which has had famous bartender Dale DeGroff and wine and spirits expert Steve Olson as educators.

    The course costs $29 and is recommended for anyone from professionals to enthusiasts.

    Bartending Certificate Or Alcohol Awareness Certificate

    Some bars or restaurants require their servers to take certain alcohol awareness programs that make them knowledgable about the amount of alcohol they are serving to customers. These are not required by law, but can certainly help bar owners legally as well as yourself. Having employees who have taken these awareness programs protect their establishment against lawsuits, and also to help protect their customers from lawsuits. Anyone can serve drinks all night long, but knowing how to gracefully turn away a customer who has clearly had too much to drink is a skill. It can also save a life. More on this a little.

    So, bartending schools often offer these types of alcohol awareness programs within their own class. This gets a student certified or licensed in whichever alcohol awareness program the bartending school decides to employ. So, not only do you get a top-notch education on how to prepare, mix, and serve drinks to your customers, but you also get the certified in a particular alcohol awareness course within your bartending class. It is like taking an extra college course or summer school course to bolster your resume.

    So, it is not mandatory to have a bartender certificate or bartending license from these alcohol awareness programs, but a lot of times, bar owners prefer it if you do have one.

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    New York School Of Bartending

    Offering one of the Best Bartending Training Courses in NYA bartending institution that has over 25 years’ of experience in the industry, the New York School of Bartending is committed to offering high quality bartending training that equips students with skills and knowledge. The curriculum model offered by this licensed NY bartending institute allows students to use three quarters of their time learning practical skills while the remaining time is used for lectures. Should you enroll for bartending classes at the New York School of Bartending, you will learn how to prepare over 200 cocktails and drinks and how to use the latest bartending equipment with just 40 hours of training. Choose between morning, evening or weekend classes to suite your time and schedule and start your journey to becoming a qualified bartender.

    Can A Felon Be A Bartender In Florida

    Learn: Do I need a bartending license Houston TX? – BarTendingSchool.Today

    Can I sell or serve alcohol with a felony in Florida? No. It is unlawful for any vendor licensed under the beverage law to employ as a manager or person in charge or as a bartender any person who has, in the last 5 years, been convicted of any felony in this state, any other state, or the United States.

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    How To Get License In Best Bartender School New North Dakota

    What is the list of requirements when enrolling in Bartending School in North Dakota? If youre the type of person who plans on taking bartending as a career, you might want to attend a bartending school. Attending a bartending school and enrolling in several bartender classes is an optional Read more

    How To Get License In Best Bartender School North Carolina

    What is the list of requirements when enrolling in Bartending School in North Carolina? If youre the type of person who plans on taking bartending as a career, you might want to attend a bartending school. Attending a bartending school and enrolling in several bartender classes is an optional Read more

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    Academy Of Professional Bartending

    Get Your Bartenders Certification with the Academy of Professional BartendingBartending can be a rewarding job that allows you to meet new people, make friends and have fun while working. To enjoy all of this, why not start your bartending career by enrolling for classes at the Academy of Professional Bartending in NY. This school is licensed by the State Education Department, hence you can be sure of getting a bartenders certification that is nationally recognized.Mixology classes are limited to ensure students get quality attention plus the learning environment is set up as a real barroom. So make sure to enroll as a student at this NY bartending school, a place where students are taught the art of mixing cocktails, garnishing drinks, pouring the perfect beer, relating with clients and every other aspect of bartending.

    • 1 Barney Road, Clifton Park, NY, 12065
    • 518-279-4201

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