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How Much Is A Train Ride To New York

Trains In Washington Dc To New York

How to Ride the New York City Subway

Traveling by train to New York City from Washington, DC is the most reliable and quickest way. You can consider flying because it is faster, but it is more expensive than via train. When traveling by train to New York from Washington, DC, you arrive 1h 30min earlier than an equivalent bus journey. With at least 37 trains leaving Washington, DC for New York, you have multiple trains to choose from. Using the train promises stunning views when cutting through the Northeastern corridor and spanning the Eastern Seaboard. You also get to spend more time at your destination because you arrive on time.

Popular Journey In Washington Dc To New York City

Traveling by train to cities within the US is easy, thanks to Omio. You can easily use Amtrak to traverse to New York City from Washington, DC. Besides, some of the most popular journeys you can book with Omio include Washington, DC to Springfield, IL, which takes 26h 04min, and the price is $256, from Washington, DC to Norfolk, VA takes 5h 53min, and the train ticket price is $38. From Washington, DC to Bridgeport, CT takes 5h 00min, and the ticket price is $196. Traveling from Washington, DC to Atlantic City, NJ takes 5h 32min, and the price is $34 while traveling from Washington, DC to Lancaster, PA takes 4h 56min.

Washington DC Friends. Source: Shutterstock

Q: How To Get From Newark Airport To Nyc Via Shuttle

Answer: A shuttle can be the most convenient option for some who doesnt feel like managing public transportation. Anticipate spending about $21 to get a shuttle from Newark Airport to Manhattan. Research showed the best option to be GoAirLink NYC. They can drop you off at multiple places or your hotel from the airport.

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Amtrak Dining And Meal Time Again

Before I knew it, the Dining Chief announced yet another meal it was time for lunch. I closed up my laptop, put it away, slipped my shoes back on and made the long walk back to the dining car. Didnt I just do this a few minutes ago?

1:00pm Rather than repeat what I wrote about the last two meals, Ill quickly note that lunch was quite good. Theres a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, a chefs salad, soup and of course, dessert. There are always a few non-meat meals on an Amtrak menu. Lets hope food service in the dining car is restored post-pandemic and budget cuts.

The day seemed to quickly pass and soon we were in Washington, D.C. En route, the train raced through Richmond,VA as well as a couple of university towns. Its interesting scenery, so I probably spent as much time looking out of my window as I did trying to write a couple of articles.

How Much Does It Cost

Take a Ride on New York Central Railroad

Cheapest one-way fares:



3,000 miles coast-to-coast overland for as little at $197 has to be one of the world’s greatest travel bargains! Railpass options.

Amtrak fares are dynamic, so you’ll see various prices on various dates, book ahead for the cheapest prices – these are the cheapest examples I have found.

Round trip fares are twice the one-way fare. Children 2-12 travel at reduced fare, children under 2 travel free .

There’s a 10% discount for seniors over 65 on some fares. The discount applies to the base fare but not to saver fares, flexible fares, roomette/bedroom charges.

If you choose to travel in a sleeper, the premium fare column on the Amtrak website will show the total cost for all passengers travelling in a roomette or bedroom. This is calculated as a basic fare for each passenger plus one charge covering the whole roomette or bedroom. The roomette or bedroom cost is the same whether it’s occupied by one person or two. So a sleeper is a lot better value if there are two of you! The two people price in the table above is the total you pay for two people sharing a roomette or bedroom.

Tip: You can save 10% on the basic travel fare by becoming a member of the National Association of Railroad Passengers, which at the time of writing costs $35 for an individual or $50 for a family. It can pay for itself on one coast to coast trip. See for full details and online sign-up.

How to buy tickets

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See It In Pictures: Cross

The view from the trainas the California Zephyr snakes along those Colorado canyons…

The California Zephyr, just arrived in Emeryville after its 2,438-mile run from Chicago, 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Let Amtrak Vacationsarrange Your Trip

  • Amtrak Vacations is Amtrak’s official partner for vacations, tours & packages.

    Amtrak Vacations can put a package together from anywhere to anywhere to your specification, with private sleeping accommodations on the train, stopovers at cities or national parks, hotels & transfers.

    They’ll also do ticket-only bookings for cross-country Amtrak journeys, and you may get more help and advice if you book through them as they specialise in Amtrak’s long-haul routes.

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Train Companies In Washington Dc To New York City

Amtrak is the mainstay company operating trains to New York City from Washington, DC. Regardless of your schedule, Amtrak company has a departure that suits you best. We have early morning and late-night departures. Our convenient departure times make planning your Washington, DC to New York trip a snap. With Amtrak, your journey time can be cut down to approximately 3h 20min. We recommend that you book your train ticket at least 14 days earlier to enjoy our heavy discounts on the available fares. The best thing about Amtrak is that you do not compromise space and comfort. You can rest assured of a reclining seat and ample legroom in each of our trains.

The Route From New York Ny To Los Angeles Ca

Vintage Train Ride in New York

The New York to Los Angeles train route is an epic east-west journey that traverses the width of the United States. It covers up to 3,400 miles of rail track. The coast-to-coast journey is accessible in numerous ways, from overnight sleepers to portioned, regional train trips. There is no direct train option available. Instead, you can catch several connections in cities like Chicago or New Orleans. Itll take at least 3 days to make this trip whichever route you choose, although Chicago is the most convenient.

Trains from New York depart from Penn Stations Moynihan Train Hall, Amtraks hub on the east coast. Not only are there multiple ways to get to Chicago, but youll also find multiple ways into California from Chicago. The most direct route is via Texas on the Texas Eagle, a multi-day overnight train. However, you can also opt to change in San Francisco for LA via the extremely scenic, but lengthy, California Zephyr. As youll need to change trains at least once, strong planning through Virail is a must. So, what does the Texas route look like?

New York to Chicago

The first leg of this trip heads to Chicago. You can opt for many train services that go here, the quickest of which is the direct Lake Shore Limited. This Amtrak train heads north through Upstate New York before cutting quickly through Pennsylvania into Ohio. It follows the Great Lakes into Indiana and then finally Illinois.

The Texas Eagle

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What Is The Fastest Way To Get From New York City To Philadelphia

Traveling to Philadelphia by train from New York City is a quick and low-stress option. Trains travel from Penn Station in Manhattan to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station all throughout the day. Amtrak’s Acela service takes about an hour and 10 minutes, while other trains can take up to an hour and a half. In any case, most of the train cars feature WiFi, so you can spend your commute surfing social media or catching up on the news like a true New Yorker.

You can purchase tickets in advance online via the Amtrak website or in person at Penn Station. Fares start at $19 when purchased in advance for coach seats, but tickets quickly go up in price as they sell out and can skyrocket to over $100.

Amtrak is the quickest, most direct train option, but more budget-conscious travelers might prefer to take NJ Transit from Penn Station to Trenton, New Jersey. From there, passengers can transfer right across the track to the , which goes to Philadelphia. These tickets don’t go up in price like Amtrak tickets, so you’ll always pay the set fares . However, it takes significantly longer and at two and a half hours, it’s even slower than the bus.

Train Provider From Washington Dc To New York City

Amtrak is the leading and most convenient train provider in Washington, DC. Therefore, you can expect to travel in one of Amtraks trains. The train provider has two services operating between the two cities. These are the Acela Express line and the Northeast Regional train line. The Northeast Regional line is relatively slow but the busiest rail line in the US. It connects the whole Northeastern corridor to Washington, DC, and New York from Boston. If you are a business traveler, the Acela Express rail service is your safest bet. This is because it is the fastest train in the US. It has a high-speed line of 83 mph . Wi-Fi is also available in the Acela Express trains.

Washington DC Capitol Building. Source: Shutterstock

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The Amtrak Dining Car

As for table-mates, I lucked out. I was seated with three other solo women travelers. One woman in her mid-sixties, was headed to New York to rendezvous with her new boyfriend that she reconnected with at their 40th high school reunion. Of the other two across from us, one was rather quiet and left for her sleeper right after coffee. So the three of us closed the diner!

If youre not feeling sociable or just want to have a quiet dinner alone, you can order complimentary room service! Your room attendant will take your order and deliver it to you piping hot. You can do this for any meal.

On one returning trip, I was tired and requested room service. The steak arrived perfectly cooked-to-order and it even included a slice of New York-style cheesecake.

9:30 pm Upon returning to my compartment, my bed had been turned down, an extra pillow added , shades closed and the tiny reading light above my bed lent a welcoming glow to the room. Trusty Kindle in hand, I read for a while, peeked out from the shades to see where we had stopped . As the passengers stepped off the train, hugs were the norm as families and friends were reunited. Shades closed again, I went to sleep.

Dinner In The Dining Car

Upstate Tours

Ed. Note: Amtrak has removed the dining car Silver Star and Silver Meteor. Read what its like aboard the Silver Star without the dining car.

8:00 pm At the request of the Amtrak dining car attendant who walked through to welcome the newly-boarded, I left my roomette and walked through two sleeper cars to the dining car for an eight oclock seating. The drill was familiar. Wait in the doorway until the Dining Chief beckons and tells you where to sit. Youll be seated at a table for four and if you are lucky, the three others at your table will be friendly, conversant and all-around pleasant table-mates.

China plates are now disposable plastic, the cutlery is either real metal or silver-colored plastic. Wine glasses are also plastic. Except for the cooked to order steak , much of the food is microwaved.

There is a vegetarian option as well as fish. Salad is served with your beverage while your entree is prepared. I chose the grilled salmon and rice which was amazingly excellent. Dessert was pretty good, too. All meals are included if you have a a sleeping compartment.

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Amtrak Silver Star In Winter Park Florida

6:30 pm I arrived at the small but busy Amtrak station in the heart of downtown Winter Park, Florida. Ive tried the Orlando and Kissimmee train stations and prefer the one in Winter Park. My overnight train was scheduled to arrive on time at 7:41pm.

After checking in with the station agent, he graciously stowed my bags in his office so that I could walk across the street for a coffee. I dont think the gate agent for Delta could do that.

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7:20 pm-ish A five minute walk from the coffee shop on Park Avenue and I was back at the station. I could have relinquished my larger suitcase to the baggage car, but Ive done this run before and know how to safely secure my suitcase in my tiny roomette so it doesnt take up too much space.

7:30 pm The Amtrak station agent announces the arrival of our train. All the passengers in the building scatter to their designated waiting points along the platform, carefully observing not to get to close to the yellow line.

Coach passengers going to various destinations had different places to stand for their train car. Sleeping car passengers, like me, had our own area to congregate, although there were only four of us compared to at least twenty-five coach passengers.

With twenty-four station stops along the way from Florida to New York City, it was anyones guess who was going where.

Dining Car at lunch time. For dinner, there are tablecloths.

Let Railbookers Arrange Your Trip

  • Railbookers are train travel specialists with offices in the UK, Australia & United States. They can arrange coast to coast tours by train to your own specification, with trains, stopovers, hotels, transfers and flights all sorted.

    New Zealand call toll-free 0800 000 554 orsee their U.S. tours & vacations.

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Scenic Train Rides In New York

Please check out our social media sites!

The Adirondack Railway Preservation Society , operator of the Adirondack Railroad aims to preserve and restore rail service between the High Peaks region, Central New York and beyond via rail connections in Utica. ARPS partners with communities and businesses along the line to promote the railway and as an economic development driver while offering historic and environmental education opportunities.

Our vision includes expanding rail and coordinated-trail based offerings, allowing for people of all ages and physical capacities to traverse remote areas of the Adirondack Park.

Choose Your Train Station

Board of Directors Meetings:

Board of Directors meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9 AM in the ARPS office at 330 Main Street, Suite 102, Utica, NY 13502.

How Long Is The Flight

Grand Central non-stop train ride from York to London King’s Cross

Direct flights do exist between New York City and Philadelphia with American Airlines, and the travel time on the plane is about the same as the train: one hour and 10 minutes. However, once you take into account the time spent getting to and from airports, checking bags, and clearing security, flying takes hours longer than the train. American’s flights depart from both JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport, and it can take up to an hour just to get from Manhattan to the airport.

Apart from taking a long time, flights are also expensive, with direct journeys starting at nearly $150. Unless you have a connecting flight in Philadelphia and you want to arrive directly at the airport, taking the train almost always makes more sense.

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What Is The Best Month To Visit Washington Dc

The best times to visit Washington, D.C., are from September to November and March to May. In the autumn, the sweltering summer is gone, taking with it most of the high season tourists. All thats left are crisp breezes and changing leaves, which, by the way, look great against all those marble monuments.

How Long Is A Train Ride From New York To Arizona

4.8/5New Yorktrain

Just so, how long does it take to get to Arizona from New York?

Flying time from Phoenix, AZ to New York, NYThe total flight duration from Phoenix, AZ to New York, NY is 4 hours, 19 minutes. This is the average in-air flight time based on actual flights taken over the past year, including routes like PHX to LGA.

One may also ask, how far is Arizona from New York driving? The total driving distance from New York to Arizona is 2,397 miles or 3 858 kilometers. Your trip begins in the state of New York. It ends in the state of Arizona.

Regarding this, how long is a train ride to Arizona?

It takes on average 53 hours to travel 1275 miles, 2051 kms, from Alton. One train company operates schedules from Alton, with Amtrak offering the most daily connections to Phoenix.

Does Amtrak train go to Arizona?

Amtrak to Arizona. Two Amtrak routes travel through Arizona, the scenic Southwest Chief and the Sunset Limited. You can reach major cities including Flagstaff , Tuscon and Phoenix as well as the Grand Canyon .

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Q: How Do I Get A Bus From Nj To Nyc

Answer: There are express bus routes from the either the Secaucus Junction bus station, or the Irvington bus station in New Jersey. A bus will take between 35 and 45 minutes to get into NYC. Typically most people will use the PATH subway over express bus routes to commute from New Jersey to NYC because it is cheaper and faster. Katie is a NYC expert that can help you find out where to park outside of NYC and commute into Manhattan Chat now.

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