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Bronx Lebanon Hospital Emergency Room

Location And Physical Features

Shooting Turns Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Into War Zone

According to the , Bronx County has a total area of 57 square miles , of which 42 square miles is land and 15 square miles is water.

The Bronx is New York City’s northernmost borough, New York State’s southernmost mainland county and the only part of New York City that is almost entirely on the North American mainland. Its is primarily , a high-grade heavily banded containing significant amounts of . Marble Hill politically part of Manhattan but now physically attached to the Bronx is so-called because of the formation of there as well as in and parts of the Bronx and Westchester County.

The separates the Bronx on the west from , and in the separates it from the island of to the southwest the separates it from to the southeast and to the east, separates it from in western Long Island. Directly north of the Bronx are the adjoining communities of , , and, though physically separated by water, . There is also a short southern land boundary with in the Borough of Manhattan, over the filled-in former course of the Marble Hill’s postal , telephonic and fire service, however, are shared with the Bronx and not Manhattan.

The flows south from Westchester County through the borough, emptying into the East River it is the only entirely river in New York City. A smaller river, the , passes through the East Bronx and empties into .

Individual And Household Income

This article needs to be . Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

The 1999 for a household in the borough was $27,611, and the median family income was $30,682. Males had a median income of $31,178 versus $29,429 for females. The for the borough was $13,959. About 28.0% of families and 30.7% of the population were below the , including 41.5% of those under age 18 and 21.3% of those age 65 or over. More than half of the neighborhoods in the Bronx are high poverty or extreme poverty areas.

From 2015 Census data, the for a household was $34,299. in past 12 months : $18,456 with persons in poverty at 30.3%. Per the 2016 Census data, the for a household was $35,302. Per capita income was cited at $18,896.

Votes For Other Offices

In the , Senator received 81.8% of the vote in the Bronx while President received 16.3% ” rel=”nofollow”> Republican plus 0.85% ).

In the , Democrat improved on Kerry’s showing, and took 88.7% of the vote in the Bronx to Republican ‘s 10.9%.

In 2005, the Democratic former Bronx won 59.8% of the borough’s vote against 38.8% for Mayor , who carried every other borough in his .

In 2006, Senator won 89.5% of the Bronx’s vote against ex-Mayor ‘s 9.6% , while won 88.8% of the Borough’s vote in against , who received 9.7% of the Bronx’s vote

In the of February 5, 2008, Sen. Clinton won 61.2% of the Bronx’s 148,636 Democratic votes against 37.8% for and 1.0% for the other four candidates combined . In the held on the same day, won 54.4% of the borough’s 5,643 Republican votes, 20.8%, 8.2%, 7.4%, 5.6%, and the other candidates 3.6% between them.

After becoming a separate county in 1914, the Bronx has supported only two Republican presidential candidates. It voted heavily for the winning Republican in , but much more narrowly on a split vote for his victorious Republican successor in ” rel=”nofollow”> Progressive and lines).

The Bronx County vote for President and Mayor since 1952
President and Vice President of the United States Mayor of the City of New York

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List Of Bronx Hospitals

Find Bronx, New York hospitals, children’s and pediatric centers, patient care & medical facilities, urgent care, emergency room, ambulance, and EMS emergency services.

Burke Rehabilitation Center 2826 Westchester Ave Bronx, NY

Calvary Hospital 1740 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY

James J. Peters Va Medical Center 130 W Kingsbridge Rd Bronx, NY

Lincoln Hospital 234 E 149Th St Bronx, NY

Sbh Health System 4422 Third Avenue Bronx, NY

Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai

In An Instant
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Former names Mount Sinai School of Medicine
1963 59 years ago
Parent institution

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai , formerly the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is a in . It is the academic teaching arm of The , which manages eight hospital campuses in the , including and the .

Mount Sinai is ranked #11 among American medical schools by the 2023 . In 2021, it was ranked 15th in the country for biomedical research and leads the country in research funding from the for neuroscience and genetics . It attracted over $400 million in total NIH funding in 2021. Mount Sinai’s faculty includes 23 elected members of the and 40 members of the American Society for Clinical Investigation.

In 2018, the MD program matriculated 140 students from 6,156 applicants. The median undergraduate GPA of matriculants is 3.84, and the median MCAT score is in the 95th percentile. The is currently training over 90 MD/PhD students. As one of the most selective medical schools in the U.S., Mount Sinai received 8,276 applications for approximately 140 MD and MD/PhD positions for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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Representatives In The Us Congress

Candidates winning non-judicial elections in the Bronx since 2004
  • represents which includes the northwest Bronx neighborhoods of Bedford Park, , and as well as parts of and counties.

‘s neutral rating system placed all of their voting records in 2005 and 2006 somewhere between very liberal and extremely liberal.

11 out of 150 members of the represent districts wholly within the Bronx. Six out of 62 represent Bronx districts, half of them wholly within the county, and half straddling other counties. All these legislators are Democrats who won between 65% and 100% of their districts’ vote in 2006.

The Curriculumof The Internal Medicine Residency Program Was Developed Based On The Principles And Recommendations Of The Accreditation Council On Graduate Medical Education On The Internal Medicine Residency Program Requirements Revisions To The Curriculum Have Been Accomplished With Participation From Faculty And Residents It Is Designed To Reflect The Shift From Process

Academic MedicineThere is a core curriculum in internal medicine and its sub-specialties, which is given by all members of the Department throughout the year.

Regularly scheduled conferences include Medical Grand Rounds, Sub-specialty Rounds, Journal Club, Bedside Teaching Rounds, and Monthly Scientific Seminars with leading scientists, Clinico-Pathologic Conferences, Autopsy conferences with the Departments of Pathology and Radiology. There is a separate review course to prepare residents for the American Board of Internal Medicine certifying examinations.

Fellowship programs : The department currently has fellowship programs in Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Pulmonary Medicine. The hospital also has residency programs in many other fields, including Pediatrics, Surgery, Family Practice, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology and Psychiatry. The medical library is online and accessible 24 /7. BronxCare Hospital Center has a medical school affiliation with Mount Sinais Icahn School of Medicine.THE FIRST YEAREven during the first year of residency you are “the doctor” to BronxCare patients. Perhaps more than at any other hospital, you gain essential experience with many kinds of medical patients by taking responsibility for them in the hospital and by recruiting them for your office practice, where you follow them throughout your residency. During the first year, you will rotate through a range of sub-specialty oriented and general medicine floors.


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Lincoln Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency

Located in the South Bronx of New York City, we are one of the oldest Emergency Medicine Residencies in the nation. Our focus is to provide care to an underserved community while training the next generation of EM physicians. The need is great. The pathology is vast.

Learn About Us

Lincoln Hospital, among other Bronx hospitals, provides care for approximately 1.4 million people within a 40 square mile radius. As such, Our ED census is one of the highest in the nation.

Meet the Residents

Doctor Accused Of Sexual Harassment Kills 1 At Nyc Hospital

Victims Injured In Bronx Lebanon Hospital Shooting Recovering As Doctors, Nurses Speak Out

NEW YORK — A doctor forced from a New York hospital because of sexual harassment accusations returned Friday with an assault rifle hidden under a lab coat and shot seven people, killing one woman and leaving several doctors fighting for their lives, authorities said.

The gunman, Dr. Henry Bello, fatally shot himself after trying to set himself on fire at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, they said. He staggered, bleeding, into a hallway where he collapsed and died with the rifle at his side, officials said.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene as gunfire erupted, spreading terror throughout the medical facility as employees locked themselves inside rooms and patients feared for their lives.

“I thought I was going to die,” said Renaldo Del Villar, a patient who was in the third-floor emergency room getting treatment for a lower back injury.

UPDATE: One victim killed in shooting at Bronx hospital, CBS News confirms gunman, a former employee, also dead

Law enforcement officials identified the shooter as the 45-year-old Bello, who was described on the hospital website as a family medicine physician. Officials said Bello used an AR-15 in the attack on the 16th and 17th floors.

Bello was allowed to resign from the hospital in 2015 amid sexual harassment allegations, according to two law enforcement officials. The officials didn’t know the details of the allegations.

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Use Of Definite Article

The Bronx is referred to with the as “the Bronx” or “The Bronx”, both legally and colloquially. The “county of Bronx” does not take “the” immediately before “Bronx” in formal references, unlike the coextensive “Borough of the Bronx”. The uses “Bronx, NY” for mailing addresses. The region was apparently named after the and first appeared in the “Annexed District of The Bronx” created in 1874 out of part of . It was continued in the “Borough of The Bronx”, which included a larger annexation from Westchester County in 1898. The use of the definite article is attributed to the style of referring to rivers. A time-worn story purportedly explaining the use of the definite article in the borough’s name says it stems from the phrase “visiting the Broncks”, referring to the settler’s family.

History of Bronx Borough, City of New York

European colonization of the Bronx began in 1639. The Bronx was originally part of , but it was ceded to in two major parts before it became Bronx County. Originally, the area was part of the ‘s territory inhabited by of the Confederacy. Over time, European colonists converted the borough into farmlands.

Among famous settlers in the Bronx during the 19th and early 20th centuries were author , tobacco merchant , and inventor , who established to house the workers at his iron works.

On January 1, 1898, the consolidated was born, including the Bronx as one of the five distinct .

We Adopt And Practice The Following Principles As Fundamental To Our Program

A firm commitment to hands-on bedside teaching.

The most stimulating and best-remembered lessons in medicine are derived from direct patient care.

We regard residents participation in program development as a serious function.

The housestaff formally contributes as members of many of the departments committees and through the evaluation process, and informally, through discussion with the attending staff, chief residents and associate program directors and director.

A philosophy of innovation and resident participation in developing the content of the program.

We are constantly evaluating and trying new approaches to learning and patient care. We adapt what works and discard what doesnt.

A supportive environment.

An atmosphere of warmth and support is an immeasurable but vital ingredient in our program. At BronxCare, where physicians from many parts of the world interact as colleagues at the house staff and attending levels, there is a special emphasis on teamwork and emotional support for each individual resident.

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Statcare Urgent Care Bronx 174th St Nyc

When looking for a health center or urgent care clinics in the New York City area, you can get online and search via zip code or location. Or better yet, head on to Statcare Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic. It is just a five to seven-minute ride away from 10460 Bronx, NY.

We offer primary doctor services, internal medicine, pediatric care, and more. With over 120,000 tests conducted, Statcare is also the #1 choice for COVID-19 Testing. Statcare is unique in providing full touch-less registration so you never have to wait in the cold or deal with crowded waiting rooms. We are open daily and for extended hours.

Statcare also leads in price transparency in health care. Check out our costs and fees for lab testing and health services that we provide. If you need emergency medical assistance for cardio problems, deep bleeding wounds, or broken bones, it is best to go straight to a hospital emergency room. For everything else, come to Statcare.

932 East 174th Street

Urgent Care Center In Bronx

Bronx Politician Helps Connect Hospitals and Resources

We Can Help Your Family Live Life, Uninterrupted. If youre in need of medical care for an illness or injury thats not life-threatening, look no further than American Family Care®. We offer urgent care in the Bronx -149 area for patients of all ages. Our medical team is staffed with medical professionals that are dedicated to ensuring your health and overall well-being.

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Successfully Responding To Crisis Situations

Under the new leadership of Dr. Robert Favelukes, Chairman, Emergency Medicine, the Emergency Department has rebounded in volume post-Covid and is back to being one of the best and busiest in New York. BronxCares ER performed valiantly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing the highest quality care for its patients and the community. Our staff banded together, even stronger than ever throughout this pandemic to overcome the challenges of COVID management and continue to fight the virus as well as successfully respond to other medical conditions, stated Dr. Favelukes.

BronxCares ED continues to experience high patient volume as well as significant increases in the severity of illnesses treated, including more patients in the advanced stages of complicated conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, asthma, sepsis, and diabetes. These patients often require extensive medical attention, transfer to the OR for surgical intervention, or admission. Frequently, such patients require continuing care in the Intensive Care Units or close monitoring in the Observation Area.

Patients arriving at our Emergency Department are entering a place of safety, where the best possible care will be provided to them promptly and effectively,

Tony Ramgahan, Director, Emergency Nursing

“As busy as the ER can become, the staff makes every effort to attend to the needs of our patients.”

Dr. Stacy Nunberg, Vice Chair, Emergency Medicine

The Internal Medicine Residency Program At Bronxcare Hospital Center Is One Of The Largest Producers Of Primary Care Physicians In The Nation

The BronxCare Hospital Center

( formerly know as the

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center) is a major teaching hospital and a part of The BronxCare Health System.

The Department of Medicine covers about 250 inpatient beds and 37 beds in the ICU and CCU units. Currently, we have 85 full-time faculty members, 108 residents and 20 fellows. In addition, the department runs 6 Ambulatory Care clinics under the Chief of Primary Care & Preventive Medicine. House staff manages all patients admitted under medicine.

Fully accredited by the Joint Commission, the nations leading hospital accrediting authority The BronxCare Health System consists of two hospital divisions, a comprehensive psychiatric program, two specialized long-term care facilities, and an extensive network of clinics, including a recently completed 9-story Health and Wellness Center for outpatients, and Life Recovery Center for chemical dependency , as well as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center.

The BronxCare Health System now provides more than one million outpatient and 141,000 ER visits.

It is also certified as a Level Three Patient Centered Medical Home by the National Center for Quality Assurance.

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