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How Much Do Physical Therapists Make In New York

How Much Can A Physical Therapist Make

How much can a physical therapist earn?

Your earning potential throughout your career will depend on variables like where you live and how much experience you have, but it will also depend on your work ethic. The best way to boost your earning potential is to achieve great results with patients and establish a reputable name for yourself. If you can establish a good base of clients who will return to you or recommend your practice to others, you will become increasingly more valuable in your field.

Physical Therapists Graduate With More Student Loans Than Anticipated

A 2020 APTA survey of PTs and physical therapy assistants found that graduates have an average of $110,000 in student debt thats directly related to their PT education. Further, 9 in 10 physical therapists have a cumulative debt load of nearly $153,000 .

The problem isnt isolated to DPT graduates either. The survey found that nearly 50% of PTAs end up with student debt, too, with an average student loan balance of $24,308. These high numbers match up with the student debt totals Student Loan Planner® consultants have seen from practicing physical therapy clients.

There Is A Tremendous Amount Of Money To Be Made In Private Practice Physical Therapy

The private practice sector of physical therapy is growing and will always be in demand. As a physical therapy practice owner, you take home a yearly base salary plus a percentage of revenue, or profit. Successfully run private practices generate between $250,000 and $2,500,000 per year in gross revenue. If you are able to successfully manage your practice and operate at 20% pre-tax profitability, thats another $50,000 to $500,000 in annual profits! Some of the most successful private practice owners in the country are members of FYZICAL, hear their stories here.

If you can hone your business skills and run an efficient and profitable practice, you have the opportunity to take home substantial income.

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You Need A Strategy To Make More Money

Instead of throwing up your hands and deciding that theres nothing to be done about your current financial situation or vowing that youll just have to work harder, you really should work smarter.

As you know, if youve spent any time on our website, we think youd do well to invest in a HODs franchise. For one, a Hands-On Diagnostics franchised physical therapy practice isnt your typical conventional PT practice. Because a Hands-On Diagnostic physical therapy practice also offers diagnostic services, a physical therapists staff can send billing codes to insurers that are far higher than typical, conventional treatments.

Diagnostics for physical therapy is better for the patient because it improves your odds of an accurate diagnosis. Thats why insurers accept higher billing codes for diagnostic testing. In fact, many Hands-On Diagnostics franchises bill around $550 per diagnostic session as opposed to the $70 to $100 per session that a typical PT practice will bill for. In fact, many PTs earn five to 10 times more than they were with their old practices.

Job Description For Physical Therapist I

PTA Salary &  Employment Data (Updated March 2018)

Physical Therapist I evaluates and treats patients recovering from injury, disease, surgery, or other ailments. Establishes treatment plans and treats patients using a variety of methods, including exercises, stretching maneuvers, hands-on therapy, and equipment to ease patients’ pain and help them recover. Being a Physical Therapist I works cooperatively with physicians, case managers, and insurance adjusters. Documents and reports on patients’ progress. Additionally, Physical Therapist I may supervise physical therapy assistants, aides, and athletic trainers. Requires a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Requires state license to practice physical therapy. Typically reports to a manager. The Physical Therapist Iwork is closely managed. Works on projects/matters of limited complexity in a support role. To be a Physical Therapist I typically requires 0-2 years of related experience. … View full job description

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Is Physical Therapy A Good Career

If you enjoy working with people to develop a treatment plan and help them recover their physical health, then yes, physical therapy is a great career for you. As seen from the information and statistics above, this is a relatively high-paying job for which the median wages increase as one garners more experience.

In addition, the career has a great outlook. Physical therapys growth estimates seem great, and it looks like physical therapists will continue to be in demand for a long time. To top it all up, physical therapists help people become better after facing experiences that had a negative impact on their lives.

Careers In Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the practice of helping people improve their quality of life by optimizing their ability to move. While there are actually several types of physical therapy jobs including physical therapist assistant and physical therapy aide a physical therapist is someone who has earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The majority of physical therapists do not practice in hospitals but instead work in outpatient clinics and offices, schools, rehabilitation facilities, nursing facilities and a variety of other settings.


Prepare to Become a Physical Therapist with USC’s Online DPT Program

  • A top-ranked school on U.S. News & World Reports 2020 list
  • Full-time, three-year program

Arcadias Online Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • No. 24-Ranked DPT Program1
  • Designed to be completed in 25 months
  • CAPTE accredited

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Is It Worth It To Work As An Pt/ot In New York

New York is a great place to work as a PT/OT, but there are pros and cons to any place you decide to live.

As a new grad, I decided to live in a location that was more affordable with better pay until I could pay off my student loans.

New York has plenty to offer, but it can be challenging to live there unless youre able to find a higher paying job.

Heres my list of pros and cons for working in New York City


Physical Therapists Salaries By Level Of Experience

Should You Become A Physical Therapist? Personality Fit? Salary? Jobs Available?

The table below with information from PayScale shows how much physical therapists earn based on their level of experience. Entry-level physical therapists earn a starting salary of $68,000. Throughout a career, however, the median physical therapy salary could increase considerably.

81% of participants stated they felt more confident about their tech job prospects after attending a bootcamp. Get matched to a bootcamp today.

The average bootcamp grad spent less than six months in career transition, from starting a bootcamp to finding their first job.

Experience Level

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New York Licensure Requirements

In order to be licensed as a physical therapist in New York, an applicant must complete an accredited education program in physical therapy and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

For more information on state licensing requirements, go to: .

Job Description For Physical Therapist Ii

Physical Therapist II evaluates and treats patients recovering from injury, disease, surgery, or other ailments. Establishes treatment plans and treats patients using a variety of methods, including exercises, stretching maneuvers, hands-on therapy, and equipment to ease patients’ pain and help them recover. Being a Physical Therapist II works cooperatively with physicians, case managers, and insurance adjusters. Documents and reports on patients’ progress. Additionally, Physical Therapist II may supervise physical therapy assistants, aides, and athletic trainers. Requires a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Requires state license to practice physical therapy. Typically reports to a manager. The Physical Therapist II occasionally directed in several aspects of the work. Gaining exposure to some of the complex tasks within the job function. To be a Physical Therapist II typically requires 2 -4 years of related experience. … View full job description

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What Is The Difference Between Ota And Pta

OTAs and PTAs complete different types of tasks. PTAs will also help patients learn to use adaptive equipment, such as crutches, prosthetics or wheelchairs. In addition, PTAs administer massage therapy and may use ultrasound or hydrotherapy equipment. OTAs will coach patients through performing daily tasks.

Where Do Physical Therapists Work

Physical Therapist Salary: How Much Do Physical Therapists ...

PTs work in hospitals, outpatient clinics and private offices that have specially equipped facilities. PTs also work in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, home health agencies and schools. A small percentage of PTs are self-employed.A PTs job can be physically demanding, because PTs may have to stoop, kneel, crouch, lift and stand for long periods of time. In addition, PTs may move heavy equipment and lift patients or help them turn, stand or walk.

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Is A Physical Therapist Salary Worth The Debt

When it comes to whether or not a physical therapist salary is worth the student loans, there are three factors that need to be considered:

  • Cost of the DPT program
  • Location of employment
  • Type of job
  • Lets take a look at all three factors to see how they change the value of education for physical therapists.

    Per Diem Physical Therapist

    Physical therapist must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the needs of patients of all age populations in order to provide care

  • Mount Sinai – Brooklyn, NY 3.8

    Acute bedside physical therapy care with clinical rotations including orthopedics, cardiac, general medicine, surgery.

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    Best Physical Therapist Repayment Options When Pslf Is Unavailable

    In this case, Jareds next best option financially would be to refinance into a new 10-year private student loan at 3.5%. But if cash flow is Jareds biggest concern, then his best choice would be PAYE.

    At the beginning of repayment, PAYE would free up nearly $700 in Jareds monthly budget over refinancing. Yet PAYE would also cost $36,000 less than REPAYE over the life of the loan.

    Yes, youll pay nearly $50,000 more in total out-of-pocket payments with PAYE over refinancing. But, remember that Jared would have an extra 10 years to make those payments. And in the meantime, his cash flow situation would be far more manageable.

    Cost Of The Dpt Program

    Physical Therapy Assistant Salary (2020) â Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs

    The best way to increase the chances that your salary will be worth the debt is to decrease the cost of your physical therapy education. As with most degrees, the cost of DPT programs depends largely on where you go to school.

    Theres a huge disparity between the average annual tuition of DPT programs at state versus private schools. Check out the latest data from CAPTE:

    • Public in-state: $18,514
    • Public out-of-state: $33,879
    • Private: $36,882

    If youre looking to begin a DPT program, always check to see how much it would cost to enroll in one of your state schools. There are many high-quality state schools that offer DPT degrees for less than $50,000 in total.

    If you happen to live in a state that doesnt have a public university with a competitive DPT program, enrolling in another states university could still save you money over a private school.

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    Money Can Be Just As Easily Lost In Private Practice Physical Therapy

    There are a lot of challenges that come along with owning any business a physical therapy business is no different. You could be the best physical therapist clinician in the world, but that doesnt guarantee you a profitable business.

    Along with the business challenges, there is increasing competition and consolidation in the PT industry to be aware of.

    Physical Therapist Iisalary In New York Ny

    How much does a Physical Therapist II make in New York, NY? The average Physical Therapist II salary in New York, NY is $112,458 as of February 25, 2022, but the range typically falls between $104,021 and $121,508. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact pay target.

    10th Percentile Physical Therapist II Salary $96,340
    25th Percentile Physical Therapist II Salary $104,021
    50th Percentile Physical Therapist II Salary $112,458
    75th Percentile Physical Therapist II Salary $121,508
    90th Percentile Physical Therapist II Salary $129,747

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    A Physical Therapy License In Your State

    Every physical therapy graduate must pass the National Physical Therapy Examination in order to obtain the appropriate state license or certification. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants are licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. State regulatory boards manage licensure for each individual state, so you must obtain a state license in order to practice physical therapy in that state. Specific licensure requirements vary according to each states physical therapy practice act, but all require a minimum score of 600 on the NPTE. Physical therapy aides do not require any special certification.

    How Much Does A Physical Therapist Make

    Race and crime in america essay

    Sep 7, 2013 by a2k

    Physical therapists are responsible for assisting patients with injuries or chronic medical conditions, rehabilitating their physical movement, and treat their pain.

    Physical therapists provide individual care to patients of all ages who have arthritis, sprains, back injuries, fractures, birth injuries, amputations, and many other conditions. Physical therapists diagnose the patients, set up a treatment plan, use therapy to increase their ability, and evaluate patient progress.

    SalaryHow much do physical therapists make? According to May 2012 records from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual physical therapist salary is $81,110. In other words, the 191,460 physical therapists employed nationwide received a mean hourly wage of $38.99. The lowest ten percent of the field earned an annual salary of $55,620, while the top ten percent of physical therapists earned a sizeable annual salary of $112,020.

    Furthermore, the top-paying states within the physical therapy occupation are Nevada at $110,670, Alaska at $89,950, and New Jersey at $89,830. On the flip side, the states with the lowest annual salary for physical therapists are Hawaii at $67,000, Louisiana at $71,000, and Nebraska at $74,000. While all states compensate physical therapists quite well, physical therapists can earn a very lucrative six-figure salary within certain industries and states.

    Data courtesy of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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    How To Become A Dpt

    Aspiring physical therapists are required to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from an accredited program and become licensed in their state, before they can practice. Admission into a DPT program typically requires a bachelors degree with extensive prerequisite coursework, including biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and statistics.

    Where To Find High

    Of course, you may think to yourself, Well, fine, I will bring diagnostics training to my practice, but then I have to find somebody who offers PT CEU training for that. But where?

    Fortunately, you dont have to look far. Hands-On Companies and its affiliates offer industry-leading continuing education coursework. And while the price isnt free , the training will, again, allow you to have a clinic with a much fatter profit margin than you would otherwise. As with any training, this is an investment in yourself.

    We offer classes, both in-person in classrooms across the country and online.

    We currently have over 30 courses. If we described them all, wed be here all day, and thatd be silly, anyway, since you could look at most of them here .

    Well give you a rundown of one of our most popular CEUs, though, just to give you a sense of whats out there.

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    Here’s How Much Money Physical Therapists Earn In Every State

    A physical therapist helping a little girl to walk with a wheeled walking frame in hospital.


    The field of physical therapy has increased in popularity over the years. The future of the occupation looks bright as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment of physical therapists is expected to grow 28% from 2016 to 2026, considered much faster than the average for all occupations.

    According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics, as of 2018, the average annual wage of physical therapists is $88,880. However, physical therapy salaries arent this high in every state. In some states, the average annual income is as much as $10,000 less. Depending on where you live, your income as a physical therapy will vary in accordance. Below youll find the full breakdown below of where physical therapy incomes are the lowest, and where their incomes are the highest.

    How Much Do Physical Therapists Make In New York

    Physical Therapist Salary (2019) â Physical Therapist Jobs

    Do physical therapists in New York make a lot of money? What is the average pay for New York physical therapists?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physical therapists in New York earn an average of $90,880 a year, equivalent to $43.69 an hour.

    This is almost exactly the same as physical therapists nationwide, but it is 42% more than the typical New York worker.

    • Latest wage data is for May 2019
    • Pre-tax earnings Wages only – does not include benefits
    • Data is for the entire metro area, not just the city
    Metro Area

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