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How Much Can I Make With A Masters In Operations Research

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Youll earn a respectable salary with a masters in operations research. The average salary is around $86,200 per year. Workers in the federal government earn the highest wages overall. A masters degree will qualify you for the top wages.

The future looks bright for individuals with masters in operations research. These fields are expected to grow by about 25% through the next decade. Thats according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due in part to the fact that jobs for operations research analysts are available in countless industries. You could work in:

  • finance and insurance

How Do I Apply For A Masters In Psychology

Masters psychology programs vary significantly between universities. Some only include a masters as a stepping stone on the way to a doctorate. Others offer it as a terminal degree.

Some graduate programs require students to choose a specialization within psychology. All of that is to say that the focus of the individual psychology masters program determines the application requirements. Some graduate programs may require an undergraduate degree in psychology. Even the ones that dont require it will usually require some undergraduate coursework in psychology, though they may also offer foundation courses as part of their curriculum.

In general, plan to take the GRE, have letters of recommendation, and write a personal statement as part of the application process. Many of the best masters programs below are full time, though many offer part-time options, and some are delivered online. Almost all require practicums or internships for experience in the field.

As far as cost goes, the average for the 20 psychology programs on our list is $32,157 per academic year , and the median is $25,578.

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University Of California At Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California

UCSB‘s beachfront location makes it an ideal school for outdoor activities such as surfing, sand volleyball, and hiking. And when the sun goes down, there’s no shortage of nightlife, including drinking on the beach and house parties on ocean-bordering Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista, where students predominate.

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University Of Southern California


The University of Southern California has racked up plenty of awards. U.S. News & World Report ranks it No. 22 among National Universities and No. 9 in Best Engineering Schools . It takes first place for Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs. Its located near downtown Los Angeles in beautiful Southern California. You will be able to enjoy beautiful weather year-round. There are also plenty of local recreational activities. USCs campus is close to LAs large Exposition Park. This is home to many attractions. These include the citys natural history museum and the LA Memorial Coliseum. You can even visit the brand new Banc of California Stadium. None of that will help you in your studies, but theyre things to consider nonetheless!

The Operations Research Engineering Master of Science at USC is one of the best. It trains students to solve key business problems with mathematics and computers.You will need to complete 21 credits in those required courses. Youll also take six credit hours of electives. Youll also take three computer science electives. This will help you earn the 30 credits needed for a masters. Theres no thesis or capstone project. Youll move toward job growth in other ways, like networking.

Are Operations Research Masters Programs Worth It

The Princeton Review ranks Kansas State University, Manhattan ...

Bachelors degree is the typical education needed to get an entry-level job in this field. Many employers prefer to hire applicants with masters degrees. This is especially true now, in our increasingly competitive work environment.

A Master of Science in Operations Research will provide you with the necessary prerequisite training. Youll also gain access to industry certifications and on-the-job experience. These can help you move in a more specialized or leadership-focused direction.

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How Much Can I Earn With A Masters In Psychology

Remember that part about all the different jobs out there? That makes it difficult to offer a baseline figure, but count on the Bureau of Labor Statistics to take a whack at it.

Using psychologist as a general term, BLS says they earn a median salary of $81,040.

For more specific data, the BLS breaks them down into the following categories:

  • Industrial-organizational psychologist
  • Clinical, counseling, and school psychologist
  • Psychologists, all other

On the macro level, the bureau estimates there are 178,900 psychologist jobs in the U.S., and it expects that number to grow by 8% by 2030 faster than the 5% national average job growth adding another 13,500 jobs.

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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Some schools offer operations research as a specialization of a larger degree. Others bump it up to degree status, usually as part of the engineering department. MIT took things one step further. It constructed a massive building just for that purpose. Its fittingly called the Operations Research Center. The Operations Research Center started in 1953 and developed the first-of-its-kind OR curriculum. This was back when applying scientific methods to decision-making and business problems was a revolutionary idea. The primary goal of this program is collaborative investigation.

Students dont have to have bachelors degrees in specific fields to apply. That said, MIT is known for having a competitive admissions process. You will need to submit the GRE a statement of objectives and three letters of recommendation. Transcripts are required. The operations research program only accepts around 40 students each year. This is from a large pool of hundreds of applicants.

The silver lining is that the school only costs $18,971 per academic year. This is a bargain when compared to other prestigious schools of this caliber. U.S. News& World Report ranks it No. 4 in Best Value Schools. Thats low for MIT. It ranks No. 3 in national universities, and No. 1 for Best Engineering Schools for graduate degrees.

The coursework is separated into eight groups. These groups include:

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Georgia Institute Of Technology


Operations research is an interdisciplinary field with a wide variety of applications. No two students will have the same career goals. Georgia Tech makes it easy by designing its curriculum around one common goal. This goal is to help students use their advanced skills to make an immediate impact in industry and government. Headquartered in Atlanta, the school dates to 1885. This is when it opened to help industrialize and modernize the post-Civil War South.

Thinking ahead has long been part of Georgia Techs mission. The Master of Science in Operations Research program follows suit. This is one reason why its one of the best masters degrees around. The curriculum focuses on deterministic and stochastic operations research. The goal of the program is to provide a training in the basics and technical applications of operational research. They can go out and make an immediate impact. It may be surprising that Georgia Tech isnt especially rigorous with its admissions prerequisites. A background in operations research is not required. Applicants should have a bachelors in either:

  • engineering

Georgia Tech describes its coursework as rigorous, so it wont be a cakewalk. The school generally limits the program to 20 students, so admission is competitive. Thirty credit hours are required for a masters. Students can focus on specific applications. These include:

  • Optimization
  • Computational Science
  • Other Electives

National Parks And Historic Sites

Manhattan, KS, mayor calls out K-State students

According to the , Kansas’s climate can be characterized in terms of three types: it has humid continental, semi-arid steppe, and humid subtropical. The eastern two-thirds of the state has a , with cool to cold winters and hot, often humid summers. Most of the precipitation falls during both the summer and the spring.

The western third of the statefrom roughly the corridor westwardhas a climate. Summers are hot, often very hot, and generally less humid. Winters are highly changeable between warm and very cold. The western region receives an average of about 16 inches of precipitation per year. in the winter can warm western Kansas all the way into the 80 degrees Fahrenheit range.

The south-central and southeastern portions of the state, including the area, have a with hot and humid summers, milder winters, and more precipitation than elsewhere in Kansas. Some features of all three climates can be found in most of the state, with droughts and changeable weather between dry and humid not uncommon, and both warm and cold spells in the winter.

According to NOAA, the all-time highest temperature recorded in Kansas is on July 24, 1936, near in , and the all-time low is 40 °F on February 13, 1905, near in . Alton and Lebanon are approximately 50 miles apart.

Kansas’s record high of 121 °F ties with for the fifth-highest record high in an American state, behind California , , , and .

Monthly normal high and low temperatures for various Kansas cities


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University Of Wisconsin At Madison

Madison, Wisconsin

Drinking plays a large role in the weekend activities of many University of Wisconsin students. Beer is ubiquitous on campus, and students especially go hard on big nights like Halloween.

Students also love to cheer on the Badgers’ football and basketball teams, which are routinely ranked among the country’s best. Or when the weather’s nice in Madison which is surrounded by lakes on either side students relax at the Memorial Union terrace on the water or explore the city’s eclectic food and arts scene.

About Kansas State University

Kansas State University, located in Manhattan, KS, offers post-secondary education with multiple degree options. The College provides information about the admission process, submitting an application, and tuition rates. Prospective students can also contact Kansas State University for information about financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

You may contact Colleges & Universities for questions about:

  • College admissions and applications
  • ACT and SAT score requirements
  • Tuition, financial aid, and scholarships
  • Associates degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Doctoral degrees, and certificate programs
  • Kansas Public and Private Colleges

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The Incredible Dr Erickson Gives Back

At 83, Larry Erickson is not riding the bench. Larry is an alumnus, professor emeritus of K-States Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, former director of the Center for Hazardous Substance Research, author, mentor, husband and president of the Kansas Square Dance Association. His dedication to students, the university, his field and to the environment keeps him actively teaching, researching and giving to K-State.

We Do The Research So You Dont Have To

Willard Hall

Thats right, we get the hard work out of the way. We know that you have educational goals that youre itching to pursue, but you may not know where to start. Weve crafted a unique and proven ranking methodology that sets us apart. Our ranking score is based on the following three aspects:

40% potential salary after graduation

30% individual program accreditation

30% overall affordability

Want to learn more about how we gather that information? Please feel free to visit our dedicated methodology page for a step-by-step breakdown. Were an open book!

If youre interested in psychology, read on for our list of the 20 best masters degrees in psychology.

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Landlords Near Kansas State University

Life at Kansas State University

Manhattan is full of great places to shop. Manhattan Town Center is a local mall and has over 50 stores to choose from. If you are looking for something more low key, Aggieville is an excellent choice with over 100 businesses, you are bound to find something for everyone.

We’ve put together a list of the best restaurants near the K-State campus to save you time and help narrow down all the possibilities.

  • Harry’s Restaurant
  • Taco Lucha

Outdoor Activities & Recreation

The city has 28 parks with amazing features that can be enjoyed all year long. Manhattan is a beautiful place with bike trails, hiking, horses, climbing, a large reservoir near campus, and the Manhattan Parks and Recreation include seasonal options with K-State sports as well!.

Aggieville is the name of six square blocks around Manhattan Avenue and Moro Street. It consists of college bars, restaurants and shops. It’s a great place with a college community feel and lots of opportunities to meet new people.

About Kansas State University

The 30 Most Fun Colleges In America

College may be laden with papers, exams, and long nights in the library, but for many it’s also chock-full of raging parties, intense school spirit, and unforgettable memories with friends.

To determine which schools have nailed the formula for fun, we looked at 12 categories from The Princeton Review’s 2016 college rankings, including lists like “Party Schools” and “Lots of Beer.” Since alcohol isn’t the only way to have fun, we also included schools that placed on lists like “Happiest Students” and “Best Quality of Life.” We then combined these rankings to determine which schools were the most fun overall. You can read the full methodology here.

Based on our results, the typical “fun” school is a large public university with a strong Greek system and competitive athletics. But several smaller schools with close-knit communities earned spots on the list as well.

Read on to see which 30 schools across the US know how to have the most fun.

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Primary And Secondary Education

Manhattan is served by public school district and has one public high school with two campuses ” rel=”nofollow”> Manhattan High School), two middle schools , and eight elementary schools . The city also has two private school systems: Flint Hills Christian School and the Manhattan Catholic Schools. Manhattan Catholic School contains two buildings, the grade school building and the Luckey Jr. High building , formerly called the Luckey high building dedicated to Monsignor Luckey. The school’s mascot is “Luckey the Cardinal”.

Ready To Find Your Ideal Master’s Program

CITY GUIDE: MANHATTAN, KANSAS is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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How Can I Get Financial Aid And Scholarships For A Masters In Operations Research

Earning a masters degree is expensive. Theres no question about it! The good news is that there are ways you can make your degree more affordable. You dont have to be an analyst to figure them out! One of the best ways to find an affordable program is to take a look at these operations research masters programs rankings next. Consider which is the most affordable for you and go from there.

Look to government scholarships and grants first. Although many of these awards tend to be reserved for undergraduate students there is a select amount of aid set aside for graduate students.

Check with your university. Your department may have funds set aside for top students. You can also check with private organizations and institutes. from the Department of Defense are all excellent places to look. Excellent places to look are:

  • SMART Program
  • The Information Assurance Scholarship Program from the Department of Defense

As a very last resort, you can always lean on student loans to help pay for the difference. Keep in mind that you will have to pay these back plus interest.

North Carolina State University


Operations research goes back more than 60 years at NC State. This is when it began as an introductory course. After that, it became a minor for statistics and electrical engineering majors. By 1970, it was an independent major. Today, operations research remains an interdisciplinary major. NC States College of Engineering and College of Sciences share it.

That makes sense. The programs website notes that operations research is, by its nature, interdisciplinary. The Master of Science pulls from:

  • Mathematics
  • The Physical Sciences

Because it draws from those worlds, operations research is also quite versatile. NC State aims to make its graduates just as versatile as their field of study.

Dont come to Raleigh home to the university without some serious math in your background, though. To get into NC States MS in operations research program, prospective students need an undergraduate degree in a related field. The school doesnt specify a base GPA or GRE score for admission to the graduate degree.Applicants also need an official transcript from all colleges they have attended.

NC States demanding program produces strong results. The site lists 39 publications from its students and faculty in 2016. These are centered around hot-button topics. These include Augmented Immersed Finite Element Methods for Some Elliptic Partial Differential Equations.

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Best Psychology Masters Programs

While the word psychology has a specific meaning the science of mind and behavior its reach is too vast to summarize easily. Working in psychology could mean any number of careers in any number of places:

  • Researcher at a university
  • Expert in the court system
  • Family therapist
  • Human resources manager

The list goes on and on.

And thats a good thing, because having more job possibilities means you can find the best career for you. The possibilities grow more numerous with an advanced degree, the kind youd receive from one of the 20 best psychology masters degree programs.

Cheapest Private Vet Schools

Kansas State University

Finding cheap private vet schools can be tough. The most affordable private vet school is likely Cornell University. New York residents pay $39,206 in tuition and fees per year and non-residents pay $5,244 per academic year as of July 2021.

Another affordable option is Tuskegee University in Alabama. Where tuition and fees for vet school will set you back $41,170 per year. Tuskegee is also the same price for residents and non-residents.

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