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Where Is The Best Area To Stay In New York

Best Neighborhood In Brooklyn: Williamsburg

âï¸? Where to Stay in New York City? The best areas and neighborhoods in Manhattan!

Williamsburg in Brooklyn is hipster central. Its home to offbeat restaurants, bars, clothing stores, and coffee shops, and an Im cool because Im different attitude. Youll find lots of flannel and beards here! Its not as hipster as it used to be thanks to all the Manhattanites who came for cheaper rents but I really enjoy this area because its close to Manhattan, cheap, and filled with fun bars , top-rated restaurants, incredible bars, art, wonderful markets , and music shows. I spend a lot of weekends here.

Best places to stay in Williamsburg

  • BUDGET: International Students Residence Dont let the name fool you, this hostel isnt just for students. Its a budget-friendly place to stay with free Wi-Fi, comfortable and clean beds, kitchens to cook in, and an awesome common area.
  • MID-RANGE: Pointe Plaza Hotel A luxury hotel but with budget prices, this place has spacious suites and oversized rooms with friendly staff.
  • LUXURY: Wythe Hotel The Wythe is a refurbished waterfront factory with brick exposed rooms that have heated floors. Theres a rooftop bar with a great view of Manhattan as well. Its the best place to stay in the area if you want to splurge.

Best Neighborhood In Queens: Astoria

Although Astoria, in Queens, was traditionally NYCs Greek neighborhood, theres now a huge number of Italian, Brazilian, Baltic, Irish, and Egyptian residents in the area. As a result, its one of the most culturally diverse parts of NYC, especially in terms of food and art. Astoria is far from the action of Manhattan but its a cheap place to stay and has lots of amazing cultural things to do. Its a whole different NYC than what you imagine. Check it out even if you dont stay in the area.

Best places to stay in Astoria

  • BUDGET: The Local NYC The dorm rooms at The Local are comfortable and clean, and the staff here is excellent. Theres a lobby bar, guest computers, a rooftop area, and single sex rooms available.
  • MID-RANGE: Hotel Nirvana Hotel Nirvana is next to a metro station that takes you directly to Manhattan. Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, terrace, and fitness center. Bonus: you get free continental breakfast each morning!
  • LUXURY: Paper Factory Hotel Warm colors and elegant furnishings have transformed this former factory into a homey hotel. Each room is large and comes with its own unique touches. Theres a coworking space and a games room!

New York City has a lot of amazing neighborhoods and accommodation options so use this guide the next time youre visiting the city and enjoy some great places to stay!

Cheap Hotels In New York City

On the other hand, if youre looking for cheap accommodation in New York City, in this section, you will find the best cheap hotels in NYC. All the hotels in this section are nice, have a low price, and are in a safe neighborhood. They are the best accommodation to travel inexpensively.

This is my selection of cheap hotels in New York City:

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Where To Stay In New York At Christmas

Ah Christmas it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Especially if you are in New York.

The city during Christmas is a scene straight out of an enchanting snow globe.

There is a beautiful contrast between the snow and the Christmas decoration that are definitely bound to put you in that holiday mood.

Chinatown And Lower East Side Best Area In New York For Asian Cusines

Best Places to Stay in New York for First Timers!

Chinatown and the Lower East Side of Manhattan are two neighboring districts just to the north of The Financial Center at the bottom tip of the island. Theyre very different in atmosphere though, with a vibrant clash of cultures and an alluring and exciting melting pot feel.

Chinatown itself, as you imagine, has a wealth of Chinese restaurants, supermarkets, and culture. However, the area is far from one-dimensional and contains whats left of the old Little Italy District as well. Youll find the influence of all of the different cultures that have melded together to create the vibrant and multicultural delight that is New York.

This part of New York has some fantastic international dining. Besides traditional Chinese restaurants, you can find some superb Southeast Asian foods, Italian cuisine, and food from pretty much any country that you care to mention.

There are many international supermarkets, which are excellent for supplies if youre renting an apartment, or just fascinating places to stroll around looking at all of the exotic produce. The street food here is excellent, and thats another reason why you can stay cheaply in this part of the city.

Heading over to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, youll find that this traditionally downmarket area has seen a cultural renaissance, and its now full of trendy bars, hip cafes, and is now one of New Yorks coolest places.

Best places to stay in Chinatown:

Best places to stay in East Village:

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Where To Stay In New York City: A Neighborhood Guide For First Time Visitors

Wondering where to stay in New York City? Ive visited so many times over the years , so I thought Id write down a guide!

I absolutely love visiting New York City. Im not sure I would ever really enjoy living here. Dealing with the MTA on a daily basis, crying as I pay 2x as much for a meal as I would in PA, and the entire winter season would, Im sure, sour me pretty quickly. However, I definitely love popping up for a weekend or even a full week if I can manage!

Whenever Im home near Philly, I often try to pop up to NYC no matter the season it seems! Ive even successfully driven from Brooklyn up through Manhattan to go to Rhode Island during rush hour and during the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting. It was very poor planning on my part, but I made it!

Anyway, with all that said, here are my tips on where to stay in New York City!

Where To Stay In Nyc For 2022 By Neighborhood

New York City is an iconic destination that literally everyone should visit if possible. The city is so massive and every city block is packed with things to do. Amazing food, speak easies, cool hotels, broadway shows, and more. This guide will break down the Big Apple by its best neighborhoods so you know where to stay!

NYC Neighborhoods Well Cover:

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Where To Stay In New York

Is New York the most spectacular and diverse city in the world?

Probably it is. Surely it is one of the most populated and expensive, no wonder you still questioning where to stay in New York, especially if you are on a budget.

The good news is that this is a vast city, in fact so vast that, at the end of the day, its not that complicated to find the best place to stay in New York, based on your type of trip.

There are quiet and green areas for families with kids, a few cheap neighborhoods for travelers on a budget, boutique blocks for a romantic stay and of course plenty of nightlife streets and areas.

And if you are visiting around Christmas, keep reading for more information on special accommodations and restaurants that customize the own service for that special time of the year.

Lets get straight into it

  • 10 Best areas to stay in New York City
  • Once in New York, I suggest reading the Arts & Entertainment Guide of the New York Times, a great resource for the latest events.

    Tribeca& soho A Good Neighborhood To Stay In Manhattan Nyc


    Tribeca and SoHo are two contiguous areas that belong to Lower Manhattan, and both are good options to stay in New York, especially since this is where the best restaurants in New York are.

    Tribeca has also become a fashionable artistic neighborhood among celebrities. If you decide to look for accommodation in Manhattan in this area, you can get lost among very charming bookstores, such as The Mysterious Bookshop or the Poets House see the Ghostbusters fire station, which has already become a tourist attraction and enjoy the art galleries there.

    On the other hand, SoHo is a neighborhood whose charm resides in the facades of its buildings. On most of its streets, there are buildings with fire escapes and large windows. Currently, its also an area known for its shops, making it ideal for enjoying shopping.

    5. Tribeca& SoHo, a good neighborhood to stay in Manhattan, NYC

    These are the hotels I recommend in Tribeca and SoHo, New York:

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    Travel Around With Public Transport

    The city is filled with people cars, and yellow cabs and the best way to travel around the city is via public transportation.

    Traffic is insane in this city, and driving can be a real pain, so catch a subway or get a cab, and be wary of renting a car. That could get you stuck in traffic for like a lifetime!

    There are several guides that show you how to navigate through the city through subways and a New York Pass, so get one yourself for your New York family trip.

    Best Hostel In Midtown Vanderbilt Ymca

    Conveniently located on Manhattans East Side, the Vanderbilt YMCA is one of our top recommendations for where to stay in Midtown, New York. Offering shared and private accommodations, this hostel has wifi, cable TV, a fitness centre and two swimming pools. It is close to bars, restaurants and New Yorks top attractions.

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    Luxury: 1 Hotel Central Park

    1 Hotel Central Park is our top choice for sustainable hotels in New York City. This beautiful urban hotel is inspired by nature inside and out, featuring natural elements in its interior design and environmentally-conscious details throughout.

    Rooms have views of Central Park, a reading nook and an all-glass en-suite bathroom with eco-friendly biodegradable toiletries. Recycled materials are used throughout the room and the decor reflects the eco-conscious mindset of this great New York hotel.

    The on-site restaurant, Jams, is a popular brunch spot focusing on farm to table cuisine. Its a happening spot come 10-11am! Their NYC bagels are a must-try! 1 Hotel Central Park is part of the 1 Hotel chain of sustainable hotels and is certainly an iconic NYC hotel for eco-friendly travelers.

    Jams, the on site restaurant at 1 Hotel Central Park

    Best For Tourist Attractions: Times Square

    As a tourist what is the best area of New York to stay in?

    This dazzling square is famous for its bright billboards and neon lights, and we loved the bustling vibe here! This is a must-visit for anyone coming to New York the first time. The downside is that it can remain noisy late into the night due to the many tourists here. Hotel Edison Times Square is a decent budget hotel in a fantastic location right beside Times Square. If you can afford to spend a bit more, you can consider InterContinental New York Times Square, a great value-for-money hotel that is just a five minute walk away from Times Square.

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    Tips For Booking The Best New York City Hotels

    • The best piece of advice we can give for booking a hotel in New York City is to pick one close to a subway station. Having a long walk to the nearest subway station will very quickly become annoying.
    • Remember, NYC hotels will typically include a 14.75% tax rate and a US$ 3.50 city tax per night. However, some hotels might try to include a further fee for something such as Resort Tax. Do not book a room with any extra additional fees, other than basic tax and city tax.
    • To find all additional fees for a hotel room on Click on a hotel below, click select rooms, click on a room type, scroll down to the Not Included section.
    • Hotels will run promotions and discounts at different times of the week, month and year. Always shop around, click on every single hotel in each area to get prices for your travel dates.
    • For example, if you visit New York City in Winter, a typical mid-range or even luxury hotel could have huge savings and be well within your budget.
    • We use for almost all hotel bookings when we travel. If you create an account and sign in to, then book 5 hotels within 1 year, you will become a genius member and that activates tons of awesome perks. There are no contracts or ties of any kind when signing up. This is the quickest and easiest way to save money on hotels.
    • Create a free account here.

    Brooklyn Where To Stay In New York City For Return Visitors

    Brooklyn is renowned for its diverse residential neighborhoods. The most populated borough of New York City is huge and covers over 3 times the land area of Manhattan Island.

    The Dumbo area close to Brooklyn Bridge is extremely touristy but not in a gimmicky way like Times Square. However, the area we recommend you consider staying in Brooklyn is Williamsburg.

    If youre looking for hipster, bars spilling out onto streets, artsy, chilled and quite frankly awesome, Williamsburg is the place you should book. You can always get a subway into Manhattan.

    The reason we say Brooklyn / Williamsburg is where to stay in New York City for return visitors is because most first timers will stay in Manhattan, explore Brooklyn and Williamsburg, then say Ahh, next time we will stay here.

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    Upper East Side Best Neighborhood In Nyc For Museums

    Every corner of this district feels evokes the feeling of affluence, and this goes back to the time when New York was a Dutch jurisdiction known as New Amsterdam. Shortly after the English took possession of the territory from Dutch colonies, wealthy families began settling in the Upper East, and this tradition remains to this very day.

    This district is filled with interesting museums It is home to Museum Mile, including the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Guggenheim, and a lot of less known museums as the Park Avenue Armory.

    Park Avenue Armory is an arts space that used to house the Seventh New York Militia before being used by a combat regiment of the United States National Guard, and its soldiers used to be known as silk stockings infantrymen because they came from elite families.

    If you choose to plan your stay in New York in this district, you will invariably spend more.

    Here are some recommendations for staying in the Upper East Side:

    Mid-Range:The Bentley Hotel looks like a very expensive hotel, but it is actually pretty reasonable unless you book a suite with panoramic views of the East River. Guests have access to a fitness center, a business conference room, ironing board in every room, and breakfast a la carte. The eight major museums of the Upper East Side are within walking distance.

    Best Airbnb In Downtown: Cute Room With Garden


    This Airbnb, with its super central location, quite affordable nightly price and a cute little garden, will be the perfect choice for your first stay in Brooklyn. Youll have a private room which is basically like a mini studio since its equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and access to the garden. Both hosts are very kind and happy to help with anything youll be in good hands.

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    Best Area To Stay For Arts And Sightseeing Upper East Side

    Museum Mile really does not disappoint in terms of attractions.

    Museums, galleries and special exhibits are never in short supply in Upper East Side, so you will have your itinerary pretty full.

    You have the likes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Design Museum, The Met Breuer, The Frick Collection and so many others.

    The best part is the diversity in all these exhibits including everything from historical treasures to modern art installations.

    The Upper East Side also has some pretty awesome must-visit restaurants for you to try out.

    One of their finest is the Tanoshe Sushi Sake Bar.

    Upper East Siders love their sushi and when you are in the Upper East Side you must live as they do. This restaurant is simple and serves a wide variety of delicious sushi.

    Suggested accommodations in this area:

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