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Best Restaurant In The Bronx

Swinging By Little Italy In The Bronx Check Out These Popular Arthur Avenue Restaurants

The Best Margherita Pizza You’ll Ever Eat | THE PIZZA SHOW


New York is home to some outstanding eateries, but one of its finest is Italian food. If youâve been to Little Italy in Manhattan and were disappointed or the food didnât meet your expectations, you might want to head down to Arthur Avenue â known to many throughout the area as the âreal Little Italy.â Bronxâs Little Italy flies the multicolor flag from street corners and has as many trattorias, classic bakeries, and mozzarella stores as any neighborhood in the borough.

The area is popular for its red-sauce, Italian-American fare, and more. But all of Italy is represented here too, from rustic Tuscan dishes to doughy Neapolitan pizza to saucy Sicilian specialties. If youâre planning to wander down Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, here are the best Italian restaurants to grab some lunch or dinner.

If youâre in the area, you might be overwhelmed by the amazing variety of Italian restaurants in the Bronx. Regardless, GiftYa understands the struggle, especially when dining out in a big city like the Bronx, which doesnât come at a cheap price. GiftYa virtual gift card allows you to find the best restaurant near you. Theyâre completely customizable and can be applied to several Italian restaurants in the Bronx. Orders yours today!

Popular Italian Restaurant That Is Known For Its Savory Thin

2357 Arthur Ave | Belmont |

Summer is finally here, so itâs the perfect time to dine outside! Luckily for you, Trattoria offers a stunning outdoor patio perfect for kicking back and relaxing with your friends.

Located on Arthur Avenue, Trattoria is known for its extensive selection of authentic Italian food like the Salmon con Vegetali, Pollo Scarpariello, and Pasta al Forno. Are you already foaming at the mouth? Reserve a table at Trattoria for your next meal! The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.

âService was exceptional and food was nothing but delicious. We all had fun and it was a nice day spent together. We will be back for sure.â – Yelp Review

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Louie & Ernie’s Pizza

New York and pizza are two things that go hand in hand.

You cannot visit any borough without having a slice or two of their iconic thin-crust pizza.

While they don’t hold the title of the best pizza joint in NYC, Louie & Ernie’s Pizza does hold its own when serving up authentic New York pizza.

This pizzeria on Crosby Avenue has been around since 1959.

Its long-standing tradition of using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients has made it a favorite among locals and visitors.

Their pizzas are thin and crispy, with the perfect amount of cheese and tomato sauce.

What sets their pizzas apart is the flavor of the dough it’s perfectly seasoned and has a hint of garlic, giving it a unique flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Despite changing management in 1987, Louie & Ernie’s Pizza has managed to keep the quality of their pizzas at the same high level.

Their timeless recipes and commitment to using only the best ingredients have made them a Bronx institution.

Louie & Ernie’s Pizza is the place to go if you want to taste authentic New York pizza.

Opened in 1919, is the oldest Neapolitan-Italian restaurant in the Bronx.

It’s also one of the most popular restaurants in Little Italy.

Even though it’s been around for over a century, the quality of its food has remained at a consistently high level.

This family-owned restaurant remains consistent in its delivery of classic Italian dishes.

What sets them apart is their use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Enzo’s: 2339 Arthur Ave 718

Rooftops and Outdoor Hangouts in the Bronx

Red sauce is boss at this neighborhood institution that is a perfect place to soak in the flavor of the neighborhood dining here feels like you are part of the family, and you will be treated as such. The portions are massive and so are the personalities, the crowd a mix of true locals and tourists making the pilgrimage for parmigiana. And what a chicken parmigiana it ispounded thin, crispy, and covered in the proper proportions of sauce and cheese, this is the perfect example of this dish. All of the old-school staples are hereclams oreganata, fried calamari, meatballs, everything you wish your grandmother made. Reservations and credit cards are accepted, but leaving hungry is not.

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Tips To Save Money When Shopping For Best Italian Restaurant In The Bronx

When shopping for best italian restaurant in the bronx, it is important to consider things like price, quality, and selection. Department stores and kitchenware stores may have a wider selection of items to choose from, but they usually come with a higher price tag. Online retailers typically have a more limited selection but may offer lower prices. When choosing where to buy, it is important to consider these factors and decide which is most important to you.

Kai Fan Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar

The best restaurants in the Bronx dish up huge amounts of food. And the best Bronx catering restaurants make it super easy to order that food to the office. Kai Fan Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar works in packages. Simply pick how many entree options you want for your headcount. General Tsos sauces come slathered on chicken or vegetarian tofu. Beef gets dished up with ginger, broccoli, or mushrooms. Garlic sauce and Thai basil are on the menu too. You decide how many entrees will serve your crew. And maybe try some assorted platters of sushi, too. And then Kai Fan does the rest.

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East Tremont Restaurants: Wrap Up

East Tremont is a neighborhood with a significant character, yet it maintains an inviting low-key vibe. Nearly all of the East Tremont restaurants offer outdoor patios and craft beers. Its a place you can get dressed up for or stay casual, depending on your mood.

The restaurant scene in this area definitely goes way above and beyond. East Tremont is the go-to destination in the Bronx area for eclectic culinary tastes. So dont hesitate to visit this fantastic neighborhood today and try some of the best dishes.

Best Restaurants In The Bronx Nyc

The Best Vietnamese Restaurant In The Bronx – NYC Street Food

Sure, they’re home to the legendary New York Yankees.

But one thing that comes to mind when you talk about the Bronx is “culture.”

This Borough in New York City is oozing with it, as you’ll see various expressions and art forms in the different neighborhoods.

Hip-hop, street art, and Latin influence are just a few of the many flavors you’ll find in the Bronx.

The food is just as diverse, with dishes hailing from around the world.

The Bronx is not limited to run-of-the-mill pizza and hot dogs but is all about Southern-style cooking, Italian-American fare, Latin staples, and more.

If you’re in the Bronx, you will never get hungry.

With so many options, choosing a place to eat in the Bronx can be toughbut with this list, you can narrow your options to only the best of the best.

Here are the best restaurants in the Bronx, New York:

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Louie And Ernies Pizza

As the Bronx is home to New Yorks real Little Italy, it is no surprise that the star attraction of this neighborhood is their pizza. Louie and Ernies pizza specializes in huge portions made from ingredients from other local businesses surrounding their small shop.

One of their best sellers is the sausage pie, which is made with fennel-spiked chunks of sausage bought from the S& D store just a few blocks away. This is then covered in a huge amount of melted cheese, making for a filling but messy meal.

This is a place you have to visit on an empty stomach, and once youre done you may need a nap afterward.

Calandra’s Cheese: 2314 Arthur Ave 718

This dairy dynamo is not to be missed. Whether your cheese of choice is cow, sheep, local, or imported, Calandra’s has it all. There is no need to play coy around the abundant free cheese samplesthe friendly staff encourages nibbling as you shop and will help narrow down your selections. Calandras burrata is out of this world, and a relative bargain. Dont miss the lesser-known burrino, with a more distinctive rind and roots in Southern Italy. Be warned that the fior di latte mozzarella should be ordered a day in advance. Calandras makes their ricotta and mozzarella fresh daily, and stocks every Italian deli essential in the most authentic way possible. Calandras Cheese also makes gift boxes to ordera perfect, unique, customizable gift for anyone who appreciates true New York, Italian food, or just simply great cheese. The free samples might lure you in, but the variety of pasta, cooked and cured meats, and more will fill your table and keep you coming back.

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Best Restaurants In The Bronx

The Bronx is a neighborhood in New York City thats known for being the birthplace of rap and hip hop music, and is the home of one of the countrys best baseball teams, the New York Yankees. It is also a very diverse and cultural area of New York. Because of this, there is a huge variety of restaurants and eateries for you to try out if youre visiting the area.

With so many options ranging from traditional NYC pizzas to more upscale restaurants, to local hidden gems, even if youre a local you may not know about all these spots.

So whether youre a tourist wanting to know all of the best places to go, or are a local to the city and want to explore the area a bit more, here are the best restaurants you should visit in the Bronx.

Best Italian Restaurants In The Bronx

Munchies The Best Taste

In addition to the regular menu here , its always worth a look at the chefs delicious daily specials. Of course, save the best for last as evidenced by the sbriciolata crumb cake with amaretto, chunks of chocolate, ricotta and almonds.

Enzos offers the kind of cooking that revolves around long-simmered meat sauces and myriad interpretations of house-made pasta. Yet the kitchen knows just how to break a few rules, as seen in the spicy and creamy penne alla vodka. Other highlights include perfectly cooked chicken scarpariello made with dark, juicy morsels of bone-in meat married with a bit of garlic, wine and excellent olive oil.

Dedicated locals come here for the southern-leaning fareranging from unexpected pizzas to pastas like al cartoccio baked to perfection. Also indulge in such runaway hits as linguine with spicy nero di seppia or ragù Salernitanoa hearty amalgam of pork and beef braciole.

The kitchen here creates each plate with great care and portions are generous. Stuffed mushrooms, bound by garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs, are forever earthy while a glossy, tomato-based risotto with shrimp, clams and lobster is luxury on a plate. Veal with a sherry-shallot demi-glace is so exemplary that you won’t miss dessert.

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Romantic Italian Restaurant That Serves Hearty Brick

2477 Arthur Ave | Belmont

Last, but certainly not least, on the list is Michaelangeloâs Little Italy. This restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas, pastas, salads, soups, and more authentic Italian dishes. Some of our favorite plates include the Risotto Arancini, Margarita Pizza, and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Michaelangeloâs offers delicious desserts like Cream Filled Cannoli and Cheesecake! Try out Michaelangeloâs for your next meal.

âTrying to find a new pizza place to order from and this place is a strong contender. We ordered the Margarita A La Petrit and it’s really good. Will order again.â – Yelp Review

There is no shortage of authentic and hospitable Italian eateries in the Bronx and this list will help you narrow down to the most outstanding joints youâre yet to try. So, which restaurants are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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The Bronx Brewery& Empanology

Who would’ve thought that classic Puerto Rican-style empanadas go perfectly with a cold beer?

The Bronx Brewery & Empanology did, which is why they decided to put these two things together under one roof.

This place on East 136th Street has a unique concept: it’s a part brewery and part empanada shop.

They offer a wide selection of empanadas, all made with fresh ingredients.

The empanadas come in various flavors, including chicken, beef, pork, and vegetarian.

If you can’t decide on just one flavor, you can try them all.

They also serve a chopped cheese empanada, an innovative twist on a classic Bronx dish.

In addition, they offer classic pub grub, such as burgers, fries, and wings.

Of course, no visit to The Bronx Brewery & Empanology is complete without trying one of their award-winning beers.

They offer a rotating selection of beers, all brewed on-site.

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Top Best Restaurants In The Bronx New York City

The Bronx is one of the five boroughs in New York City. The Bronx also has many attractions, including parks and golf courses that make it a popular tourist destination.

The Bronx is home to some of the best places to eat in New York City. It is more than a home to small diners and family-run pizzerias it also has its share of high-end Michelin-starred restaurants that make it one of the best dining destinations in New York City.

Here are 13 great places to dine in the Bronx:

Patricias Of Morris Park

My Favorite Pizzeria in the Bronx : Frank’s Pizza (Pelham Bay)

1082 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10461, United States

Contact: +1 718-409-9069

More than a neighborhood Italian restaurant, Patricias of Morris Park is an Italian landmark in the Bronx. Patricias has been serving homemade Italian cuisine since 1979.

Patricias of Morris Park, located on Park Avenue in the Bronx, serves classic Italian dishes. The restaurant has a rustic style with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The menu consists of different appetizers ~ pizza and pasta ~ soups, salads, and vegetarian entrees.

Their wine bar offers a large selection of wine, beer, and spirits. They also have an amazing garden area in the back.

Lunch offers value for money, and everything on the menu is extremely delicious! I loved the stuffed clams fresh clams with garlic white wine sauce pepperoncini.

If youre looking for good food, friendly service, and a great atmosphere, Patricias of Morris Park is the place to go!

My favorite wine was the Gatta a red wine from Puglia, produced by Bivongi Winery Murgia. I highly recommend this wine!

Visit Patricias of Morris Park if you love authentic wine collection!

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The Arthur Avenue Market: 2344 Arthur Ave 718

The Arthur Avenue Market was established by Mayor LaGuardia in 1940 as a central indoor place for all of the pushcart vendors to sell their wares. Today it is a bustling hub stocked with every Italian delicacy and prepared food, courtesy of an assortment of vendors all under one roof. Be sure to hit up Mikes Deli for one of their epic sandwiches, including their eggplant parm, which beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network.

The Best Of The Bronx: Where To Eat Around Arthur Avenue

Rams Deli, one of the iconic dining options near Fordhams Rose Hill campus.

Ava Carreiro, Digital ProducerAugust 29, 2022

One of Fordham Universitys best qualities is being located just steps outside of Arthur Avenue, known for the fine dining that makes up the original Little Italy. You simply cant beat the incredible Italian food options right off campus. As a self-proclaimed Bronx foodie, Id like to outline a comprehensive guide of the best places to eat while at Fordham.

The most popular restaurant in the Bronx is Enzos. A fan-favorite of the Fordham student body, this five-star Italian restaurant is always in high demand. If youre looking to dine at Enzos for Family Weekend, make sure to book your reservation a month in advance. I personally recommend their gnocchi pesto, its what brings everyone there.

If a Fordham students favorite Bronx restaurant isnt Enzos, its probably MichaelAngelos. Its location cant be beat, as its the closest restaurant to campus. In my opinion, it has the best fettuccine alfredo in the entirety of Bronx Little Italy. MichaelAngelos is also where most of the formals are held by student clubs at Fordham.

If Italian food isnt for you, dont worry just head over to Estrellita Poblana III. The Mexican restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining as well as delivery. Commonly known by students as just Estrellitas, The Daily News even named their taco as the best taco in New York City!

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Indulge Your Taste Buds In An Extensive Italian Menu With Classic Pizzas Pasta And More

Emilioâs of Morris Park is known for their incredible Italian food, including their own chicken vodka pizza! Image courtesy of

1051 Morris Park Avenue | The Bronx |

Located in Morris Park borough, Emilioâs Italian kitchen offers a wide selection of authentic Italian dishes. From white classic pizzas, sandwiches, and calzones to linguini with chicken, clams, and eggplant parm, this popular Italian restaurant is the real deal.

Whether youâre in the mood for some fresh entrees and seafood, or even a whole specialty pizza prepared in their traditional way, theyâve got a little bit of everything for everyone here at Emilioâs.

If youâre craving desserts, you can go for the sheet cakes available in all flavors or try the cannoli cakes. For appetizers, get to choose from buffalo wings to chicken fingers to mozzarella sticks. In the meantime, donât forget to try some of their delicious selection of beverages including pure leaf tea flavors, brisk iced tea, Crush orange, and more.

âYou can get a solid slice from here with high quality ingredients. I look forward to welcoming it back into my portfolio of go-to pizzerias in the Bronx.â – Yelp Review

F & J Pine Restaurant is known for their incredible steak, seafood, or Italian pasta dishes, so you have to see it for yourself! Image courtesy of

1913 Bronxdale Avenue | The Bronx |

2342 Arthur Avenue | The Bronx |

2329 Arthur Avenue | The Bronx |

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