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How Much Money To Move To New York

Washington Heights: Best For Students

How Much Money to Move to New York City?

A lot of New Yorkers have relocated to Washington Heights in recent years, thanks to its more affordable property, relatively easy commute, and strong community vibe.

Located in Upper Manhattan, this is a great location for students studying at Columbia, and it’s only about 35 minutes from Union Square.

The young population has grown here over the past decade so much so that back in 2018, Washington Heights had more young adults than any other neighbourhood, with 10% of the population being millennials.

How To Ship Your Car From New York To Florida

The route between New York and Florida is one of the countrys busiest moving lanes.

Those moving south are often retirees interested in trading small apartments, harsh winters and high taxes for glistening Atlantic Ocean beaches, balmy weather and afternoon happy hours.

Depending on your origin and destination cities, the distance between the two states typically ranges from 1,100 to 1,300 miles.

In other words, its drivable, especially in the summer when inclement weather isnt an issue.

That said, hiring a professional auto shipping service is almost always the best way to get your car moved.

And heres the really good news

Weve already cross-referenced customer reviews, license, insurance, and federal complaint data from dozens of auto transport services and compiled a list of the 5 Best Car Shipping Companies 2021

The Cost Of Living In Manhattan

The area is for those that are not afraid of a fast-paced lifestyle. First things first, you can forget driving, not only that parking is obscenely pricey, finding private parking is a mission impossible. When you find a parking spot, know that daily rates are around $50. Get rid of your car, and dont worry about getting around this is one of the most walkable areas in the metropolis, plus there are metro lines, busses, and cabs that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Being a resident means you will need to pay $136 for utilities. Also, dining out might not be an everyday occurrence, but you will need $100 for a three-course meal in a mid-range eatery when it comes to it.

Becoming a homeowner here means you should expect to pay around a million for a condo, while if you opt for renting a one-bedroom apartment, you will need between $2,000 and $3,330.

A pricy lifestyle is worth it if you want to be in the epicenter of the metropolitan economy. There are work opportunities in every industry conceivable. Top employers are healthcare, marketing, and finance sectors, but with a wide range of schools, there are also career prospects in Education. The average net salaries in Manhattan are $5,550.

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The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

New Yorks parks are nice, but if the weathers all wrong, you cant beat a good art gallery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an ever-changing treasure chest of human creativity, regularly curating world-class exhibitions to keep people coming back for more. Youll find Ancient Egyptian artifacts, Renaissance paintings, Warholian pop art, and much, much more.

Other Expenses To Consider In New York City

Ask MG: Im Moving To New York, What Clothes Do I Need ...

The budget for your move to New York City should be airtight, meaning you’ll have to account for the expenses that typically get forgotten on most budgets.

We’ve got you covered with an in-depth look at the hidden costs of living in New York City.

  • Sales Tax: The combined city and state sales tax rate in New York City is 8.5%, but can vary depending on what you purchase and its cost.
  • Income Tax: New York State levies an income tax rate on a sliding scale. Depending on your income, you can expect to pay anywhere from 4% to 10.90% in income tax. Additionally, you’ll have to pay the city’s imposed income tax which ranges from 3.078% to 3.876%, depending on your income.
  • Parking Costs: The average cost of monthly parking in New York is $570 per month or $6,840 annually. You’ll have to consider this cost on top of the 10.375% tax and an additional 8% surtax on parking, garaging, or storing cars in Manhattan.

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How Much Does It Cost To Move From New York To Austin

Whether youre rich and a budget doesnt matter much or youre in a tight moving budget, its smart to figure out the costs of your move. This will allow you to get other parts of your life aligned easier. At American, decades of experience allows us to provide quality, FREE moving estimates. We created one for you based on the size of your home for your move from New York to Austin . Check it out below.

  • One bedroom Apartment = 4000 pounds $4,096
  • Two Bedroom Apartment = 6000 pounds $5,678
  • Three Bedroom House = 10,000 pounds $8,764
  • 4- Bedroom House = 14,000 pounds $11,716

* Please note: These price ranges are estimates based on thousands of move we do each year. Prices will vary based on distance, weight of household goods, special requests and specific moving services needed. Please fill out our free online quote form to get your detailed, personalized, no obligation, FREE moving quote today.

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You Might Need To Fly

You should also determine if you are going to drive into the city or you are going to fly there. When you are making your plans, you will need to make sure that you get a reservation put in as soon as possible when you want to fly.

If you are driving, you will want to know what the tolls are when you are traveling to have the money you need to have on hand when you are making your big move.

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Find A New Favorite Park

Although Central Park gets all the hype, New York plays host to over 1,700 parks. These parks are free, fun, and offer fitness opportunities for the whole family.

Whether you’re an everyday jogger, a tennis fanatic, or a birder, a day out at one of NYC’s parks presents the opportunity for entertainment and fun. Better yet, it’s free your bank account will thank you.

Nyc Storage And Moving Container Options: Pods And Pods City Service

HOW TO MOVE TO NYC | Tips How I Afford It

If youre looking for flexibility, a portable moving container service like PODS is likely your best bet. PODS options are ideal for anyone who wants to move at their own pace, store their things for a while, or have a less stressful moving experience without breaking the bank.

Depending where you are and where youre moving, youll either need to check pricing for PODS standard service or PODS City Service. For local moves, you can get a quote online or by phone. For long-distance moves, you need to call , as there are a few more details to cover. Either way, youll also receive a written version of your quote via email.

Youve got three different options if you use PODS service. Heres a rundown of them all.

1. PODS Standard Service How it Works

This is the traditional PODS service thats designed for people who have a space like a driveway, yard, or special permits for street parking where they can store a portable moving container overnight.

What you can expect with PODS standard service:

2. PODS City Service How it Works

Available in NYC and other select cities, PODS City Service is very similar to PODS standard service, but its tailored for busy urban areas where you may not have the space to keep your container overnight. What you can expect with PODS City Service:

3. Mix and match: Customize your move by combining services

Other popular hybrid moves include:

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New York City Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is a necessary expense that youâll have to include in your moving budget.

In New York City, the average resident pays $2,935 annually toward an employer-sponsored health insurance policy, while a family of four pays $7,153.

New York City has several city-operated health clinics dedicated to delivering free or low-cost healthcare. Additionally, you can find information about health insurance enrollment and options on the cityâs Health Department webpage.

However, if you need to purchase your own private insurance, head over to Healthcare.gov to find affordable coverage that meets your needs.

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Moving To Nyc Aftercollege More Waysto Save Money In Nyc

Here are several quick tips for reducingyour overall budget in New York.

  • Dont bring your car. Heading to the Big Apple after graduation? You may want to ditch your car. Not only is parking extremely scarce and a total hassle in most areas of the city , the city is well connected via public transit. Save major bucks on insurance, gas, repairs, and parking by selling your wheels before you arrive. Check out Yelp reviews for car-sharing services like Car2Go and Zipcar for those occasional times when you really need a car or just want to get away from the city.
  • Do the mathon transportation costs. Before youspring for a monthly unlimited Metro pass, actually sit down and calculate howoften youre taking the subway and bus. If you work from home a few days aweek, it may be worth it to continue paying ride-by-ride. Or perhaps its theopposite youre constantly riding the train to commute and get together withfriends. You may find those unlimited rides will save you significant cash.
  • Shop at localmarkets for cheaper produce. Groceryshopping in New York City is not one-size-fits-all. Start exploring localfarmers markets and street vendors for produce instead of heading to asuperstore for any and every purchase. An extra stop could save you big!

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Average Prices In New York

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Moving Tips: Things You Need To Know When Youre Moving In Nyc


This is a city like no other and that remains true even when youre moving in New York City! Running into unwanted surprises during your move can turn a stressful day into a chaotic one. Here are a few key considerations to get you started:

  • Your building or landlords may require hired movers to present a COI before they can move anything in or out of the building. Be sure to check with your landlord, and if its required, let the moving company know when you call for your quote.
  • Parking rules in NYC can be tricky and vary by block, so be sure to know the rules for your particular stretch of street. Get any necessary permits, and schedule your move around any hourly restrictions to avoid any tickets, fees, or a NYC moving violation.
  • There are rules and limits to what items the NYC Department of Sanitation will pick up and take off your hands along with the trash. Figure out which items you can dump on the sidewalk and which ones youll need to arrange to donate, sell, recycle, or dispose of on your own.
  • Commercial vehicles are often subject to different rules than regular cars, so be sure to iron-out the specifics of whats allowed and where on your street.

Want more? Weve got a whole collection oftips and tricks for NYC moves. Moving may be a challenge, but with solid prep and resources, youve got this!

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Average Cost Of Utilities In Nyc

Monthly Expense
Total: $1,230.68

Since groceries are marked up 45% in the city, someone normally paying $400/month for their food will be paying $580. It is important to consider that someone moving to New York City will likely be excited to dine out at the abundance of options in the city more than once or twice per month, so their entertainment costs will increase their monthly budget considerably.

This rough budget does not include items like credit cards, loans, certain insurance, or most discretionary money, so expect to have a higher budget unless youre able to stay inside. New York City is extremely entertaining, and its not unusual to feel like youre spending money every time you walk out of your door. Though the budget includes two dinner dates per month, you are likely to spend more in a month on entertainment if youre living in the city.

Use these numbers as a rough estimate and customize it with your specific spending habits to get a clearer picture of what your monthly budget will be. Do not let the expense scare you off. If living in New York City is something youre willing to work hard for and fight for, it will be possible for you.

The Average Cost Of Living In The Bronx

The Bronx is famously known as the birthplace of hip-hop, home of the Yankees, and the best gardens in the metropolis. With over one-third of residents born outside the US, this is one of the most diverse areas in the entire country. The impact of different cultures can be seen in the history, restaurants, and neighborhoods of the Bronx.

If you want to put down roots in the birthplace of celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Billy Joel, and Kerry Washington, you will need $1,430 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. Besides, if you are considering becoming a homeowner in the Bronx, you will need around $485 for a square foot. When looking for a way to save up, remember that the Bronx, as every other part of the metropolis, has some neighborhoods that are more affordable than others:

  • Country Club is a great place to raise a family. With a renting fee of approximately $930 and a home price of $244,660, it is one of the more affordable Bronx areas. Here you can pick among rowhouses, apartments, and colonial-style buildings.
  • Kingsbridge offersaffordable condos, single-family houses, and co-ops to newcomers. With a rent of $1,260, it is an ideal spot for millennials, young families, and professionals.
  • Riverdale is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx. Add affordable rent of $1,305, and you got yourself a new place. This is the area that attracts young families and retirees because it has contemporary urban apartments as well as single-family homes with spacious backyards.

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How Much Is Enough To Move To Nyc

For many people, $3,000 to $6,000 is what they should consider saving before they make a move to New York City. There are a lot of factors that will come into play, so here is what people have to consider when they are making a move, and they want to know how much they should save to relocate to New York City.

How To Get A Job In A New City With No Prospects

How I Moved to New York With NO Job | Tips for Moving on a Budget!

As I prepared to move to New York I thought long and hard about what it was going to take to make a new life in a new placewith no money. I knew Id that in order to stay in the city, Id have to get a job right away. Taking inventory of my skill sets I knew I could do one of two things be an actor, or being an administrative assistant like I was all throughout school.

I polished up my resume for the type of job I had in mind.

I wrote a new resume I thought would be perfect for the type of admin roles I was looking for. It was tough putting my Actor self on the back burner, but that was what needed to be done.

I submitted to temp agencies.

NYC was rife with temp agencies looking for qualified new candidates for both short and long term assignments. I browsed mainly on Craiglist for listings and started sending my resume off a week before I left. Many replied to me that same day and wanted to meet before I arrived, but I was able to schedule out appointments for the next week without making it look like I wasnt an actual resident.

I had three screening interviews with agencies my first full day in New York thanks to me scheduling things out. It felt great to get up in a new city and have some place to be. I was sent on my first temp assignment a week after.

I used an NYC address .

It didnt really bother anyone that I was a newcomer. After all, its New York.

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What You Need To Move


You will have to apply for a visa if youre wanting to live in America. It can also take somemonths, so make sure you apply in advance.

Need some useful information about American Visas? Weve got you covered! Check out our visas page here!


Additional documents that you should prepare before you move to New York include:

  • Passport
  • Insurance policy
  • Shipping Documents

Our tip: make sure all documents are in date, important documents are duplicated and kept safe. It can be easy to lose track of things when moving, so keep them organised and close at hand, that way you know where to search!

Health Insurance

In the USA, Health care is not free or cheap, so if you dont want to rack up a big bill if you become ill, it is advised to take out health insurance. In some cases, your employer will cover you, but until then, better safe than sorry. Do you want to know more about health care in the USA to avoid unnecessary medical costs? Just read our page on health care in the USA. The more you know!

Dont Forget Taxes

There are only two certainties in life, death and taxes, and neither are fun. With the latter, we have experience, of course. So, first thing to do if youll be more than a tax year abroad, contact HM Revenue and Customs to declare that youll be living elsewhere. Its better not to get in trouble with the tax authorities or be taxed twice!

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