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How To Find A Room In New York

How Many Roommates Are Too Many

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This is a tricky one! It can depend on whose name is on the lease, whether the roommates are family members, and how big the apartment is, among other things.

Based on NYCs roommate law, each tenant under a lease can have an additional occupant as long as there is at least 80 square feet of livable space for each person.

This means that after finding a roommate, that person can add another roommate, as long as the apartment is big enough, Burstein says.

A Lifestyle You Dont Need To Plan

All of our amenities are developed to be an extension of the home, where residents can gather, entertain, work and play.

Gotham Events

With exclusive Gotham events, the best of New Yorks social scene is just an elevator ride away. Eat, drink and mingle at our cocktail parties, holiday events and wine tastings. Who says New Yorkers dont know their neighbors? On warm nights, take in a movie under the stars or attend a rooftop concert. If youre hungry to take your cooking skills up a notch, drop by the demonstration kitchen, where world-class chefs offer classes and demonstrationsright in your own building.

Gotham Experiences

Looking to get away? Join fellow residents on one of our curated excursions outside of the city. From apple picking in upstate New York to skiing at Hunter Mountain, theres an experience for everyone. All you need to do is RSVP, we handle the rest.

Ways To Find A Roommate In New York

  • Forty percent of New York City renters have a non-partner roommate, mostly because the average New Yorker spends 60 percent of income on rent
  • Finding a roommate is different when youre looking to fill a room in your apartment as opposed to looking for an apartment to move into
  • There are a number of interesting and creative ways to find a roommate in New York that you may not have considered, both online and in the real world

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Finding A Room In New York City

Gone are the days when you had to personally know someone with extra space in their home to secure a room for rent in New York City. There are some excellent online resources, such as June Homes, for finding an NYC room to stay in. New York City is a big place with so many different options for housing, but were here to help you find a great spot on the East Side, West Side, and all over the city.

Its a smart idea to check out some different rooms for rent before settling on just one option. June Homes can hook you up with private rooms in shared apartments so youll have instant roommates who can share their wealth of knowledge about New York City. This is a huge benefit in a place as overwhelming as NYC!

Find a room in New York City and filter by move-in date, budget, and other preferences. For shared units, we let you take an in-person tour of up to two places so you can see the common areas and get a good idea of how the bedrooms are laid out inside.

Things To Do In New York City

Love a good view . . ð?#NYC #NewYork

New York City is a place where its impossible to get bored because theres always something new and exciting going on. There are countless famous attractions scattered across the five boroughs for people looking to rent a room here, including Central Park, Times Square, the museums, and live Broadway performances.

If youre already familiar with the iconic highlights and want to start exploring your new neighborhood in depth when your room rental lease begins, here are some ideas.

  • Try restaurants in Hells Kitchen
  • Taste delicious food in Koreatown
  • Check out a neighborhood farmers market
  • Walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • Learn at the lesser-known museums
  • Sip cocktails at a rooftop bar
  • Go for a river cruise
  • Listen to live jazz at a music club

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Is It Legal To Rent Rooms In Nyc

Yes! It is totally legal for someone in NYC to rent out a room in their home if they are occupying the apartment at the same time and make common areas available to renting guests. This is an exception to the New York State multiple dwelling law that has been in place since 2011, which distinguishes between short-term rentals and permanent resident purposes. However, some individual landlords rules may prohibit renting a room, so its best to confirm this before renting.

After Finding A Roommate Should You Sign A Roommate Agreement

In short: yes.

More often than not, youre inviting a stranger into your apartment, says Kowalczuk. So its critical that you co-sign an agreement. You can find a document online, or even better, hire an attorney to draw one up.

Shapiro agrees that theyre a good idea. Written roommate agreements are considered a contract and are legally binding, she says. If you write one out yourself, include everything you agree to, and write it in plain language so that everyone understands.

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Ready To Find A Room For Rent

Our agents are standing by to assist you in finding a room that is right for your needs. In order to get started, please fill out the form below with your details so we can better assist you. Once we receive your information, an agent will contact you shortly to start the process of finding you a room to rent. For the fastest possible help, you will need to include your ID and Employment Information so we can match you to a room more easily. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and hope to help you find a great room soon.

Gotham Market At The Ashland

My NYC Apartment Tour: $1,875/Month in Manhattan

Gotham benefits apply in all boroughs. Located in the heart of Brooklyns vibrant Cultural District, Gotham Market at The Ashland is Brooklyns hottest new food destinationand as a Gotham resident, your 10% discount applies on everything. Whatever youre hungry for, youll find it here, with multiple artisanal dining and drinking options, including a pop-up space with rotating vendors.

For an up-to-date list of vendors, visit

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Each Person On The Common Team Brings Something Special To Our Work Together Get To Know A Few Of Us:

Brad Hargreaves

CEO and Founder

“At Common, we provide our members with friendly, warm, inviting homes and a welcoming community. Nothing could be more rewarding to me and our team.”

Simon Jawitz

“Working with so many talented, creative and dedicated young professionals is truly fun and inspiring. There is nowhere I would rather be than at Common. Working to change the worldthe way people liveis challenging, exciting, and deeply rewarding.”

Megan Hershman

Director, Interiors

“I joined Common so I could collaborate with a like-minded and talented team to produce elegant work that is both aspirational and accessible. Common provides me the opportunity to design comfortable, high-quality, stylish homes for everyone, not just a select few it is enormously rewarding.”

Jessica Kaplan

VP, Finance

“I came to Common because I was drawn by the company’s mission to make city living better. Over the last few years, it’s become more challenging to find attractive housing at a manageable cost. I’m excited to help address that issue at Common by effectively scaling our Finance team and processes.”

Hayeon Shim

Managing Director, Studio

“I joined Common because of the unique opportunity for the perspectives of tenants, operations, and developers. I cross-departmental collaboration, that allows me to design with believe the ability to make informed design decisions is powerful and truly sets Common apart from other residential brands.”

Glenford Brown

Karlene Hollomon

Looking For A Roommate

Maintaining an apartment on your own can get very expensive quickly, even if technically you’re able to afford the payments. Renting out a room can be a welcome relief on your finances. We are a qualified agency who works diligently to match renters with apartment leasers who will work well together.

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What Is The Application Process Like

The application process is easy and can all be completed online, or in-person if youre local. First youll fill out the application form on our site and chat with one of our home specialists. Then, if youre local to the area, you can go for an in-person tour, or if youre remote, we can tour with you virtually. At that time, you can reserve the room while we conduct a background check, and if everything checks out, you sign your lease.

by Katie Fustich

“The space is bright, airy and equipped with ultra-modern appliances and furnishings youre unlikely to find outside of million-dollar high-rises.”

by Kaitlin Petersen

“Imagine this: a bedroom of your own in a fully furnished house that is shared with pre-vetted roommates and perpetually stocked with household basics like coffee, paper towels, and trash bags, so you never again have to fight about who bought what the last time. By offering exactly that, the two-year-old co-living company Common may well be urban livings closest thing to utopia.”

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Faqs About Renting Rooms In New York City

home room aesthetic bedroom rooms house nyc in 2021

Theres a lot to know and understand about renting a room in New York City, but were here to help. Renting a room is considerably different than renting an entire apartment in NYC. As room rental specialists, here are some answers to frequently asked questions that we often get about NYC room rentals.

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How Do I Apply For Student Housing In New York

On you can filter and compare student housing in New York to find the right one for you based on your budget and preferences. You can also use our map tool to locate student apartments close to your campus or in a particular area in the city that you might be interested to live in.

After finding a property you like, click View rooms to go to the property page and click Enquire or Book Now and the room type youd like to go for. One of our booking consultants will then be in touch with you to take you through the next steps, either to give you more information or to take you through the steps of the booking process.

In New York, there are many new rooms that come to the market everyday, so if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we can help to see if there are any new options that better fit your needs, as well as help you with finding roommates. We will help you with all questions and make sure you are getting the best deal available.

Tips From New York Locals

Get advice about the city from the people who know it best. Local hosts share their tips and recommendations for travelers like you.

What should I pack?

Bring comfortable shoes! Most of the tourists’ attractions are walking distance from each other. so expect to walk a lot!

If you are going to visit nyc wear comfortable shoes. Take you camera or cellular phone for pictures to remember. if you are going to nyc to see shows on broadway check ticket master for time and dates. also check to save money on shows, restaurant, massages and more check

What’s the best way to get around?

Subway is fastest to get around There are many subway maps you can download for your phone. i like “roadify” and “mymta” – once installed, you don’t need wifi to see the maps if you are down in the station without service

Subway riding Getting around on the subway seems intimidating but it’s rather easy. once you get into every station, you’ll see uptown signs and downtown signs . google maps has a public transit tab that looks like a train. this will guide you to the right subway station. when getting around, it’s important to know there are often local and express trains .

Subways are quickest & cheapest We recommend you use an app like google maps on your smartphone to navigate the subway system. it is very intuitive and simple to learn.

What’s the local culture like?

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Common Members Share Their Experiences

“If you look at all the stresses involved in uprooting your life and moving to a new country, moving into Common was completely stress-free. Not only that, the chance to instantly meet new, friendly, like-minded people that make you feel part of a community, made a huge difference.”

“The best part about living at Common as a couple is it makes it easy to have friends outside of work and a fun community of people to hang out with, but still get plenty of us time. Living at Common as a couple you would think it would be difficult to have privacy, but Common has been such a perfect balance for us.”

“Since becoming a part of Common, I, along with others, have thought more about how physical space affects the ways we interact with each other. In a community like ours, it facilitates interaction. The people and the ability to move in with only three bags and have everything else provided is why I live here.”

How To Find A Roommate

Living In A $5,150/Month Apartment In NYC | Unlocked

In our vast city, figuring out how to find a roommate can seem overwhelming. There are plenty of online services that can help with your quest besides the default, Craigslist. One suggestion is the Listing Project an organization rooted in community-building, as well as collective self-care.

However, no matter which service you use, Rany Burstein, CEO, and founder of the NYC-based roommate-finder app Diggz, offers important advice on finding a roommate. You want to make sure you and your roommate are a good fit in terms of lifestyle and preferences, he says. The pandemic is forcing people to spend more time at home during work hours, so you want to ensure your work schedules mesh well. And you need enough space and a good layout to accommodate both of you working from home.

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There are other options out there, too. Try reaching out to your college alumni network to see if any fellow grads are looking. Some real estate brokers and rental companies will also help with roommate matching. And the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens even offers a home-sharing program, which helps link hosts with space to spare with guests who rent a room.

One thing to keep in mind: Its essential to make sure your roommate can afford to pay the rent for the lease terms. A landlord will usually ask for a letter of employment and recent pay stubs. Its not a bad idea for you to ask for these as well.

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Here’s Why Renters Are Choosing June

Were Fast

Check housing off your to-do list, and find your footing in a new place ASAP.

Were Flexible

Rent from 1-18 months and easily extend your lease as you go.

Were Customizable

Rent furnished or unfurnished, you can enjoy our furniture and decor or bring your own.

Were Fair

Pay fair market rates from Hell’s Kitchen to Hollywood.

Search through thousands of available listings on June.

Can You Add A Roommate To An Existing Lease

After finding a roommate, setting up a co-living arrangement can have many legal implications that you need to consider carefully before signing a lease, says David Reischer, an attorney with the NYC law firm of Reischer & Reischer. That includes adding a roommate to an existing lease.

No matter what, you must keep your landlord in the loop. Review the lease carefully and make sure you understand the expectations of the landlord, Reischer says. Specifically, look to see whether the lease agreement states that you agree to cover the cost of the entire apartments rent, based on the assumption that none of your roommates will default. This is a significant financial and legal gamble.

If youre the one joining an existing lease, check if there are any unpaid rents by your soon-to-be roommate that you might be liable for later. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask your landlord or management company for an account statement so you can check for any outstanding balance.

Adding a roommate to a rent-stabilized lease requires extra care, adds Andrea Shapiro, Director of Program and Advocacy for the Met Council on Housing. If you add a roommate to a lease, it may be considered a new lease, she says. For rent-stabilized tenants, this might add new clauses to the lease or affect preferential rent.

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Good Luck Finding Your Roommate In New York

It may seem like a daunting task to find a roommate in New York, but fortunately, there are many options to help in your search. Don’t forget to do your due diligence via personal interviews and cursory background checks to make sure you get along and will feel safe with that person.

But when utilizing the right apps, websites and connections, you’ll find there are great people looking to share the rent and who are just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them.

What Types Of Rooms Do You Offer

Pin by Emily Paulichi on lifestyle

We offer three different types of student accommodation with the New York properties we list.

When you book a youll be sharing a bedroom with at least one other person, as well as sharing other living spaces like the bathroom and kitchen.

With a Private Room youll get a private bedroom and in some cases, a private bathroom as well. Youll have to share any additional living facilities with inhabitants of other rooms.

If you book the Entire Place youll get a studio all for yourself. Youll have your own bedroom, bathroom, and cooking facilities and wont have to share anything with anyone.

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