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How Do You Become A Teacher In New York

How To Get A Teaching Certificate In New York

Casual Conversation on Becoming a NYC Paraprofessional/ Teaching Assistant

The New York State Education Department issues teaching certificates to qualified applicants who want to teach at the K-12 level in a New York school. The state provides several pathways enabling individuals to become classroom teachers. Earning an initial license after completing a New York state-registered program, or a teacher-preparation program located outside of the state, is the most common option.

All licensed teachers in the state must hold a bachelorâs degree. After graduating from a teaching program registered with the state of New York, individuals can apply for an initial certificate. Applicants must pass several tests as part of the certification process the state recently changed its testing process in 2014. Teachers complete their required tests through the New York State Teacher Examinations office. Exams include the Educating All Students test the edTPA, which is a performance-based assessment that attempts to measure skills and knowledge and any required content specialty tests. Tests typically cost between $100 and $300. In addition to passing the required examinations, applicants must complete a fingerprint clearance and a workshop.

Do You Need A Degree To Be A Substitute Teacher In New York

Substitute teachers are not required in the state of New York to have a minimum of education, but districts, schools, and substitute teacher agencies do.

In order to teach in New York, teachers must have a bachelors degree, complete a New York teacher certification program, and pass the states content test. After meeting the certification requirements, an applicant may be issued a first certificate that will be valid for five years. As of May 2016, the average salary for a substitute teacher in New York, New York was $156. The salaries for September 7, 2022, have been updated. In New York, the demand for substitute teachers is high due to the number of openings that arise due to retirements, absences, or other factors. If you want to be a substitute teacher in New York, you must be certified and be prepared to work long hours for a low salary.

Earn A Bachelors Degree

A bachelors degree is required to become a teacher in New York state. Enrolling in a New York state teacher education program, which is pre-approved to meet the educational requirements for teacher certification, including student teaching, is the traditional route.

For a degree in teacher education, theres no better place to start than New York. Heres our listing teacher education programs available through the states network of SUNY and CUNY colleges and universities.

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Choosing A Degree Program In New York

With so many teaching schools in NYC, students should be able to find a teaching program that matches their academic interests and career goals. Additionally, prospective students considering online programs have even more options. By evaluating factors such as cost, location, average time to graduation, student teaching requirements, and available teaching specializations, future teachers can narrow down their choices.

New York requires aspiring teachers to gain field experience to earn teaching certification

Cost and location typically play a large role in finding the right teaching program. New York residents may benefit from in-state tuition rates and certain scholarships for teaching programs at State University of New York or City University of New York schools. Online programs may also provide in-state tuition rates for nonresidents. Location can also play an important role in student-teaching placements and determine whether a program meets NY state teaching certification requirements. Because New York requires aspiring teachers to gain field experience to earn teaching certification, students should check and see whether a programâs requirements meet the minimum standards in New York. Certain specializations, such as special education, may require students to complete additional courses.

What Education Do I Need To Become A Teacher

Educational Studies

In New York State, teachers can get initially certified with a bachelors degree in education. If you already have a bachelors degree, you can become a teacher by earning a masters degree in education. CUNY offers hundreds of options in nearly every certification area granted by New York State Education Department.

Alternate route programs at CUNY, with partners like NYC Teaching Fellows, enables candidates to pursue a masters degree while they teach and earn a salary. If youre a graduate student, you may also be eligible to begin teaching with an internship certificate before you graduate.

New York teachers need a masters degree and continued professional learning. CUNY offers Advanced Certs, doctoral degrees, CTLE credits and more, to provide teachers with high quality and affordable options so they can grow professionally.

CUNYs education programs for initial or professional certification fulfill the educational requirements for licensure in New York State, as per the final rule published on November 1, 2019 for institutions participating in Federal Student Aid programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act.

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New York City Teacher Salary And Jobs Outlook

As is common in other states and metros, the average salary for teachers in New York City increases based on the age range taught. According to the New York Department of Labor, in 2018 NYC kindergarten teachers earned an average salary of $66,310, while elementary teachers earned $80,300, middle school teachers earned $79,260, and secondary school teachers earned $80,840.2 These averages are below statewide averages as of 2018, which showed that kindergarten teachers earned an average of $79,410, elementary school teachers earned $83,010, middle school teachers earned $83,490, and secondary school teachers earned $85,300.3

Long-term projections for teacher positions suggest that jobs growth for teachers in New York City should increase by between 4% and 5% through 2026.2 Special education teachers in preschool and kindergarten and elementary school should see even stronger growth, at 18.8% and 7.2% respectively.2

Find The Teacher Preparation Program For You

Choosing the right teacher preparation program can set you up for a more straightforward teaching certificate process and can lead to a successful teaching career. Teacher preparation programs are specifically designed to prepare you for your individual teaching goals, so it is important to consider what kind of program aligns with your values and lifestyle.

You should choose a program that both challenges you and prepares you to teach the population of students and subject matter you are interested in. For example, what you learn in special education, secondary education, or teaching English to speakers of other languages teacher preparation programs can lead to very different teaching careers.

Fordham University offers online and on-campus Master of Science in Teaching program options. The online M.S.T. program prepares students to teach grades 1 through 6 and features two tracks: Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education. The on-campus program offerings range from early childhood education to secondary education. If you are interested in teaching secondary education, you will also have to determine the subject you want to teach.

Certificate requirements vary from state to state. If you are looking to teach in a state other than New York, you should first research the requirements in the state in which you reside or intend to practice.

1 Accessed March 26, 2018.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Teaching Certificate In Ny

It is a certificate that is advanced to teachers with a masters degree, a year of mentoring, and at least three years of experience as a teacher. The New York State Education Department may take up to three or four months to process your application.

Students with high test scores and transcripts will have a different time frame for obtaining their teaching certificate. After completing required training, a teacher is licensed and regulated by the state. A bachelors degree is required for employment as a teacher in the United States. Within the first 1-2 years of teaching, a teacher must be certified in Standard Certification.

Take The New York State Teacher Certification Exams

How much does a teacher make in New York

Once youve earned a bachelors degree in teacher education, the next step toward becoming a certified teacher is completing and passing a series of New York State Teacher Certification Exams.

Candidates for an initial teaching certificate must pass three main tests:

  • the Educating All Students exam
  • the Content Specialty Test in their area of certification.

More information on each of these tests can be found on the New York State Teachers Certification Exams website.

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Maintain And Upgrade Your Certificate

You must maintain and upgrade your teaching certificates to advance your career. During your first year of teaching, you will be observed and mentored. After you complete three years of full-time teaching, you can apply for the Professional Certificate. Once you have your Professional Certificate, you still have to complete at least 175 professional development hours every five years. These hours must be reported to the New York State Education Department to qualify. For those who wish to be a preschool teacher or a childcare provider at a school that is not public, you will be required to complete additional child care provider training requirements. These will vary based on the employer.

Popular Career Choices:

  • Special Education Teacher

Apply For Your Professional Teaching Certificate In New York

To continue teaching, you must apply for your professional teaching certificate before your initial teaching certificate expires after your first five years of teaching. A professional teaching certificate is an advanced certificate for teachers with a masters degree, a year of mentored teaching, and at least three years of teaching experience. It can take up to three to four months for the New York State Education Department to process your application. Your professional teaching certificate remains continuously valid during your teaching career as long as you complete 175 hours of professional development every five years. The application fee is discounted with the completion of a New York state-approved program.2

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Job Outlook And Salary For Teachers In New York

8,636,430 $54,520

New York state employs nearly 700,000 teachers who work with children from the preschool level to 12th grade. On average, teachers in New York earn $65,870 per year, which is well above the average teacherâs salary in the U.S. Teacher salaries in the state depend on several factors, including the position, education level, and location.

As shown in the table below, preschool teachers in New York earn the lowest average salary, receiving just under $42,000 annually. However, preschool teachers do not need a teaching license or a bachelorâs degree. Kindergarten teachers earn an average income of $72,510, while elementary and middle school teachers make around $78,000. Secondary school teachers earn the highest average wages at $81,410 annually.

Teachers in New York earn higher salaries if they hold a graduate degree. Many districts increase wages for teachers who complete graduate teaching credits. Salaries vary by district, and teachers in metropolitan areas often earn higher wages than teachers working in rural districts.

Average Annual Salary by Teaching Level in New York

How To Become A Substitute Teacher With The New York City School District


To become a substitute teacher, the principal of the school where you wish to work must nominate you to the New York City Department of Education via an online application therefore, you will need to contact the school directly to express your interest. To become a substitute teacher in NYC, you need to have a bachelors degree, English proficiency, and the legal ability to work in the US and will be asked to fill out an online application form. If you already have a regular teaching certificate, you may be issued an additional Per Diem Teaching Certificate that allows you to work as a substitute teacher in any school in the state.

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Prerequisite Coursework In New York

All states require, at the minimum, a bachelors degree to become a teacher. New York additionally requires 30 semester hours of subject-specific coursework , in addition to general and pedagogical requirements. Enrollment in and completion of an approved New York State Teacher Preparation Program will satisfy all credit requirements. To search for specific requirements to become a teacher, visit the Department of Educations search page.

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelors degree is required to become a teacher in New York state. Enrolling in a New York state teacher education program, which is pre-approved to meet the educational requirements for teacher certification, including student teaching, is the traditional route.

For a degree in teacher education, theres no better place to start than New York. Here’s our listing teacher education programs available through the state’s network of SUNY and CUNY colleges and universities.

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Become A Virtual Teacher In New York State

If you have a bachelors degree and cant find a job teaching in the city, try becoming a virtual teacher. New York State allows those licensed or certified to work as remote educators and does not require an on-site physical location. You can work via video conferencing, web conferencing, telephone conference calls, or other similar methods. Many people who become virtual teachers do so because they cannot find teaching jobs in their hometowns. If you want to teach online, make sure your State has laws that allow it before taking the plunge.

Earn Your Professional Certification

Day in the Life: Paraprofessional/ Teaching Assistant in NYC 4/5/19

Holders of initial teaching certificates are expected to progress to the professional teaching certificate, within the stated five year period, by completing the requirements for professional certification:

  • Successful completion of an appropriate master’s degree
  • Three years of teaching experience
  • One year of teaching with a mentor
  • Completion of the 6-hour DASA training workshop

We have more resources on New York State Teacher Certification available online at

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Choose What You Want To Teach

First, you need to consider in which setting you would like to teach. For example, would you like to see yourself teaching in elementary, middle, or high school? Would you like to be in special education? If you have a passion for a specific subject, perhaps you can consider becoming a high school teacher. If you prefer teaching multiple subjects, you might enjoy teaching elementary school. Answering these questions will determine some of the steps you take.

New York Teachers Licensing Application Process

Once all of the requirements for New York teacher certification have been completed, applicants should submit their application to the Office of Teaching Initiatives using the online TEACH portal. The office receives most applications in June, July, and August, so its recommended to send in all information three to four months in advance of your estimated date of employment. The required steps to obtain a New York educator certificate are as follows:

  • Verification of background clearance by the state.
  • Official transcripts showing proof of bachelors degree.
  • Proof of completing a teacher preparation program at an approved school.
  • Passing scores on the required examinations.
  • Completed application for teaching certification in New York.
  • Payment of non-refundable processing fees.

Visit the New York Department of Education website for further details on New York teacher certification.

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New York State Teaching Certification Requirements

Getting a teaching license is the most important step in becoming a teacher in New York state. There are a number of paths individuals can follow to meet New York state teaching certification requirements. But generally speaking, prospective teachers must hold a bachelors degree, complete an approved teacher preparation program, receive a passing grade on required exams, and pass a background check. Depending on what subject and grade level you plan to teach, you may need to meet additional specific criteria. Check out the New York City Department of Education for more information about teaching certification requirements.

To receive a teaching certificate in New York, public teachers must hold a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited college or university. The degree can be in any subject it does not have to be in teaching or education.

New York also requires that prospective teachers complete an approved teacher preparation program. The state maintains a database of approved programs within New York. Individuals who complete teacher prep programs in other states may be eligible to get their certificate without completing an additional program in New York, as long as it is found to be comparable to New Yorks approved programs. Many bachelors and masters programs in education include these types of programs as part of their curricula.

New York Teacher Outlook Salary And Jobs


There were an estimated 2.7 million public school students enrolled in New York States 4,798 public schools during the 2016-2017 academic year.3 This gave New York an overall student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1 based on an estimated 209,151 public school teachers during the same time period.3

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that there will be 6,180 average annual job openings for elementary school teachers, 3,190 average annual job openings for middle school teachers, and 5,160 average annual job openings for secondary school teachers in New York from 2016 to 2026.2 In New York, elementary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $83,010, middle school teachers earn an average annual salary of $83,490, and secondary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $85,300, excluding special education.4 The New York State United Teachers federation provides further information on standards, employment opportunities, and education news of interest in the state.

  • Special Education, Pre-K-12
  • World Languages, Pre-K-12

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