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A House In New York

New York’s 19th Congressional District Special Election

Luxurious mansions in the state of New York. Houses tour for $12,950,000 and $12,995,000.
2022 New York’s 19th congressional district special election

The 2022 New York’s 19th congressional district special election is an upcoming special election scheduled to be held on August 23, 2022. The seat became vacant after incumbent Democratic representative Antonio Delgado resigned on May 25, 2022, to become lieutenant governor of New York.

An Adirondack Tree House Retreat

Located in Saratoga County in the southern reaches of the Adirondack region, this New York treehouse features an incredible spiral staircase that leads up to it.

The treehouse itself features a small, but relaxing bedroom with two beds . Outside, there is a covered deck with chairs.

Below the treehouse, there is a second deck with an outdoor kitchen and more places to sit. Nearby, youll find a firepit, hammock, and full bathroom.

What To Do In New York City

Due to its diverse population, New York City has a uniquely vibrant culture. Theater plays a huge part in the citys life, as do sports. Broadway is home to the Gershwin, the New Amsterdam, the Minskoff and the St. James theaters. The Mets and the Yankees are the citys two legendary baseball teams, while the Knicks and the Giants compete in major league basketball and football, respectively.

The city is also famous for art, with bohemian communities of aspiring artists thriving in neighborhoods like Red Hook, Washington Heights and East Harlem. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art are two of the citys most iconic sights. The American Museum of Natural History is also a top attraction. The emblematic Brooklyn Bridge the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world is a symbol of the city, along with the Statue of Liberty, which can be visited during guided tours.

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What Fsbo Sellers In New York Need To Know

ð Key benefits of selling FSBO

  • Direct control over how your home is sold, including the pricing strategy, showing schedule, and negotiation process.
  • No listing commission, which could save you 2.61%, based on the New York average.
  • FSBO sellers who find a buyer without an agent, save an additional 2.36%, the average buyer’s agent commission rate in New York.

Real estate laws, processes, and trends vary greatly across the country. Understanding the details of your market and getting accurate information can make a FSBO sale complicated.

We’ll go into more details about what you need to do in new-york, but here’s an overview of the state’s laws and regulations.

New York FSBO overview

Competitive Buyer’s Agent Commission 1.66% to 3.06%

Additionally, you’ll need to know and understand all of your responsibilities as a FSBO seller, which include:

  • Preparing your home by making necessary repairs, cleaning, and staging your home.
  • Accurately and competitively pricing your home.
  • Vetting buyers to ensure they’re qualified, from a financial perspective. Accepting an offer from an unqualified buyer will cause your sale to fall through.
  • Negotiating the final price, contingencies, repair concessions, and other aspects of the purchase agreement.
  • Properly filling out all necessary paperwork for a real estate transaction in New York.

Next Steps For New York Home Sellers

Homes That Sold for Around $600,000

If youâre looking to sell your home fast in New York and get a great price, Clever can help.

Clever negotiates reduced rates with top-rated real estate agents throughout New York. Get full service and support for a flat $3,000 listing fee â or just 1% if your home sells for more than $350,000. Youâll still have to offer a buyerâs agent commission, per the standard rate in your area , but overall, youâll still save up to 50% on standard commission fees.

Importantly, home sellers who list with Clever get their first qualified offer in an average of 24.1 days* â thatâs 38 days faster than the average time to offer in New York.

Sell your house fast and save thousands!

Work with a top local agent for a fraction of the typical cost.

*Average time to offer for Clever home sellers

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How Long Before I Can Move In

The length of the period between signing a contract and actually closing on the property is very much a case-by-case situation. Some estimates say it takes about 90 days from when the contract is signed to when you get possession of your home, but it really depends on a variety of factors. Buying a condo versus a co-op, getting pre-approval from your lender, the real estate lawyer youve hiredall of these factors can play a big role in the amount of time it takes to secure your home. Condos can usually be secured within to 30 to 45 days, and co-ops can take between 60 to 90 days.

Representative Blake Moore A Liz Cheney Ally Trounces Primary Challengers In Utah

Representative Blake Moore has cruised to victory in the Republican primary for a U.S. House seat in northern Utah, overcoming two primary challengers who ran to his right in a race that many saw as a test of whether moderate Republicans still have a place in the state.

Mr. Moore, 42, is likely to win re-election in a solidly Republican district that has not been represented by a Democrat since 1980. The Associated Press called the results.

His Republican rivals included Andrew Badger, a first-time candidate and former civilian intelligence officer who billed himself as an America First candidate in the model of former President Donald J. Trump and Tina Cannon, a former member of the Morgan County Council who had made an unsuccessful bid for the seat before and has long been active in state and local Republican Party politics.

The primary contest drew widespread attention after Mr. Badger almost secured the partys nomination during the states Republican 2022 nominating convention, garnering 59 percent of the vote from delegates. He missed the threshold to win the nomination outright and proceed to the general election by less than one percentage point.

But the freshman congressman entered the primary night as the clear front-runner after a Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics survey released June 22 showed him far ahead of his competitors, capturing 52 percent of vote. Mr. Badger and Ms. Cannon failed to crack double digits in that survey.

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Lt Gov Antonio Delgado Fends Off A Challenge From The Left In His Ny Primary

Antonio Delgado, the lieutenant governor of New York, won the Democratic primary on Tuesday, scoring a convincing victory over his nearest challenger, Ana María Archila, a longtime activist who had emerged as the left wings best chance of winning statewide office this election cycle.

Mr. Delgado prevailed despite his late entry into the race just last month, when Gov. Kathy Hochul appointed him as her second-in-command and running mate, replacing former Lt. Gov. Brian A. Benjamin, who was arrested on federal campaign finance fraud charges.

But in just a few weeks, Mr. Delgado, a former congressman from the Hudson Valley, managed to overwhelm his opponents with millions of dollars spent on television ads and campaign mailers. With Ms. Hochuls backing, he secured the partys institutional support and endorsements from major labor unions, giving him a definitive edge as he rushed to introduce himself to voters statewide.

The election for the states second-highest office became one of the most compelling and closely watched contests in Tuesdays primary after Mr. Benjamins resignation rocked the race. It cast a spotlight on a typically low-profile office with few statutory duties besides succeeding the governor a once-rare occurrence that has nonetheless come to pass for two of the last three governors.

But Ms. Archilas nimble campaign was no match for Mr. Delgado’s giant campaign war chest, which helped him outspend his opponents 80 to one on the airwaves.

Attorneys Role In A New York Home Sale


When it comes to selling your own home in New York state, your attorney will prepare the contract of sale. Most sellers attorneys start with a standardized form and then add a rider with additional terms to be negotiated with the buyers.

Once the attorneys have finalized the contract, you and the buyers will sign it, and the buyer will send your attorney a downpayment, which they may lose if they walk away from the deal without a reason contemplated by the contract. Typically, in New York State, the downpayment is for 10% of the purchase price, and your attorney will deposit this amount into an escrow account controlled by your attorney.After the contract is signed, your real estate attorney NYC will need to do several things to prepare for a closing.

First, the attorney will review the title report ordered by the buyers attorney to see if there are any issues that must be resolved before a closing. These may include liens or violations against the property. Second, your attorney will prepare all of the closing documents, including the deed and transfer documents. Third, your attorney will calculate the amounts owed at closing, which may include NYC coop closing costs, New York condo closing costs, and condo closing costs NYC buyer.

If you have a mortgage, your attorney will request a pay-off letter to determine the amount owed to your lender. Your attorney will also calculate the closing costs that you owe and proceeds owed to you by the buyers.

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The Mansion Does Have A Number Of Modern Luxuries Such As A Spa But It’s Not Hard To Imagine Feeling Like An Extra On The Set Of The Gilded Age Once Inside

Even though the mansion is also well equipped to suit a modern lifestyle, with a fitness center, massage room, hot tub, and cedar-wood sauna, it’s not hard to see why Christie’s has described the property as an “exuberant celebration” of the Gilded Age in New York City.

And a listing like this doesn’t come around very often, Guest-Consales said.

“They are quite rare,” she said, as many of the Gilded Age mansions have been converted into commercial use, smaller apartments, museums, or consulates.

So, if you have $33 million to spare and perhaps are a fan of HBO’s “The Gilded Age,” consider snapping up this New York City rarity.

Should I Get A Broker What About A Lawyer

You can buy a home without a real estate agent or broker, but its probably better that you hire one, especially considering the highly competitive market in New York. Your broker will help you secure the best possible deal, and can assist you in bargaining for concessions. Brokers can be especially helpful when looking to purchase in a co-op building in NYC, as they will be more familiar with the requirements for that property and be able to give you a better sense of the ideal candidate. Whats more, you dont have to pay a brokers fee when it comes to sales. That money is usually included in the sale amount and split between the broker representing the seller and yours.

Getting a real estate lawyer is even more critical in NYC. Unlike other parts of the country, buyers here need to draw up a contract in order to finalize a sale, and unless youre familiar with the law, this is going to be a steep hill to climb. Your lawyer will also be able to better advise you about potential concerns in your new building or homenoise complaints, building violations, and the likeas they go through the paperwork for that property. Typically both the buyer and seller in NYC have legal representation, and as a buyer, having a lawyer can ensure that youre not getting fleeced by the seller. Fees for this type of work can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

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The Sleeping Quarters Include Nine Palatial Private Bedrooms And Three Staff Bedrooms

It’s no surprise that a house of this magnitude built in an era all about opulence has numerous rooms for both residents and staff.

According to the listing online, there are a total of nine bedrooms five of which are considered suites with seven bathrooms, and three powder rooms.

Elsewhere in the mansion, there is a designated staff wing with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Things Renters Should Know About New York

Brick / Stone House in Tenafly, NJ
  • New York City consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.
  • During a period of time in the 18th century, New York served as the capital of the U.S.
  • New York is the largest city in America in terms of population.
  • The Algonquin people first occupied the area now known as New York. It was then settled by the Dutch in the 17th century.
  • New York City is home to internationally known landmarks and attractions, including Broadway, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Climate’s Impact On New York Housing

Likelihood of Flooding in New York Homes
  • Floods in New York caused $206 on average in property damage this year.
  • 3% of homes in New York are required to have flood insurance. Flood insurance
Likelihood of Storm, Drought, Heat, and Fire
  • A day that reaches above 91ºF is considered hot for New York. Normally, New York experiences about 8 hot days per year.
  • New Yorkâs forecast in 2050 is about 34 hot days per year.
  • The percentage of available water supply used by humans determines water stress. An area is at especially high risk when water stress is above 40%. New Yorkâs water stress now is about 18%.
  • New Yorkâs projected water stress in 2050 is about 19%.
  • Normally, about 0% of land near New York burns in a year, or about 126 sq. miles within a 100-mile radius.
  • New Yorkâs forecast in 2050 is up to about 279 sq. miles burned in a year .
  • Fire risk in New York ranges from Very Low to Low
  • Normally, New York experiences about 8 significant two-day storms per year, with about 2″ of precipitation per storm.
  • New Yorkâs forecast in 2050 is about 24 storms, with about 3″ of precipitation per storm.

Five New York Houses Architects Have Built For Themselves

Camp O by Maria Milans Studio

Spanish architect who is based in Manhattan designed this two-storey home in the town of Claryville in the Hudson Valley. Built into a hill, it comprises two long volumes with roofs that slant in opposite directions.

Interiors feature exposed concrete walls, large windows and wood beams, while two grey sofas by Hay surround a fireplace.

Partners Todd Rouhe and Maria Ibañez de Sendadiano of architecture studio IDS/R conceived this holiday home for themselves for a wooded site in the Catskills Mountains.

In the kitchen is a black, freestanding Vipp counter that houses a sink, stovetop and refrigerator. It was selected by the couple after struggling to find a concept that did not compromise the minimalism of the space.

Architect Jason Shannon and his wife and designer Paola Yañez of J_spy Architecture built this dwelling for themselves with concrete blocks on a six-acre property in Upstate New York.

The home contains two bedrooms, a galley kitchen and an open-plan living and dining room. A geothermal pump powers radiant concrete floors by heating water from a well on site.

This project, called Eco House, was created by Danish-born architect Vibeke Lichten on Long Island‘s Shelter Island that is accessible only by ferry.

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Out On A Limb Treehouse

Located near Argyle in eastern New York youll find the Out on a Limb Treehouse.

Nestled high up in the trees, youll discover a beautiful cabin with a great bathroom, a kitchen, and more. Outside, theres even a hot tub!

On the ground, youll find additional amenities like a fire pit and cozy seating.

A Gop Congressman Who Supported The Jan 6 Inquiry Wins His Mississippi Runoff

Let’s check out a home for castle Rock reo in New York, THE SHEA SHOW

Representative Michael Guest, a staunch conservative from Mississippi who had faced a backlash from the Republican Partys Trump wing because of his support for the Jan. 6 investigation but otherwise voted to overturn the 2020 election results, defeated his challenger, Michael Cassidy, in a G.O.P. runoff on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

Mr. Cassidy, a pro-Trump candidate, had finished narrowly ahead in the June 7 primary, but Mr. Guest, 52, bounced back in the runoff to advance to the November election.

Mr. Cassidy, 34, a Navy veteran and pilot, had seized on Mr. Guests vote last year in favor of an independent, bipartisan inquiry into the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, framing it as a sign of disloyalty to Mr. Trump. That line of attack resonated in Mississippis Third District, which Republicans have controlled for a quarter-century and which stretches diagonally across the state from Louisiana to Alabama.

Thirty-five House Republicans supported the Jan. 6 inquiry, and a host of them drew challenges from Mr. Trumps allies. The former president did not make an endorsement in the primary between Mr. Guest and Mr. Cassidy, which continued to a runoff when neither candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote.

In a question-and-answer profile this month, Mr. Cassidy told The Columbian-Progress, a local news website, that Mr. Guests support for the Jan. 6 investigation was unforgivable.

Nick Corasaniti

Reid Epstein

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A Congressman Under An Ethics Inquiry Is Ousted In A Primary Runoff In Mississippi

Mike Ezell, the sheriff of Jackson County, defeated Representative Steven Palazzo, a Mississippi Republican facing an ethics investigation, in a runoff election on Tuesday.

Last year, the Office of Congressional Ethics released a report saying that Mr. Palazzo had used campaign funds to pay himself and his wife nearly $200,000 to make improvements on a property he planned to sell. The House Ethics Committee is still investigating the accusations described in the report, which Mr. Palazzo has denied and called politically motivated.

The race went into a runoff after Mr. Palazzo failed to get more than 50 percent of the votes in the primary earlier this month. Mr. Ezell received the endorsement of the three other candidates who lost in the crowded primary race.

Mr. Ezell called Mr. Palazzo ineffective, attacked him as no show in the district and criticized him for proxy voting, which allows him to have another member cast a vote in his place.

Mr. Palazzo faced other controversies during the primary campaign. He skipped all of the Republican candidate debates, and, in one case, his campaign officials told debate organizers that he had to attend national security meetings. Then, later that night, Mr. Palazzo posted a photo of himself at dinner with his son on social media.

Mr. Ezell will now face Johnny L. DuPree, a Democrat and former mayor of Hattiesburg, in the fall election.

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