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Where To Park A Car In New York City

Find Nyc Parking Near You

Building maintenance worker hit by car in NYC parking dispute

Book the best NYC parking near all your favorite destinations with the help of SpotHero. Simply input your destination’s address and times you want to park, hit search, and view New York City parking options all over the city!

Tourists flock to the bustling metropolitan city to snap an iconic photo in Times Square, take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, catch a Broadway show, ice skate under the giant Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and so much more.

NYC is the largest U.S. city and is composed of over 100 neighborhoods and 5 boroughs. Residents live in some of the most diverse neighborhoods in America, full of tasty dining spots, incredible art galleries, fascinating historical sites, and carefully crafted architecture. Almost 50% of New York residents own cars, which means parking can be tricky. Whether youre a long-time resident or just visiting for a weekend, book your parking in advance and spend more time doing and less time parking!

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Parking In Nyc Near Top Attractions

Theres something for everyone in The Big Apple. Wherever youre headed, SpotHeros got you covered with convenient, affordable parking.

Below weve highlighted a list of top attractions and some of our most popular parking locations nearby. Just be sure to reserve your parking spot and youre good to go!

Avoiding Extra Charges And Tipping

Always read the posted rate signs and confirm the rate before you leave your car. You should also make sure you confirm that the time stamped on your claim check is correct and that you understand when you have to be out to avoid additional charges.

Keep in mind that many garages charge extra for oversize vehicles and some have “event” rates for major holidays and festivals, so it never hurts to ask a parking attendant what the rates are for the day you’re using the garage. This way, you canwith 100 percent certaintybe sure you’re not going to be charged additional fees or unexpected rates.

When planning a budget for your parking in NYC, you should also factor in a tip for the parking garage valet. According to Margot Tohn’s research, the typical tip is a few dollars, but some monthly parkers also give a larger tip during the holiday season. She suggests tipping when you drop off your car for a little extra goodwill toward the valet taking care of your vehicle.

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Parking In New York City

  • Manhattan has several parking lots. Essex Street Garage has 359 spaces in Lower East Side, there are 440 spaces near Central Park at 209 West 51st, while Times Square Garage 44th Street has 423 spaces .
  • Yankee Stadium in the Bronx has 1,580 spaces at the Ruppert Plaza Garage and theres room for 933 vehicles at the 161st Street Garage .
  • Most garages, lots and metered street parking can be paid for using quarters, dollars and credit cards. The ParkNYC app lets you pay using your smartphone too.

Picking A Garage With Fair Rates

Cities 101: Stacked Mechanical Parking Lots in NYC ...

Margot Tohn, who wrote a past-edition Park It! NYC book, says to look for parking garages owned by larger companies that own multiple facilities these companies often have employee standards that encourage better service, and some larger garage companies also offer discounted rates and coupons.

Edison ParkFast manages more than 15 parking locations in Manhattan and runs promotions on their website while Icon Parking has more than 200 facilities in Manhattan and also offers regular online specials and discount coupons.

The average price for monthly parking in Manhattan is more than $500, according to Tohn, but some garages will offer discounts if you commit to a six or 12-month contract, so go ahead and try to negotiate when you book your parking spot.

On the other hand, hourly rates tend to vary widely by neighborhoodso you should always try to find a larger parking garage company in especially populated areas like Times Square and the East Village to avoid higher prices.

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The American Museum Of Natural History

Explore dinosaur fossils, meteorites, and a life-size model of the Atlantic blue whale right on the edge of Central Park. If youre bored with the natural history of this planet, then fear not: the Rose Center for Earth and Space is part of this museum complex, so you can explore the cosmos to your hearts content.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Known to most as the Met, this museum is one of the most-visited in the world. Its probably because you can explore an Egyptian temple, a hall of armor, and see thousands of paintings from around the world in one place! Transport yourself all across the world, just be sure you have a spot reserved for your car before heading in.

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Ev Charging At Nyc Monthly Parking Garages

These can be hard to come by. But as electric cars become more popular, garages will have to adapt to make sure they can serve the increasing need. Make sure to ask your parking operator ahead of time if they have EV charging, and dont assume they will.


Monthly Rate: $425 | Book Now > >

Manhattan New York Parking: Best Nyc Parking Deals

The Parking Dance in New York City | The New York Times

Searching for cheap parking in Manhattan, New York City? Youve come to the right place! Let us help you find parking in the Big Apple.

We have several parking locations for New Yorkers or anyone who comes to stay in NYC for you to choose from at the best parking prices.

Whether youre in town for business or traveling to the airport for leisure, well take care of your NYC parking problems and find you our great NYC parking deals!

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Parking Parking And More Parking

Street parking: Unless you live in Staten Island or alongside a cemetery , finding quick and easy street parking will become something of an obsession. Its even more tricky since outdoor dining took away thousands of spots. Brick took a look at the best neighborhoods in Manhattan,Brooklyn,Queens, and the Bronx for on street parking so you can get a sense of much time youll spend circling the block when you get home. Essentially the denser the neighborhood the fewer the spots for on-street parking.

Garages: The biggest hurdle to owning a car in New York City versus other areas is the prohibitively high cost of garage parking. If you’re looking to buy an apartment that comes with its own spot, the average price for a single parking space in recent years has been about $280,000, according to the New York Times. One buyer says he bought a $1.175 million apartment and paid cash for the $125,000 parking spot. Renting a spot in buildings with garages can run from $150 to $500 depending on the neighborhood. However at new developments in the outer boroughs, you can find buildings that waive parking fees as a concession to lure renters.

The average cost of monthly parking in a commercial garage in Manhattan is $570, and in Brooklyn is $280, according to a quick survey of parking rates.

Driving In New York City

Drive Safely, Save on Parking, and Avoid Getting a Ticket in New York City

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Almost every New Yorker and anyone who has ever visited will encourage you not to drive in New York City. Once you’re in the city, most people find that they don’t need a car, because you can easily take taxis or the subway to get where you’re going. Plus, the cost of parking your car adds up quickly, especially if you’ll be visiting for several days.

However, sometimes you don’t have a choice, and if you find yourself in a situation in which driving is your only option, you’ll need to learn the rules of the road, the secrets to finding affordable parking, and the major bridges and expressways that will connect you to Manhattan.

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Where To Park In Nyc & Beat The System

The Best Places to Park in NYC

Figuring out how to park in New York City isnt easy. The best way to cut down on parking costs is first to avoid paying the $14 tolls when you enter Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens from a bridge or tunnel. If you insist on parking in Manhattan for convenience be prepared to spend at least $30 per day on overnight parking. We suggest if you plan to park in Manhattan book a parking spot ahead of time and prepay to avoid the hassles of driving around in traffic and trying to compare rates.

The Best Parking in NYC

The best parking in New York City is to park across the river in NJ. Commuting to Manhattan will only take 15 to 20 minutes. Youll save because you dont have to pay the tolls to enter Manhattan and parking in NJ is cheaper. We suggest looking at parking near the PATH subway or near the ferry. The PATH subway is only $2.75 and operates nearly 24/7. The best stations for parking are the parking lots near the Newark PATH station,Journal Sq. Station, Exchange Place Station, Newport Station or Hoboken Station. The ferry has its perks, the views are amazing of the NYC skyline, but the schedule can be limiting. The best ferry park and ride option is to park at the Port Imperial garage near the NYC Waterway Ferry landing. Parking is $14/Day

Cheap & Discount Parking in NYC

Sleeping In Your Car In Parking Lots

How to Save Money on Parking in New York City

As there is no law against sleeping in your car, you are not inherently breaking the law by sleeping in your car in a parking lot.

However, the reality of the situation is a little more complicated than that.

If the owner of the parking lotbe it a small business or a global franchisehas decided to specifically prohibit sleeping in your car on their property, then they are entirely within their rights to ask you to leave.

The instant you are asked to leave private property, you become a trespasser on that land, and thatis breaking the law. Refusing to go at this point could land you inside a courtroom, so its most definitely best to move on without starting any trouble.

If you find a parking lot that does not have any signs expressly prohibiting sleeping in your vehicleand you could also check the companies website if you want to be extra thoroughthen you should be safe in theory.

However, it could be that the owner does not want any urban camping on their land, and it has just never occurred to them to put up a sign. In that case, they may still ask you to leave, and you would still be legally obligated to comply.

For this reason, you should be as stealthy as possible when sleeping in your vehicle in NYC. Unless you have the express permission of the property owner whose land you are parked on, just assume that you will be asked to leave if you are found out.

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Parking In New York City: The Basics

Regardless of where you are in the city, you want to make sure you follow some basic, common-sense guidelines. Not following the rules is a sure-fire way to get yourself a nice souvenir to remember your trip by a ticket. Just remember

Never double park your vehicle.

Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, no matter the signage thats around. If theres a fire hydrant, dont go within 15 feet of it.

Do not trust the first sign you see. Always look diligently around your car for temporary signage that can change due to construction and a number of other factors.

Self Park Garages In Nyc With Monthly Parking Rates

If youre new to NYC, you might not yet know that the majority of garages in the city use valets to park the cars. Many facilities are really tight and underground. We understand that for some people, driving your own car is important. Especially for a monthly parking spot that youll be using for a while.

We did some research and here are 14 garages in NYC that let you park your own car, and have monthly parking:

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What Does Alternate Side Parking In Nyc Mean

In NYC, they have this nifty thing called alternate side parking. Basically, it means that cars are only allowed to park on one side of the street at certain times. This is to create a smoother flow of traffic and space for the street cleaners. Across the five boroughs, alternate side parking rules are generally in effect once or twice a week, During those times, sides of the street are blocked off for around two or three hours. Alternate side parking rules do not apply to religious and legal holidays or during weather emergencies.

Where Can I Find Oversized Parking In New York City

Parking Tickets a Challenge for Car2Go in NYC

There is open-lot oversized parking in New York City. Many garages do not allow for overnight oversized parking. Make sure to check with your garage or lot ahead of time, whether they allow a vehicle of your dimensions.

Looking for more parking options in the city? has you covered get online or book your parking space through our iOS or Android apps now!

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Tips For Scoring Discounts On Nyc Monthly Parking

Before you get started, heres some background information if youre looking to save money.

1. Be flexible about location to save up to $300 Some areas of Manhattan are considerably more expensive formonthly parking than others. The areas shaded in red on the map to the right will likely be over $400.

Consider looking in a 5-block radius of your ideal location for the best luck at getting a lower rate. And avoid 5th Avenue at all costs!

If you dont need your car that often, these outer boroughs tend to have cheaper monthly parking options.

  • Bronx Monthly Parking
  • 2. Dont pay for more access than you need If you dont use your car every day, dont pay for a monthly parking spot with unlimited in and out access. There are usually different rates for different access levels. Ask your parking provider about discounts for infrequent use. We recommend negotiating here.

    3. Ask about timing discounts If your parking needs are the opposite of most people in the area, you might be able to get a discount from the garage.

    For example, if you live in Midtown, where many people drive to work, but you only need parking during nights and weekends, you might be able to get a cheaper monthly rate. It never hurts to ask!

    New York Monthly Parking

    Thinking about reserving a monthly parking spot in the city? Here at SpotHero, weve tracked down the best rates and locations for monthly parking in NYC and rounded them up to make your search for monthly parking even easier.

    When you use SpotHero to reserve NYC monthly parking, its easy to compare locations by price and amenities. Have any questions? You can or contact our monthly specialist directly at 292-5251.

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    North Bergen Park & Ride Information

    Bus transportation hours of operation have different times for weekdays and the weekend. The time frame between 6:30 AM 3:00 AM EST is the general schedule. Senior citizens, children, and passengers with disabilities are eligible for reduced fare on both the one-way and round-trip tickets. During the weekdays, the parking lot tends to hit full capacity prior to 9:00 AM. During the weekends it is possible to find many open parking spots throughout the entire day. The availability of parking spaces relies on whether there is a big event occurring in New York City so keep that in mind when planning a trip.

    North Bergen Park & Ride Address:Route 3 West & I-495 EastNorth Bergen, NJ 07047

    Plus Code for Google Maps:QXH4+3H North Bergen, New Jersey

    The address for the North Bergen Park & Ride sometimes makes it complicated for GPS to find. Below are some helpful hints to locate the parking lot, which is just after Exit 16E toward the Lincoln Tunnel.

    Traveling East: After passing through New Jersey Turnpike Exit 16E Lincoln Tunnel, stay in the far right lane and continue onto NJ-495 E for 0.1 miles. Take the next exit toward US 1/US 9 and be on the lookout for signage that reads Park-N-Ride. Follow these signs accordingly.

    Traveling West: From NJ-495 W, merge onto US 1/US 9 South. Turn right onto NJ-3 W . Turn right . Continue straight to the Park-N-Ride entrance.

    Where Can I Find New York City Parking Discounts And Coupons

    Cars Stacked in a Multi

    New York City parking discounts and coupons are available through popular brands such as Groupon. But instead of trying to find the best Groupon for you, its much easier to sort through Way. coms New York City parking options. Youll get an easy, all-in-one-place glimpse of available parking spots, including those that come with discounts.

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    Where To Park In New York

    Both driving and parking in New York can be a challenge, but not an impossible one. The good news is that in the main parts of the citys 5 boroughs you can find parking garages, parking lots, or street parking readily available. And in the suburbs, there are Park & Ride stations where you can leave your car and take the train into the city. The bad news is that you will be paying a lot for parking, but there are apps and other tools you can use to find better prices.

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