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Where To Get Yellow Fever Vaccine In New York City

Preparing You For Healthy Travel

New York On Verge Of Major Vaccine Expansion

To prepare patients to travel safely and stay in good health, our services include:

  • Discussion of previous immunizations and recommendations for others if needed
  • Evaluation of current health and medications
  • Review of travel itineraries
  • Education about disease prevention in relation to travel plans
  • Guidance about diet and travel safety
  • Recommendation for medical kits for travelers

Is The Alternate Yellow Fever Vaccine Stamaril Safe

Before you get all Wait, its not FDA-approved?! on us, take a deep breath. While the Stamaril vaccine is not technically FDA licensed, it has essentially the same ability to protect against yellow fever, it has the same uncommon side effects, and it has been used successfully for years in many countries. Even though its deemed investigational for purposes of this temporary supply, its not in a testing stage by any means, so no, you wont unknowingly become part of a medical trial.

Theres nothing investigational about it, Gershman said. Its been licensed and used globally in more than 70 countries and has proven to be every bit as good as YF-Vax.

has been licensed and used globally in more than 70 countries, and has proven to be every bit as good as YF-Vax.

Essentially, its like using a different designer or brand drug . So while there are some differences, the bottom line is that its made from the same virus strain, and the CDC officially calls the alternate comparable in safety and efficacy.

Can I Get A Vaccine Now

The FDA has authorized three vaccines for COVID-19, and more may be authorized in the coming months. State governments are distributing vaccines based on CDC advice. Visit your city or states COVID-19 vaccine sites for information: New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Eligible New Yorkers can call the COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline at 1-833-NYS-4-VAX for help scheduling vaccination appointments. Their hours are 7am 10pm, 7 days a week.Most providers will ask you to schedule your first and second vaccination at the same time, and will help you set up reminders via text, email, or phone call about your second dose. The Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, however, is only one dose.

You can visit your city or states COVID-19 vaccine sites for information on how to be vaccinated: New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania.We will continue to inform and guide our members when it comes to COVID-19 prevention and care.Please take a moment to check your contact information using your myEmblemHealth account. Be sure to update your email address, cell phone number, and preferred language. You can also call us at the number on your member ID card. A Customer Service representative will be happy to help update your records.If your doctor has a patient portal, youll want to be sure you are registered, and your contact information is correct.

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Who Should Not Get The Yellow Fever Vaccine

  • People with moderate or severe illness
  • People with an allergy or hypersensitivity to eggs, chicken, and gelatin
  • Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant and nursing mothers
  • People should not get this vaccine if they have a weakened immune system for any reason, including:
  • HIV/AIDS or another disease that affects the immune system
  • Treatment with steroids for two weeks or longer
  • Cancer or cancer treatment
  • People with history of thymus disease, including myasthenia gravis, thymoma, or prior removal of thymus gland
  • Those who previously had a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction to the vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine should not be vaccinated.
  • What Is Yellow Fever

    Can the Government Make Vaccines Mandatory?

    Yellow fever is a serious disease caused by a virus spread by infected mosquitos, though it cant be spread directly from person to person. The symptoms of yellow fever begin with fever, headache, chills, and nausea/vomiting, and can progress to jaundice , liver, kidney, and respiratory failure, and death. Yellow fever occurs mainly in certain parts of Africa and tropical South America.

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    New York Travel Clinics Are Not Created Equal

    Your travel doctor in NYC may not be prepared for same day inoculation against those diseases present in international regions, carrying only those vaccines recommended in the US. Therefore, it is recommended that you find a physical or clinic specifically offering travel immunizations in NYC. Check Dr. Gafanovich profile at Healthgrades.

    Getting A Yellow Fever Vaccine In Lima

    Hi All,

    My husband and I need to get a Yellow Fever vaccine while we’re in Lima. We’ll be there for 2 weeks in October, and we’re aware of the 10-day period afterwards to allow immunity to build. We don’t want to get it here in the US, because, due to shortages, it’s $750-$900 for it for two people.

    I see there are a few places, like a clinic in the airport , and Cayetano Heredia Hospital or Hospital Loayza.

    Does anyone know how this works or what the current schedule for Yellow Fever vaccinations ? Also, if they provide an international certificate of vaccination?

    Our only concern is if these places are fully dedicating their resources to COVID-19, and nothing auxiliary. Also, we’re aware the Lambda variant is present in Lima, and we don’t know what the risk is to come into contact with the variant at these facilities.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    Who May Be Able To Have The Vaccine In Some Circumstances

    If you’re not sure whether you can have the yellow fever vaccine, ask a travel health specialist at the vaccination centre. They’ll do a full risk assessment based on your or your child’s medical history and where you’re travelling to.

    People who may be able to have the vaccine include:

    • those aged 60 and over only when travel to a high-risk area is unavoidable
    • those who are pregnant if travel to a high-risk area is unavoidable
    • those who are breastfeeding expert advice is needed for women who are breastfeeding babies under 9 months
    • those with long-term inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis if on low-dose steroid therapy
    • babies from 6 months to under 9 months of age if travel is unavoidable and risk is high, expert advice is needed
    • those living with HIV only after specialist advice

    Take extra care to prevent insect bites while travelling if you have not been vaccinated.

    Welcome Tothe New York Center For Travel And Tropical Medicine

    Measles vaccines are now mandatory in four NYC neighbourhoods

    The New York Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine is a medical center providing pre-travel services and immunizations as well as treatment for travel-related illnesses and post-travel medical screening from our newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility in Midtown East, New York, NY.

    We take pride in providing high-quality specialized care in for all travel medical needs.

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    Making A Decision About Getting A Shot

    To help you to make a final decision about getting a yellow fever vaccination, weâve tried to summarize the possible scenarios below.

    Country List:

    Please note: Some countries ask for a yellow fever certificate if you traveled to a yellow fever zone or spent more than 12 hours in the airport of a high-risk area within the last 30 days.

    Where To Get Yellow Fever Vaccination In Lima

    We are going to be in Peru next month and would like to get a yellow fever vaccination for a trip we are taking later in the year to Uganda. Can anyone tell me where we can do this and approximate cost?

    Thank you

    Just google it to look for a locale close to where you are staying

    Edited: 4 years ago

    When you arrive at the airport, why don’ t you take some time to visit the clinic. They have YF vaccination services there. If I am not wrong, I paid 145 sols. I had it done when I came back from Cusco to Lima. Since I was already at the airport, I said, why not?

    Many thanks for your suggestions. Nice to know we can take care of this while we are there.


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    Choose From A List Of States And Territories

    Frequently Asked Questions about the U.S. Yellow Fever Vaccination Center Registry

    State Yellow Fever Coordinators can update information for an authorized yellow fever vaccine provider/center.

    Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website.

    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website.
    • Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.
    • You will be subject to the destination website’s privacy policy when you follow the link.
    • CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance on other federal or private website.

    The Fever That Struck New York

    Nationwide vaccine shortages could cause trouble for ...

    The front lines of a terrible epidemic, through the eyes of a young doctor profoundly touched by tragedy

    Carolyn Eastman

    Word of the disease in New York City came from every quarter. The place was besieged. Thousands fled to the countrysideso many that transportation became impossible to find. Others huddled inside their homes. Many died. Hospitals were overrun, and nurses and doctors were among the earliest to succumb. People who ventured out held a handkerchief up to their nose and mouth, fearful of what they might breathe in. Wild claims about miracle drugs and regimens tricked some into believing they could outwit the disease. They couldnt.

    It was 1795, and the yellow feverwhich had burned through Philadelphia two years earlier, killing more than 10 percent of the citys populationhad arrived in New York. It would return in 1798, and those two epidemics killed between 3,000 and 3,500 New Yorkers. Hundreds in other parts of the East Coast died in localized outbreaks, almost always in urban centers.

    It would take scientists more than a century to discover that the virus was spread in cities by a unique species of mosquito, the Aedes aegypti. Not until 1937 would medical researchers develop a vaccine.

    Upward of 700 New Yorkers died during the fall of 1795, before cold weather killed the mosquitoes and put an end to the years epidemic. Commended for his work at Bellevue, Anderson returned to Columbia to complete his medical education.

    * * *

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    My Outrageous Experience Tracking Down A Travel Vaccine

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    Currently, theres a global shortage of YF-Vax, the only yellow fever vaccine licensed in the United States. I had no idea until I learned that Id be headed to Sub-Saharan Africa to cover a UNICEF mission later this month. The one vaccine I was told we must have in order to enter Chad: yellow fever. And it was nowhere to be found.

    I, along with another journalist headed to Chad with Norwegian in mid-September, called dozens of travel medicine clinics in New York City. And New York State. And New Jersey. And Pennsylvania. Basically anywhere I was planning to be, or could drive to in a day. Not a single one had YF-Vax.

    Then I noticed a memo on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, explaining that the agencys expansive list of vaccination clinics might not be of much use after all:

    Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of the only yellow fever vaccine licensed in the United States, announced on February 22, 2018, that YF-Vax for civilian use is expected to be available from the manufacturer again by mid-2019. However, YF-VAX might be available at some clinics, until remaining supplies at those sites are used up.

    Yellow Fever Vaccination & Shot Nyc

    Affected Regions: Africa and South America,especially sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America. Even if there are no current reports of Yellow Fever in the region you plan to visit, these continents are still high-risk destinations. Consult with Dr. Adams well in advance of your departure date if you are planning on visiting these areas.

    Cause: Yellow Fever is a hemorrhagic fever caused by a virus spread by mosquitoes. Yellow Fever can be mild , resulting in fever, nausea and vomiting, or severe , causing severe illness, and jaundice. If Yellow Fever progresses to the latter stage, it carries an almost 50% risk of death.

    Symptoms: Fever, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, red eyes, and discoloration of the face or tongue. If you develop these symptoms even after you have left the affected area, seek emergency medical care.

    Preventive Action: Even though there is no treatment for Yellow Fever once it is contracted, a yellow fever vaccine prior to travel is very effective at preventing the disease. Make an appointment with Dr. Adams four to six weeks prior to travel to Africa, South America, or any area affected with Yellow Fever.

    • Appointments

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    Medical Center For Travel Related Illness And Post

    Full diagnostic laboratory capabilities include examination for diarrheal pathogens, parasites, schistosomiasis , tuberculosis, rickettsial disease, vector-borne diseases including malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and Yellow Fever. We test for Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, and Babesia. We provide pre-deployment services for corporations as well as periodic post-travel screening.

    Welcome To Travel Clinic Of New York City

    TODAY Anchors Get Their COVID-19 Vaccinations Live On The Plaza | TODAY

    Before traveling outside of US borders, vaccines may be required. Travel Clinic of New York City will ensure travelers are inoculated and ready to travel safely to their destinations.

    Before traveling in certain countries, Americans must have medical clearance and must be inoculated against the most common deadly virulent diseases in those countries. Because New York is such a melting pot, its a good idea to use a travel clinic that is reputable, well stocked and knowledgeable about the latest health news and requirements worldwide. Our knowledgeable, personable staff is ready to help you prepare for your pre-trip medical exams and vaccinations.

    Appointments are easily set and should be scheduled well in advance of your travel date. However, it may be possible to schedule last minute appointments in the case of emergency travel. Upon arrival at the Dr. Gafanovichs office in Upper East Side, you will be helped by one of our highly competent and customer oriented staff members. We give you access to information and guidance on which immunizations and prescription medications should be taken prior to traveling. Please be sure to go on a CDC website prior to your appointment and print most current guidelines to expedite your service at the time if your appointment.

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    What Our Patients Say

    I needed a yellow fever vaccination for travel. After an internet search and calling other providers, I chose NY center for travel and tropical medicine. I liked the response right from the start. I was given a same day appointment. The intake was extremely Professional and kind. The procedure was explained thoroughly by the Nurse along with possible side effects and other precautions to take. All in all a very good experience. Even the shot did not hurt. Thank you.


    I’ve been a patient for a number of years. Dr. Connor is knowledgeable, always willing to listen and includes me in decisions about my treatment. He and his staff are respond in a timely manner whether contacted by phone or through their portal. I unhesitatingly recommend him.

    JoAnn P.

    A quick visit for a flu shot…in and out in no time, but dont confuse efficiency for lack of warmth and charm. Just the best.

    Nancy W.

    Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres In Ontario

    Notice: The list of clinics below may contain inaccurate or out-of-date entries, including information for clinics that are no longer designated as Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres. We continue to work to update our database and correct these listings. Please contact with questions, or to verify if the clinic you are visiting for your Yellow Fever vaccine has a current, valid designation.

    The following is a list of health care sites that have been designated as Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres by the Public Health Agency of Canada, on behalf of Canada, in order to meet the requirements of the International Health Regulations.

    The Public Health Agency of Canada does not provide medical advice to individual travellers. For advice specific to your travel plans, please consult a health care provider. Travellers going to yellow fever areas will find additional information in the Questions & Answers section.

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    How Brazil Joined The Quest For A Yellow Fever Vaccine

    Brazil recently announced an agreement between its Bio-Manguinhos vaccine unit and two US companies to research and develop a new yellow fever vaccine. Claudia Jurberg and Julia DAloisio talk to Jaime Benchimol about the controversial history of the development of the vaccine that benefits millions of people today.

    Q: How did Brazil become the worlds biggest producer of yellow fever vaccine?

    A: The disease was a major health priority in Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when the city of Rio de Janeiro along with Havana saw major yellow fever epidemics. Brazil also witnessed the failure of the Rockefeller Foundations effort to eradicate the disease by funding research and implementing campaigns with local authorities in the Americas and West Africa. This led to a complete re-organization of the campaign. With the discovery that yellow fever was transmitted by monkeys in forested areas, it became clear that it could not be controlled using traditional methods methods based on the misconception that the disease had a single urban vector and one animal host . Given these factors, the quest for an effective vaccine became imperative and Brazil was well placed to take up the challenge.

    Q: What kind of expertise did Brazil have at the time?

    Q: How was the resulting vaccine tested?

    Q: How were these vaccinations organized in Brazil?

    Q: So people submitted to vaccination without questions?

    Q: How was the vaccine made?

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