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What Is The Average Rent In New York

Healthcare Costs In New York

What is the Average Rental Broker Fee in NYC? (2020) | Hauseit®

Between insurance, pre-existing conditions and changing prescription prices, it’s hard to navigate the healthcare system no matter what state you’re in. Here are a few general guidelines on New York healthcare.

In Manhattan, you have access to more than a handful of hospitals depending on where you’re located on the island. You have access to quality healthcare at Mount Sinai, New York-Presbyterian and Lenox Hill, among others.

The cost of living in New York for healthcare costs is about 9.8 percent above the national average. A doctor’s visit will set you back $106.72 on average, while a prescription drug, without insurance, costs upwards of $442.91 on average.

The Cost Of Rent And Housing In Each Borough

While overall, New York City is an expensive place to live, NYC housing prices vary by borough and can even be vastly different from neighborhood to neighborhood. The average rent in a Manhattan neighborhood known for trendy bars and shops will likely be more expensive than a family-friendly neighborhood in Staten Island. Many factors, including square footage, distance to public transportation, and overall location, play a part in how expensive a particular neighborhood is.

The average rent in New York City is $4,208 in Manhattan, $2,951 in Brooklyn, and $2,568 in Queens, according to data from apartment listing service RENTCafé. Believe it or not, the average rent in certain Manhattan neighborhoods is even higher than that. A months rent in both Little Italy and TriBeCa, among the more popular neighborhoods, costs an average of $5,607. Thats the highest average rent in all of New York City!

In fact, the top ten neighborhoods with the most expensive average rent are all located in Manhattan. These are the neighborhoods with the highest average rent in New York City:

  • Little Italy: $5,607
  • How Much Do I Need To Make To Live In New York City

    Are you sitting down? Good. Before we get to the magic number, let’s talk about budgeting. Experts agree that you shouldn’t spend more than 30 percent of your pre-tax income on rent.

    If we take that rule and apply it to living in New York City, you need to earn at least $158,200. It sounds like a lot, but if we take the city’s average rent of $3,955 and multiply it by 12 months in a year, we get $47,460 a year you’ll spend on rent. And since rent should only be 30 percent of your pre-tax income, that puts your minimum pre-tax annual income around $158,200.

    This number changes all the time, so check out’s free rent calculator to figure out your monthly budget.

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    Housing Costs In New York

    Between brokers fees, rent-controlled apartments and often unregulated landlords, finding somewhere to live in New York can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

    One-bedroom rents in New York have decreased 15.2 percent year-over-year. In contrast, two-bedrooms are seeing a steep increase of 15.3 percent since Spring 2020, most likely due to the pandemic. The average rent for a one-bedroom in is $3,684 per month.

    East Village, downtown Manhattan and Lincoln Square top the most expensive neighborhood in New York, with average rents of $5,600, $5,565 and $4,453 per month, respectively.

    When looking for New York neighborhoods with lower rents, try downtown Brooklyn , East Bronx and Rockaway for closer to the average rent in the city.

    If you’re looking to buy, you’ll see that sales prices have gone up 5 percent since last year, and most homes spend 98 days on the market, on average. The average sales price sits at $755,000, according to Redfin.

    New York City Healthcare Costs

    What is the average rent to live in New York City?

    Healthcare is a necessary expense that you’ll have to include in your moving budget.

    In New York City, the average resident pays $2,935 annually toward an employer-sponsored health insurance policy, while a family of four pays $7,153.

    New York City has several city-operated health clinics dedicated to delivering free or low-cost healthcare. Additionally, you can find information about health insurance enrollment and options on the city’s Health Department webpage.

    However, if you need to purchase your own private insurance, head over to to find affordable coverage that meets your needs.

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    Notable Average Rent In Nyc Statistics

    Common questions related to NYC rent include: how much is an apartment in New York City? How much does an apartment cost in NYC? The average rent price in NYC for a market-rate walk-up apartment is well below the overall city average, which effectively paints a different picture of NYC rent affordability. However, the supply of walk-up apartments is very low relative to luxury apartments. There is roughly a 7:1 listings ratio of Elevator Doorman apartments to Walk Up apartments at any given time. Days on market for walk-up apartments move quicker which shows how high in demand they are and how quickly apartments move at lower price points even in times of Covid. Looking for one of these hidden gems? Here is an active list of Walk-Up Apartments for rent.

    The vast majority of apartment availabilities in NYC are in Luxury Elevator Doorman buildings which is why overall average rent prices in NYC are skewed much higher. Do you have the budget and want to live in one of these luxury apartment buildings? Here is an active list of Luxury Doorman Elevator buildings for rent. There are plenty of options to choose from.

    Cost Of Buying A House In New York

    The classic dilemma of buy vs. rent always comes up regardless of where youre living. In the case of New York City, a single-family home in the New York metro area has a median sales price of $403,900, based on 2018 data from the National Association of Realtors. While this might sound favorable, remember that the metro area consists of not only New York City proper, but also the nearby areas that surround it. Buying in the city itself can be much pricier, especially if you want to live near the city center its not unheard of to spend more than $1 million for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

    One major advantage of the New York City housing market is its strong appreciation rates. According to NeighborhoodScout data from 2000 to 2018, homes in New York have raised in value by an average of 4.52% annually.

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    Do More People Rent Or Own In Nyc

    Renting is vastly more popular than owning in New York.

    Of the 3,142,405 occupied housing units in New York City, a little over two-thirds are rented and just one-third are owned by the people who live in them.

    This is a stark contrast with the U.S. as a whole, where 63.8% of homes are occupied by the people who own them.

    Rented homes in New York City tend to have slightly fewer people living in them than owner-occupied homes. The average rental unit has 2.56 occupants, while an average owner-occupied unit has 2.9.

    What Minimum Salary Do You Need To Live In New York City

    What Is the Average Rental Broker Fee in NYC?

    Now that you have an idea of how you can budget your new life, youre ready to decide on where you can afford to live. Rents in NYC are notoriously high, but they can vary widely depending on your distance to midtown Manhattan, proximity to a subway station, school districts, and overall neighborhood desirability.

    Which NYC neighborhood can you afford?

    If youre looking to rent a 1-bedroom apartment, there are several great neighborhoods for all income levels. Below youll find an overview of the minimum income requirements youll need to afford a 1-bedroom apartment in some of NYCs most popular neighborhoods.

    $1,800.00 $72,000.00

    Keep in mind that while you may pay more to live in some neighborhoods than others, you may want to consider other factors in your decision, such as proximity to work, social circle, parks and anything else that you visit frequently. Studios tend to be a bit cheaper than 1-bedroom apartments, just as 2-bedroom apartments tend to be considerably more expensive.

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    New York Real Estate Market Trends 2021

    In July 2021, the New York real estate market continued to surge, with closed sales growing by more than 30 percent from a year ago, according to the most recent housing report released by the New York State Association of REALTORS®. Sales prices reach an all-time high in the face of persistently low inventory. The median sales price in New York State increased 33.3% from $292,545 in July 2020 to $390,000 last month. Year to year, median sales prices have increased by 28.1 percent, rising from $285,000 in 2020 to $365,000 this year.

    Inventory remained low in July, with just 44,025 units available, compared to 54,700 in July 2020 â a reduction of 19.5% YTY. In year-over-year comparisons, this is the 20th straight month of falling inventories. Months supply of inventory fell to 3.2 months â a decrease of 38.5 percent from 5.2 months of inventory last July. The housing affordability index decreased by â 24.8% to 100 as compared to July of last year when it was 133. An index of 120 means the median household income is 120% of what is necessary to qualify for the median-priced home under prevailing interest rates. A higher number means greater affordability.

    New York’s Recovery From The Pandemic

    • New York Cityâs unemployment rate decreased over the month from 10.6% to 10.5%.
    • Outside of New York City, the unemployment rate decreased from 5.5% to 5.4%.
    • The number of unemployed New Yorkers decreased over the month by 17,100, from 725,700 in June to 708,600 in July 2021.

    Price Guide: The Average Rent In New York City

    Thinking of moving to New York City? Well give the ins and outs of the average rent in all the boroughs.

    The Big Apple is one of the most sought-after places to live in the entire country which typically comes with high NYC rent prices.

    We peeked around the web and the most comprehensive list we found for the average rent in New York City came from Rent Hop. For this article, well look at the average costs of one-bedroom apartments in the different areas of NYC along with what you can expect to find if you are a renter!


    Alphabet City is a neighborhood in the East Village, known to be laid back and residential with a mix of hip bars and restaurants.


    A commercial neighborhood in the New York City area of Queens, Astoria is laid-back and known for its ethnic eateries and open-air beer garden.


    Located in the northwestern portion of NYCs Brooklyn, Boerum Hill boasts a village vibe and is lined with trees, brownstones, and townhouses.


    No list covering average apartment rent in NYC would be complete without Brooklynthe most populous borough that bursts with things to do, see, eat, and drink.


    Bushwick is known for its industrial, artistic feellocated in Brooklyn, its home to converted warehouses, street art, and relatively affordable rental market.


    Filled with artisanal food shops and boutiques, Carroll Garden is known for its Italian-American roots and mix of families and young professionals.






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    Other Expenses To Consider In New York City

    The budget for your move to New York City should be airtight, meaning you’ll have to account for the expenses that typically get forgotten on most budgets.

    We’ve got you covered with an in-depth look at the hidden costs of living in New York City.

    • Sales Tax: The combined city and state sales tax rate in New York City is 8.5%, but can vary depending on what you purchase and its cost.
    • Income Tax: New York State levies an income tax rate on a sliding scale. Depending on your income, you can expect to pay anywhere from 4% to 10.90% in income tax. Additionally, you’ll have to pay the city’s imposed income tax which ranges from 3.078% to 3.876%, depending on your income.
    • Parking Costs: The average cost of monthly parking in New York is $570 per month or $6,840 annually. You’ll have to consider this cost on top of the 10.375% tax and an additional 8% surtax on parking, garaging, or storing cars in Manhattan.

    Rents Across The Boroughs

    The most and least expensive neighbourhoods to rent in New ...

    If you have a limited budget, you can kiss New York Citys hot spots goodbye. You wont be gazing out over Central Park or walking to Times Square unless you have Olympian calf muscles and marathon-worthy walking shoes.

    New York City is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Most of the examples below represent individual neighborhoods within the boroughs, particularly within Manhattan and Brooklyn, as they feature the most dramatic price fluctuations. For Staten Island and The Bronx, rents are averages for the borough as a whole.

    Rental data for a one-bedroom apartment is compiled primarily from RENTCafé and is in order of ascending rents within each borough.

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    Tips To Help You Afford To Rent In Nyc

    Renting in NYC can be tough, but you can save money by following any one of these four easy steps.

  • Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment. Rent controlled apartments are very rare, whereas rent-stabilized apartments comprise half of all NYC rentals. Rent-stabilized apartments are usually located in older buildings with over 6 units, and landlords can only raise up to 3% each year. Not sure if your building is covered? Reach out to the New York State Homes and Community Renewal by emailing or calling the help line at 739-6400.
  • Enter the Affordable Housing Lottery. New York City lets would-be renters enter the affordable housing lottery through NYC Connect. If your income is below the threshold needed to comfortably afford an apartment theres a high chance you might qualify for one of these units, however, be forewarned that competition is fierce in 2018, the chances of winning a spot were 1 in 592.
  • Factor in Hidden Costs. Is your apartment near the subway? Is there an affordable grocery store nearby? Does your building have a gym? Will you end up spending hundreds of dollars on Uber rides to visit your friends in another borough? These are important questions to ask when youre trying to factor in the hidden costs of a certain apartment. Its best to take a good hard look at your daily habits and determine whether or not your new home can support them without incurring extra costs.
  • Neighborhood

    When Is It Illegal To Raise Rent

    A landlord may not raise rent in retaliation when a tenant has exercised a legal right so long as the property has more than four units . It is also illegal for a landlord to increase rent in a discriminatory fashion. A landlord may not increase the rent amount due to the tenants race, gender, religion, nation of origin, familial status, or disability status.

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    Cost Of Entertainment In New York

    If you have any money left after paying for housing, transportation and food, then you may want to try and enjoy yourself. Well, its going to cost you. For movie buffs, the average price of admission to a movie in Midtown is $15.25, according to ValuePenguin.

    New York is famous for its sports teams, too. If you want to catch a Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks game, youll be paying an average of $87 and $190, respectively. Baseball fans can check out both Yankees and Mets games. For the 2018 season, a Statista report has the average Mets ticket at $27.60 and the average Yankees ticket at $47.62.

    New Yorkers do have at least one option for cheap entertainment. On a typical weekend night, subway platforms across the city become stages for all kinds of musical performances. Whether you like classical, jazz, hip hop or the blues, theres bound to be something you enjoy.

    The Impact Of International Buyers In New York

    Average Rent in Manhattan Here’s What it Costs to Raise Kids in NYC

    Despite all the talk about the one percenter dominating this and that, the truth is that the international elite is bolstering the price of luxury real estate in New York City. They see NYC real estate investment as part of a multi-pronged approach. The property is almost certain to appreciate, so it is an investment. Owning a piece of the NYC housing market gives them a place to stay if they have to flee their home country. The money invested in the NYC housing market is typically not reported to their government, and it is almost guaranteed not to lose value. Ironically, foreign owners like these are much more willing to take a modest loss when they sell when they are no longer interested in the property.

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    What Are The Most Affordable Neighborhoods In Manhattan

    The most affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan are , where the average rent goes for $1,622/month, Washington Heights, where renters pay $2,154/mo on average, and Randalls and Wards Islands, where the average rent goes for $2,195/mo. If youre looking for other great deals, check out the listings from Inwood , Ellis Island , and East Harlem , where the asking prices are below the average Manhattan rent of $4,072/mo.

    Transportation Costs In New York

    New York City public transit comes immediately to mind when we speak about the extensive rail. The subway does go everywhere, allowing residents to forgo a car. Transportation in New York lands 31.7 percent above the national average.

    The average commute for a New Yorker is 40 minutes, according to a recent study.

    New York has a 100 transit score, thanks to the MTA. A one-way ticket on the subway costs $2.75. A 7-day pass is $33, and a monthly 30-day pass is $127 with unlimited swipes on the buses and subway.

    You can navigate the city’s perfect grid by foot too with a 99 walk score. Or if you prefer two-wheels, NYC’s bike score is 86 with plenty of infrastructure for bikes.

    Those who just can’t avoid driving in the city expect to pay $33 on average for two hours a mile from the city center. You’ll also spend nearly 107 hours a year looking for a parking spot about $2,243 lost time cost per driver.

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