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Is It Hard To Find Parking In New York

Why The Fight Over Parking In New York Is Like The Hunger Games

State Assemblyman Proposes Overnight Parking Ban On Out-Of-State Vehicles

Since the pandemic hit, car ownership has soared, stoking tensions over parking spots. Advocacy groups for mass transit dont have much sympathy.

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By Christina Goldbaum

For weeks last fall, a flood of new cars had been filling up parking spaces in Noreen ODonnells Boerum Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, and finding a spot had become a 15-, 30- or even 45-minute ordeal.

Then one October night, Ms. ODonnell lost it: First, she discovered that another driver had dented her car, leaving no note and $3,000 in damage. After running an errand, she returned to find the parking space she had used near her home taken. For an hour, she circled the neighborhood searching for a spot, until around midnight she gave up and parked illegally outside a school.

Its like the Hunger Games for parking, she said. Its not harder now its relentless.

Last spring, as the pandemic engulfed New York City, people dealt with shortages of basic goods like toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer. But a surge in car sales propelled in part by people leery of public transit has created a new pandemic-induced shortage: parking spaces.

Advocacy groups for mass transit and bicyclists dont offer much sympathy. They say the pandemic has underscored the need to shift priorities over who has claim to the streetscape.

The Tale Of Parking Vigilantes

They are known as parking vigilantes. Their prey is the prime parking spots all over the five boroughs, and when theyre finished staking their claim, its free parking for them and no parking for you. That is until Seven on Your Side confronted some of these renegades on their own turf.

It can be a ribbon of yellow paint, an official-looking sign, or a makeshift barricade.

Lissette Samuels, Frustrated Driver: They do all kinds of things so you dont park your car here, and then you cant find parking. All of those methods are illegal methods that the parking vigilantes employ to stake their claim to prime spots.

Samuels: They make their own rules.

Lissette Samuels is in a parking purgatory. She says shes unable to park when she comes to work because of homemade no parking signs, yellow painted curbs, and even barricades tied down by bricks.

Samuels: I just come here to go to work and park my car. Thats it, but I dont need this harassment and you know they think they own the streets.

Take Your Time And Park Legally

Its easy to fall in love with the bad apples in a busy destination like New York City. However, when you get into the company of bad apples and become one yourself, remember you are only making the situation worse. Parking is already pretty congested and hard to come by in NYC, and the last thing we need in cities like Manhattan is to make it even more difficult. Always go for clean parking at zones designated specifically for parking. Make sure you park in a suitable space without overstepping the painted boundaries. Take it slowly and make sure not to hit the bumper of vehicles ahead or behind you. If your parking space is parallel, see to it that you park in the middle of your parking box so that drivers that park left and right of you can leave their cars without trouble. Ignore the constant honking from your impatient colleagues and meet them head-on with a smile.

If parking in Manhattan was impossible for you, we hope that this guide has helped you make it easier than before. is your cars best friend, and we are here for your car. Visit for more information and helpful parking guides.

Looking for more parking options near you? has you covered get online or book your parking space through our iOS or Android apps now!

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Stay At A Location That Offers Free Parking

One of the most efficient ways to find a parking spot in New York City is to check the location where youre staying. Many hotels and Airbnbs offer parking spots to their guests, allowing you to take advantage of this amenity and avoid the stress associated with searching for parking in other areas.

But, this situation isnt always guaranteed. Many lower-end hotels and plenty of independently-owned properties dont provide guests with a place to park. As such, you should be fully aware of which situation youll be in once you arrive in New York City so that you can make the necessary arrangements.

So, be sure that youre fully aware of the parking situation at the location youre staying before you arrive in the city.

The Ultimate Guide To Parking In Nyc

22 Things People From New York Always Get Asked

Looking for parking in NYC? This parking guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Theres always something new and exciting going on in New York City. As Americas biggest and busiest city, there are tons of great attractions and neighborhoods to explore. If youre driving in or around the city, never worry about where youre going to park again. Here at SpotHero, we compiled everything you need to know about parking in NYC.

Already know where youre headed? Search the interactive map below or download the SpotHero app on iOS or Android for easy parking reservations. If you want to learn more about how SpotHero works, check out this guide.

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Bonus Tip: Use Parking App Spothero To Find And Reserve Parking In Nyc

If youre going to park for more than two hours in the city or having trouble finding free parking around New York City, check out SpotHero. SpotHero is an app that helps you find and reserve parking in hundreds of garages and lots around New York City.

Visit the SpotHero website, or download the app to book your parking reservation. Explore more affordable New York City parking by clicking on the map below.

How To Fight Back Against Neighbors For Illegally Saving Parking Spaces

A frustrated friend of New York Parking Ticket recently asked how to fight back against a neighbor that illegally saved parking spaces on her block.

I did some research and found a terrific article from a fascinating website about the evil tactics of NYC parking vigilantes. A Channel 7 News investigative reporter recently publicized this lousy behavior.

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Where To Park For Free

If you find a parking spot in New York where you dont have to pay, you might feel like you won the lottery. But if you pay attention to street signs and know a couple of tips, you can indeed find the unicorn that is free parking in NYC.

  • There is free parking on Sundays on metered spots. Be sure to look for signs listing any time limits or specific hours you can park there.
  • On major holidays, standing and alternate side parking rules are suspended.
  • You can park for free during off hours in areas with regulations like No parking between 2 am and 6 am if there arent meters.

Should You Own A Car In New York City

New Plan of Attack in Brian Laundrie Search, Clues Emerge From Gabby Petito Text & Van | News 4 Now

Owning A Car In New York Is Absolutely Worth It As is the case for most people, owning a car is a matter of convenience. Keeping one in this city is anything but. You cant go visit a friend in another part of the city. For most of your transit needs, a cab, walking or the subway are vastly more advantageous.

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Brooklyn Parking Meter Information:

  • Parking rates are posted on each parking meter, and the allotted parking duration is posted on the top left hand corner of the green meter signs. Parking durations vary from 1 hour to 12 hours depending on location. Parking is free on Sundays. Check signs carefully before parking.
  • On-Street meters start at 1.00/hour in Brooklyn, unless designated otherwise.

Yes Parking In New York Has Gotten Worse

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Its Wednesday.

Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high in the low 40s, but a breeze will make it feel colder.

Alternate-side parking: Suspended for Three Kings Day.

Angry truck drivers. Petty alternate-side parking antics. Neighbors turning on neighbors.

New Yorkers have been driving themselves dizzy trying to park in the city. Not only did car ownership jump, but changes made to the streets during the pandemic have cut down on precious parking spots.

Parking in the city was never easy, but now some fed-up car owners are calling it war. How did it get this way?

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What Do All Of These Parking Signs In Nyc Even Mean

Here are all of the signs youll see while trying to find parking in NYC.

  • Street cleaning sign

This sign indicates when alternate side parking regularly occurs for that particular block. The sign indicates when vehicles are not allowed to park. The broom on the sign identifies the sign as a location subject to street cleaning regulations.

These regulations are also suspended on several religious holidays.

Update: Beginning Monday, June 29, 2020, residential streets that have multiple ASP days will be cleaned only once per week the latest day in the week. If a parking sign indicates street cleaning on Monday and Thursday, street cleaning will only happen on Thursday.

  • No parking anytime sign

If you see this sign, you may not park at this location at any time. You may stop to load and unload packages at curbside and you may drop off and pick up passengers but leave your car at your own risk.

  • No parking sign with hours specified

This particular sign indicates an interval within which vehicles are not allowed to park at certain times on certain days.

  • No standing anytime sign

This doesnt mean you physically cant stand in this area, but it does mean your car cant. In this area, you may not wait or stop for any reason, not even to load or unload packages. You may load and unload passengers if its in a hurry, but no idling.

  • No standing sign with hours specified
  • No stopping sign
  • No stopping sign with hours specified
  • Parking Meter sign
  • Bus stop sign
  • Taxi stand sign

How To Park In Times Square New York City

Dumbo, Brooklyn: Preserved in Amber. Sort Of.

Lights, shops, restaurants and Broadway shows everyone wants to visit Times Square when they’re in New York City. For that reason, driving in and near Times Square is almost like a sport and parking isn’t a lot easier. Many tourists opt to take the subway in and out of Times Square rather than hit the pavement. However, if you’re braving the roads for your Times Square experience, parking is not only available, but relatively affordable.

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The Bad: Manhattan Neighborhoods With The Worst On

1. Midtown

9. Tribeca

10. Flatiron

Arguably the worst of the worst in all of New York City, Midtown Manhattan lives up to its reputation as a parking nightmare by not only taking the top spot, but also claiming #2 with Midtown South, and #5, with Midtown East. All that commercial activity, plus major transit hubs like Grand Central, Port Authority and Penn Station, which don’t allow permit parking on their perimeters, and bus stops, which eat up even more spaces, mean there few places to park on the street, and so the area receives the dubious distinction of receiving high scores for both parking tickets and complaints.

It’s a similar story downtown, with congested neighborhoods like Soho, Tribeca, and Chinatown, that last of which urban planner Alon Goldstein files under “almost impossible” when it comes to finding available street parking. If there’s a surprise here it’s the Financial District’s rankingone of the areas of the city more recently “colonized” by New Yorkers looking for housingat an “impressive” number three.

The Financial District is getting worse for residential parking as more residents have moved in. Its one of the fastest growing communities in the city, with widespread conversion of office space, Goldstein notes.

Manhattan Street Cleaning Schedules

Having an idea about the street clean schedules in NYC can help you save money and lots of unwanted stress. If you are new to New York City, you should consider researching street cleaning schedules and Alternate Side Parking rules. Street cleaning schedules in Manhattan are appliable for each side of a block from either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday. When street cleaning schedules are in effect, you are not allowed to park for a particular duration. Most of the street cleaning restrictions are usually in effect for around 1.5 2 hours at maximum. Regardless, if you dont want to end up with expensive parking citations in NYC from the department of transportation, best follow the street cleaning schedules.

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Tips To Find Free Parking In New York City

The parking situation in New York City is often a gamble. More often than not, there will be no free spaces wherever youre going, which will leave you driving in circles for hours trying to find a spot.

Thats a great way to ruin your day, and maybe even your vacation. You definitely dont want to deal with parking nightmares while youre trying to enjoy yourself.

So, does free parking in New York actually exist? Or is it a myth?

Great news: New York free parking is out there. You just need to be a savvy traveler to find it.

We Go Away On Holidays

Private investigator details challenges in searching for missing people amid tech advances

Holidays big and small mean New Yorkers leave town en masse. Christmas, Easter, Jewish holidays, the ENTIRE week around Presidents Day , July 4 are all horrible times to drive OUT of the city. But if you are staying here, and want to park? It just got much easier. You wont be competing with locals for parking spots on streets without meters.

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Parking On The Upper West Side Of Central Park

According to SmoothParking, the best time to find parking on the Upper West Side, is between 11am and 12:30pm.The closer to the park you venture, the higher the odds of finding parking. Your best best is in between Columbus Ave & Central Park from 82nd to 96th. In the evenings starting at 5pm, there are no restrictions, other than Alt-Side Parking.

Metered Parking Near Central Park

Metered parking is available on most of the avenues that run north and south on either side of Central Park. Metered parking time durations and restrictions vary from 1 hour to 12 hours. Be sure to check signage before parking.

Hourly rates for metered parking near Central Park vary. From 96th to 110th Street, the metered rate is $1.50 per hour. Below 96th Street, along along with most of lower Manhattan, the rate is $3.50 per hour. Meter parking is free on Sundays in the city. Most meters accept coins, and some accept credit cards. Nearly all allow you to pre-pay for parking using an NYC Parking Card, which can be purchased online. Check out the official NYCDOT page for more information on street and metered parking.

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Park & Ride Locations

Along the Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road stops outside of the city, you can usually find a parking lot to leave your vehicle and ride into the city. The parking is usually free of charge, although sometimes you need a permit. This is a good option if you are staying somewhere outside of the city and would like to visit NYC for a day. Overnight parking is generally not allowed in these lots so be sure you look at the train schedule so you dont get stuck in the city!

Garage And Permit Rates

Photo entry: central park, west 67th street.
Garage Rates
Delancey and Essex Municipal Garage $8.00
Jerome 190th Street Municipal Parking Garage $4.25
Bay Ridge Municipal Parking Garage $3.75
Queens Family Court Municipal Parking Garage $5.00
Court Square Municipal Parking Garage $5.00
Staten Island Courthouse Garage and Parking Lot $2.75
Jerome-Gun Hill Road Municipal Parking Garage $490
Bensonhurst #1 Municipal Parking Field $230
Brighton Beach Municipal Parking Field $500
Sheepshead Bay #1 Municipal Parking Field $230
Flushing #4 Municipal Parking Field $230
Steinway #1 Municipal Parking Field $400
Great Kills Municipal Parking Field $90
New Dorp Municipal Parking Field $90
White Plains Road Municipal Parking Field $290



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Street Sweeping Rules Aka Alternate Side

You may not know it from the filthy condition, but NYC streets ARE cleaned regularly. This means that you have to move your car during the 90 minutes that one side of a street is cleaned. So if you park overnight near your friends apartment in Williamsburg, just make sure you dont have to move the car for street cleaning.

Is It Easy To Park In Manhattan

Exceptionally simple. In truth, there are around 80,000 metered parking spaces in New York City, as well as over 1000 garages and lots in Manhattan. displays an absurdly large number of available parking spaces. It’s easy to find a space in Manhattan.

You can pay with at many meters including those in Central Park and near all major museums. These include the American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, and more. There are also about 300 parking stations you can use across the city. You buy 50-cent tickets from vending machines, which can be exchanged for parking time or cash.

Parking in NYC is expensive, but there are some ways to cut costs. First, use these tips to find free or cheap parking: search for street signs that say “No Parking” or “Pay With Cash Only,” or visit any one of the nearly 100 neighborhood branches of the New York Public Library. If your car gets ticketed or towed away, call 888-227-2266 to have the charge removed from your record. Finally, don’t forget to bring along your receipt when you file a claim with your insurance company.

Manhattan is a great place to park because there are so many options.

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