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How To Go To New Jersey From New York

How Safe Is Jersey City

People Traveling From Delaware Put On Notice After New Jersey, New York Adds State To Travel Advisor

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Jersey City is 1 in 57. Based on FBI crime data, Jersey City is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to New Jersey, Jersey City has a crime rate that is higher than 82% of the states cities and towns of all sizes.

Is New Jersey In The State Of New York

New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by the state of New York on the east, southeast, and south by the Atlantic Ocean on the west by the Delaware River and Pennsylvania on the southwest by Delaware Bay and the state of Delaware.

What Is The Best Way To Travel In New Jersey

Depending on your destination, New Jerseys proximity to international airports, access to Amtrak, Greyhound, and NJ Transit makes it effortless to get around the state. Once youre here, a network of highways, train, bus and ferry services make it easy to connect to each service and get wherever you need to go.

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Q: How Do I Get From Hoboken Nj To Nyc

Answer: The most practical and popular way to get from Hoboken to NYC is to take the PATH subway which runs nearly 24/7. The PATH is $2.75 per ride and can drop you off as close as one block from the Empire State Building. It will take less than 20 minutes to get from Hoboken to NYC on the PATH. The other alternative is the Ferry which costs $9. Ferry hours are more limited, so if you plan on staying out late in NYC you may want to take the PATH back.

How To Travel From New Jersey To New York By Ferry

A view of the vibrant, beautiful New York City from New ...

Taking approximately 8 minutes of travel time from Port Imperial / Weehawken to Midtown / Pier 79, a ferry ride across is a sure way to beat the rush hour traffic through bridges or tunnels and a great way to cut down travelling time if you would take a bus all the way down town instead.

Commuter routes from Port Imperial in Weehawken NJ, to West 39th Street in Manhattan operates all day, seven days a week. The ferries offer ample seating in climate control cabins making the trip all that more comfortable during winter.

Once across the Hudson River, getting around New York City is extremely simple with the free buses provided by NY Waterway. Their red, white and blue shuttle buses are frequently seen and easily recognizable on the streets of Manhattan. Travelling the most popular routes around the city which include 57th Street, 49th Street, 42nd Street, 34th Street and a special Downtown loop, travellers can get almost anywhere without having to take a cab.

Hailing a cab in New York can be the most frustrating thing to do if you are trying to get some place during their shift change or when it rains. Relying on the NY Waterway shuttle buses makes it simple and a convenient way to get to your destinations on time and stress free.

Port Imperial Ferry Terminal is located at 4800 Avenue at Port Imperial Weehawken, NJ 07086 | Midtown Ferry Terminal is located at West 39th Street and 12th Avenue in Manhattan.

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Your Way From New Jersey To New York

A lot more tourists are searching for cheap alternatives to find a great hotel in New Jersey, which is so close to New York City. Only a stones throw over the Hudson River youll find New Jersey and of course, there are a lot of small, beautiful towns down on the Hudson River, where you can stay cheaper than in the city.

But before you book your hotel in New Jersey, you have to know how to get from there to Manhattan. Well explain that in this article about the NJ Transit System and furthermore youll get more detailed information about where to stay, when you decide to choose a hotel in New Jersey.

Quick Answer: How To Get To New York From New Jersey

The cheapest and most efficient way is to use the PATH subway. The PATH subway will take you from Newark to Manhattan in about 30 minutes. The cost is $2.75. Trains also depart from Newarks Penn Station and commute to NYCs Penn Station, however the train is often more expensive and slower.

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Taking The Train To New York City From New Jersey

One of the most cost-effective ways to travel from New Jersey into New York City is by train. The two main railways entering New York City are PATH and NJ Transit Rail.

PATH Port Authority of NY & NJ

PATH, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, is a transit system running between northeastern New Jersey and lower/midtown Manhattan in New York City. On average, the PATH transports approximately 280,000 riders per day. See the map below for all of the PATH transit lines and stops.

PATH fares are paid with Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard, SmartLink, or PATH SingleRide tickets. Each ride on the train costs $2.75, unless trips are bought in bulk using SmartLink. See more information about fares and purchase tickets here.

Because the NJ Transit Railway does not have stops in these areas, the PATH is ideal for those who are in the Jersey City area looking to travel into Manhattan. The stops at World Trade Center, 9th St., 14th ST., 23rd St., and 33rd St. also make transferring to uptown and downtown subways simple.

On Monday-Friday from 11p.m. until 6 a.m. and Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, the train system changes a little bit. Rather than having the four different lines, the train only runs on two different lines.See the schedule here.

NJ Transit Rail

New Jersey Transit is the the most extensive public transportation railway network in all of New Jersey. While it does only make one final stop in New York City, at Penn Station New York, it does pick up passengers from all over the state.

What Part Of Nj Is Closest To Nyc

New York City renters are going to New Jersey to find new places to live

NJ Gold Coast 1) Edgewater, New Jersey. One of the best New Jersey cities close to New York is Edgewater. 2) North Bergen, New Jersey. North Bergen is about 10 miles from NYC. 3) West New York, New Jersey. 4) Edison, New Jersey. 5) Iselin, New Jersey. 6) Weehawken, New Jersey. 7) Secaucus, New Jersey. 8) Union City, New Jersey.

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How Much Does Transportation Cost In New York

The first expense you will have in New York is the transfer between the airport and your accommodation . The cheapest way is public transportation with the Airtrain and subway because it is equivalent to $15.75person round trip, or $31 for a couple.

You can also book a taxi shuttle, about $ 23/person, or about $90 per couple, the round trip.

Another option is the taxi or a limousine. It can cost from $50 to $170 for a one-way trip.

Once in New York, if you stay a week, it is best to buy an Unlimited Metrocard. It costs $32 per person.

Yellow cabs can be very practical and they are so mythical! They are available 24 hours a day in Manhattan. A trip can cost between $8 and $10, it obviously depends on the distance. There are also green taxis, I give you more information in this article. They cost the same, the difference is that they go to areas where yellow taxis do not.

I want to draw attention to those who decide to stay in New Jersey. They must add the price of the PATH , it costs $29 /person, unlimited travel for 7 days. If you dont stay close to a PATH station, you can take a bus, rates vary depending on the distance.

Tight Budget$128 for the weekAverage budget$170 to $185 for a weekLarge Budget$400 and $524

New York To New Jersey By Bus

The distance between New York to New Jersey is 18 km. If youre travelling by bus, take the New Jersey Transit from Port Authority Bus Terminal that is bound to Park Place bus station. The travel time is 40 minutes at a cost of US$3. For details, visit:

If you choose to drive the travel time is 15 minutes.

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Is New Jersey In The East Or West

New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by the state of New York on the east, southeast, and south by the Atlantic Ocean on the west by the Delaware River and Pennsylvania on the southwest by Delaware Bay and the state of Delaware.

Take A Ferry To New York City From New Jersey

view from New Jersey

Try something different on your next trip to New York City, and take a ferry from New Jersey. There really is no cooler way to cross the Hudson River than on a boat, and if the weather is gorgeous it makes for amazing photo opportunities.

We put together a list of all of the ferry companies that can bring you from NJ to NY. Choose the best one for your trip based on where you are coming from and where in the city you are headed.

NY Waterway

NY Waterway offers the most options for those who are looking to take a ferry from NJ to NYC. It leaves from more northern NJ ports than other ferries, including both Bergen County and Hudson County ports.

Ferries leave from four different ports in New Jersey: Edgewater being the most northern, the Port Imperial Weehawkin, Lincoln Harbor, and Hoboken North.

The boats stop at three different ports in NYC, randing from Midtown Manhattan to Lower Manhattan and Two Bridges. Ferries stop at Pier 79 at West 39th St., World Financial Center, and Pier 11.

With boats arriving to Pier 79 from three different NJ ports, there are a few different options. Pier 79 is right near Midtown Manhattan. Get off the ferry here and check out Bryant Park!

See more information about NY Waterway ferries.


Seastreak makes it easy to get from Central NJ to NYC.

The boat leaves from ports in both Atlantic Highlands and Highlands. The ride takes about 40 minutes and youll arrive in New York City at Pier 11.

See more information about Seastreak ferries.

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How Much Does A Flight Cost To Go To New York

I know you read me from different countries, and I cannot easily compare the cost of a flight ticket from London, Sydney or Berlin. For those who read me from the United States, the price categories that I am going to give below do not apply, because domestic flights are usually much cheaper than international flights.

However, if you go on vacation outside school holidays, you will get cheaper rates. But still, you can review the fares of some airlines which propose offers throughout the year. The key is to check rates often, sometimes it can be useful to register to an airlines newsletter and receive special offers notifications.

I prepared a list of airlines in this article. Do not hesitate to review it and compare the rates

If you notice a promotion, you can also inform me, and Ill publish it in this post.

I determine three types of budget:

Tight Budget$900 to $1200Average budget$650 to $800Large Budget$900 to $1200

Should You Move To New York City

If youre currently living in New Jersey, should you move to New York City and is it the smartest option for you? One of the first noticeable differences between living in NJ and NYC is the lifestyle. While New Jersey supports a slower, suburban living, NYC offers both the fast paced, big city life in Manhattan while also giving opportunity for suburban, small town living in other boroughs. NYC is known as a city that never sleeps for a reason and the biggest benefit of living there is being close to all the action even if you choose to live in a quieter neighborhood.

The career opportunities NYC offers is evident as some people choose to work in the city even if they live in NJ. However, commute times from New Jersey to NYC might not be as convenient or time efficient compared to if you already live in the city. For instance, from Newark, NJ to Manhattan, NYC, it takes 35-40 min by car and 45 min-1 hour by train/bus/subway. From Jersey City to Manhattan, it takes 30-40 min by car and 50 min-1 hour by train/bus/subway.

As for home values, the median listing home price in NYC is $810,000 and $611 per sqft. In comparison, the median listing home price in Hoboken, NJ isnt much lower at $804,500 and even has a higher price per sqft at $727 compared to NYC. Jersey City has a lower median listing home price of $629,000 and $564 per sqft.

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Q: How To Get From Newark Airport To Nyc Via Train

Answer: Getting from Newark airport to Manhattan via public transportation on the train requires two transfers and will cost about $12. Anticipate spending about an hour commuting. The first step is to catch the AirTrain from the terminal to the Newark Airport NJ Transit Terminal. Here take the NJ Transit Train to Newarks Penn Station. Once you have done this transfer at to a train that goes to Penn Station in NYC. PRO TIP! There will be information desks at the Newark Airport that can help, so dont fret too much about knowing how to do everything ahead of time.

How Much Money Could You Spend For Meals

CDC Issues COVID-19 Travel Advisory for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut | NBC New York

It is another difficult point to determine. Some may be satisfied with a $3 hot-dog, and others prefer $200 meals at a good restaurant.Lets say a breakfast at a Starbucks costs $5 to $6 per person . You can spend less at a 7 Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, Prêt-à-Manger

Eating at a fast-food restaurant varies from $8 to $10 for a main dish + drink + dessert.There are small restaurants or Delis, in which the main course costs from $10 to $12 per person. A full meal costs $20 $26 per person.

As for restaurants, likewise any big city, some can be very expensive. But there are many with complete menus between $50 and $60 per person.

Note: some hotels have breakfast included in the room rate, with a large selection of food.

For three meals per day . dinner), my estimate is:

Tight Budget$25 to $30/day/personAverage budgetabout $30-45 per person per dayLarge Budget$50-90 per person per day

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Q: Why Should I Use Nj Transit Trains To Access Nyc

Answer:NJ Transit trains are useful in a few different scenarios, most notably if you want to stay at a hotel in the NJ suburbs with free parking near a train to NYC. The trains are needed if you want to get from Newark Airport to NYC, and they are helpful if you are coming from Trenton. Beyond this the trains tend to run less frequently than the PATH and are more expensive by X3 X5 times.

The New Jersey Towns We Recommend

We highly recommend staying in the towns that are directly across from Manhattan and along the Hudson . The towns are West New York, Weehawken, Hoboken and Jersey City. Hoboken is a great place, especially for younger people. The area is known for its great restaurants, bars and the amazing view of Manhattans Skyline. People living in Hoboken mostly work in the city and profit off the cheaper rents there. During the weekends youll have a lot of great opportunities to go out and meet great people. Another town we recommend is Jersey City which is right next to Hoboken. Jersey City is arguably the most popular out of all the places on here. You have the Hyatt right along the Hudson River and there are vintage stores everywhere. A lot of creatives are making their way to Jersey City. Weehawken and West New York are not so busy like Hoboken, but very beautiful and a great choice to stay as well.

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How Long Does It Take To Travel From New Jersey To New York

Hi, I’m finding the accommodation in New York to be a bit too expensive and was thinking maybe I should stay in New Jersey.

Could anyone tell me how long it would take to travel fron NJ into NY & back again?


It depends on where exactly you are staying in NJ. If you stay in Jersey City, it is an easy ride into Manhattan on the PATH train . Weehawken is a short bus or ferry ride away…

What is your hotel budget? What are your dates of travel?

I’m looking at staying in NY in mid April for about 5 or 6 nights… I would consider paying between $200 – $260 per night but everything I’ve seen has a few dodgy comments for the accommodation in this range… I’m just very confused at the moment.

New Jersey is a state that is 8,722 in area, you could be more than 2 hours away from New York City of 5 minutes by train. You really need to get a grasp of US geography, as others said look in Jersey City for a hotel near the PATH train

the PATH is most reliable because the buses have to deal with the Lincoln Tunnel traffic on weekdays and sometimes even weekends

the PATH is about 20-minute ride from the hotels in Jersey City to midtown at 33rd St and 6th Avenue

the ferry is okay but is pricier than either the bus or PATH

That should be 8,722 square miles in area, that’s over 12,000 square kilometers in area if I calculated correctly.

Since you’re planning in advance… you should be able to get a decent hotel in Manhattan.

They both have very good ratings!

New York City

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