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How To Get Your Boating License In New York

Do You Need A Boating License To Drive A Jet Ski

How to get a New York State Dealers License

Yes, you need a boating license to drive a jet ski, as there is no separate jet ski license in the US. Instead, if you are required to be licensed on a jet ski, you have to take a boating safety course which is approved by NASBLA . To put it simply, youll need a boating license to drive a jet ski legally in many states!

Each state has its own set of requirements for who has to have a boating license before they are allowed to operate a jet ski and these are mostly determined by age.

Your state may also consider the following factors:

  • Type of vessel
  • Supervision of the license owner
  • Age of the supervised license owner

Aside from a boating certificate or license, there are additional requirements that apply to jet skis only in certain states:

If you do not abide by these requirements or do not have a license, you risk being fined by law enforcement.

If you receive multiple citations, it could result in a fine and being forced to take a boating safety course. By taking the course ahead of time you could save yourself time and money. But more importantly, it could prevent you from having an accident in which someone is injured.

The boating safety course of each state contains information on how to safely operate a jet ski. You will not only learn operation, but crucial mechanical information and proper maintenance as well.

Why Is Boater Education Important

In the United States alone, more than 40 states have educational requirements that must be completed before you can operate a recreational vessel or personal watercraft on state waters. State law enforcement officers and boater safety agencies enforce education requirements to make sure everyones nautical experience is both pleasant and safe. Cooperate with them by following the boating laws and regulations found in your states approved boating license safety course, and carry your boater education certificate on board your vessel in case an enforcement officer asks to inspect it.

Even if your state does not require boaters to complete a boating license safety course before taking to the water, boating safety education can save lives and reduce accidents on the water. Boat Eds safety content, live-action videos, and up-to-date animations can help you learn about responsible boat operation and the rules of the waterways so that you can keep yourself and your passengers safe while boating. An educated boater is a safer boater.

Free Paddlersmart Course With Purchase

The PADDLERsmart! course is perfect for anyone participating in paddle sports including canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Whether youve been paddling for years or just getting started, youll learn everything you need to stay safe on the water. $24.95 value. Get it free when you purchase your BOATsmart! Course.

average number of drownings in the United States was 439all drowning-related fatalities in the United States, 30% involved paddle activities100% of all watercraft-related drownings are preventable

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Q: What Is A Boat License

A2: It is an endorsement on your New Jersey Drivers License or ID card that allows you to operate a vessel on non-tidal waters. It is not a replacement for your Boating Safety Certificate, but an additional required document for non-tidal waters. Follow the link below to find out more information about Boat License requirements.View Non-Tidal Boat Operator License Requirements

How To Get A Motorboat Or Jet Ski License

How to Get Your Boating License: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

The Motor Vehicle Commission issues motorboat and personal watercraft licenses for use on fresh, non-tidal waters or lakes, creeks or rivers not affected by tidal conditions. A boat license and New Jersey Boat Safety Certificate are required to operate a power vessel or personal watercraft – jet ski or wave runner – on non-tidal waters of New Jersey. A boat license is not required for non-powered vessels.

Step One: Complete a boating safety course For any power motorboat operation on tidal waters, you must successfully complete a boating safety course approved by the New Jersey State Police to receive a New Jersey Boating Safety Course Certificate. Visit the NJSP Marine Service Bureau website for full details.

Additional information is available:

Boating is Alive & Well in New Jersey On The Water – Go Boating NJ Video

Step Two: Get an initial motorboat or jet ski license You must be at least 16 years old. If you are under the age of 17, you need to present a letter with parental or guardian consent.

Applicants must visit a motor vehicle agency with:

New Jersey Boating Safety Course Certificate Pay the $18 license fee

The MVC accepts American Express® card, MasterCard®, Visa® card, Discover card®, checks, money orders and cash.

A license may be renewed by following the above steps for getting the initial license.

How to title and register a boat

In order to use New Jersey waterways, all boats must be titled and registered except:

How to title and register a homemade boat

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The State Boating Safety Certificate

The State Boating Safety Certificate is proof that you have successfully completed all state-mandated boater education requirements.

Vessel operators who are required to have a State Boating Safety Certificate must carry their card on board the vessel and have it available for inspection by enforcement officers.

Do You Need A Jet Ski License In Ny

New York State requires certain boat operators to have a boating safety certificate. New York and most other states do not require a “license” to operate your personal recreational boat. Who needs a boating safety certificate?

Also know, how do I get a jet ski license in NY?

A. If you were born on or after May 1, 1996, you are required to successfully complete a state approved course and obtain a boating safety certificate to operate a motorboat. Additionally, all persons, regardless of age, must complete a Boating Safety Education Course in order to operate a PWC on NYS waters.

Beside above, do you need a boater safety course in NY? New York Boater Safety CourseEducation is mandatory for all personal watercraft operators. All personal watercraft operators must successfully complete an approved boating safety course before they can operate a PWC on any waters of New York.

Secondly, can you drive a jet ski without a boating license?

Jet Skis, Wave Runners and Sea-doo’s are specific brands of Personal Watercrafts. All operators of Personal Watercrafts are required to carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, commonly known as a boating license .

How much does it cost to register a Jet Ski in NY?

Boat Registration Fees

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Taking A Boating License Course

The online boating education or license course for most states is administered by a third party, and there may be a course fee of $29 to $50 dollars, which is usually paid after youve successfully completed the course. The state may also charge an administrative fee. The BoatUS Foundation offers free boating license courses for 35 states.

The online course is designed to take about three hours to complete, and is set up in sections or chapters. You dont have to complete the entire course at one sitting you can complete a chapter or two and log off, and then return later to the point you left off. The course is structured to prevent you from simply clicking through the study sections to get to the exam. After each section there is a review exam that must be completed and passed before you can move on to the next section. These courses are not designed to make it difficult to pass the point is to raise awareness by presenting information on every aspect of boating. The course will cover boating basics and terminology, navigation rules, state boating regulations, how to handle boating emergencies, and how to enjoy watersports.

After you complete the course, youll be ready to take the exam. If you pass the exam you can print your boating license and be ready to hit the water.

How To Renew Your Captains License

Governor Cuomo Directs DEC to Issue Refunds to New Yorkers for Saltwater Fishing Licenses

Once you receive your captains license, we highly recommend not letting it expire. Even if you dont plan on using it in the near future, its still a good idea to keep renewing it and you only have to do it every five years. If you let it expire and then decide that you want to start operating boats again, youll have to satisfy all of the Coast Guard requirements for getting a captains license from scratch.

Renewing your license is easy. You will need:

  • 360 days of sea service within the last five years or a refresher course through a USCG-approved training school. These refresher courses can take as little as one day and cover Rules of the Road, Deck General and Deck Safety.
  • A completed application form for renewal this is the same form you use to get your original license, so be sure to specify youre renewing yours
  • DOT drug testing enrollment with proof of a test within the last six months
  • A USCG mariner medical examination the same type as for your original license
  • Payment of fees through the USCG website

If you do let your license expire, there is a one year grace period in which you can renew it without having to complete the full USCG exam again. Even if you decide to pursue another career, many people use their captains license after retirement. Its a great way to make some extra money and keep yourself busy on the water.

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Renewing And Replacing A New Hampshire Boating License

If you are wondering, âDo boating licenses expire?â the answer to that question is that the safety certificates provided by education programs in New Hampshire do not have an expiration date.

However, if your certificate was lost or destroyed, you must request a replacement. Do not operate any vessels over 25 horsepower on New Hampshire state waters if you do not have your certificate on-hand.

The exact steps for getting a replacement vary depending on the program, so you must contact the agency that issued you your card in order to obtain a duplicate.

How To Get A Boating License

Each state determines the requirements for operating a powerboat, sailboat or personal watercraft on the waters in its jurisdiction , and most require some sort of boating safety and education certificate, which may be called a boating license. In most cases the boat license course can be completed online, and is followed by a boat license test that is also completed online. The boating safety certificate courses are not as comprehensive as those for an automobile drivers license theres usually no on-water drivers education required, for example.

Follow these simple steps to get your boating license:

  • Research the boater education requirements for your state.
  • Complete an online, or in-person, boating safety and education course.
  • Successfully pass the boating license test at the end of the course.
  • Submit payment after course completion.
  • Keep your boat license or completion certificate with you whenever you’re out on the water.
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    Do You Need A License To Drive A Jet Ski

    Yes, you need a license to drive a jet ski in many states. Be aware that there is a requirement to be licensed in many states, but in others, theres no requirement at all. It also depends on how old you are as to whether or not you have to take a safety course and licensing exam. But even if a jet ski license is not required in your state, its highly recommended that you get one anyway!

    Whenever youre out on the water, safety is critically important. Taking the exam before you hop on your jet ski can keep you and others safe and at the very least, it will save you time and money.

    Types Of Boat Captain Licenses

    MS Motor Boat Registration Application 2016

    Before we get into the specific requirements to obtain a captains license, you should know a few of the different kinds for which you may want to apply.

    The license you qualify for depends on your boating experience. Depending on where you can operate and the tonnage of boats you can operate, youll be applying for one of the following three licenses.

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    What Is A Boating License

    The proper term is boater education certificate, often referred to as a boating license. A boater education certificate serves as proof that you have successfully completed an approved boating safety course. Since a boater education card or certificate never expires and never needs to be renewed, it is not considered to be a boating license.

    You can get a boater education certificate by taking a boat safety course with Boat Ed. Because each safety course has boating laws and regulations specific to that state, visit your states approved course to find out if you need the card in order to legally get on the water.

    All you really need to operate safely and legally on state and federal waters is boater education. To get on the water as soon as possible, you can complete a boating license safety course on with minimal time and effort, as well as with the comfort that comes from knowing you are taking a course that is officially approved by the agency responsible for boating safety in your state. With Boat Ed, you can complete an online boating safety course at your own pace and on any device. All courses are mobile-ready, which means that completing your course can be fast, easy, and entirely at your convenience.

    New York Boat Registration Basics

    Owners of NY water vessels must obtain a valid boat registration and title certificate. Boat title and registration documents are only needed for certain types of watercraft, however. The following types of boats are exempt from registration rules:

  • Lifeboats
  • Boats registered in another state and used in NY for less than 90 days
  • S. or foreign commercial boats with valid documentation
  • Boats used for racing competitions
  • Drivers are required to submit specific items to receive valid title and registration documents. The following documents are needed:

    • Boat registration and title application
    • Proof of boat ownership
    • Valid proof of identity
    • Bill of sale, if watercraft is purchased from any NY dealer

    Additionally, boat registration stickers are only provided when applicants pay the required associated fees. Cash, check, money order and credit or debit cards are accepted.

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    New Hampshire Boat Registration Basics

    All motorized vessels of any size and all sailboats and sailboards 12 fees or longer must have boat registration stickers before they can be operated in New Hampshire waters. You can complete the registration process at a Department of Motor Vehicles office or most marinas, sports shops and town halls. However, make sure to call the location beforehand to ensure that boat registrations can be completed there.

    To complete the registration, you must show proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale document, and a photo ID. You will then be required to pay any applicable registration fees. The exact fees will vary based on the length of the watercraft. Ensure that you have all necessary documents on-hand and adequate payment for the fee before you start the registration process.

    The Benefits Of Getting Your Captains License

    In-Person Boating Classes Back For New Mandatory Safety Course

    If you feel a need to be on the water, then being a boat captain is the best job for you. You have more responsibility than a crew member, but once youre comfortable with your vessel, captaining becomes second nature. Plus, you get to skip out on most of the manual labor the on-deck crew must handle.

    A few more reasons the life of a captain might be for you include:

    • Job Opportunities: As we said earlier, the barriers-to-entry in the marine world keep competition manageable. The boating community is surprisingly small in some harbors, and once you get into the workforce, there can be a lot of job opportunities captains tend to help each other out.

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    Laws And Boat Licenses By State

    If you buy a new boat and are a first-time boat owner, your marine dealer may be able to give you information on how to get a boating license in your state. A good resource for state-by-state information is the National Association of Boating Law Administrators which has a webpage with the basic training requirements for each state. Each state has its boating education requirements available on a website, usually in an area related to natural resources or transportation.

    By visiting resources like and, youll find links to the approved on-line boating courses available for each state along with the boating education requirements for each state. Not every state offers an on-line course. Connecticut only offers in-person training, hosted at sites across the state, and the classes are at least eight hours long and range between two and four sessions.

    Need To Take A Ny Boating Safety Course This Year What You Need To Know

    Need to take a New York State-approved boater safety course?

    Last year a new state law took effect, mandating that all motor boat operators, regardless of age, will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2025. The legislation includes a five-year, phase in plan.

    Both online and in-classroom boater safety courses are currently available, according to Brian Nearing, a spokesman for the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, which oversees the courses. Last year, the vast majority of courses taken were online. That trend will undoubtedly continue this coming year.

    As for in-classroom safe boating courses, they may now resume in counties that are in Phase 4 re-opening, according to the Parks website. Contact the instructor listed to confirm if the course you are interested in attending is still being offered. Students must wear face coverings during courses whenever social distancing cannot be maintained.

    The legislation, called Briannas Law was signed into law in 2019 and took effect Jan. 1, 2020. Prior passage of this law, only boaters born on or after May 1, 1996 were required to complete a boater safety course.

    Briannas Law expanded that requirement. Under the 5-year phase-in plan:

    *All motor boat operators born on or after Jan. 1, 1993 needed a boating safety certificate beginning in 2020

    *Those born on or after Jan. 1, 1988 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2022

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