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How To Get Copy Of Death Certificate In New York

It’s Often The Most Recent Record

How to Apostille a New York City Death Certificate

This one may seem obvious, but its important. A death certificate is one of the last records generated by every individual.

If youve been doing genealogy for a while, you have likely heard many experts and educators give you the well-regarded guidance to work backwards.

If this is the first time youve heard this advice, take it to heart: Its the key to creating a sound foundation for your family tree.

The reason its so important to work backwards is to ensure you dont make mistakes. If you were building a tower, you would start by lying a solid, stable foundation that keeps everything above it from tumbling down.

The same principle applies to genealogythe way to create the most correct and satisfying family tree is to work backwards and definitively prove each generation is connected to the previous one.

The most recent generation forms the foundation for your family tree and further research. When you exhaustively research a generation, not only does it become far easier to find records for the previous generation, you’re far less likely to wind up researching the wrong people.

Countless genealogists have wasted years researching a wrong family line due to tackling their research in the wrong orderdont be one of them!

Of All Vital Records Death Certificates Have The Highest Chance Of Existing

Unlike many other states, New York birth, marriage, and death records can be challenging to find.

Towns and cities didnt always comply with record keeping laws until the early 1900s, and New York City vital records are kept entirely separate from those that belong to people from other areas of New York State.

The opening section of our Guide to Finding New York Birth, Marriage, and Death Records has more detail on this interesting subject.

The good news is that of the types of vital recordsbirth certificates, marriage records, and death certificatesNew York death certificates are often the easiest to find.

As a general rule, vital record keeping across the state gradually improved over time. Therefore, no matter when your ancestor lived, record keeping was far better when they died than when they were born, in almost all cases.

Thats certainly no guarantee an official New York death certificate exists, but its usually safe to assume its the more likely to exist than a birth or marriage record .

How To Get A Copy Of The Death Certificate

A death certificate is a paper that records the official date and location of a persons death.

The funeral director usually purchases several copies for your use.

In some cases, you might need a certified copy of the death certificate. A certified copy has the states raised seal and is good for legal purposes such as settling an estate or claiming insurance benefits.

Person Died in New York City

If the person died in New York City , you could order a certified copy of the death certificate online or by mail from the Office of Vital Records.

Person Died Outside of New York City

If the person died outside of New York City but in New York State, you could order a certified copy of the death certificate online or by mail from the New York State Department of Health.

Person Died Outside of New York State

If the person died in the United States but not in New York, contact the states vital records or death records office where the person died.

Person Died Abroad

If the person was a U.S. Citizen and died outside of the United States, contact the U.S. Department of State for a Consular Report of Death of a U.S. Citizen Abroad.

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New York City Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene: More Recent Birth And Death Certificates

More recent collections of birth and death certificates in New York City are maintained by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene .

After a certain period of time, these records are transferred from DOHMH to the DORIS and stored at the Municipal Archives, where they can be accessed by any member of the public.

Currently, records are transferred to DORIS and made fully public on the following schedule:

  • Birth Certificates: 125 years after the event
  • Death Certificates: 75 years after the event

Researchers should note that this is a new rule that was passed relatively recently and took effect in 2019if youre interested, read more about our efforts to fight against it, and how we were able to secure an amendment to the rule.

Vital certificates that are still at the Department of Health can be accessed, but not by everyone.

Individuals with one of the following relationships to the subject of the certificate can obtain copies of birth records from DOHMH :

  • Spouse/domestic partner

Deaths From 1914 Thru 1956

Death Certificate Apostille In NYC

After 1914, copies of all death records were filed with the New York Department of Health. Copies can be obtained either through the village, town, or city clerk where the death took place or by contacting the Department of Health.

STEP ONE – Search the Index

The New York State Archives, as well as nine other repositories in New York hold copies of microfiche indexes to death certificates. Contact one of these ten repositories to search the index.

Or try:

May be less expensive and faster than ordering from the state Individual clerks may not be aware of state laws regarding record availability Offers a standard search covering 1-3 years with additional years with the option to increase the number of years searched for an additional fee May take more than eight months to fulfill a request

See list of restrictions for ordering death records If you do not want to order the death record, you can search other records with death information.

Note: The index New York Deaths and Burials, 1795-1952 excludes New York City and vicinity as death place reports cities, towns, villages, not counties and for some cities uses abbreviations:


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Where Are Birth And Death Certificates Stored

The Department of Health, Division of Vital Records, 101 S. Mercer St, New Castle, PA 16101 maintains all Birth and Death Records after 1906. Telephone 724-656-3100 or toll-free at 844-228-3516.

Birth and Death Records from 1893 through 1906 are maintained by the Clerk of Orphans Court in the County Archives, 150 Pleasant Acres Road, York, PA 17402. Telephone 717-840-7222, or e-mail:

Death In The Us: How To Get A Certified Copy Of A Death Certificate

Contact the vital records office of the state where the death occurred to learn:

  • How to order a certified copy of a death certificate online, by mail, or in person
  • How to get a copy fast
  • The cost for each certified copy

You will need to know the date and place of death. The state may also ask for other details about the person, how you are related to them, or why you want the certificate.

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Are New York Death Certificates Public Record

In New York state, death certificates are not public records. They are protected vital records, which means you need to be an immediate family member or have a legal claim to access these documents.

The only exception to this is records over 50 years old. In New York state, death records become public record once theyre 50 years old. Theyre then made available through the New York State Archives.

Who Can Apply For A Death Certificate

How to Apostille a New York State Death Certificate

There are no restrictions on who can apply for a death certificate and no restriction on the number of death certificates you can apply for and receive.

The deceaseds next of kin or their authorized representative may apply for a certified copy of death registration. Authorized representatives will be required to provide proof of authorization.Next of kin are:

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New York State Marriage Records

Researchers should begin by searching New York State’s index to all marriage records from 1881. Marriage indexes are available online at Internet Archive for 1881 to 1964. As with other vital records, compliance increased as time went on, and records between 1881 and 1913 may be incomplete.

Also, many counties hold marriage license files, some of which may be found in FamilySearchs New York, County Marriages, 1847-1848 1908-1936 database.

In many cases, marriage records can be located at the county level. For detailed information on marriage and other records available in each county, see our New York State County Guides for Genealogists for your county of interest.

Findmypast has a growing collection of county marriage records for New York State – this includes a searchable index of brides and grooms, along with images of marriage records in many cases. NYG& B members can access these records for free as a benefit of membership.

Again, these indexes do not cover several notable locations. New York City marriage records have always been kept completely separate from vital records of other locations in New York State. See the New York City section of this guide for more information.

Additionally, New York State does not have marriage records for Albany, Buffalo, or Yonkers before 1914. Click the name of each municipality to find out about obtaining vital records for your ancestors in these cities.

Birth Certificate Copies: Born Abroad And Adopted By Us Parents

If you were born in a foreign country and adopted by a U.S. citizen, you would not have received a U.S. birth certificate. The country in which you were born would have issued one. To get a copy, contact the nearest foreign embassy or consulate for that country. If you need an authenticated copy and it’s not in English, ask the embassy for help to get it translated.

If you were adopted from another country by a U.S. citizen, you should have copies of your naturalization/citizenship papers. If you don’t, submit an application for the replacement of a naturalization/citizenship document. For help, contact U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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Deaths From 1880 Thru 1913

Starting in June 1880, New York required that village, town, and city registrars to record deaths. Copies of these deaths were then filed with the State Department of Health. Due to earlier city laws, deaths recorded in Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers were not copied to the State between 1881 and 1914.

Deaths in New York State

STEP ONE – Search the Index

The New York Archives as well as nine other repositories in New York hold copies of microfiche indexes to death certificates. Contact one of these ten repositories to search the index.

STEP TWO – Obtain the Certificate

With an exact date , you can order a copy of the death record for a fee from the following locations:

To Order Death Certificates

Early New York City Vital Records

Legalization of a NYS death certificate (issued in Nassau ...

Where to look and what methods to use can vary depending on the county or borough you’re looking in, as well as the exact year.

If you’re looking for a birth, marriage, or death certificate from the early 1800s or before, a good place to start is Harry Macy’s detailed New York Knowledge Base guide to New York City vital records.

This guide provides comprehensive information on locating vital records in New Netherland, colonial New York, and in the five boroughs of New York City. His suggested repositories and record sets also include many vital record substitutes for periods and locations when official city copies are unavailable.

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What Types Of Death Certifications Are Issued

The following death certificates are issued to those legally entitled to receive them:

  • Death Long Certificate which contains all information, including the cause of death.
  • Death Short Certificate contains limited information excluding the cause of death. However, it does contain the manner of death.

A Death Statement contains the decedent’s name, county, and date of death.

Town Of Urbana Birth Certificates

The birth must have occurred in the Town of Urbana August 1960 and after and the Village of Hammondsport.

Who can get a birth certificate?Only the person whose name is listed on the Certificate, a parent named on the Certificate, or a court appointed guardian can receive a copy.

How much does it cost?$10.00 per copy. We accept credit cards , cash, checks or money order made payable to Urbana Town Clerk

Where do I come to get my Birth Certificate in person?Town of Urbana, Town Clerk Office8014 Pleasant Valley RoadBath, NY 14840Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4:00 p.m.*Bring a copy of your drivers license and payment. You will ask you to fill out a short form and your will be ableto get a certified copy right away.

How can I apply by mail?

If you are unable to come to the Clerks office, write a letter of request that includes:

  • Full name
  • Return address and phone number
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Parents’ full names, including mother’s maiden name
  • Payment
    • Two utility bills, showing applicant’s name and address
    • Police report of lost or stolen ID
    • Your parent’s can also apply for a copy for you

    How long does it take for me to receive my birth certificate?When applying by mail, we usually process within 3-5 days of receipt. If you come to the office, you will receive your certificate usually within 15 minutes. If you are using two utility bills for your ID, then your certificate will have to be mailed to you.

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    New York State Death Certificates

    To find a death certificate, researchers should begin by searching New York State’s index to all deaths beginning in 1880. Death indexes are made available after 50 years.

    The NYG& B eLibrary contains images of the New York State Death Index, and images can also be found at Internet Archive.

    The images in these collections are not searchable, but they are easy to browse by year, though the image quality of some years makes it difficult to read certain images. has a searchable database that also contains the same images as the collections above.

    For more recent deaths, researchers should use New York State’s Interactive Ancestry/Genealogical Research Death Index, which begins with 1957 and contains deaths up to the current legal limit .

    Again, these indexes do not cover several notable locations. New York City death records have always been kept completely separate from vital records of other locations in New York State. See the New York City section of this guide for more information.

    Additionally, New York State does not have death records for Albany, Buffalo, or Yonkers before 1914. Click the name of each municipality to find out about obtaining vital records for your ancestors in these cities.

    Once you have found the death certificate number, you’re ready to request a copy.

    Completion Of The Medical Certificate Of Death Video 2

    Genealogy tip: How to shorten the wait time for New York State death certificates

    Family members will be required to provide certain personal information about the deceased person in order to complete the certificate. This usually includes their name and address, birth date and place of birth, each parents name and place of birth, and the date, time, and cause of death. A death certificate may also reveal the decedents marital status, educational status, and eligibility for government benefits such as Social Security or military benefits. Before it can be finalized, it will need the signature of a medical professional or a coroner.Copies of death certificates can be found at vital records offices in the county and state where the death occurred . To locate the countys vital records office, go to the countys official website and search for the registrar or clerk. If you need to locate a vital records office in your state, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions website, which has a list of state vital records offices.

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    Searching For Birth Death And Marriages Certificates

    Before you order a certificate you can search online on the Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths website. Although the indexes are not yet complete for all years and districts, the database will eventually cover Yorkshire births, deaths and marriages for the years 1837 to 2010.

    Fees for duplicate certificates advertised on the Yorkshire BMD website, and included on BMD forms are not applicable to certificates requested through York Register Office.

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    What If Ive Tried To Find A Death Certificate And Cant

    There are many good reasons that you simply might not be able to find an official New York death certificate. If you have performed a reasonably exhaustive search, and still come up empty, dont fear!

    Its a good idea to do one last review of New York death certificate record keeping practicesstart with our Guide to Finding New York Birth, Marriage, and Death records just to make sure you arent looking in the wrong index, or havent missed another crucial detail in New Yorks complicated vital records landscape.

    If youre still having no luck, there is some good newsthere are plenty of substitutes for New York death certificates.

    You may want to try searching for New York religious records, especially if your ancestor died prior to the mid 1800sbefore that time, many municipalities in New York viewed vital record keeping as a function of the church, not the state. Read our blog about using New York religious records as vital record substitutes.

    Researchers should also consider searching for an ancestors obituary. While not an official state document, the obituary can provide similar information to that of a death certificate, and may even contain more detailafter all, obituary writers were not bound by fields on official documents. Read our blog about obituaries for some tips on finding your ancestors obituary.

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