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How To Get A Taxi In New York

Is An Uber Better Than A Taxi In Nyc

How to Take a Cab in New York City

We dont need to explain to you what uber is, youve probably already used it a hundred times. But even if you havent theyre actually not that different from a regular taxi. In fact, theyre pretty similar to a yellow taxi cab in how they calculate fares. Its a combination of the time and distance with an additional fare of any tolls added at the end.

What If I Lost An Item In A Taxi

A taxi driver who finds an item should try to return it to the owner if possible. If they cant, they are required to take it to one of eight Police Lost and Found Centers. If you lost something in the taxi during your trip, and you know the medallion number you can visit l site to locate the taxis garage and get in touch with them. Enter the medallion number and you will find the garage information.

Using Uber In New York

Uber has become a very popular mode of transport in New York. You can request a car through the Uber app, which is the same app as in the UK. Therefore, booking a car is very easy. Uber is also cheaper than yellow cabs. I quite often use it myself, but for the real New York experience, I still, recommend taking a yellow cab at least once!

How much is a cab ride in New York?

How do I order a cab in NYC?

Is it hard to get a cab in New York?

How do you pay for a cab in NYC?

Is it cheaper to take a taxi or Uber in NYC?

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The Roosevelt Island Tram

With the swipe of a MetroCard, the Roosevelt Island Tram gives you an aerial view of Midtown East along its path from East 60th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. The tram got its start in 1976. It provides direct service seven days a week for more than 2 million riders annually, with free transfers available to and from MTA subways and buses. Up to three children with a maximum height of 44 inches each can ride the tram for free when they are traveling with a fare-paying adult. For more information, visit

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Taxi License

How To Get Around New York City: A Guide To NYC Transport ...

In New York City, all taxis need something called a medallion in order to operate in the city. A medallion is basically just a taxi license, that gives you the right to drive a cab in the city. Like stated above, there are only 13,000 licensed taxis in the city. The problem with this is that the city has a fixed amount of medallions that they allow, and it has been set at 13,000 for years. Therefore, the demand for these medallions is quite high.

In the 90s, a corporate taxi medallion cost around $200,000. Nowadays, the taxi licenses cost close to one million dollars. According to Bloomberg, 2 taxi licenses just sold for a record price of $1 million each. As you can see the demand for these licenses is increasing, and with that, so are the prices.

But just how much can you earn as a medallion owner? Investors are actually flocking to these medallions because they view them as good investments. After paying for maintenance, insurance, and workers compensation, etc., medallion owners could earn up to $50,000 per year on their investment. Thats better performance than both gold and oil!

Theres even a New York based corporation, which is publicly traded, that invests in these taxi medallions. Known as the Medallion Financial Corp. , the firm owns around 300 medallions, is constantly buying more, and is always looking for new investors. They claim around a 3% per year return, which is better than many other investments including gold, oil, treasury bonds, etc.

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How Long Does A Ride Form Jfk Airport To Manhattan Last

The duration of the trip can vary but on average the trip can take from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on time and traffic conditions. Usually the hours between 7:30am and 9:30am and then from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm considered to be rush hour going to New York City. On an average day during weekdays, make sure you allocate at least one hour for trip. Usually on weekends traffic tends to be lighter but sometimes street closure in New York can make the trip slower.

How To Hail A Cab In Nyc

We asked Nikki, our local guide and expert in New York City, how to properly hail a cab so you dont look like a silly tourist flapping your arms about on Broadway.

1. Get on a street thats headed in the direction you want to go. Aim to be toward the beginning of the block, just past the corner .

2. Step to the edge of the sidewalk. Youll see many New Yorkers standing a few steps into the street but if you copy that, please be careful of traffic especially bikes!

3. Do NOT wave your hand frantically . Wait until you see a cab approaching with its light on . Look carefully, as it can be a bit hard to see its the number in the front of the cab that lights up.

4. When you see a cab, stretch your hand in the air. Some people give a little wave, some dont. But if you do wave, know that once is enough. If you make eye contact and see the car heading toward you, you can put your hand down.

5. When you enter the cab, its polite to thank the driver and ask how theyre doing today.

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Special Situation: Airport Transfers: Watch Out

Many tourists decide to take a cab from the airport to their New York hotel. Be sure that the driver is charging you the the airport set fare or flat fare. For transportation from JFK to Manhattan , a flat rate of $52 applies , plus tolls and $0.50 state tax. Then add approx. 15% tip. Depending on the location of your hotel, you can assume a cost of approx. $70. Unfortunately, there are always drivers who try to deceive tourists. If the driver will not give you a flat rate, then dont get into the cab make that perfectly clear from the start.

As you can see, taking a cab in New York can be exciting, especially as it is not an every day occurrence for many tourists. With these tips however, you are now well prepared for finding, hailing and safely getting to your destination in a NYC Yellow Cab.

I’m a true New York fan! Not only have I visited the city over 20 times but also have I spent several months here at a time. On this blog, I want to share everything I have learned and discovered, so you can have the best time in the greatest city in the world. Then think about becoming a supporter of us on Patreon!

What Are The Closest Stations To Eagle Express Taxi

How to Get a Taxi at NYC Airports (Laguardia, JFK, and Newark)

The closest stations to Eagle Express Taxi are:

  • Ridgefield Apartments is 301 yards away, 5 min walk.
  • Innis Avenue & Mountain Brook Apartments is 582 yards away, 8 min walk.
  • Arlington Heights is 721 yards away, 9 min walk.
  • Route 44/55 W & Innis Avenue is 1198 yards away, 15 min walk.
  • Main Street E & Church Street is 1768 yards away, 22 min walk.
  • Lakeview Arms Apartments is 1812 yards away, 22 min walk.
  • Kmart is 2407 yards away, 29 min walk.
  • Poughkeepsie Amtrak Station is 4014 yards away, 48 min walk.
  • Poughkeepsie is 4093 yards away, 49 min walk.
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    Important Information About Taxi Rides In New York City

    • Taxi tariffs in the United States of America are officially set by cities or districts
    • The taxi tariff New York City was last set in January 2018 and published in the official tariff ordinance
    • It is binding for all taxis and taxi companies within the compulsory driving area and may not be exceeded or undercut
    • This is ensured by officially calibrated taximeters installed in the taxis

    Fare And Service Structure

    Uber offers five classes of service in New York City, each with a different price structure, as the table below shows.


    yellow taxicab requested through Uber app


    $0.50 per 1/5 mile or $0.50 per 60 seconds in slow traffic or when the vehicle is stopped


    Uber has something called surge pricing, which refers to the higher fares it imposes during times of high rider demand. Surge pricing can take effect during rush hour, during a natural disaster, or during a random spike of requests on a Saturday afternoon. Uber claims these price increases are meant to encourage more Uber drivers to get out on the road, and that prices revert to normal when supply and demand even outcapitalism at its finest. The Uber app notifies users of surge pricing when they request a ride.

    Uber used to offer a $60 flat rate between Manhattan and JFK but dropped that option. Rates are now calculated based on time and distance.

    Taxis do not have surge pricing, but riders might have to wait longer when demand exceeds supply. Taxis do, however, add a $0.50 surcharge in the evening and a $1 surcharge during rush hour , Monday through Friday. If Ubers surge pricing is in effect, you will probably pay a lot less by taking a cab, if you can get one. Surge pricing will at least double your usual fare, and Uber has reported charging customers as much as $39 per mile. A New York City councilman introduced a bill in January 2015 proposing to limit surge pricing to twice the usual rate.

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    How To Tell If The Taxi Is Available

    Considering the sheer number of taxicabs zooming through Manhattan, youd think finding one thats vacant would be as easy as finding a great slice of pizza. But, not so much. In fact, finding an available cab can be challenging during rain, snow, extreme temperatures, or at rush hour.

    Sure, you can give the back seat a quick look, but the fastest way to tell if a cab is occupied or not is by the light on the cars roof. If the number light is lit, the taxi is all yours, but if its dark, youre out of luck because someone is riding in that cab.

    Why Choose A Jfk Airport Taxi Or Private Shuttle

    NYC Taxi Hacks That Will Make Getting Around NYC A Breeze

    After a long flight, all you want to do is get to your hotel and leave your luggage, so you can start exploring as soon as possible. With a Welcome JFK Airport private shuttle, we ensure the fastest transfer times, on-time pickups and unbeatable prices. To make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, we also offer 24/7 customer service and expertly trained drivers that operate 7 days a week.

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    What A Taxi Costs

    I remember not too long ago when taking taxis in New York a decent distance would cost $5 to $7. Those days are long gone. The base fare is $2.50 with 50 cents added every 1/5 of a mile or 60 seconds of slow traffic or stop time. Theres a 50-cent surcharge, and a 30-cent surcharge for improvement , plus additional surcharges depending on the time of day and the day of the week. Youll also be responsible for any tolls, say, if you are heading to the airport.

    Plus, since February 2, 2019, all yellow taxis whose rides begin, end or travel through the area below 96th Street in Manhattan are subject to a $2.50 congestion charge. Ugh. Green cabs and FHVs cost an extra $2.75. You can find out more on the website.

    Taxis arent exactly the cheapest way to navigate the city, unless, or course, youre with a group and splitting the cost. Otherwise, riding the subway or bus is the most budget-friendly way to get around town.

    Become A Pro At Taking Taxis In New York

    Whether youve just moved to New York or youre in NYC for the weekend, the first thing youll need to figure out is how to navigate the city. And trust me, you will get lost, but know that weve all been in your shoes. Of course, youll use public transit, but sometimes, youll want to take a taxicab. Luckily, the city is brimming with yellow cabs, but you have to know what youre doing to get a taxi. Follow my guide, and soon youll be taking taxis in New York like a local.

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    The Benefits Of Booking A Welcome Airport Shuttle

    Forget about dragging your luggage around the subway or waiting in line for public transport. With a Welcome Pickups JFK shuttle, you will be greeted by a private driver, have fully personalised transport and have access to our famous travel extras. At Welcome Pickups, we guarantee on-time pickups, world-class customer service and competitive prices. Let us take care of all your New York transport needs so you can concentrate on exploring this vibrant and exciting city.

    Difference Between A Yellow Taxi And A Green Taxi

    Getting to JFK Airport in New York: Bus, Taxi, Car Service, Subway

    Yellow cabs are the official, and iconic, taxis in NYC.

    Green cabs are new to the city, since 2013, and the program was created to serve areas of New York not commonly served by yellow medallion cabs.

    Yellow taxis swarm Manhattan. Go to Brooklyn or Queens, it is not likely you will see any yellow taxis. But now you will see green taxis!

    Green taxis are allowed to pick up passengers in northern Manhattan , and anywhere in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens .

    They can drop you off anywhere without restriction. Green taxis have another feature not widely known: you can call one in advance or use their app to see if one is nearby!

    Watch this video about green taxis, but will also help you understand the taxi system in general.

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    Taking A Cab When Its Raining

    You will most certainly be one of the lucky few if you manage to successfully hail a Taxi in New York City when it rains. The rule of thumb here: if its raining, the chances of getting a cab are basically nil. Your best bet would be to go somewhere that can call you a cab, outside of a high profile hotel for example.

    Uber Vs Yellow Cabs In New York City: An Overview

    If you live in a mid-to-large-sized city and take taxis, you have probably already tried Uber. What you may not know is that the transportation app has different rates in each city. New York City is arguably the taxi capital of America and home to the classic yellow taxicab.

    They do have some similaritiesboth conventional taxis and Uber charge fares based on a combination of time and distance. Both also charge passengers for any bridge or road tolls in addition to the fare. However, there are also significant differences between Uber and taxis in New York City. Which is the quickest and most economical ride in New York City, and what are the differences between Uber and Yellow Cab?

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    How To Get A Taxi In Brooklyn

    In october 2019, electrek was first to report that the new york city taxi and limousine commission , which oversees the citys fleet of yellow cabs, has approved the tesla model 3 as the first electric vehicle to be eligible to become a yellow cab in new york city. Cab drivers must know how to get to any destination in new york city, including bushwick or flatlands in brooklyn, right?

    Old Checker Taxi, Brooklyn, 5th Avenue Fair Brooklyn

    New York Airport Transfer

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    Safe Payment

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