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How To Become A Licensed Electrician In New York State

How Long Does It Take To Get An Electrician License In New York

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How long it takes to obtain an electrician license in the state of New York varies, depending on the municipality. In some cities, potential electricians can earn the equivalent of a journeyman license in about four years. Other cities, such as New York City, have more strict guidelines and require a minimum of 7.5 years of experience before you can apply for licensure.

How To Become An Electrician In New York

In order to become a licensed electrician in the state of New York you will need to comply with the various local regulations since the state doesnt have a statewide requirement or licensing program.

There are so many counties, towns and municipalities within New York state so information is difficult to provide here in any concise manner. You should research the particular location, start with your local jurisdiction, in New York state where you are interested in being a licensed electrician. This way you can learn about the exam, fees, education requirements and other considerations before you pursue this career path in your particular area.

How To Use Your Electrician License To Get A Job

Electrical contractors find employment in the counties and municipalities through membership in professional organizations like the National Electrical Contractors Association or the Independent Electrical Contractors and through affiliation with local business groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

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New Hampshire Reciprocal Electrician License Agreements

There are two types of reciprocal agreements in place. First, there are agreements with the States of Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. Additionally, the Electrical Safety Section also participates in the National Electrical Reciprocal Alliance formally known as the Multi-State Electrical Reciprocal Licensing Group.

The Electrical Safety Section currently has active reciprocal agreements for the master and journeyman license with the States for Maine, and Vermont and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With those agreements, the master and journeyman licenses of these areas are recognised as equal to those of New Hampshire.

In order to reciprocate your license with any of these states or the Commonwealth, you should contact the reciprocating agency directly for the necessary application and fees. The Electrical Safety Section will provide a certified letter which will be necessary at the time of application as verification of licensure and which will prove that the applicant is in good standing with the State of New Hampshire.

Note that in the case of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for a reciprocal master license you will have to reciprocate your journeyman license as well as the masters. If you have let your journeyman license lapse due licensure as a master electrician, it can be reinstated for reciprocity purposes by filing the proper application and paying the normal fee for licensure.

Applicants will have to:

New York City Electrician License Information

How to Become a Home Inspector: Step

Those wishing to become an electrician in the city of New York can find information here. You are in luck! We are providing this info for just NYC because it is the most populated city in the state. There are two types of electrician licenses for New York City which are issued by the citys Buildings Department. You can get a master or a special license and the associated fees are as follows:

  • License Fee: $310.00

Visit New York Citys Buildings Department for more information

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New York Electrician Training Programs And Schools

There are many community colleges, trade schools, technical and vocational schools to get the training you need to become an electrical professional in New York. They are located all over the state, including in bigger cities and smaller communities.

Some electrical schools in the state of New York:

  • Apex Technical College in Long Island City offers an electrical certificate program. Tuition averages $18,295 per year.

  • Hudson Valley Community College in Troy offers associate degree programs in electrical technology and semiconductor manufacturing technology. Tuition for in-state students averages $5,632 per year.

  • SUNY College of Technology in Canton offers an electrical technology certificate program. Tuition for in-state students averages $8,130 per year.

Program Prerequisites: Program prerequisites vary. Most programs, however, require you to be 18 years old, possess a high-school diploma or GED, a valid drivers license, and a passing algebra grade.

On-the-Job Experience: While on the job, you’ll gain an understanding of electrical standards, as well as math and scientific principles. Electricians need keen eyesight and good hand-eye coordination, as well as proper time management skills. They also need to have good customer service skills, be able to work independently, have good physical endurance, and use logical problem-solving techniques. Electricians also learn how to read blueprints, circuit diagrams, and other technical documents.

Enrolling In Electrician Schools Online In Johnstown Ny

An alternative that you might have looked at is selecting an online electrician school to earn a certificate or degree. Although online training programs have become more prevalent as a way of attending class without the need for travel, in this situation they are not totally internet based. Just about all electrician schools require partial attendance on campus to get hands-on practical training. But since the balance of the classes may be attended online, distance learning might be a more accommodating alternative for students that have limited time for schooling. And as a bonus numerous online training programs have a cheaper tuition cost compared to their on-campus counterparts. Driving expenses from Johnstown NY are also minimized and a portion of the study materials may be available online as well. All of these benefits can make electrician online trade schools more economical and accessible. And a number are fully accredited, which we will cover in our due diligence checklist.

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Southwest New York Nonmetropolitan Area Area

SUNY College of Technology at Alfred

10 Upper College Drive, Alfred, New York 14802 425-3733Electrical Engineering Technology Associate Program

SUNY College of Technology at Alfreds Associate program in Electrical Engineering Technology is offered at their campus in the town of Alfred. Most of the schools 3,699 students are on 4-year programs. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The retention rate of full-time students at this college is 88%. Tuition fees are around $8,327 per year. Study materials can cost in the order of $1,200, depending on the program chosen.

Obtain Experience And Technical Training You Need To Become Licensed

How to Become an Apprentice Electrician

Because New York City is a jurisdiction that does not have a multi-stage licensing process that would involve you moving from journeyman to master electrician, you would have to write an exam for either a special electrician license or master electrician license after the initial period of training.

Before you can take the examination, however, you would be required by the New York City Department of Buildings to have acquired one of the following:

Technical School Programs

You can decide to enroll in an electrical program through one of New Yorks many trade schools to earn yourself a certificate, diploma, or Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Technology. One of the benefits you would enjoy by going through a technical school would be a significant reduction in the experience requirements for licensure.

The trade school program will cover classroom and lab-based training. There could be an internship that will require you to work in the field so that you can gain real-world experience working for an electrical contracting company while being supervised by a licensed electrician.

Once youre done with your program, you would then be employed fully as an entry-level technician or an apprentice or entry-level technician. Then, you will begin to work towards meeting the licensing requirements.

Apprenticeship Programs

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Electrician Insurance In New York

If youre a contractor working for an employer, youll be covered by your employers liability insurance. Many homeowners policies specifically exclude payment for damages caused by unlicensed contractors. So, if an accident happens, any damages may be disproportionately shifted to the electrical contractors liability insurance. Under these circumstances, you may decide to get your own professional liability insurance.

If you own an electrical contracting business, youll need general and professional liability insurance, personal property protection, and workers compensation.

What Business Owners Need To Know

Getting the most out of an electrical technician, no matter where they are in their licensing journey, takes work. ServiceTitans cloud-based, all-in-one electrician software gives technicians and business owners the technology they need to do the work efficiently, and the data they need to do it smartly.

ServiceTitan features:

  • SMS communications that keep customers informed about the technicians visit.

  • Location-specific service history, including recorded calls, accessible from the mobile app.

  • Required forms that ensure every job is done right, driving consistency.

  • The ability to build multi-option proposals with photos, on-site, in minutes.

  • Sales presentations that make conversations with customers easier and drive average ticket.

  • Mobile payment acceptance, eliminating lost checks and increasing cash flow.

To learn more, schedule a demo with a product expert today.

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Queens Technical High School

The Electrical I and II courses offered by the Division of Continuing Education at LaGuardia Community College are designed with the working adult in mind. The part-time program covers the skills needed to obtain ready employment in the electrical field, through extensive hands-on training opportunities. A key feature of the program is the inclusion of the OSHA 30-Hour certification. The curricula follow the industry-recognized National Center for Construction Education & Research Construction Core and Electrical Level 1 curricula. Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm for 18 weeks.

Program overview:

Duration: 18 weeks Contact hours: 185 hours

Courses: Electrical I: Construction Safety, Construction Math, Electrical Theory and Drawings, Electrical Circuits, National Electrical Code, Electrical Test Equipment, Device Boxes, and Hand Bending

Electrical II: Fundamental Concepts, Theory and Application of Motors, Alternating Current, Cable Trays, Grounding and Bonding, Pull and Junction Boxes, Conductor Installations, Circuit Breakers, Fuses and Control Systems, Terminations and Splices


  • Attend an information session to learn more about the program and the industry certifications available after completion of the programs
  • A high school diploma, equivalency or related work experience
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Must complete Electrical I to enroll in Electrical II

Prepare To Become An Electrician

Nyc Home Improvement Contractor License Practice Exam
  • 1Understand what the job entails. Electricians work in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, schools, hospitals – any type of facility that needs electricity to function. Electricians may find themselves working in extremes of heat and cold, indoors and out any time of year. Electricians may also perform electrical work on trains, airplanes, ships and vehicles. Electricians’ work includes the following:
  • Reading blueprints, or technical diagrams of a work site’s electrical wiring.
  • Connecting wires, circuit breakers, and outlets, and replacing or adding wires, circuit breakers, connections, and fuses.
  • Using specialized equipment, including oscilloscopes, ammeters, ohmmeters and voltmeters, to perform their work.
  • Working as part of a team in coordination with the construction project manager, homeowner, or building manager of a work site.
  • Knowing and following building codes and regulations to ensure buildings are wired safely.
  • 2Have an aptitude for electrical work. Electricians are adept at diagnosing problems and using good judgement and the right techniques to solve them. Electricians have the following traits:
  • They are detail-oriented. Electricians know that glossing over details in a wiring project could at best result in non-functioning wiring, and at worst create a dangerous situation.
  • 3Talk to electricians. If you’re serious about becoming a licensed technician, contact electricians in your area and set up informational interviews.
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    Final Note On Ny State

    New Yorks Division of Code Enforcement & Administration, located in Albany, is only tasked for dealing with completed electrical jobs and setting standards for work. Again, you must refer to your local jurisdiction to get accurate information on becoming an electrician in the state of New York. Best of luck on your new career choice in either New York state or NYC!

    Step : Scheduling Your Exam

    After submitting your exam application, you must next schedule your exams.

    • If your application is accepted, you will receive an email from the exam administrator in one to two weeks with instructions on how to schedule your exam. Exams are given at several different locations in the State
    • The written exam consists of multiple-choice questions that assess your knowledge of the NYC Electrical Code, rules, and applicable regulations. You will not be allowed to use reference materials during the exam
    • Passing score is seventy percent. If you pass the written exam you will receive your report at the exam site at the time of testing, and a practical exam will be scheduled
    • If you pass the practical exam, you will receive a letter via US Mail by CPS approximately 3-4 weeks after the date of the practical exam.

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    Take The Required Licensing Exams And Apply For Licensure

    There are two types of electrician licenses available through the New York City Department of Buildings:

    • Special Electricians are licensed to perform electrical work on specific buildings or lots. This is the standard license for electricians employed to work in-facility as employees of hospital systems, hotels, school districts, or municipal agency buildings as city employees.
    • Master Electricians are licensed as independent contractors who can bid jobs and perform electrical work on any building in NYC without restrictions.

    You may take the exam and apply for either of these licenses after completing the requirements of your initial training and experience phase described in Step 1. If you are interested in becoming an independent contractor , move on to Step 3.

    In order to apply for a Special Electrician license, you must:

    In addition, youll need to pass a written and practical exam:

    The written exam is made up of multiple-choice questions and will cover:

    Applying For A Master Or Special Electrician License In New York City

    Become an Electrician in 2021? Salary, Jobs, Education

    After passing the written exam and the background investigation, you will finally have to apply for your Master or Special Electrician license.

    • If you successfully pass, you will be notified in writing by the Departments Licensing Unit that you are eligible to apply for a Master or Special Electrician license.
    • You have one year from the date of that letter to begin submitting the required documents for your license. You will have to retake the exam if for any reason you fail to complete the process within one year of the date on the letter.
    • You must make an appointment to apply for a license by calling the Licensing Unit at 566-4100 . All documents submitted must be originals copies will not be accepted.

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    Who Issues Electrician Licenses In New York

    In the state of New York, electrical licensing requirements vary. Some municipalities issue their own licenses through local electrical boards. In New York City, for example, electrical licenses are issued by the Department of Buildings. In some parts of the state, however, a license isnt required to perform electrical work.

    Frequently Asked Questions About A Journeyman Electrician Salaries

    The average salary for a Journeyman Electrician is $71,501 per year in New York City, NY Area. Salaries estimates are based on 9 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Journeyman Electrician employees in New York City, NY Area.

    The highest salary for a Journeyman Electrician in New York City, NY Area is $94,579 per year.

    The lowest salary for a Journeyman Electrician in New York City, NY Area is $54,054 per year.

    If you are thinking of becoming a Journeyman Electrician or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of a Journeyman Electrician.

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    How To Become A Licensed Electrician In Nebraska: License Requirements And Guide

    Like other states, in Nebraska, the job of an electrician does not come easy. It requires a certain degree of hard work and commitment. The good thing is the electrical trade in Nebraska continues to create more job opportunities for people. According to the Nebraska Department of Labor, there is an expected increase in employment opportunities by 15.5%.

    In this article, we cover how to become a licensed electrician in Nebraska by starting from apprenticeship to journeyman and then becoming an electrical contractor. So lets get started!

    Determining If You Need To Be Certified To Work As An Electrician

    General Contractor License NY

    After completing your required education and apprenticeship, you may also need to become certified before working as an electrician. This requirement varies by state. You should contact your local or state electrical licensing board. There may be additional electrician certification classes if your trade school does not teach to a certain programs standards.

    You should refer to the National Electrical Contractors Associations website to determine what you will need to know to pass the certification test and obtain a license.10 Test questions can include topics related to safety practices, the electrical code, training of specific products and more.

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