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How To Make Extra Money In New York

Rent Out Your Parking Spot


Whilst youre at it, you can rent out your parking spot too this can be quite lucrative if you live in a busy area. Try making a listing on a Craigslist and see if anyone takes you up on the offer. However, youll need to check the terms of your rental agreement or homeowners association first to check youre not breaking any rules.

Work As An Online Business Coach

Business coaching is a broad term that covers everything from marketing and branding to creating systems and an overall business strategy. If you have experience building businesses, launching marketing campaigns, or working with startups, then you have business acumen that others would pay for. Choosing a specialty, like a specific type of business or an area within business, will help you stand out in a crowded market. For more tips, check out this guide to becoming a successful business coach.

Become A Social Media Influencer

Making money on Instagram? Sure it happens! I work on social media influencer projects from time to time. Now, I dont want to mislead you. It can take years to build a following large enough to make this possible. But maybe you already have a large social following, and arent monetizing it yet?

Companies pay influencers to be the face of their brand, promoting certain products or even destinations. It may start with free stuff, but over time can lead to making thousands of dollars per post on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and blogs.

Ways to earn extra income on social media:

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Work As A Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counselor may just be the most fun and rewarding way to make extra money as a college student. If you want it to have some relevance to your degree, look for camps within your field of study, like STEM camps if youre an engineering major, health if your degree is in nutrition and exercise science, or camps for children with learning disabilities if you want to work in special education.

Financial Freedom What Is It

How to Make Extra Money in New York City

Well like I said: Im not going to define this for you. That misses the whole point of this article, but lets lay out some ideas to get you started.

Typically, when we talk about financial freedom in the west, we really mean: freedom from needing to work, in order to meet financial obligations. We know that there has been a rise in depression amongst nine-to-fivers, 62% as a matter of fact between 2019 and 2020 in the USA. Its therefore no wonder that there has been correlative uptick in the search for alternative solutions to finances.

This depression is largely as a result of feeling trapped, unable to realize potential and being denied opportunity. It is also likely that, thanks to a more global world and social media: we see just how abundant life can be for some like a carrot dangled tantalisingly close, but just out of reach. We yearn for more meaning in our lives, more excitement and to be able to live on our terms.

Finances are the stumbling block and the preserve of the chosen fewnot us.

So to start building an accurate picture of what financial freedom would be for you, begin with what your life would look like if you didnt have to worry about money. How would you feel if you didnt have to consider your monthly budget, when putting your hand in your pocket to pay for lunch?

That wouldnt happen though if we had done the work of pinning down exactly what we wanted in the first place.

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Create A Custom Chrome Extension Or Plugin

Building and selling a Chrome extension is similar to creating and selling an app. You dont have to be a developer for either. You can follow in the footsteps of Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits. Spencer came up with an idea for an extension, hired a developer to build it, and made over $4,000 in the first 7 days of selling it. Granted, he already had an audience for the product. However, you could do something similar if you find an idea for an extension that people will actually pay for.

Trade Baseball Or Pokmon Cards

Pokémon cards have seen a huge uptick in value recently. If youre into any type of collectible cards and do enough research, you can make thousands per month buying and reselling popular cards. The goal is to figure out what people are willing to pay for a card or set of cards, find it for a better deal, and then sell it at a higher rate. It sounds simple, but a fair amount of research is involved. If you already know the market, then this would be an easy side hustle to pick up.

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Launch A Print On Demand Store

If you like to make custom graphics and artwork in your free time, running a could be a great side hustle for you.

Print on demand allows you to sell your custom artwork on products like t-shirts, bags, phone cases, mugs, and more. The best part about it is that you can create and sell products under your own brand. Also, you can completely automate the logistics of the business by choosing to dropship your print on demand products. This is where you design products, add them to your store, promote them, and take orders from your customers. The orders are fulfilled by the that prints your designs onto the products, then ships the items directly to the customer.

How much money can you make selling POD products? That depends on how much people like your designs and the effort you put into marketing your range. With a bit of work, its possible to make an extra couple thousand dollars each month. If you’re ready to jump in, check out this guide on how to start an online t-shirt business.

Print on Demand tip: Try to sell a profitable print on demand item like retail-quality custom tees. People are often willing to pay higher for retail quality shirts featuring their favorite designs. Find out the subjects and themes that your audience is interested in and then make custom designs based on those trends. Then find a t-shirt printing company that will print the designs onto retail-quality shirts. You could charge between $40-$150 a piece for these shirts .

Serve In A Mock Trial

How YOU can make GOOD money using Doordash!! (in NYC!!!)

If you are eligible to sit on a live jury, you can take part in a virtual one. You can sign up to become one through some websites that offer such entries, and await instructions.

When a lawyer wants to check for holes in his case, hell conduct a mock trial. Youll be asked to review a case summary and answer a series of verdict questions to help the legal pros determine the strength of their case.

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Switched Energy In The Last Six Years Get 100s Back In Minutes

Disgustingly, if you’ve switched energy firm in the last six years and were in credit, some providers operated a ‘don’t ask, don’t get’ policy. That’s mostly changed now, but if you didn’t get your money, even if it was years ago, you can still ask.

It only takes a minute or two see the Reclaim Old Energy Credit Back guide. Many get £100s.

List A Room In Your House

Have a spare room in your house that youre not using? You could be missing out on extra money by listing it on Airbnb. On game weekends where I live, homeowners can make several thousand dollars just by turning their house over to eager game-goers for a few days.

Ive even known people to stay with friends for the weekend and split the rental profit. Check out Airbnbs calculator to see how much you could make.

Earn money hosting experiences near you.

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How To Make Extra Money: 23 Easy Ways

Whether youre trying to get out of debt, save more for retirement or just boost your monthly income, there has never been a better time to figure out some ways to make extra money on the side.

No longer do you have to settle for a part-time job with a set schedule. Todays gig economy is all about flexibility.

Weve researched the following ways to make extra money to confirm that theyre legitimate. Many of these strategies have been put to the test by Team Clark and even money expert Clark Howard himself.

To learn more about these side gigs, click on one of the links in our table of contents or keep scrolling for the full list

Cut Your Ongoing Expenses

Wondering How to Make Extra Money in NYC? Weve Gotcha Covered

If its been more than 2 years since you last shopped for car insurance, youre paying too much.

Heres the dirty secret of the car insurance industry: your cars are worth less every year due to depreciation, but you keep paying the same amount.

Check out Insurifyfor a quick and painless quote process to find the best rates for car and home insurance. Itll take just a few minutes and users save an average of $489 per year!

Similarly, I recently switched to Mint Mobile for my cell phone service. It runs on the T-Mobile network and costs just $15 a month !

I was able to keep my current phone and phone number. Making the switch from Verizon saved my wife and I over $800 a year.

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Perform Odd Jobs And Small Tasks

Surf over to Fiverr, an online community of freelancers of all stripes. There, you can advertise your proficiency in skills including writing and translation, video and animation, voice-over world and advertising. As Fiverrs name indicates, your services sell starting at $5 a pop, and you have the option of adding ancillary services to make more money. Fiverr keeps 20% of customer payments, meaning you earn $4 from every $5 in services you sell.

For more intensive jobs, try joining TaskRabbit, which is owned by Ikea. If you live in or near one of 62 regions served by the site in 2021, you can perform tasks such as waiting in line for someone, running errands, building shelves, assembling Ikea furniture or lifting heavy items. Set your own fees with TaskRabbit, and you keep 100% of what you charge plus tips . The company says it has an intensive vetting process.

She Can Treat Herself

All of this said, the one area Warwick could improve on is her “fun” money, says Ginty. Warwick prioritizes helping others, but she shouldn’t forget to treat herself every now and then.

“She doesn’t spend very much money on herself,” says Ginty. “She has wiggle room to save for something fun.”

While Ginty recommends Warwick spend more on herself, one of Warwick’s financial goals is to be able to give some money to her family. Warwick grew up in a lower middle class family in South Florida her mom is a high school teacher and her dad restores luxury cars and she says while her family is doing fine without her help, she’d like to pay for periodic small indulgences, like buying her mom a plane ticket to come visit her.

“It would be cool just to alleviate some financial tension,” says Warwick. “The most important lesson I’ve learned about money is that if you have it, you should share it.”

Correction: A previous version of this article referred to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program as the Public Student Loan Forgiveness program. It has been updated.

What’s your budget breakdown? Share your story with us at for a chance to be featured in a future installment. We are especially interested in hearing from people in Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. in the U.S., and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Rent Out Your Car Rv Or Boat

If you have an underutilized car, HyreCar will help you rent it out. Be prepared to rack up some miles though this company caters to rideshare drivers who dont have a vehicle of their own.

Listing your car is free, and HyreCar owners report earning an average of $720 a month.

What else could you rent out?


Recycle Old Printer Cartridges For Cash

Living On $172K A Year In NYC | Millennial Money

Printer cartridges are expensive, sometimes even more costly than the printers themselves. So, next time one runs out, offset the cost of a new one by recycling the empty one for cash.

There are lots of recycling sites out there, so do a bit of research to find out which are the best payers for your cartridges some cartridges earn 50p, though it’s usually much less. Try Cash For Cartridges, Recycle Ink Cartridges and Infotone.

Though some recycling sites will take your empty cartridges, they may only pay for certain ones, so check feedback and compare prices.

Find out more: Join the discussion, read other MoneySavers’ recommendations, or add your own, in the Recycling printer cartridges for cash thread.

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Sell Gently Worn Clothing

If you or your family members have brand-name clothing, accessories or shoes that are in good condition but no longer being used, turn them into quick cash by selling them on consignment. Research the consignment shops in your area to find the right match for the types and styles of clothing you have to sell. Most consignment stores will price items at one-third of their retail value, and youll likely get 50% of the price at which your items eventually sell.

You might be able to get more for your used clothes by selling them online. For example, you can earn up to 80% of the resale value of womens and kids clothing, shoes and handbags at fashion resale site ThredUp.com, an online thrift and consignment shop. Shipping to ThredUp.com is free, and you can get cash or store credit. If you have high-end mens and womens clothing, jewelry, watches and accessories, try your luck with luxury consignment site The RealReal. You earn up to 85% of the resale value in cash . Another option for designer clothing and accessories: Tradesy, which pays a 19.8% commission of the resale value of items $50 or more. You receive earnings via PayPal, debit card or a bank account.

A newer player in this space, Poshmark, takes it all — clothing for women, men and children, plus handbags, shoes, jewelry and makeup. All items you sell that are under $15, Poshmark takes a $2.95 flat commission. On sales over $15, you keep 80% of the sale, and Poshmark keeps 20%.

Start A Wholesale Business

If you like the idea of running an online business but would prefer to be a little more hands on, starting an online store using wholesale could be perfect for you. This business model means you buy products in bulk at a lower price and then sell at a higher retail price to your customers.

Because youre hands on with your products and suppliers, youre able to keep a close eye on the quality of your products. Unlike dropshipping, you handle the packing and shipping, which means you dont have deal with one of the downsides of dropshipping the long shipping times. Instead you can take advantage of getting those products into happy customer hands faster.

Much like dropshipping youre still able to sell products related to any niche you can think of, whether its your passion for home decor, or your obsession with your pets. All you need to do is use a wholesale marketplace like Handshake, find the products you want to stock, and make your purchase.

Although running a business using wholesale requires having some money upfront, most wholesale marketplaces offer net terms, which provides a nice buffer. Buying products using net terms means you can purchase products and start selling them weeks or months before you need to pay for them.

Wholesale Tip: Want to start your own wholesale business? . The Handshake app allows you access to the wholesale marketplace where you can choose from thousands of products that you can purchase and sell in your store.

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Manage Social Media Accounts

If youve already dabbled in managing social media accounts for people or businesses, or you do an awesome job at growing your own, then youll probably find endless opportunities for this kind of work in NYC.

New York City is where serious companies go to grow.

Its also where tons of business-minded people launch startups and gain partners to grow their businesses.

Youre right in the heart of it all as an NYC resident or visitor, so theres no better time to go searching for social media management opportunities than right now.

Python Web App Development And Data Analysis

Earning from home is easier that you think. Here

If youve been looking for a programming language thats beginner-friendly but also powerful and popular, Python is it.

As a Python developer, you can make a pretty penny building server-side, mobile, or desktop apps or processing and interpreting data. And, whether you prefer small projects to do on your own or working on large projects with a team, Python skills will give you all kinds of opportunities for high-paid work you love.

The Skills You Need:

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