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How Much Is A Citypass For New York

First Why Did We Get A New York Citypass And New York C3


As travel bloggers , we needed to see and do as many of the top New York City attractions as possible throughout our time in New York City. Ideally, without breaking the bank in the process.

After researching entrance prices for each of our most sought after attractions, we were left a little downbeat. It looked like we would be blowing through our budget after all.

Sure, we expected and budgeted for a higher than usual attractions spend, but even then we were surprised. For us as a couple, every entry price was x2.

Fortunately, after a bit of digging we found the perfect money saving solution to suit our travel style – the New York CityPASS and New York C3.

We each had the New York CityPASS and New York C3, which allowed us to hit the major NYC attractions and save a small fortune in the process. Double win!

After bleeding money on transport, hotels, food and drinks – snapping up a New York City bargain like this was a no brainer for us.

Now, let’s get into the benefits of buying an attractions pass and what is included.

Where To Buy The New York Pass

Are you ready to save time and money sightseeing in New York? Youre in luck!

The best way buy a New York Pass is to buy it online. This pass goes on sale constantly, but youll only be able to take advantage of those sales if you purchase it online. Buy your New York Pass here.

Once you purchase the pass, you can either download it to the app or print a paper copy at home. Personally, I like to do both. That way I have a backup if there is a technology failure.

What About Fast Tracks

Please know that attraction passes primarily focus on price, not on time. That being said, the passes do include a few fast tracks that allow you to skip the line. They are, however, not that many. The CityPASS does not offer any fast tracks. You can, however, upgrade your tickets at the attractions at additional costs.

Sightseeing Flex Pass

  • Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park Ice Rink
  • Empire State Building

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Depending On The Monuments You Want To Visit

The second thing to keep in mind is that the best way to decide on a sightseeing pass is to make a list of monuments and buildings you want to see and attractions you want to do in New York. If this is your first visit to New York you may not be sure of everything the Big Apple has to offer, so below is a list of highlights from New York Pass. You can use it as a basis to start organizing your trip.

The Bottom Line: Is The New York Pass Worth It

New York CityPASS 2017

So, is the New York Pass worth it? Absolutely.

In all honesty, I think this pass is one of the best sightseeing passes anywhere in the world! It includes convenient entry to over 100 of NYCs most popular attractions, plus it saves you money doing it.

Of course, theres the fast track entry, the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour, and all the guided tours youll love. If youre planning on sightseeing in New York, the New York Pass should definitely be in your pocket!

We hope youve enjoyed our New York Pass review. Have a great time in the Big Apple and happy traveling!

Visit 100+ NYC Attractions With the New York Pass, youll get entry to over 100 NYC attractions, and you can save big money while you do it! Youll also get fast track entry at some of NYCs busiest sights, so you can skip the line and save time. Visit just 3 sights a day, and you could save hundreds. Order now and save here!

New York Pass Review: At a Glance
  • Attractions

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Where Can I Buy The New York Citypass

You can buy the New York CityPASS online or at the participating attractions after you arrive in New York City. To save time, we recommend buying your pass in advance so you can take advantage of the skip-the-line benefit at the first attraction you visit.

When you buy online, youll get the option to have your tickets emailed to you or shipped. Shipping costs apply for the booklet, so the email option is more budget friendly. Plus, ticket delivery is instant via email. Then you can just show your tickets on your mobile device and not have to carry around a booklet .

After you buy a CityPASS, you have 1-year from the purchase date to start using the tickets.

How Much Does Each York Pass Cost

You now know that you save BIG money by buying the passes. On to the more important question how much are the passes themselves?

CityPASS New York

Is New York CityPASS worth it or not? Well, it depends on what you buy and your schedule prices vary, as is seen below:

  • The standard 6-attraction CityPASS costs $136 for adults and $112 for children.
  • The C3 , on the other hand, costs $87 for adults and $67 for children.

New York Pass

New York Pass is a bit pricier on average compared to CityPASS.

Prices vary depending on how many days the pass is valid, and these prices are as follows:

  • 1-day pass: $117 for adults and $90 for children
  • 2-day pass: $149 for adults and $119 for children
  • 3-day pass: $159 for adults and $124 for children
  • 4-day pass: $184 for adults and $132 for children
  • 5-day pass: $229 for adults and $159 for children
  • 7-day pass: $239 for adults and $169 for children
  • 10-day pass: $269 for adults and $179 for children

Ensure that you consider validity and your schedule to make the most out of the pass youll purchase. Bear in mind that youre only saving money if you visit as many attractions as you can.

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Tips For Buying And Using The New York Citypass

Buying a New York CityPASS: Here is where you can buy a New York CityPASS online.

  • You can choose to have your tickets emailed or shipped to you. Shipping is available in the US, to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Shipping charges apply.
  • You can also buy a pass at the participating attractions.

Get the Most From Your Pass: To maximize your savings, choose to visit the most expensive attraction available on each of the option tickets. You can then make use of the included coupons to visit some of the remaining options, if you wish.

Information was updated November 2021, but can change without notice. Please confirm directly with service providers.

Who Should Skip The New York Citypass

New York CityPASS: Things to Do and Attractions In New York
  • Heavy Sightseers The New York CityPASS is great if you want to do just a little bit of sightseeing. However, if you want a lot more options, you may do better with this New York sightseeing pass instead.
  • Those Who Wont Visit at Least Four Attractions If you dont visit at least four of the attractions on the pass, you wont get enough value to make it worth your while. Just buy your tickets at the gate instead.

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How Much Do Visits Attractions And Shows Cost In New York

First of all, I think that for a first visit of New York, the purchase of a Pass is very useful, like the New York CityPASS since it offers the main visits and attractions in NYC.

Then, if you want to see an NBA game, whether its the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets, you could find tickets at $26-40. For a baseball game, its starting at $20-25, a football game is starting at $40-50. You can read more information here.

If you like shows and plays, you can go see a musical on Broadway, starting at $ 65-90 per person.

One of the must-see activities in New York is a helicopter flight, starting at $215 per person. It is impressive and allows you to see the whole city from an extraordinary point of view.

In short, there are thousands of things that can be done in New York, not to mention concerts, museums, bus tours, boats, guided tours

Tight Budget$120 per personAverage budget$330 and $650 per coupleLarge Budget$650 or more

How The New York Citypass Works

Simply purchase your pass online for one flat rate and download your pass instantly to your smartphone . Then you can skip the long ticket lines and scan your pass to enter any 6 out of the 9 attractions. No cash or tickets needed.

This can be a great option for those who want to take their time experiencing the best of what NYC has to offer while saving money.

And with a big city like New York, it can be tricky trying to decide where and what to spend your money on. Thats where the New York CityPASS can come in handy, because it bundles entry fees to some of the citys top-rated attractions.

This New York sightseeing pass is also one of the most popular with visitors to New York City because it can save you money and theres no rush.

Your CityPASS is valid for nine consecutive days , which means you can take your time sightseeing. So go ahead and enjoy NYC at your leisure!

Many of the top New York attractions cost $25-$40 per person to visit, which can get pretty expensive for travelers.

If youre already planning to visit some of these popular attractions, buying the New York CityPASS can easily save you up to 41% off the regular ticket price. Who wouldnt want to save extra money?

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New York Pass Quick Review

In a hurry? Here are the broad strokes.

The New York City Pass is a GOOD deal if:

  • You want to see a lot and you dont mind packing your day with activities.
  • Youre only in NYC for a few days.
  • Youre a first-time visitor.
  • Youre already planning on visiting most of the expensive attractions.
  • You want to use the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.
  • You want to skip the ticket lines at multiple attractions.

The New York City Pass is NOT A GOOD deal if:

  • Youre on a super tight budget.
  • You only want to see a few paid attractions.
  • Youre in NYC for an extended period of time so you can spread out the sightseeing.
  • You have a valid student ID many museums have student prices but youll want to double-check.

How Much Do New York City Passes Cost Price Comparison

How to Figure Out if You Should Buy a CityPass in NYC ...

With each pass having its own unique selling points it becomes quite an uphill task to decide which pass you should purchase to explore the incredible highlights of the city. So it boils down to the monetary aspect i.e., weighing all your options and streamlining the one that is not just highly economic but also lets you visit the hotspots you wish to. Considering this in mind New York Pass becomes the choice of many visitors.

With a maximum saving of up to 70%, you will save a fortune with New York Pass and choose the places of your preference, as every new day unfolds, from 100+ attractions the pass has to offer. If you have One World Observatory to visit in your mind then you definitely should go for either Sightseeing Pass or Sightseeing Flex Pass. While the former one lets you buy the pass as per the number of days, the latter one lets you pick certain highlights to visit.

New York City Pass would be your go-to-choice if you can manage to spare some to marvel at the incredible hotspots during your stay in the Big Apple. New Explorer Pass is going to be the choice of the visitors who have already decided to visit a definite number of attractions. To assist you in your decision-making process we have categorized different passes as per their cost for visiting a fixed number of highlights or unlimited hotspots for a limited time.

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How Much Money Should You Budget For A Week Trip To New York City

Determining a budget for a trip to New York is quite complicated. You must take into account various expenses, some are more important than others.Anyhow, Ill try to give you some clues. I will define three types of budgets for a couple who decides to stay a week in New York .

For each budget, I will consider the following elements:Flight + accommodation + food + departures + visits + shopping + extras

It is an estimate of what could be spent, based on my own experience. At least I try to give you an idea of how much your budget should be.

All Nyc Sightseeing Passes Listed

Find the most important information on all NYC Passes below. In terms of popularity, the Sightseeing Day Pass, New York Pass, Sightseeing Flex Pass, and Explorer Pass lead the list. Other available passes include CityPass, FreeSyle, Go Select, Turbopass, and C3 Pass. Just because some passes are more popular than others, however, does not necessarily mean that these are the best passes for you, too. Each pass has different strengths and weaknesses.

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Why New York Pass Is Worth Buying

NEW YORK PASS is suitable for you because of so many reasons. They include:-

  • It has no daily limit to the amount of attractions you can visit per day
  • It has a 300 page guidebook with opening hours, maps and directions to all New York City attractions and tours.
  • You can save money with the more attractions you visit
  • Has unlimited free entry to 90 + attractions with additional discounts
  • It is the only Pass that includes all Hop-on Hop-off buses for the duration of your sightseeing.

Pick A Number Of Attractions


This kind of pass is good for someone who already knows what he or she wants to see and the number of days he or she will have in NYC.

Rather than being based on the number of days, these passes are based on the number of attractions you want to see.

Savings are dependent on the number of attractions you choose. The more you choose, the more you will save.

You are not obligated to choose which attractions you will go to in advance or what days you will visit them.

So these passes offer flexibility if you like to improvise. At many attractions, you will get fast-track entry and get to skip the line.

We included the average price per attraction in red so that you could more easily calculate your potential savings over retail price.

Be careful – if the retail price of your choices totals less than the average, then you will lose money. So be sure to read our breakdown of pricing to see if it is worth buying a pass or not.

Currently, there are 3 “pick” passes which we describe in detail below.

After we describe these passes below, we include a section with advice about which of these passes may be best for you.

The FlexPass offers the option to purchase 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 attractions chosen from an extensive list of 100+ top NYC attractions, tours, and museums.

You can save up to 50% by using the FlexPass instead of buying entry to each attraction individually.

You also get fast-track entry to several attractions.


  • 2 Attractions
  • Adults $99 | Children $70
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    New York Metrocard Prices

    A single ride is $2.50 tickets are sold at vending machines7 day MetroCard will cost you $29.00

    Please note: MTA Tickets are not sold online & are not partof The New York Pass®

    New York subway system can be a bit intimidating at first, and the locals do rush around so you might feel the pressure of someone right behind you in line getting ever more impatient.Riding the subway with New York MetroCardWhile planning your NYC trip, make sure to get a NYC subway map –

    To enter you have to swipe your MetroCard through a reader and then wait for the display to say, go. Unfortunately, this isnt as easy as it sounds at times. It can be kind of tricky at first, but if you cant seem to get it working you are not alone. Just watch other people and do what they do.

    New York City Pass Discounts

    Sightseeing Pass, New York Pass, Go New York Card, CityPASS Compared

    In MOST cases, the New York City Pass discounts can help you save money. We review the New York Pass, New York Sightseeing Pass, Go New York and New York CityPASS . Find out the best New York Attractions Pass, if you can buy the New York Pass in New York, how to buy a New York Pass @ Costco and more.

    NY Sightseeing Pass

    • Choose 1-10 days or # of Attractions
    • Unlimited Hop On Hop Off Bus
    • Includes 100 tours and attractions
    • Choose 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Days
    • Digital or Physical Pass
    • 30 Days Unlimited or # of Attractions
    • Smartphone, print or physical card
    • Go New York

    You can also download the NYC Pass Discounts Comparison for a side by side comparison with attraction prices. Please read the tips below on comparing the passes to help evaluate the right New York City Attractions Passes for you and your family. Hidden marketing behind the each discount pass is revealed and please read the Full Disclosure below.

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