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How Does The New York Pass Work

Tips For The Best Of Nyc Cruise With Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise:

New York City Passes: How Do They Work & Reviews
  • Sit on the left side of the boat. Manhattan is to the left side for the entire cruise and it passes the Statue of Liberty on both sides.
  • You might be tempted to head straight outside for an open air seat. Seriously consider weather conditions before you take your seats and remember it will be much colder once the boat is moving.
  • Arrive early to secure the best seats. Aim for no later than 30 minutes before departure otherwise seats on the left side will be full.
  • The most iconic NYC landmarks are all within the first hour of the cruise. Lines for food were huge during the first hour but quiet during the second hour. Wait until the second hour to get food so you dont miss any of the best bits and there will be no line!

How Does The New York City Pass Work At Popular Attractions

Hi all,

We are debating buying a New York Explorer Pass for our trip in a few weeks due to the amount of obey you save however we can’t work out how they work at popular attractions and excursions. We are interested in the Empire State and Woodbury Common trip for sure but do we really just turn up when we want to do them? I don’t really want to go to the bus stop and then have to wait and wait until there an empty seat on the bus. I might just be being ignorant so please can someone spell it out for me.

Thanks in advance 🙂

The City Pass and the Explorer Pass are two different passes, so which are you contemplating?

There used to be a handy FAQ about the passes, but it’s been taken down. Maybe a Destination Expert can clarify with TA Admin why that’s happened and put forward a case as to why it should be reinstated.

In general, there are several issues with attraction packages. First, what you get is a voucher not tickets so for popular attractions like the Statue of Liberty Crown or Pedestal or the Tenement Museum, you could very well get to the attraction & discover that tickets are sold out.

Second, many of these packages only use full price in comparisons when lower prices can be found.

Third, instead of going on line & getting tickets, you have to head for a ticket line in addition to a security line. Sometimes this is OK & others you find yourself using vacation time waiting to redeem vouchers.

Good luck.



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Traveller #: Seeing The Most Important Sights Quickly

If youd like to visit as many attractions as possible in New York in as little time as possible, weve put together a small example itinerary that you can be done in three days.

If youre really fast, you can probably even complete it in 2 days, but then itd be really stressful. So wed prefer to base it on 3 days.

For us, the following attractions are some of the highlights in New York:

Empire State Building Top of the Rock One World Observatory Two museums, for example Met, MoMA or Guggenheim Boat ride, for example with Circle Line Total price: 242 dollars

Optional: Bike tour through Central Park with a rental bike Optional: Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus tour Total price with Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus und bike rental: 312 dollars

In retail sales, youd pay a total of 242 dollars for the most important sights if you forgot the Hop-on-Hop-off-Busses and would rather explore Central Park by foot. If youd like to use the busses and to go through Central Park on a bike, youre up to 312 dollars.

Why isnt the Statue of Liberty included? We find that the Statue of Liberty isnt really worth it if you dont have a lot of time in New York. The trip to the island is relatively time consuming. So wed instead suggest a boat tour that also takes you very close to the statue. Thatll save time and is at least just as impressive.

In both of the following tables, weve listed how much youd save for all five passes both with and without a bus ticket and a bike rental.

Buy the pass

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Go New York Explorer Pass

The Go NY Explorer Pass is also known as New York City Explorer Pass and New York Go Pass and is a great option if you already know how many attractions you want to visit. Choosing between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 10 attractions from the list of over 100, this tourist Pass gives you a 60-day window to go and redeem your tickets. For more details on the Go Explorer Pass, including a full list of attractions you can choose from, .

The New York Go Explorer pass gives you the freedom to explore New York at your own pace, choosing from an extensive list of NYC attractions and tours.

  • Valid for 60 days
  • Mobile pass & print at home options
  • Choose to see as many NYC attractions as you wish
  • Saves you up to 50% on regular attraction tickets

Is the New York Explorer Pass worth it?

The NYC Explorer Pass comes in at a great value for money it not only allows you to save a serious amount of cash, but it also gives you the flexibility of deciding upon the attractions you want to see once you are in NYC. As the pass makes traveling and exploring NYC not only cheaper but also a lot less stressful we definitely think the Explorer Pass is worth it.

How to use the NY Go Explorer Pass?

Does the NYC Explorer Pass include the NY Sightseeing Bus Tours?

Yes! The NYC Explorer Pass includes a 1-day hop-on-hop-off tour bus ticket, which can be used as one of the attractions on your pass.

Youll Save Tons Of Time

New York Pass

The New York Pass makes it easy to save time and maximize the fun on your vacation. As I already mentioned, you can skip the ticket lines at attractions and head through the Fast Track Entry with your pass.

The New York Pass website also includes sample itineraries to help you save time when planning your trip.

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Visit 2 Or 3 Attractions Per Day

The more you use the pass, the better value youll get from it. By just visiting 2 or 3 attractions per day, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars per person.

Dont like an attraction? Then skip it and check out the next one on your itinerary. With over 100 attractions to choose from, youll never run out of things to do with the New York Pass.

Why Visit Top Of The Rock

The building isnt as iconic as the Empire State but its a very close call on which has the better view. From Top of the Rock you can see Central Park, the sun sets right behind The Edge and of course you can see the Empire State Building light up at night.

Note: Advance reservations are recommended for Top Of The Rock Observation Deck.

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Gocity New York Explorer Pass

Another New York city pass you may like is the GoCity New York Explorer Pass. It works at over 100 attractions, and you have 60 days to use it, so its a good option if youre going to be in the city a few times over the next couple of months or staying long term. Simply download the mobile app and pick the activities youd like to do as you go. This GoCity New York Explorer pass has a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10-attraction option, so its best for people who know specifically what theyd like to see.

  • Best for: People who know exactly what they want to see
  • Pros: You can choose the attractions as you go, you have 60 days to use it
  • Cons: Youre limited to a specific number of attractions
  • What Is The Statue Of Liberty

    The New York City Multi-Attraction Explorer Pass

    The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic statues on Earth and has to be seen when visiting NYC. But did you know there is only one way you can reach Liberty Island from Manhattan?

    A ferry leaving from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan transports you to the Statue of Liberty grounds and museum, before continuing for a second stop at Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

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    Where To Buy The New York Pass

    Are you ready to save time and money sightseeing in New York? Youre in luck!

    The best way buy a New York Pass is to buy it online. This pass goes on sale constantly, but youll only be able to take advantage of those sales if you purchase it online. Buy your New York Pass here.

    Once you purchase the pass, you can either download it to the app or print a paper copy at home. Personally, I like to do both. That way I have a backup if there is a technology failure.

    Tips For Using The New York Citypass

    Thankfully, using the New York CityPASS is pretty much as straightforward as it sounds. Just present your tickets at each attraction, and youre good to go. To squeeze the most value out of your pass, here are a few tips:

    • Visit all five attractions To get the most out of your pass, be sure to visit all five available attractions. The more you see, the better the return on your investment.
    • Run the numbers on a youth pass If youre traveling with children five and younger, run the numbers before purchasing a youth pass. Free and reduced admission is available at most of these sites, but it varies by site and age. A youth pass may not save you money, but you may end up waiting in ticket lines without one.
    • Visit the Empire State Building Twice The New York CityPASS includes a special ticket for the Empire State building, allowing a bonus visit during the same evening. These tickets are more expensive than the regular admission ticket, so take advantage of this perk to get the most value.
    • Start early If youve only got a couple of days in New York, be sure to start your sightseeing early. That way, you can pack as much sightseeing into your day as possible.

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    Top Of The Rock Observation Deck

    Head to the top of Rockefeller Center and soak up the panoramic views of New York City. Youll have access to the top three floors of this iconic building where you can see the city from either inside or out. You can even choose whether you want to visit during the day or at night. Keep in mind that this is one of the either/or options on the New York CityPASS.

    Is The New York Pass Right For You

    What is the Excelsior Pass and how does it work?

    As you can see, the New York Pass can be a great way for travelers to save time and money when exploring NYCs best attractions and tours.

    The Fast Track Entry feature can let you skip the long ticket lines, which is a huge time saver in a busy city like New York.

    If youre visiting NYC for the first time, the New York Pass can provide and easy and stress-free way to sightsee. If youre interested in hitting all the top attractions in New York, then getting the pass is a no-brainer.

    However, for those who are just planning on visiting a few attractions, you may want to consider the New York CityPASS or the GO New York Explorer Pass instead. And if youre traveling on a super tight budget, dont worry, theres plenty of free things to do in the city.

    Remember, this is your trip to NYC. You can plan it to suit your travel style and interests.

    Ready to plan your NYC vacation? See what hotel deals are available in the area thanks to

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    Tips For Visiting The Top Of The Rock:

    • Top of the Rock has amazing views over NYC but sunset is the most popular time to visit.
    • It will be busy but it is the only completely open sky deck in New York.
    • Use stone walls as a replacement for tripods to take long exposures.

    Read our detailed comparison Empire State Building vs Top of the Rock if you cant decide which observation deck to choose for your visit to NYC.

    Round : Booking And Pick Up

    It looks like another tight battle between New York Pass vs. Sightseeing Pass NYC because both offer mobile passes that you can simply save on your smartphone and show to at the ticket box at the attraction. The New York Pass offers also pickups from their New York collection desks. Open 7 days a week. If youd like you New York Pass delivered to your house, expect delivery fees starting at $30.

    The Sightseeing Pass will send you an email confirmation with a link to your Pass which you can print out or add them to your Apple / Android Wallet and use your mobile phone as your ticket. Both passes are as simple as using your flight boarding card you either print it or show on your mobile phone.

    Booking both passes is just as simple as well. You can purchase both the New York Pass and the Sightseeing Pass online before your trip. Since both passes offer a high convenience when it comes to booking and pick up, they both are getting one point.

    New York Pass vs. Sightseeing Pass NYC5:4

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    How Much Does Citypass Cost

    A New York CityPASS costs $109 for adults and $82 for youth , which represents a discount of about 40 percent off of the combined cost for full-price individual ticketsthis works out to a savings of up to $74 per adult and $58 per child. Note that for kids under 6 years old, only a handful of attractions require ticketed admission, so you’ll need to determine, based on their age, whether or not a CityPASS is right for them. Attractions where admission is required for younger children include the American Museum of Natural History Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise .

    New York Pass Review 202: Is It Worth It Or A Waste Of Money


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    Is the New York Pass worth it? Read our New York Pass review to learn if this sightseeing pass is a good fit for your NYC travel plans.

    SUMMER SALE: Get up to $140 OFF the New York Pass! Sale ends July 10, 2022. Follow the link for details.

    The Big Apple. The Empire City. The City of Dreams. There is no place like New York City!

    Over 60 million people visit New York every year, making it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Its also one of the most expensive.

    To keep your NYC trip affordable, you need to save money by any means possible. Enter one of my favorite sightseeing passes, the New York Pass.

    If youve never used a sightseeing pass before, youre in for a treat! City sightseeing passes are a convenient way to help you save time and money. Honestly, buying a good sightseeing pass is some of the best money we spend on a trip.

    Like its sister passes, the London Passand the Paris Pass, the New York Pass can save you a bundle. With free entry to sights like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center, the pass includes many of the places youd be visiting anyway.

    Of course, no pass is right for everybody. So, lets see if the New York Pass is worth it for you!

  • The Bottom Line: Is the New York Pass Worth It?
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    Tips For Visiting Edge At Hudson Yards

    • Dont miss the impressive and unique structure Vessel right outside Hudson Yards shopping center during your visit.
    • There are a set of steps on the observation deck outdoors, but to access this area you must buy food and / or drinks from the champagne bar.
    • Dont worry, you can just grab a hot chocolate and bag of pretzels to qualify!

    Dont miss our detailed guide to sunset at Edge NYC.

    The Great New York Pass Comparison: Which Pass Should You Get

    The search for the right New York pass is really not so easy. In total, there are five different passes that can help save you time and money. Well show you the advantages and disadvantages of each provider and tell you which pass is the best for you.

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    When you start with the planning of your New York trip, youll quickly come across the many offerings for New York passes.

    With these passes, you can save some time and money, which is why its worth taking a closer look here.

    Well answer these questions in this article.

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