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Why Does The New York Times Charge

How To Get The Ny Times For Free

Liberal Hypocrisy is Fueling American Inequality. Heres How. | NYT Opinion

Reliable news is hard to find these days with the news changing every hour. The Chronicle and SFGate are great, but The New York Times does an excellent job of coronavirus coverage should you want a more national perspective.

During the coronavirus era, there are two ways to access the NY Times online for free to bypass the paywall.

What Does Private Browsing Do

When activated, Private Browsing on Safari prevents your browsing history from being kept in the history tab of the application. Along with this, it doesnt autofill information that you have saved in the browser. In this mode, you essentially become incognito and any references of previous use is essentially hidden when you are in private mode.

For example: if you are on Facebook or filling out a form and some information or your login is already filled in in the spaces provided, this is called autofill. Its activated by simply clicking Safari next to the Apple symbol in the menubar and selecting Private Browsing, then clicking OK to the prompt.

The reasons behind private mode differ for each individual. While we wont go into all of those reasons, one thing that is important to remember is that private browsing doesnt forget the websites you visit. As we will see later on, Macs keep a second copy of the websites you visit in either mode. If you are in frantic mode looking for a solution to this, look no further.

Back To Top Saving Non

  • How can I add recipes from other websites to my Recipe Box?

    We offer tools on desktop, phone, and all major browsers to help you easily save as you browse recipes across the web. Learn about all of our saving tools on our Tools page .

    You can also save third-party recipes within your Recipe Box using the Add a Non-NYT Recipe button in the top-right corner of the page on larger screens, and at the bottom of the page on mobile phones.

    Saving recipes from other sites is a subscriber-exclusive feature.

  • How do I save recipes from other websites or my saved recipes to a folder?

    Recipes can be organized into different folders in your Recipe Box. These tools are subscriber-exclusive features.

    From the web:

    You can organize saved recipes using the organize button on the recipe detail page. You can also drag and drop recipes into folders in the Recipe Box on larger screens. When saving a non-NYT recipe in the Recipe Box, you can also choose to add it to a folder.

    From the iOS app:

    Tap on any saved button on a recipe card or on the recipe page to place it in a folder in your Recipe Box. Currently, we do not support organizing non-NYT recipes in the app.

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    Does It Cost Me To Play Wordle What To Know About The Game After Its Purchase By The New York Times

    Wordle has only been part of our online lives for a few weeks but for many, the popular puzzle game has become a bona fide T-H-I-N-G.

    Developed by New York software engineer Josh Wardle, who released the game in fall 2021, Wordle’s playing audience skyrocketed from only 90 on Nov. 1 to 2 million by mid-January, Wardle told TechCrunch.

    The goal of the free-to-play game: Guess the hidden five-letter word within six tries. With each attempt, any correct letter you get shows up in a green square if it’s in the proper place. Letters appear in a yellow square if they are in the word but you haven’t guessed their proper position. Any letter not in the word gets a gray square.

    As interest in the game grew, players began posting their results on Twitter and Facebook, which helped attract more players and draw scorn from non-players bitter about the viral spread of Wordle results posts in their social feeds.

    Then, The New York Times on January 31 said it paid the game’s creator a price “in the low seven figures” to acquire the game.

    Wordle score is crime clue: An 80-year-old mother didn’t share her Wordle score. It may have saved her life.

    Get Support Or Submit Feedback


    1. How can I submit feedback or questions about The New York Times Crossword? Please use the app to report an issue with The New York Times Crossword app. Using the app to report an issue sends along diagnostic information that allows us to troubleshoot the issue faster.

    To report an issue with the iOS app, open Settings by tapping the person icon on the top right of the app screen. Then, scroll down to the App Info section. Tap Email to open your preferred email client to send The New York Times feedback about the iOS app.

    To report an issue with the Android app, open the menu bar on the top left of the app screen. Then, tap Feedback.

    If you are unable to send feedback using the iOS or Android app, email .

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    Does It Cost Me To Play Wordle

    No. At least not yet. A from the NYTimes Wordplay account said: “The game will still be free.”

    However, in its story announcing the acquisition, The New York Times said the game “would initially remain free to new and existing players.”

    That suggests a possible “expiration date” on the game’s free-to-play status, wrote Paul Tassi, Forbes’ senior contributor for games.

    The Times will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of making players pay.

    “You put it in a paywall and then people will pay to play it,” he wrote. “But in the process, you would be carving out an astronomical amount of its users, and offing one of its main appeals, its ease of access, as its just an extremely basic browser game that can be accessed instantly and from anywhere.”

    Some players on Twitter . “I was waiting for our Wordle fun to be ruined by a big company, just like everything else,” wrote a user who uses the Twitter handle @loveholliejo. “And here it is. It was nice while it lasted.”

    But others congratulated Wardle, who told The Times he created the game for his partner who loves word games. “That’s a life-changing sum of money,” tweeted user @Felgraf_Physicsone. “I wouldn’t be able to blame you even if they said they were gonna monetize it IMMEDIATELY. You made a thing, people enjoyed it for free for a while, you have and had no obligation to keep doing that.”

    Are There Other Games Like Wordle

    You only get one Wordle every 24 hours, so how do you stay occupied the rest of the day? Well, USA TODAY’s Brett Molina found four games similar to Wordle, which might strike your F-A-N-C-Y.

    Among them is one that might particularly interest fans of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien: Lordle of the Rings. The game also uses five-letter words but they come from the main text of Lord of the Rings.

    And should you miss those dirty words being phased out of Wordle, there’s Lewdle, which plays like Wordle but uses only lewd language.

    The newest apparent play on Wrdle is Quordle, which has you attempt to reveal four yes, four words at the same time. Thankfully, you do get a total of nine tries to accomplish that.

    Word about the game was trending this weekend on Twitter. Ahmir-Khalib Thompson, better known as Questlove, even chimed in on the social network “You wanna see who’s bad? Solve FOUR wordles simultaneously,” tweeted the founder of the Roots and director of “Summer of Soul “.

    You wanna see whos bad?Solve FOUR wordles simultaneously. #Quordle is my new jawnDaily Quordle #19

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    Tivo Explains Extra Charge For The Mini

    In my column in The Times on Thursday, I reviewed the TiVo Mini. Its a small plastic box that lets you gain access to your TiVo from another television in the house without having to buy a second entire TiVo.

    But I also wrote:

    Incredibly, though, you still have to pay another fee for the Mini: $6 a month, or a one-time $150. Why? The fee youre already paying for your TiVo is already hard to justify why should you pay more just to pump your legitimately recorded shows to a different room?

    Unfortunately, because we need the money is the only plausible reason.

    After the column was published, Jim Denney, TiVos product marketing manager, explained to me why there was a fee for the Mini.

    First, he reiterated my point that all of TiVos rivals, like the Dish Hopper, DirecTV Genie and cable-company boxes, also charge a fee for each second-TV box.

    Second, he pointed out that the Minis $6 monthly fee is a lot lower than what youd pay for a second TiVo box .

    Yes, I said, but what are you actually buying? I mean, youre already paying a fee for your main TiVo box. The Mini just shows whats on your main TiVo it doesnt supply any new features of its own. TiVo isnt providing any services that would justify a separate fee. All the action is within my own network.

    He also pointed out that the Mini will gain more features and polish as time goes by, and thats worth paying something for, too.

    Warnings But No Fines

    Why We Shouldn’t Call the Capital Rioters ‘Terrorists. | NYT Opinion

    Ms. Eichelbergers plan had a $3,500 deductible, so she worked hard to find the best price for her sons care.

    But neither the hospitals she called nor her insurer would give her answers.

    She made her decision based on the little information she could get: a hospital, Layton, that said it would charge her $787 if she paid cash. The price for paying with insurance wouldnt be available for another week or two, she was told.

    But even the cash price didnt turn out to be right: A few weeks after the visit, the hospital billed her an additional $2,260.

    Itemized costs

    It turns out that the original estimate left out a drug her son would need.

    It was the most convoluted, useless process, said Ms. Eichelberger, who was able to get the bill waived after five months of negotiations with the hospital.

    Daron Cowley, a spokesman for Laytons health system, Intermountain, said Ms. Eichelberger received the additional bill because a new employee provided incomplete information with a price estimate that was not accurate.

    The health system declined to comment on prices at its hospitals, saying its contracts with insurers forbid discussing negotiations.

    Its not clear how much better the Eichelbergers would do today.

    The new price data is often published in hard-to-use formats designed for data scientists and professional researchers. Many are larger than the full text of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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    Back To Top Using Recipes And Your Recipe Boxback To Top

  • How do I save recipes? Where can I find them?

    You can save any recipe from a recipe card or the recipe page. Saved recipes will be available in your Recipe Box.

    From the website:

    Saved recipes will be available in your Recipe Box. You can visit your Recipe Box by clicking Recipe Box on the menu bar at the top of the screen, or on smaller screens, by opening the menu with the top left button from anywhere on the site.

    From the iOS app:

    Click Save on a recipe card to save it to your Recipe Box throughout the app. On a recipe page, the Save button sits above the recipe title.

    From the Android app:

    Click Save on a recipe card to save it to your Recipe Box throughout the app. On a recipe page, the Save button sits above the recipe title.

  • I have recipes saved in my Recipe Box, but cannot click through to see them. Why is this?

    If you are not a paying subscriber to NYT Cooking, in a free trial, or have a qualifying New York Times print or digital subscription, you will only be able to access recipes that are being made available for free. These recipes change on a weekly basis. We will never remove anything from your Recipe Box, but if you have previously saved a recipe that is not currently free, you will not be able to access it. You can upgrade at any time to unlock all these recipes, along with the other organization tools of your Recipe Box.

  • Why Would Anyone Pay To Read The New York Times Online

    The New York Times digital subscription program has been live for nearly six months, and its beingan early success. There were more than 224,000 paid subscribers at the end of June, and the site doesnt seem to have hemorrhaged traffic.

    After reading 20 articles for free in a month, a user sees this petition to sign up. But its pretty easy to work around.

    Some might wonder why anyone would pay to read the Times online, since its so easy to get it for free. Readers can view up to 20 articles a month before being asked to subscribe. They can also view any article they arrive at through search results or a social network. And after all those exemptions, the paywall is pretty easyto dodge when you do hit it.

    Yet the so-called leaky paywall seems to be an effective formula. Why?

    It turns out people will pay for things even when payment is not required. Motivations such as convenience, duty or appreciation are more compelling than coercion.

    This is especially important when talking about intangible goods, like information.

    A tangible good costs a specific amount to produce per unit and is of limited quantity. We cant all have the shoes, so the limited supply requires that we establish a price to manage the demand.

    Perhaps youll come back some other time and subscribe, even though you dont have to . Because of the economics, its a risk they can afford to take.

    According to a survey of 3,000 downloaders, the average payment was $8.36 .

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    Gender Discrimination In Employment

    Discriminatory practices used by the paper long restricted women in appointments to editorial positions. The newspaper’s first general female reporter was , who described her experience afterward: “In the beginning I was charged not to reveal the fact that a female had been hired”. Other reporters nicknamed her Fluff and she was subjected to considerable hazing. Because of her gender, any promotion was out of the question, according to the then-managing editor. She remained on the staff for fifteen years, interrupted by World War I.

    In 1935, Anne McCormick wrote to Arthur Hays Sulzberger: “I hope you won’t expect me to revert to ‘woman’s-point-of-view’ stuff.” Later, she interviewed major political leaders and appears to have had easier access than her colleagues. Even witnesses of her actions were unable to explain how she gained the interviews she did.Clifton Daniel said, ” I’m sure Adenauer called her up and invited her to lunch. She never had to grovel for an appointment.”

    Some Apartments Can Be Rented Without A Fee

    Pentagon Papers Charges Are Dismissed  Judge Byrne Frees Ellsberg and ...

    In a no-fee apartment, the landlord will pay a fee to the broker who assists with the listing. A property owner could absorb that cost or it could be passed on to the renter in the form of a higher monthly lease.

    During the pandemic, a glut of available units has led many landlords to switch to no-fee listings to entice renters.

    Almost everywhere else, prospective renters work directly with property owners, who list their units on Craigslist or place For Rent signs in their yards. But in New York City, brokers are still in the middle.

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    User The Ny Times Paywall User Script

    If the bookmarklet process described above sounds too complicated or time-consuming , or youd rather just automate the process of getting to the free version of a NY Times article every time you hit a stop page asking you to subscribe, a user script is just what the doctor ordered. Install the NY Times Paywall user script from Firefox users will first need to install Greasemonkey, and then click Install on the script pages. Chrome users just need to click Install, while Safari users can set up Greasekit to manage user scripts. For Internet Explorer the Trixie add-on should help you manage user scripts.

    Approved Advertising Research & Surveys

    • All survey requests must be agreed to, and pre-approved for, content and visual look and feel by The New York Times Company. Unapproved surveys detected running on a NYT Service may result in immediate suspension of advertising until all guidelines listed here are satisfied.
    • All survey requests must first be vetted so that research partners have been approved by NYT Data Governance and Information Security teams. Once approved, please provide NYT ad ops with a contact at the research partner for tagging.
    • All survey invitations should be sent via email by the research partner. No surveys in-unit or via pop-up will be allowed on the site.
    • A user must never be asked to provide their name, phone number, email address or any other PII. Surveys may not use LSO technology.

    The following vendors have been approved for use:

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    How Do I Sign Up For A Newsletter

    To get more of The New York Times delivered to your inbox, visit Email Newsletters to sign up.

    To sign up for a newsletter:

  • Select the plus sign in the top right-hand corner of the newsletter you are interested in.
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    To ensure you receive your newsletter:

  • Add to your address book. Note: This process may vary depending on your email provider.
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  • If you use Gmail, drag your first newsletter to the Primary tab or mark as important.
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