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Where To Move In New York

New York Food Grocery And Restaurant Costs

WHY YOU NEED TO MOVE TO NYC in 2022 | Living in New York

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New York is heaven for everyone who enjoys their food. Restaurants range from fine dining establishments to award winning street food. The range of foods in the shop is extensive, in fact, you will be able to find ingredients for every food on the planet somewhere in New York.

  • Inexpensive Restaurant: $12 $25
  • 1kg White Rice: $3.31 $8.80
  • This is how restaurants and food prices compare with other major cities in the world.

    • London restaurants are 10.27% cheaper and groceries are 40.57% cheaper than New York.
    • Los Angeles restaurants are 18.31% cheaper and groceries are 24.51% cheaper than New York.
    • Toronto restaurants are 33.97% cheaper and groceries are 36.88% cheaper than New York.
    • Sydney restaurants are 25.23% cheaper and groceries are 19.36% cheaper than New York.
    • Paris restaurants are 17.97% cheaper and groceries are 23.30% cheaper than New York.
    • Dubai restaurants are 35.75% cheaper and groceries are 42.11% cheaper than New York.

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    Bonus Tips for Cheaper Food, Restaurants and Groceries

    Cost Of Owning A Car And Driving A Car In New York

    Everyone in the US drives on the right. Driving in most parts of New York is a nightmare and fewer people use their cars for getting to work compared to most other US cities.

    If youre moving to New York from within the US, youll be able to keep your license but need to update your address to your new one.

    You can drive on a foreign license for up to 12 months as a tourist but after that you will need to get an American license. If you are working or studying in the US, you can drive on your foreign license for 30 days. If you want to exchange your foreign drivers license you have to follow the process here.

    Here are some other sample costs of owning and operating a car in New York:

    • Volkswagen Golf: $23,000
    • 1 litre of gas : $0.67
    • Other fees : The average cost of state and local taxes, license, title and registration fees is $665 per annum

    Expatistan, AAA Study

    Ways to save money driving in New York

    Need your car/vehicle moved to NYC? Then read our guide to: Car Transport & Vehicle Shipping

    Make The Move To New York City Today

    Now that you know why you should move to New York City, you should begin looking for an apartment in the city. Since there are so many people who have moved out of NYC over the course of the last year, you should be able to find some fantastic options as far as living arrangements are concerned.

    Youll love everything about NYC from the beginning. Itll steal a piece of your heart and hold onto it forever.

    Want to get your hands on some moving tips that will help you with planning a move to NYC? Find them by browsing through everything else that our blog has to offer.

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    Build Up A Cash Cushion

    Capital is king in the Big Apple. Moving to New York City takes the courage of your convictions, an unshakable faith in your mettle and a hefty savings account. Or trust fund. Or your parents Visa. Just make sure you have some money in the bank to fall back on, if you dont have a job lined up.

    You could probably pack your bags and head to some beach village in California or Florida and make it. Youd get a quick job, find a place to live, and build a life. This does not work in NYC. This city will eat you alive, if youre not ready. You may not find a good job right away or the only apartment you find may be more than you budgeted for. Have enough money saved to live comfortably on for at least two months. You dont want to be forced home because you run out of money.

    NYC has a well-deserved reputation as the worlds most competitive city. There are jobs and apartments, but there is also more competition than what you will find anywhere else. Approximately one quarter of a million people move to this city annually, which replaces nearly the same number of people moving out. All that influx and outgoing traffic causes chaos, but also opportunity. Especially if you are willing to live for a time in Queens or the Bronx. You still will need a bit of a cushion, but an affordable place can be had there more easily than in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

    Figuring out how to move to NYC comes with a steep financial learning curve. Master it before you take the plunge.

    Should You Live Alone Or With Roommates

    So, You Want to Visit or Move to New York City?

    Another consideration when choosing an apartment in NYC is whether youll live alone, or with roommates. This is another decision that just comes down to personal choice, and will depend on factors like your lifestyle and your budget.

    In general, there are three options to choose from:.

    If you choose to live alone, youll be responsible for the full rent and utilities, all upfront costs and fees to move in, and for furnishing the entire home. For those who have a large or flexible budget, this is certainly doable. Many people prefer not to share their space with roommates, and are willing to pay more to avoid it.

    For those who are working with a more limited budget, however, sharing the costs of a home with another person can open up different neighborhoods and larger or nicer apartments.

    If you want to choose to live with a roommate, youll be able to split all the upfront and move-in costs for the apartment with the other person , as well as find a space that fits everyones needs.

    Of course, finding a compatible roommate comes with its own challenges. If you dont know anyone in the city who youd want to live with and who is seeking a roommate, there are online services that help match potential roommates with one another. RoomZoom is one that uses an extensive questionnaire to match roommates based on their budgets, cleanliness, lifestyles, and more.

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    Moving To New York Means Getting Used To Walking And Public Transport

    Yes, while most of the US heavily relies on cars, this is very different in New York.

    Having a car in New York can be a hassle because in some neighborhoods its difficult to find parking. On top of that, parking can be very costly.

    Plus, public transport is readily available and, according to, New York is the most walkable city in the USA.

    Its also very enjoyable to walk in New York admiring the architecture, iconic sites, and exploring different neighborhoods. Its a great way to soak up the citys unique vibe.

    Note: New Yorkers walk fast! They might occasionally come across a bit hostile or aggressive, especially when they bump into you when you werent walking as fast. They are just busy New Yorkers getting to wherever they need to go. In my experience, most people living in New York are extremely friendly and helpful.

    When you dont feel like walking or have to get a bit further there are also taxis everywhere, plus there is Uber and Lyft.

    Tip: give yourself some time to get used to New Yorks subway system. It might feel a little confusing at first, but once you figure it out its a fairly efficient way to get around.

    Final Notes On Leaving New York City

    Living in a city that never sleeps provides a lot of opportunities for people. But that doesnt mean it is a good fit for everyone. With Covid 19, it is absolutely normal to want a life somewhere else.

    Leaving New York City is a big decision, but it could also be a way to get the life changer youve been chasing after.

    Although living in NYC has its benefits, we hope that this article has shown movers that they can enjoy better every day lives, more affordable lifestyles, and good jobs when compared to the standards they got used to in NYC.

    And although you will miss its boroughs, we hope this helps answer your questions on leaving NYC.

    It could be a hassle moving out of New York, if you need to haul your personal belongings and furniture out of state, be sure to inquire from the best moving companies in the Big Apple. Theres also an option on hiring small scale movers if you have mini loads.

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    Real Estate Terminologies To Know

    For those who have never rented an apartment before in the US, you might find it a whole new world once starting your apartment hunting. We have put together a few important terminologies in real estate to help you communicate with the broker efficiently.

  • No-fee: Its easy to find someone to do the job for you, but in return, they will charge you 15% of the cost of the entire years lease as a finders fee. However, most websites and apps allow you to search for no-fee apartments, which can be helpful if you are on a budget. However, someone has to pay the broker, which is the poor landlord in this case.

  • Railroad: The apartments in New York can be very unique when it comes to its shape. For instance, the railroad style. These are the types of apartments that are long and skinny, like a railroad car. If there are three bedrooms in an apartment, and often, you will have to walk through one of them to access the other. Some create fake walls or small hallways, but generally, the railroad apartments dont have as much privacy as other styled places.

  • Rent-stabilized: With the rising housing demand in New York, you can rarely find these apartments any more. But if you do, dont let it go easily. These are the apartments that have their rent increases controlled to not price out tenants.

  • Honest Pros & Cons Of Living In New York City

    Moving to New York City!

    Are you thinking about moving to New York City? You thrill seeker, you.

    Theres no adequate way to describe the way living in New York City feels.

    The city casts both shadows and spells and your experience will depend entirely on you.

    But theres no denying that living in New York City is an extraordinary feat, any way you slice it.

    The city tempts people in hoards and millions of residents are willing to overlook the inevitable cons of life in NYC because the pros are too hard to resist.

    Read on to learn about the my personal list of the HONEST pros and cons of living in New York City.

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    What Are Things To Do In New York City

    When it comes to a city like New York, the question is what isnt there to do in New York? Frankly, you could take one wrong turn on your commute in New York City and find yourself in a dive bar, tattoo parlor, yoga studio, nightclub, or whatever. Most New York City residents enjoy visiting the citys restaurants, museums, sporting events, and outdoor activities.Minneapolis

    The Cost Of Living Is High

    All of the virtues of living in this wonderland are not without a tradeoff. The cost of living in NYC is amongst the highest in the country at 20% more than the national average. Its true that more billionaires live here than anywhere else in the world, but a large portion of the population works multiple jobs to make ends meet.

    If youre coming from a smaller town or city, youll likely get a bit of sticker shock when hunting for an apartment. No, there isnt an accidental extra zero on the monthly rent on that listing. Depending on your savings and the work you plan to do, you may end up joining the adult renters who share with a roommate in order to secure a place.

    Your cost of living will be high here, and so will your taxes. Youll be subject to federal, state, and city taxes here. Make sure you factor those into salary negotiations and your rental budget.

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    Whats The Population Of New York City

    One of the first things youre sure to notice upon moving to New York is that there are a lot of people over 8 million residents in the greater metro area and over 1.5 million in Manhattan alone. When people describe New York City as a cultural melting pot, theyre not exaggerating. Nearly 40% of the citys residents were born outside of the U.S. Census data indicates that the gender split in New York City is pretty even, with about 44% of the population married. A large chunk of the population is between the ages of 20 and 40.

    Negotiate For A Better Offer

    Should you move to New York?

    For a trustworthy tenant with the ability to pay, some landlords may be willing to knock a little off the price. So always try to request a lower number and see what happens. If your new apartment comes with a broker fee, which is usually 15% of the annual rental, try to cut that down as well, lets say 10%. When you both agree on an amount, be ready to make the payment, the models of which are as follows.

    • First Month Rent + Deposit + Application fee

    • First Month Rent + Last Month Rent + Deposit + Application fee

    • First Month Rent + Brokers fee + Deposit + Application fee

    • First Month Rent + Last Month Rent + Brokers fee + Deposit + Application fee

    With regards to the forms of payment, most landlords and agencies accept ACH, wire transfer, Chase Quickpay, Clear Xchange, Paypal, credit card, cash, certified bank checks, and money order. But always check in with the landlord or the agency first.

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    Moving To New York From The United Kingdom

    New York attracts a lot of people from the UK. In fact, there are over 120,000 living in the city, so if youre considering joining them, here are a few bonus tips:

    • Size: If you look at the population size of London and New York, there is only a couple of hundred thousand difference with New York being the bigger city.
    • Expat groups: If you want to get together with others from the UK who are experiencing the Big Apple, then go to InterNations, Big Apple Brits and MeetUp.

    Hopefully, the tips and costs above are helpful. If want to get started pricing out how much it will cost you to move to New York you can start by comparing moving quotes here.

    Guides to moving and living in other American cities

    New York City Experiences All Kinds Of Weather Prepare Yourself Winter And Everything Else Is Coming

    Perhaps NYC doesnât experience the various weather extremes that other cities do, but make no mistake, they do have every season. When itâs hot, itâs HOT, and when itâs cold, itâs COLD. And a little known fact about the city: when it rains, it RAINS.

    Pro tip: Buy an umbrella, but not an expensive one. After a New York rainstorm, you can count on finding umbrella graveyards everywhere.

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    Is New York Safe

    New York has had a bad reputation in the past when it comes to safety, but a lot has changed. You should take the same safety precautions here as you would in any big city.

    NYC experienced a vast clean up in the 1990s and changed drastically.

    There are plenty of public resources to find out more about crime statistics, such as the NYPDs website.

    I have personally never felt unsafe in New York, partly because there are always so many people around and so many lights, even at night.

    How To Move To New York City: The Ultimate Guide

    10 Places in NEW YORK You Should NEVER Move To

    Learning how to move to New York City is essential before you actually make the leap. The ins and outs of apartment hunting, brokers fees, restrictive moving rules, huge deposits and the relative affordability and desirability of various New York neighborhoods reaches a level of complexity that makes even seasoned New Yorkers dizzy.

    So its time to start learning. This guide will take you from the fantasy of a glorious Manhattan apartment to the reality of moving to NYC.

    If you are truly ready to actually relocate to make your dream a reality, you are going to need a little advice. This is a huge move, and one that comes with a unique set of challenges. This ultimate guide will bring you from noob to expert pretty quickly.

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    Put Your Documents Together

    If you find the apartment you like, now its time to put together an application to prove that you are a good tenant and financially stable. Some of the essential documents are as follows.

  • Last Three Months Pay Stubs: This is essentially to showcase your ability to make rent. Normally, it requires the tenant to make an annual salary of at least 40 to 45 times the monthly rent. This might be a bit hard for folks who want to live alone. However, you can use a guarantor or pay a years rent upfront to pass this. For those who plan to have roommates, this shouldnt be an issue.

    For freelancers or self-employed people, it is best to provide a detailed letter of your income sources and recent invoices, including PDFs and commissioning letters.

  • Bank Statements: Again, most buildings require bank statements from the last three months as part of the application. If you have multiple banks, try to be transparent and give them all. But, usually, I will only give the one with the most money and least fluctuations.

  • A copy of a valid US drivers license or passport.

  • Tax Return: I have never been asked this before. But if you have this lying around, grab them just for the comprehensiveness of your application.

  • Recommendation From Your Previous Landlord: this is another evidence to showcase that you will be an excellent tenant. If you have any, it wont hurt to add them in.

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