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What Are The Best Health Insurance Companies In New York

Finding Affordable Ny Individual & Family Medical Insurance

How to Get Cheap New York Health Insurance

If both you and your spouse or domestic partner are looking for a new health insurance plan, we recommend that you look up health insurance quotes both together and separately to find the plan that is most affordable for you.

Depending on the health insurance company, New York individual and family health insurance rates for couples can be based on the age of the youngest person on the policy. Some couples with an age difference of several years may find they save money by applying for the same plan rather than individually. Couples that are only a few years apart might be able to reduce their total costs by applying for separate health insurance plans. If you decide to apply for a health insurance plan as a couple, make sure the plan you choose covers the benefits both of you need.

Our Top Picks For The Best Long

  • Offers universal and variable universal life insurance policies with LTC rider
  • Choose between reimbursement and cash indemnity benefits
  • Quotes available online
  • Rider not available in every state

Nationwide is one of the largest insurers in the United States, and was ranked among the best for customer satisfaction in J.D. Powers 2021 U.S. Life Insurance Study. As a well-known national insurer, Nationwide’s reputability adds an extra layer of assurance for customers looking to invest in financially secure products.

Nationwide sells universal life insurance policies with long-term care riders. The rider is not available in any state, and coverage varies depending on your location. Generally, however, it offers two plans: reimbursement, which requires you to submit your long-term care bills every month, and cash indemnity, which pays out a monthly benefit and doesnt require you to submit invoices.

  • 100% return of premium benefit if LTC funds are never use
  • Expert care coordinators available for arranging long-term care
  • Products not available in all 50 states

Pacific Life sells life insurance, annuities and mutual funds. It offers three whole life insurance policies that include long-term care benefits, giving consumers a range of options from which to choose.

  • Couples discount is only available if married or if living together for 3 years

Best Health Insurance Company In New York:

Health insurance the best way to secure unexpected and uncertain incidents through illness or accident. This insurance covers the costs of health care that are recommended by a physician so that clients dont have to pay large medical bills out of their pocket. Health insurance became mandatory under the Patient Protection, and Affordable Care Act of 2010 in USA and governments established this act to encourage the general peoples to buy their coverage options. As we know that all clients are not from the same financial status and its also tricky for clients which one to choose when there are over 100 insurance companies to provide almost the same facilities.

To select a health insurance company there came so many issues to pick up the best one among all. Besides this, your budget is also an important part to be your concern because all insurance companies are not suitable and affordable for everyone. We will discuss the best health insurance company according to general peoples. The best insurance company can select only after measuring income level, tax credit etc. There are several health insurance plans for people of all walks of life and all ages such as family, individual or student plans. By comparing and finding we plot best health insurance coverage in the context of New Yorks insurance companies to help you in getting your desired one.

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New Yorks Best Insurance Brokers:

The top rated Insurance Brokers in New York are:

  • TY Health Insurance Brokerage a one stop shop for health insurance plans
  • MKR Specialty Insurance Brokerage your local professional and trusted insurance partner
  • JFA Insurance Brokerage and Associates Inc. provides a high level of service with expert knowledge
  • DurAmerica Brokerage has more than 20 years experience in providing comprehensive coverage at affordable rates
  • Anchor Brokerage Co., Inc. leader in insurance brokerage with 55 years experience

Best For Telehealth Care: Cigna

Best New York Health Insurance Companies


Cigna has excellent financial strength ratings, and out-of-network approvals are not required. It has excellent telehealth services available to members.

  • Out-of-network care available without a referral

  • Telehealth services

  • Limited coverage area

Cigna is a global health insurance provider and offers private health insurance in 13 U.S. states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia. It has an A financial strength rating from AM Best. Referrals for out-of-network care may or may not be required depending on your plan. The greatest savings are realized by using an in-network provider.

Plan options, deductibles, and co-pay options vary by state. High-deductible plans are available along with HSA plan options. Policyholders can search plan network doctors, estimate costs, check claims status, and get insurance ID cards all online.

There are several attractive member benefits, including access to a home delivery pharmacy, health information helpline, rewards programs, flu shot information, and the Cigna telehealth connection program, which allows you access to board-certified telehealth providers, including Amwell and MDLIVE.

Read the full Cigna insurance review.

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Capital District Physicians Health Plan Inc

CDPHP is a non-profit insurance company created in 1984 to help members lead a healthy lifestyle. Capital District Physicians Health Plan, Inc. is based in Albany, NY, and has an extended network with its members enjoying access to over 10,000 providers and some top physicians throughout the country.

Members have diverse health insurance plans to choose from, including HMO, PPO, EPO, and POS. In addition, the company offers its plans to individuals and groups and covers medicare, child health, and Medicaid.

Cheapest Health Insurance By Metal Tier

To help you to compare prices and choose the best policy, we identified the most affordable health insurance plans available in the state of New York.

Independent Health is the cheapest provider of Bronze, Silver and Platinum policies. Fidelis Care offers the cheapest Gold plan.

Health insurance is offered at five different tier levels in New York: Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. However, our analysis excludes Catastrophic plans because of their limited availability.

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Tips For Enrolling In Medicare In New York

When deciding which type of plan works best for you, consider the following:

  • Out-of-pocket costs. Monthly plan premiums arent the only cost to consider as you compare plans. Youll also pay coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles until you meet your plans annual out-of-pocket limit.
  • Services covered. All Medicare Advantage plans cover Medicare parts A and B services, but other covered services may vary. Make a list of services youd like your plan to cover, and keep your wish list in mind as you shop around.
  • Doctor choice. Medicare plans generally have a network of doctors and other healthcare providers. Before you choose a plan, make sure your current doctors are in the network.
  • Star ratings. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Five-Star Rating System can help you find high-quality plans. CMS ratings are based on customer service, care coordination, healthcare quality and other factors that affect you.
  • Healthcare needs. If you have a chronic health condition, such as diabetes or HIV, you may want to look for a Special Needs Plan. These plans offer tailored coverage for people with specific health conditions.

Compare The Best Companies Selling Insurance In The Us

Video marketing for health care company in New York City, corporate overview video production

Consumer ReportsOncology TimesMEDICAThe New York Times MagazinePsychology TodaySports Illustrated

Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Which are the best health insurance companies in the United States? It’s hard to know how to even begin sorting through the multiple options when your employer offers a choice of health plans, or you need to select a private health insurance policy.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you by examining which health insurance companies in the U.S. are ranked highest on such factors as prevention, treatment, and customer satisfaction. We selected nine companies with a wide range of available products, including national providers and a few highly-rated regional companies.

To find the best policies for you and your family, you can enter your zip code and other information at the companies’ websites. You will be directed to the policies available in your area that are appropriate for your circumstances, at which point you can compare local physician, hospital, and pharmacy choices. You can also find the combination of premium, deductible, and other out-of-pocket expenses that is the best option for you.

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Anchor Brokerage Co Inc

Anchor Brokerage Co., Inc. is a leader in insurance brokerage service which has been serving since 1964. Since then, it has grown significantly and became one of the most reputed companies in the industry. Today, Anchor Brokerage is recognized of a majority of huge insurance carriers. This allows clients to enjoy the most cost-saving and comprehensive insurance policy.

They are affiliated with numerous insurance carriers. To name a few of them, Sterling, Hatford, Greater New York, Kingstone and many more. Anchor Brokerage use their partnership to these insurers to get the best possible insurance policy that is well-suited to the client.


Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance


Address: 8232 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214Phone: 234 9800Website:


Ive been using Anchor Brokerage for 15 years. Always the best service and prices. Excellent. Anthony Minero

Alain Atkins is the senior editor for Kevs Best. Alain has been working as a journalist for nearly a decade having published pieces in many print and digital publications including the Argus Leader and the Huffing Post. Alain is based in St Louis and covers issues affecting his city and state. When hes not busy in the newsroom, Alain enjoys backpacking.

How Much Does Short

Short-term health insurance tends to be cheaper than major medical plans. On average, these plans cost about 50% to 80% less than regular individual market coverage, says Archambault.

The cost of your short-term health insurance plan will vary based on your age, location and the level of coverage you select, says Norris. Plans with more robust coverage cost more, but pricing for short-term plans can start well under $10 per month she adds.

Affordability is one reason this type of health insurance appeals to some people.

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Jfa Insurance Brokerage And Associates Inc

JFA Insurance Brokerage and Associates Inc. provides insurance brokerage services to the business sector. JFA propose insurance coverage for business sectors like manufacturing, wholesale, construction, religious institution, buildings and others.

With almost 100 years of collective experience, they have acquired the necessary skillset and knowledge to find the maximum coverage offered at a fair price. JFA has built venture with insurance carriers such as Amtrust, Hanover and Nationwide. This gave them the ability to offer clients with a variety of insurance policies.


Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Business Insurance, Home Insurance


Address: 2531 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358Phone: 767 4040

Always helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly Recommend. Robert Florio

Tips To Save On Health Insurance In New York

Best New York Health Insurance Companies

There are several factors that affect the cost of your NY health insurance premium. The best private health insurance in NY will decide your monthly premiums based on these compulsory factors:

Your body mass index : Obese and underweight people will have higher premiums

  • Tobacco use: If you are habitual to smoking, your premiums will be higher
  • Age: Older people and senior citizens will have higher premiums
  • Location: People who live in dangerous cities and town have higher premiums
  • Cost-sharing reductions: If you qualify for this discount, your premium will be lower
  • Applying as a family or individually: Family plans have lower premiums as compared to individual plans
  • Pre-existing conditions: People who have pre-existing medical conditions have higher premiums.
  • Gender: Women pay a higher premium on their health insurance plans as compared to men
  • Insurance and medical history: If your insurance and medical history are satisfactory, you will pay a lower premium.

You can check the best health insurance in NY through the New York health insurance exchangewebsite to find an affordable health insurance plan for you and your family.

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Insurance Brokers New York Salary

The salary of insurance brokers in New York actually varies. It depends on certain factors like office position, experience, and a lot of other things.

However, an insurance brokerage firm usually makes their money from commissions when they sell insurance to individuals or businesses. Most times, their commission usually ranges from 2% to 8%, however it could be higher in some cases or even lower in some cases.

It sometimes depends on the rules and regulations in the country or state. The average yearly salary of an insurance broker in New York is $72,000 every year.

For more details on the Salaries of Insurance Brokers in New York, Check Here NewYorkLife

Allowing Dependent Coverage Through Age 29

Under the Affordable Care Act, young adults can be covered under their parents’ health insurance plans up to the age of 27. Because of the way insurance is priced in New York, it is preferable for young adults to stay on their parents’ plans until the legal age limit since the additional cost for a dependent is cheaper.

New York also allows health insurance companies to offer an age 29 coverage option. Parents pay a little more for their health insurance in exchange for having their children stay on the family plan until the age of 29.

For example, say your young adult child has passed the age of 27 but does not have a job or sustainable income to pay for their own insurance. In this case, you could pay a small extra premium along with your normal health insurance rate that would allow your coverage to support your son or daughter. To qualify, the young adult must:

  • Be unmarried
  • Not be insured or eligible for insurance through their employer
  • Live, work or reside in New York state or the insurance carrier’s coverage area

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How To Choose The Right Pet Insurance Provider In New York

Before landing on the best pet insurance provider for you and your pet, consider the following factors:

  • Plan type: If youre just looking for accident-only coverage, your options will be limited to providers that offer those plans, including Prudent Pet, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Spot. If you need accident and illness coverage, you can purchase from any of the providers in this review.
  • Coverage limits: Your policys annual coverage limit is the total amount your provider agrees to pay for vet bills in a single year. If you need unlimited coverage, you can narrow your search down to providers that offer that, such as Prudent Pet and Petplan.
  • Wellness coverage: Looking to add coverage for wellness and preventative care can help you narrow down your search, since some providers dont offer that option.
  • Policy customization: You can customize your policy by choosing lower annual coverage limits, a higher deductible and a lower reimbursement rate this is the best way to get the cheapest premium. For instance, Embrace quoted us $70.53 per month for a policy with a $30,000 annual limit, a $200 deductible and a 90% reimbursement rate to cover a mixed dog. However, it cost only $18.15 per month when customizing those options to $5,000 of annual coverage, a $1,000 deductible and a 70% reimbursement rate.
  • Yes, you can typically make a claim on vet bills from any licensed veterinarian in the U.S., since pet insurance providers dont have specified networks of vets.

Best For Global Coverage: Cigna

Top 20 Largest US Insurance Companies 2021 | BIGGEST INSURANCE COMPANIES IN USA | Insurance Company

Cigna Health Insurance

It’s not surprising that a company that sells a product called Global Health Advantage would lead our list for international coverage. This global health service company has 17 million medical customers worldwide served by a global network of 1.5 million healthcare professionals with access to doctors in 30+ countries.

It has more than 70,000 employees. Cigna followed on the heels of Aetna and CVS Health in 2018 by partnering with Express Scripts, the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit manager, in a deal aimed at lowering costs and improving care.

In the U.S., six Cigna plans received a four-star rating in 2021. However, Cigna was a top performer in customer satisfaction in Illinois/Indiana, Virginia, New Jersey, and Ohio in the 2021 U.S. Commercial Member Health Plan Study by J.D. Power, it was ranked among the worst in its industry for member satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2020.

Cigna sells medical plans in 13 states and dental plans in all 50, plus D.C. It sells individual plans on in 313 counties across 13 states. Cigna also expanded its Medicare Advantage plans in 2021 to reach a total of 477 counties across 26 states , adding coverage in three new states for 2022.

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Finding The Best Health Insurance Coverage In New York

The best health insurance policy for your family will depend on the availability of plans in your area, as well as your medical and financial situation. When deciding on the right type of plan, you should determine affordability by reviewing the premiums and deductibles for each metal tier. Generally, if you have an emergency savings account and don’t expect to have significant health or medical expenses, then a lower metal tier plan with more affordable premiums would make more financial sense.

Gold and Platinum plans: Best if you expect high medical costs

Gold and Platinum plans are the highest tier health insurance policies available in New York. These plans often have the most expensive monthly premiums but come with lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

For this reason, Gold and Platinum plans can be the most cost-effective for people with higher medical costs, as they would reach the deductible quickly and can then be eligible for the cost-sharing benefits of coinsurance.

For example, if you frequently use expensive prescription drugs, an upper-tier health plan could be the right choice.

Silver plans: Best for people with a low income or average medical costs

Silver plans are middle-ground policies that fall between Gold and Bronze plans with regard to premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. We would recommend a Silver plan in most situations â but if you are very healthy, Bronze may be best in terms of cost-effectiveness.

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