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Urgent Care With X Ray Brooklyn

Trinity Health Iha Urgent Care

Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care: X-Ray at Urgent Care Commercial
  • Urgent CareOffering extended hours seven days a week, including holidays, Trinity Health IHA Urgent Care is just what the patient ordered. No more waiting for hours in an emergency room! Now you have a quicker, more cost-effective alternative that fits your schedule and budget.You can expect personalized care by the same Trinity Health IHA Urgent Care physicians and nurse practitioners who care for your family during regular business hours. Trinity Health IHA Urgent Care accepts more than 50 different insurance plans.
  • Urgent Care Physician, Division Head of Trinity Health IHA Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine & Virtual Medicine
  • Radha Akkinepallli, MD
  • Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner

What Is The X

While undergoing an X-ray, the patient may be asked to stand or sit in several positions between an X-ray camera and a digital X-ray recorder. While the X-rays are being taken, the patient should feel nothing, let alone pain. Once the X-rays have been taken, the images are typically available soon after.

Care Centered Around You

A visit to a to our center puts you in the hands of our highly credentialed providers who will expertly attend to your immediate needs. But it also opens the door to all the resources of our esteemed local clinic. That means should you need ongoing care or treatment, well give you seamless priority referrals to our specialists, so you can get all the care you need.

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Reasons You Might Need An X

  • You have a fractured bone. The images will help the physician decide how to stabilize the fracture and evaluate whether you need to be referred to an orthopedic specialist for further treatment.
  • You experience intense pain or swelling in joints or bones. An X-ray can reveal whether you have a bone fracture, tissue inflammation, or fluid around a joint.
  • You have a persistent cough and difficulty breathing. In this case, a chest X-ray may be used to rule out pneumonia.
  • Your child has stomach pain and refuses to eat. An X-ray can show intestinal blockages or swallowed non-edible items, such as coins and marbles.

Centers Urgent Care offers a comprehensive range of quality imaging services, including:

  • Convenient and easily accessible walk-in clinics
  • Extended hours of operation, including weekends and holidays
  • Lower costs compared to the same services at a hospital

Does Radiation Come From X

CityMD Prospect Heights Urgent Care

Small amounts of radiation will pass through your body during an X-ray. However, as a tool of diagnostic imaging, X-rays are captured efficiently to reduce patient exposure as much as possible while still acquiring usable images. As a result, patients should not have to worry about suffering adverse effects from an X-ray.

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Words From Our Patients

  • “Went in for 1 thing and to show how efficient the doctors are there found out i’m a diabetic and didn’t even know it among other issues.”

    Ms. S.

  • “Great service, great employees and they really care about patients satisfaction!!!! Recommend!!! Also very diverse!!!!”

    Ibadillo A.

  • “I went in July they took care of me very well in will go back..and tell family and friends..”

    Brenda G.

About Chai Care Boro Park

Whats up, Boro Park! Our staff is over the moon to be in such an incredible neighborhood filled with such awesome residents. We are down the street from Prospect Park and Sunset Park putting us in a scenic part of town filled with great spots to eat like The Loft Steakhouse, Ice Cream House, Hot Bagel, and much more!

Although our main priority is supplying our patients with top-notch medical treatment, we also love helping and supporting the town we are in. Whether that be promoting a local business or raising awareness for a nearby charity, we strongly believe in assisting those around us because we understand the true value of teamwork. We dont just want to patch up our residents, our friendly staff wants to stitch up the community as well.

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What Our Patients Say

“If you are traveling or live abroad, and would like access to a doctor in United States, then the app is a great plan for you.”

“I was amazed, my insurance paid for the visit, I didnt even get out of bed. My pharmacy had the Rx and delivered me the meds. Is this thing real or was I dreaming from the high fever? Thanks guys.”

“I bought the Wehealth App for my mother who lives in Ecuador. She visits me from time to time and I worry about her. So now I am sure that she has a doctor under her fingertips. They prescribe her medication and she gets them at her local pharmacy in her little village of Guayalquil. I am so happy for this app to be helping us. Thank you Wehealth!”

“Wehealth has saved my husband and me countless trips to the ER, our new born son has been saved countless times by the doctors from the Wehealth app. Thanks Dollison youre the best.”

“I got the Silver+ plan for my employees at, we got it instead of the traditional insurance to save money. We also bought catastrophic insurance for hospitalization. We are saving so much money and have full coverage now. I recommend people look into this. We no longer need traditional insurance. We can now pick and choose.”

Statcare: More Than An Urgent Care

Urgent Treatment Centre Animation

Urgent Care walk in is always a better choice than emergency rooms and retail clinics especially when it comes to your financial responsibility for the bill. Statcare is In-Network with Insurance Plans. Your health plan may cover your visit to any of our urgent care locations.

This is Statcares 12th year in business and thousands of 5-Star Customer Reviews are testimony to the excellent and nearest walk-in clinic, service you can expect at our facilities. Our Telemedicine Services provide virtual care, allowing you to get treated from the comfort of your home without having the need to come to our urgent care centers. Our Telemedicine and stat medical providers can send in your prescriptions and all you have to do is pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy near you.

Board-certified urgent care doctors, Emergency Medicine Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants work together to forward Statcares mission of providing convenient care and comprehensive medical services. We treat allergic reactions, broken bones, and minor emergencies that are not life-threatening. You can walk in or make a same-day appointment online to get medical treatment on time.

*For severe chest pain, heart attack, uncontrolled bleeding, or difficulty in breathing, we highly recommend going to a hospital ER, emergency department, or emergency medical care near me.

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Levelup Md Urgent Care Locations

Find an Urgent Care Center Near You

Our 10 offices across Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as Emerson and Bloomfield, New Jersey are open 7 days a week.

LevelUps innovative one-stop model provides patients with unrivaled care, comfort, and convenience at our state-of-the-art locations that feature onsite X-ray, EKG and labs.

Patients can quickly receive a comprehensive range of urgent care services, including same day COVID testing, treatment of other illness and injuries, STD testing and treatment, checks and more.

LevelUp MD Urgent Care is in network with most insurances, Medicare and Medicaid. Find a walk-in clinic near you.

Telehealth Visits Offers Face

Virtual Urgent Care visits are a safe and increasingly popular alternative for patients and their providers today. In fact, we use telemedicine to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from allergies and rashes to sprains and bug bites, UTIs, pink eye, coughs, colds, flu and much more. And you can usually get a Virtual Urgent Care visit within hours of your booking.

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Comprehensive Health Services All Year Round

Every day the experienced emergency room providers at Statcare walk-in urgent care clinics in Hicksville, Astoria, Brooklyn, and the Bronx observation suites, diagnose and treat hundreds of minor injuries and illnesses, including strep throat and sore throat, flu, bronchitis, and chest cold, sinus infection/sinusitis, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, cuts, wounds, fractures, orthopedic injuries, and much more. We also offer COVID testing services in the clinic or on-site.

Our walk-in clinic offers womens health exams provided by our on-staff female primary care physicians. We are the #1 choice for people looking for transparency in health care. Check out our costs and fees. Read our blog for interesting tips and guidance on common medical conditions or issues.

Although we are not open 24 hours, like ERs are, our clinics are open for extended hours, even on Saturdays, Sundays, and during holidays.

If you have any questions about our services or want to find walk-in clinics in other locations and walk-in doctors near me, call 540-6283. Get treated at our nearest walk-in medical clinic near me, any time!

What Our Patients Are Saying


I’m good , I love the doctor. He was so sweet and he was very attentive.

Ebony P.

I’m doing well. I had a wonderful experience at the clinic yesterday. The staff was really very nice. Very cheerful, very courteous, very efficient.

Denise A.

My visit went very well. Everyone was very polite. Staff was great, doctor was great. Good service.

Tommy V.

The visit went smoothly. I think it was Miguel who helped me yesterday. He was very helpful.

Corey B.

He was really great. He was working hard to make sure that I got my stuff done on time. It was amazing.

Colleen W.

Oh, I’m doing fine. The visit went great yesterday the the two staff that was there was wonderful.

Omar W.

The visit was very nice. I like the atmosphere like everyone down to the PA. Everything was good.

Kimberly W.

Well, you know the pain is not going to go away overnight, so I am taking my medication. The doctor was splendid, compassionate, understanding, and patient with this old granny. Oh man, the service at the clinic was very very good. I got no complaints. I’m very happy you know I’m just gonna take the doctor’s advice to see continuous care and get orthopedic specialists and see what is going on in my back.

Jose A.

I’m doing good and everything went great at the clinic. You know they always do what it’s supposed to do for me, you know and Dr. Cecil, he’s great. You’re doing a great job I have no complaints with urgent care. AG Urgent Care is the best!

Bernard N.

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Serving In New York & New Jersey

Excel Urgent Care provides value-based medical care when you need it most. We are an exceptional alternative to the ER for all your non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Our centers are open 7 days a week, weekend, and most holidays. Some of our sites even have late night hours. Our skilled team of providers and medical professionals are always here for you and your family when you need care the most. Appointments are never needed, but you can reserve your spot online for an even faster experience.

Excel Urgent Care is proud to provide services to many areas in the Hudson Valley, NY, New York City, Long Island, NY, Norther, and Central, New Jersey. View our list of locations today to find a center near you.

Where Can I Get An X

Chai Urgent Care offers on-site X-ray imaging services at three New Jersey locations in Lakewood, Plainsboro Township and Jackson Township, and multiple across New York City in Grant City, Staten Island, and Brooklyns Borough Park, Mill Basin, and South Williamsburg neighborhoods. Theres also a seasonal clinic in South Fallsburg, New York.

To schedule your X-ray, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today. Walk-in appointments are also available.

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Walk In Urgent Care Facility

For many of our clients, driving to one of our locations in Cedarhurst or Hewlett is quicker than finding your way to a clinic in Queens, Long Island or Brooklyn. Were open weekends and late every day of the week.

Our skilled clinicians have access to on-site X-Ray, and were able to offer late night urgent care visits, pediatric services and Department of Transport Physicals. Our lab is able to discreetly and confidentially run Drug Tests, Pregnancy Tests and STD Tests and provide results quickly.

Our DOT physicals meet the legal standards for New York State so you can get back to driving your truck or school bus once youve been screened.

What Is An X

Hartford HealthCare Opens New Urgent Care Clinic in Berlin

When sick or injured, doctors often need to use diagnostic imaging tools to help determine how to treat a particular ailment precisely. Of these options, X-rays are usually the most common. In conjunction with digital imaging equipment, X-rays are used throughout an entire treatment plan as a way of assessing the effectiveness of the plan itself.

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Bushwick Urgent Care Walk

When you need urgent medical care, you want to be seen quickly. We understand that and seek to provide care with short wait times.

If you suffer strains, sprains, need stitches, have difficulty breathing, a sore throat, skin rash or believe you have suffered a minor break, the skilled emergency clinical staff at AG Urgent Care in Brooklyn will take care of you.

We provide both adult and pediatric care at our five area Brooklyn and Queens urgent care locations.

  • Objects in eye, ear or nose
  • Painful urination

What Should I Expect During An X

You can conveniently get an X-ray at the Chai Urgent Care clinic nearest you. Theres no need to go to a hospital or imaging center.

To prepare for the test, you may need to remove the clothing from the area being X-rayed. In some cases, you may wear a gown. You may also need to remove any jewelry, eyeglasses, or other metal objects as they can show up on the X-ray.

The digital X-ray results are available within minutes. The Chai Urgent Care radiologists interpret the X-ray and report the findings to your doctor, who then explains them to you.

Then, they recommend the best course of treatment for your specific condition. If the X-ray reveals a broken bone, Chai Urgent Care provides comprehensive fracture care and casting services.

To schedule your X-ray, call Chai Urgent Care, book an appointment online, or walk-in to the clinic nearest you today.

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What Our Patients Have To Say

Super friendly staff! Can check in online before you even get there. I was in and out in a flash.

Dawn S.

“Everyone from the front desk lady to the physicianâs assistant that performed my check up, were so nice!!”

Holly H.

âNot only do they genuinely care but they also work hard to make your visit quick yet effective!â

S. Summer

âA close friend tested positive for COVID, so I went to be tested, as a precaution. The service was prompt, professional and personable.â

Beth Y.

âI took my daughter for a rapid Covid test and I was impressed with the entire staff! They were friendly and knowledgeable.â

Kelly H.

What To Expect From Our Urgent Care Centers


CareFirst has been a trusted source for urgent care services since 2011. At each walk-in clinic with X-ray services, you can expect:

  • Prompt attention without an appointment â You donât have to make an appointment beforehand. Simply walk right in to receive prompt care at any of our walk-in clinics that offer X-ray services.
  • Patient-centric care â At CareFirst, we always put the patientâs needs first. You will be seen by a highly experienced practitioner who will go to great lengths to offer the individualized, compassionate care you deserve.
  • Affordable services â We accept all health insurance plans, including all forms of Ohio Medicaid, and also offer affordable self-pay rates. Whatâs more, we are a VA-authorized provider to serve our veterans. Our goal is to provide all of our patients with access to the high-quality care they deserve.

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What Are The Alternatives

Alternatives to X-rays should be discussed with a doctor. These tests include EKGs, mammograms, ultrasounds, spirometries and other procedures. Usually, these tests are meant to check a specific body part or organ and are not as versatile as X-rays. For example, EKGs are used to check heart function, while a spirometry can examine the lungs.

What Is X

X-ray technology has advanced rapidly in the last several years and is today an almost indispensable tool among physicians. X-rays specifically come in high-resolution images that can be zoomed in and out for close inspection of even the tiniest details. These images are often printed on film, but recently, X-rays have become more readily available in digital formats that can be stored electronically.

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