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New York Hospital In Manhattan

Proposals For The Region

A Look at Central Park’s Coronavirus Field Hospital | NBC New York

The metropolitan region has never had separate political representation from the rest of their original states. This has to do with disagreements in the desired model and the constitutional complexity of the metropolitan region being cross-state. Within the State of New York over the last 30 years, discussions have emerged of splitting the states into different regions with separate governors and legislators whilst remaining part of the same stateas opposed to seeing New York and its metropolitan area being split into a separate state. The idea has been seen by Republicans in the state as an opportunity to dislocate the Democratic party’s hold in the state legislature.

The discussion surrounding the re-organisation of New York State has commonly been in two models: The two-region model creates a “downstate” New York region which would consist of all five New York City boroughs, Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties, and Westchester and Rockland counties, then Upstate would be the remaining 53 and the three-region model is New York having five counties Montauk would consist of Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester counties and New Amsterdam would be the remaining portion of New York State. This debate was reported as recent as February 2019, when Republican supported the state being split into two states, however it was believed that the proposal would require an act of congress for it to be passed.

Two or more races 1.6%

Surgical Site Infection After Colon Surgery

This infection happens after surgery in the part of the colon where the surgery took place. These infections can be very serious, and may spread throughout the body. A patient with this type of infection often faces a long recovery in the ICU. Some people even die from the infection.

This number represents a comparison of the number of infections after colon surgery that actually happened at this hospital to the number of infections expected for this hospital, given the types of patients they care for and other factors like a patientâs age and type of surgery. A number lower than one means fewer infections than expected a number more than one means more infections than expected. For details on sources, click here.

* The standardized infection ratio includes some data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Commitment To People Living & Working In Lower Manhattan

Located in the heart of lower Manhattan just two blocks southeast of City Hall NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital is a campus of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, one of the nations leading academic medical centers as ranked by U.S. News & World Reports “Best Hospitals” survey. We bring together the high-quality care of NewYork-Presbyterian with the multispecialty expertise of Weill Cornell Medicine doctors to serve the estimated one million residents, workers and visitors who come to downtown Manhattan each year.

NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan is the only full-service hospital south of 14th Street. We receive over 130,000 patient visits annually. Our Emergency Room is open around the clock to serve adults and children who need immediate medical attention and features a separate area exclusively for pediatric patients. We also offer Digital ED Express Care for patients with less severe injuries or symptoms who would like to utilize this service, which significantly reduces waiting time and stress without sacrificing the quality of care.

We provide a wide range of healthcare services for all types of diseases and disorders, as well as physical therapy, imaging tests, nutritional guidance, and more. Some of our staff members are bilingual and translation services also are available to serve this diverse community in the best way possible.

Services & Specialties

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Top Ten Hospitals In New York By Bed Size In 2021

BySatyabrata Kar

Five of the top ten general acute care hospitals in the state of New York, US, are located in New York City, while the remaining five are located in New Hyde Park, Rochester, Bronx, Manhasset, and Albany. In addition, the list includes nine non-profit hospitals and one government hospital.

Hospital Management lists New Yorks ten biggest hospitals by bed size in 2021, using GlobalDatas research.

Directory Of 221 Hospitals

The Creepiest Hospital Grounds in Manhattan (Arkham Asylum in NYC ...

A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital – Tri-Town Campus

43 Pearl Street West

Adirondack Medical Center-Lake Placid Site

203 Old Military Road

Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site

2233 State Route 86, P.O. Box 471

Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Albany Medical Center – South Clinical Campus

25 Hackett Boulevard

Brooklyn Hospital Center – Downtown Campus


Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca

101 Dates Drive

Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic

2 Coulter Road

1014 Oswegatchie Trail PO Box 10

Star Lake, NY 13690

David H. Koch Center For Cancer Care

530 East 74th Street

Eastern Niagara Hospital – Lockport Division


Ellis Hospital – Bellevue Woman’s Care Center Division

2210 Troy Road

Faxton-St Lukes Healthcare St Lukes Division

1656 Champlin Avenue

Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills

68 Harris-Bushville Road P.O. Box 800

Harris, NY 12742

Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills – G. Hermann Site

8881 State Route 97

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center


Good Samaritan Hospital of Suffern

255 Lafayette Avenue

HealthAlliance Hospital Mary’s Avenue Campus

105 Marys Avenue

Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital

1752 Park Avenue

89th Avenue & Van Wyck Expressway

Jamaica, NY 11418

John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital

818 Ellicott Street

John T Mather Memorial Hospital of Port Jefferson New York Inc


Lakeview Center for Mental Health and Wellness

29 East Cayuga Street

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center

234 East 149th Street

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Specially Trained Doctors Care For Icu Patients

A critical care unit or Intensive Care Unit is a special part of the hospital that provides care for extremely ill patients. Hospitals should have special doctors called intensivists working in the ICU. Intensivists are physicians with advanced training in intensive or critical care. They learn to manage problems in the ICU and help to reduce errors. There are higher death rates in hospitals where ICU patients are not cared for by intensivists.

Hospitals can earn up to 100 points for staffing their ICUs with intensivists. For details on sources, click here.

Dangerous Object Left In Patients Body

A surgeon can accidentally leave an object inside a patientâs body during surgery. Most times the object is a surgical sponge, which can quickly get infected. This problem doesnât happen often, but if it does happen it can be extremely dangerous. Many patients become severely ill, disabled, or even die.

This number represents the number of times dangerous objects were left inside patients for every 1,000 people discharged. For details on sources, click here.

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Accidental Cuts And Tears

For procedures of the abdomen and pelvis, there is a chance that the patient will suffer an accidental cut or tear of their skin or other tissue. This problem can happen during surgery or a procedure where doctors use a tube to look into a patientâs body.

This number represents the number of times patients experienced accidental cuts and tears in the abdominal or pelvic region during a procedure for every 1,000 people discharged. For details on sources, click here.

Access Deeper Intelligence About Hospitals And Health Systems

New York Downtown Hospital: The Heartbeat of Lower Manhattan

From financial and quality metrics to affiliation and technology data, HospitalView gives you an unparalleled level of intelligence on every hospital and IDN in the United States. With more than 9,300 distinct facility profiles packed with contextualized data curated from nearly 40 different public, private and proprietary sources, youll expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge.

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What Safer Hospitals Do:

Hospital staff should ensure patients know how to request assistance when they want to get out of bed. Rooms should be kept free of all hazards that may cause a patient to trip and fall. Patients should be provided with non-slip socks and garments that will not get in the way when they are trying to move.

New York Metropolitan Area

New York metropolitan area
From top, left to right: The of , the world’s principal , on the of Downtown , in the region the , at at nightfall on the , on s , home to many wealthy and and the in , regarded as the symbol of welcoming immigrants arriving to the United States, with , in the background.
Map of the counties in the United States with the New York Metropolitan Area in red
3,450.2 sq mi
Lowest elevation 0 ft/0 m at the , , and at waterways.

The New York metropolitan area, also commonly referred to as the Tri-State area , is the largest in the world by , at 4,669.0 sq mi , and one of the in the world. The metropolitan area includes , , the Mid and Lower in the the six largest cities in : , , , , , and , and their vicinities and six of the seven largest cities in : , , , , , and , and their vicinities. The New York metropolitan area sits within the larger .

As a center of many industries, including finance, , publishing, real estate, education, fashion, , tourism, , law, and manufacturing, the New York metropolitan region is one of the most important economic regions in the country. It is one of the most important financial,, and cities in the world. As of 2019, the New York metropolitan area is estimated to produce a of $1.7 trillion.

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Supercharge Your Hospital Sales Strategy

Segment the hospital market by type , number of staffed beds, region, CBSA population, quality rating, and other dimensions.Analyze each hospital’s financial standing by examining revenues, assets, budgets, debts and ratios, EBITDA, and cost centers.

Review clinical metrics such as bed utilization rates, average length of stay, total acute days, and bed days available.Get a complete breakdown of claims submitted to see which procedures and diagnoses hospitals handle the most.Map affiliations with group purchasing organizations, physician groups, IDNs, regional purchasing coalitions, long-term care facilities, and other entities.

Strong Memorial Hospital Of The University Of Rochester 886 Beds

ER Doctor Who Survived Ebola Says He

The Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester is a teaching hospital located at Elmwood Avenue in Rochester, New York.

The hospital is designated as a comprehensive stroke centre, Level 1 adult and paediatric trauma centre, and regional perinatal centre. It also houses the only dedicated burn centre as well as the only paediatric and psychiatric emergency facilities in the region.

Strong Memorial Hospital is renowned for specialities including organ transplant, trauma and burn care, neonatal intensive care, neuromedicine, cardiology and oncology.

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Falls Causing Broken Hips

Patients in the hospital, especially those who are older or have weaker bones, are at risk of breaking their hip if they fall. Broken hips can delay a patientâs recovery time, require longer hospital stays, and cause depression when patients lose their ability to move.

This number represents the number of times patients experienced hip fractures for every 1,000 people discharged.For details on sources, click here.

Build Smarter Market Strategies With Healthcare Intelligence

Our data products give anyone who builds and sells products or services into the healthcare market an advantage against the competition. From building territories and segmenting your market to competitive analysis and market sizing, our robust platform gives you the intelligence you need to unlock new opportunities.Companies that sell into the healthcare market have used our solutions to vastly expand their sales outreach. In fact, one customer increased their qualified leads by 65% in six months.

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Infection In The Blood

If a patient is in the hospital, he or she may be given a central line . Patients with a central line are at high risk for developing a dangerous infection in the blood. These serious infections can lead to other complications, increase recovery time, and can often lead to death.

This number represents a comparison of the number of central line-associated infections in the blood that actually happened at this hospital to the number of infections expected for this hospital, given the number of central lines used and other factors like facility type and size. A number lower than one means fewer infections than expected a number more than one means more infections than expected. For details on sources, click here.

* The standardized infection ratio includes some data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responsiveness Of Hospital Staff

New York’s Central Park to house coronavirus field hospitals

Patientsâ perspectives of care are an important part of patient safety. The Responsiveness of Hospital Staff measure looks at patientsâ feedback on how long it takes for a staff member to respond when they request help. If a patient is in pain, experiencing new symptoms, or cannot reach the bathroom himself, it is important that hospital staff respond quickly to address the situation.

Based on a scale of zero-100, this number represents a comparison of patientsâ perspectives of how quickly the staff at this hospital typically responds to patientsâ requests for help relative to patientsâ perspectives of how quickly the staff at other hospitals typically respond to their patientsâ requests. Higher scores indicate a faster response time than lower scores. For details on sources, click here.The patient experience score includes some data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

Located on 3959 Broadway , New York City, NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital is a pediatric hospital in New YorkPresbyterian Hospital. They are especially known for their expertise in pediatric heart surgery. It was listed on the 2009 U.S. News & World Report “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals” “Honor Roll” and one of only 10 children’s hospitals in the nation to be ranked in all 10 clinical specialties. The hospital houses the only pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center in Manhattan.

Merger With The College Of Physicians And Surgeons

In 1807, with a growing young nation in need of adequately trained physicians, the founded, under separate charter, the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Merely four years later, in 1811, Dr. Samuel Bard, dean of Columbia University Medical School, became president of the college. The year 1814 then saw the merger of Columbia University Medical School into the College of Physicians and Surgeons, a move that was made in an attempt to reverse what then was perceived as a period of decline for the medical school.

Despite this merger, the College of Physicians and Surgeons retained its independence from Columbia and it was only in 1860 that the College of Physicians and Surgeons, at that time occupying buildings across West Fifty-ninth Street from the , after severing its ties to the New York Board of Regents and through agreement between the trustees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Columbia, became the official medical school of Columbia University. This new relationship between the college and Columbia was minimal at best, however, with the college retaining independence from Columbia. It was not until 1891 that the College of Physicians and Surgeons would be fully integrated and incorporated into Columbia. In 1886, the Sloane Maternity Hospital, later the , was founded as part of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Weill Cornell Center For Human Rights


Founded in 2010 in partnership with , the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights provides services to torture victims in the United States on grounds of racial, gendered, religious, sexual, or political persecution. Run by medical students, the WCCHR provides forensic medical evaluations for survivors of clinicians provide clients to prepare an affidavit in support of a client’s asylum application. It is the first U.S. medical school-based asylum clinic run by students.

Mount Sinai Hospital 1139 Beds

NYU Langone Medical Center (New York City)

Located at Gustave L. Levy Place in New York City, Kings County, the Mount Sinai Hospital has the highest number of medical/surgical and special care beds in the state of New York, US.

Founded in 1852, Mount Sinai is one of the oldest and biggest multi-specialty teaching hospitals in the US. It is nationally ranked high in 11 specialties, including geriatrics, cardiology, diabetes, neurology, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology, ENT, and cancer. Its paediatric centre, Mount Sinai Kravis Childrens Hospital, is also recognized as one of the countrys best childrens hospitals.

It is the flagship hospital campus of the New York City-based integrated healthcare network, Mount Sinai Health System, which was formed through the merger of Mount Sinai Medical Center and Continuum Health Partners in September 2013.

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Kidney Injury After Surgery

After major surgery, particularly heart surgery, some patients may experience kidney failure. In serious cases, kidney failure can lead to the need for dialysis, an artificial way of replacing the kidneysâ function. In the most extreme cases, a patient may need a kidney transplant or risk death. Patients who are older or have other pre-existing health problems are at a greater risk of experiencing kidney failure.

This number represents the estimated number of times patients experienced kidney failure for every 1,000 people who had surgery.For details on sources, click here.

Montefiore Hospital 816 Beds

The Montefiore Hospital in Bronx is the biggest hospital campus of Montefiore Health System. It has 816 certified beds, including 581 medical/surgical beds and 116 paediatric beds.

Apart from being designated as AIDS and comprehensive stroke centre, the hospital provides inpatient medical care across various specialties for children and seniors.

The Montefiore Hospital is also home to Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation, Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care, and Childrens Hospital at Montefiore.

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