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List Of Bronx High Schools

Bronx Arena High School

The Bronx High School of Science: Class of 2022 Graduation
District Borough Number
198 Forsyth Street, Manhattan, NY 10002
Education Council President
Breakfast, lunch and after school meal service is free for all NYC public school students.
Menu Service Specifics
  • Breakfast Time: 9:30 AM-10:00 AM
  • Lunch Time: 2:00 PM-2:01 PM
  • Food Service Manager: Shinelle Wright
  • Kitchen Phone Number: 718-860-5096

The Horace Mann School

Horace Mann students are guided by five core values: life for the mind, mature behavior, mutual respect, a secure and healthful environment, and a balance between individual achievement and a caring community.

These five values are woven into all realms of the independent school setting, which serves nearly 735 students in its Upper Division on an 18-acre campus situated in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

One of the most impressive components of Horace Manns Upper Division curriculum includes a service-learning program in which teams of 100 students engage in philanthropic pursuits at sites for youth and older adults.

To graduate, students complete four years of physical education or team sports, obtain their CPR and First Aid certifications, and complete an 11th-grade interdisciplinary requirement.

High school tuition runs nearly $60,000 annually, and financial aid is available. The school is home to other assets, including over 100 electives for Upper Division students, a 320-acre outdoor education center in Connecticut, and a 100+-year-old award-winning weekly student news publication.

Home Page Main Image Shuffle

Ms. Clark shows her school spirit!

Students solve clues during the Halloween Scavenger Hunt on October 27th.

Students celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Boys Varsity Soccer takes on Newcomers High School at Victory Field

Freshmen students investigate cells in plants during the Living Environment project.

Senior Madison Thomas dives to pick up an amazing dig vs. Newtown.

The Day of the Dead bread spread

Breast Cancer Awareness brings out the pink!

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Bronx Charters Named National Blue Ribbon Schools

Graduates from the class of 2022 celebrate in June at New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math & Science II in the Bronx. The school was among nearly 300 winners of the 2022 National Blue Ribbon Schools.

Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education

Only three New York City public schools made this years list of National Blue Ribbon Schools, and all were charter schools located in the Bronx, according to the U.S. Department of Educations picks released Friday.

The Bronxs Icahn Charter School 2, New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math & Science II, and South Bronx Classical Charter III were among 297 schools across the country winning the honor. All three were recognized for their overall academic performance, and are low-income schools serving a majority of Black and Latino students.

State education officials can submit up to 19 schools for the honor, according to a spokesperson from the U.S. Department of Education. Yet, New York state saw 20 winners this year, none of which were schools run by the citys education department.

State education officials could not immediately provide the list of schools they submitted for consideration.

It was the first time since 2005 that no schools run by the citys education department were on the list. Last year, of the seven Blue Ribbon public schools from New York City, six were district schools and one was a charter .

High School Of American Studies At Lehman College

What Rochester could learn from successful reboot of Bronx school

The High School of American Studies at Lehman College is a collaborative college preparatory program sponsored by the New York City Department of Education, Lehman College and the City University of New York. The school strives to provide students with a comprehensive education designed to prepare them for the multicultural college level learning experience. The High School of American Studies at Lehman College is small, with fewer than 400 students in grades 9 to 12, and entrance is highly competitive. The High School of American Studies at Lehman College has been ranked as the number 19 high school in the United States by “US World and News Report.”

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High School Of Contemporary Arts

The High School of Contemporary Arts combines the use of technology with a core curriculum focusing on the arts. Students focus on developing their personal interest and skills within the arts, which in turn allows them to act as successful participants in their communities. 455 students attend High School of Contemporary Arts, which serves grades 9 to 12.

Brooklyn Technical High School

Photo by Beyond My Ken

Brooklyn Technical High School has a particular focus on STEM subjects, especially those of an applied nature, and in many ways operates more like a college than a high school. At the end of their sophomore years, students are placed into one of 18 possible majors , which determines more selective courses students take in their final two years. It is the largest high school in the US by student population, and also has the largest AP program. This school is a great choice for students who are highly motivated and interested in the applied sciences. For more on Brooklyn Technical High School, see this Ivy blog post.

Brooklyn Technical High School Ranking

According to, Brooklyn Tech is ranked #15 for Best Public High Schools in New York.

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Riverdale / Kingsbridge Academy

Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy is a middle school and high school program that focuses on a liberal arts-based education. The school acts as a preparatory program. Younger students prepare for high school, while older students prepare for college. Although it is quite selective, the Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy tries to be accommodating to students who may not be interested in math or the sciences.

Nyc Specialized High School Test Prep

Seen On Video: Suspects Break Into William Taft High School In The Bronx

Since SHSAT scores are the defining metric for acceptance to most of the specialized high schools, its crucial to be well-prepared and confident going into this test. Though you wont register for the test until September, its a good idea to use your summer break as a time to study. In fact, here at Ivy, we recommend that students planning on taking the SHSAT in the fall of 8th grade start studying in the spring of 7th grade .

The NYC Department of Education provides a preparation guide each year, such as this guide from 2022. This guide is a good starting point to familiarizing yourself with the format and content of the test.

Taking an initial diagnostic test before diving fully into your studying journey is a great way to get a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a customized plan towards mastery. At Ivy Tutors Network, we can administer this diagnostic test, provide a comprehensive report to help you understand the results, and help you create a strategic plan for your test prep.

As with any standardized test, practice is crucial. Regular and consistent practice will not only help you master the material, but also essential testing skills like time management. This practice should include additional timed practice tests to simulate the testing experience. Ivy Tutors Network can proctor these tests, and our experienced SHSAT tutors can over them with you afterwards to help you understand every question you got wrong.

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Bronx Community High School

District Borough Number
198 Forsyth Street, Manhattan, NY 10002
Education Council President
Ask your Parent Coordinator, School Social Worker, or School Counselor for more information about your school’s mental health program.
School Based Health Center with Mental Health Services
Montefiore Medical Center: 718-794-7070
Breakfast, lunch and after school meal service is free for all NYC public school students.
Menu Service Specifics
  • Breakfast Time: No Service Requested
  • Lunch Time: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
  • Food Service Manager: Maureen Nevins
  • Kitchen Phone Number: 718-794-1550

Nygear Up Eligible High School List

NY GEAR UP will target middle school students that feed into eligible high schools, defined as public high schools which enroll 100 or more students, in which 60 percent or fewer of the 2009 cohort of New York public school students who entered in the 9th grade graduated four years later , and in which 50% or more students participate in the free or reduced price lunch program. The following lists New Yorks 94 eligible high-schools and their respective school districts.

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How To Apply To A Specialized High School: General Rules

For eight of the nine specialized high schools , you must take the SHSAT to be considered for admission. In fact, your SHSAT scores are the only admission factor. The schools do not consider your grades or other test scores, so its crucial to be well-prepared for the SHSAT. The test is normally taken in the fall of 8th grade.

It is very important that you also research all the schools leading up to this time, and determine your preferences. On the day that you take the SHSAT, you will be required to rank the 8 schools that take the SHSAT in order of your preferences. You will automatically be placed into the school that you rank highest on your list, among those whose cutoff SHSAT scores you meet. So, for example, if you score high enough to get into Stuyvesant , but you ranked Bronx Science higher on your list, you will only be admitted to Bronx Science.

If you are interested in attending LaGuardia High School, you will need to audition or submit a portfolio for the programs in which you are interested . Historically, the auditions take place and the portfolios are submitted in person, but for the past few years, due to COVID, both have been taking place virtually. Fortunately, you can also use your LaGuardia application materials to apply to any other audition-based high school in the city with the relevant arts programs. Like the SHSAT, your LaGuardia High School audition or portfolio should be submitted in the fall of your eighth grade year.

Bronx Aerospace High School

Walton High School

Bronx Aerospace High School has a curriculum designed to train students for a career in aerospace. Beginning two weeks before the start of 9th grade, students begin orientation. At this time, they are paired with an older student who becomes their mentor for the next two years. Students at Bronx Aerospace High School can choose from three paths of study: to train as a pilot, to train in air traffic control or to take general college prep classes. All students are required to wear a black pilot’s uniform.

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Queens High School For The Sciences At York College

Like HSAS, Queen High School for the science is relatively new and small among the specialized high schools, and is the only specialized high school in Queens. Though its emphasis is on the STEM disciplines, all students here take a variety of challenging courses beyond the sciences. All students at QHSS take AP classes, and many also take courses from York College professors that entitle them to college credit. As the high school is located on York Colleges campus, QHSS students are entitled to use the colleges library, cafeteria, and gym. For more on QHSS, see this Ivy blog post.

Queens High School for the Sciences Ranking

According to, Queens High School is ranked #53 for Best Public High Schools in New York.

Townsend Harris High School

Townsend Harris is a public high school guided by the Ephebic Oath, inspiring community members to leave Flushing better than before they arrived there.

The schools world languages department has an excellent reputation. Students can choose from five foreign languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Latin, or Greek.

100% pass the three-year comprehensive Regents examination in their language and the National Latin Exam, and 80% of students continue their foreign language study past the minimum requirement of three years.

Outside the core curriculum, students can take electives in service and activism. 9th-grade admission is open to all New York City students via a competitive screening. Application readers consider standardized test scores from 6th grade and report card grades.

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Bronx High School Of Science

Bronx High School of Science, also known as Bronx Science, is a specialized public high school focusing on math and the sciences, although students receive a complete education in all subject areas. Students from all over New York City are welcome to attend Bronx Science, although the application process is rigorous and competitive, and students must score highly on an entrance exam to be offered admission. Bronx High School of Science was rated number 58 in the United States by “US News and World Report.”

High School For Math Science And Engineering At City College

Entire Senior Class At Bronx Charter High School Accepted Into College

HSMSE offers both a challenging and comprehensive general academic program as well as particularly rigorous and high-quality course offerings in STEM disciplines. Students are required to take engineering courses, and take at least 5 courses in mathematics over their four years of high school. At the end of their sophomore year, students apply and are selected for one of three major concentrations . Since the school is partnered with the Goethe-Institut, German is especially encouraged as a foreign language course, and students who take German have the chance to study abroad in Germany. Its designed to be a small school of around 500 students, which allows students to get personal attention from dedicated teachers. Additionally, though small, the student body is extremely diverse, and the school has a variety of extracurricular offerings for students to participate in. For more on HSMSE, see this Ivy blog post.

High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College Ranking

According to, HSME is ranked #8 for Best Public High Schools in New York.

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High School Of Math Science And Engineering At Ccny

A specialized public high school, HSMSE has been lauded for being the most diverse school in New York City.

Its curriculum challenges students with an interdisciplinary approach to STEM and the humanities.

The campus is located on the CCNY campus, so students gain early exposure to the realities of college living and have access to the campus facilities and equipment.

All HSMSE scholars take a minimum of five math courses and annual laboratory sciences. Most fulfill a three-year foreign language requirement in German, considered the language of engineering.

In their sophomore year, students declare a concentration in one of the following: engineering, mathematics, or biomedical research.

The schools biomedical research program was created and carried out in partnership with scientists and doctors at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

What Are The 9 Specialized High Schools

The 9 specialized high schools of NYC are:

  • The Bronx High School of Science
  • Brooklyn Latin School
  • Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
  • High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College
  • High School of American Studies at Lehman College
  • Queens High School for the Sciences at York College
  • Staten Island Technical High School
  • Stuyvesant High School
  • Photo by Bxsstudent

    Though Bronx Science, as the name suggests, was initially founded as a specialized math and science school, students with a variety of interests attend. The course load here is well-rounded and rigorous: above all, the school is now known for its academically gifted and hard-working students. Bronx Science offers its students 37 out of a possible 38 AP courses , as well as a variety of quality extracurricular clubs and activities . As a part of its IDEAS institute, scientifically-minded students can engage in robotics competitions, hackathons, and other programs that encourage students to make their ideas come to life. For more information on Bronx Science, see this Ivy blog post.

    Bronx Science Ranking

    According to, Bronx Science is ranked #2 for Best Public High Schools in New York.

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    The 10 Best High Schools In New York State

    It is perhaps not surprising that many of the best high schools in New York are heavily concentrated in the New York City metropolitan area.

    Ranging from public and specialized public to private, New Yorks best high schools stand out via their expert faculty cohorts, city-integrated buildings and facilities, and community partnerships in STEM, business, and the arts.

    Admission to the best high schools in New York is predictably competitive, and in most cases, students will apply for admission to these elite institutions.

    Tuition can exceed $60,000, while other public schools provide a totally free and exceptional four-year education.

    Experiential and work-based learning is prioritized in many of the school settings on this list. Students are also encouraged or required to engage in regular community service endeavors.

    Attending school in and around the diverse cultural hub of New York City provides more access to learning languages like Russian, German, and Japanese, all languages valued in the business and technology world.

    Our selections of the best high schools in New York State were sourced from rankings lists of popular publications like Niche and the U.S. News & World Report.

    Continue reading to learn more about the exciting curriculum opportunities offered by these impressive institutions!

    Here are 10 of the best high schools in New York State.

    Fiorello H Laguardia High School Of Music & Art And Performing Arts

    P.S. 108: Philip J Abinanti School

    Photo by Ajay Suresh

    LaGuardia High School is unique among the specialized high schools in that its focus is on the arts. That being said, academic strength is still required for acceptance here, and the schools core academic courses are an important part of each students experience. Attending students have a visual or performing arts major , and spend time every day on both normal high school courses and courses related to their major. The goal is to marry conservatory style arts concentration with a full, traditional academic course load. For more on LaGuardia High School, see this Ivy blog post.

    Laguardia Ranking

    According to, Laguardia is ranked #43 for Best Public High Schools in New York.

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