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Is New York Medical Career Training Center Accredited

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Manhattan Institute – School of Allied Medical and Nursing in NYC

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A Medical Career School

As a medical technical school in NJ, Healthcare Training Institute provides career training for some of the most in-demand healthcare professions, including diagnostic medical sonographer, medical assistant technician, certified nurse aide, patient care technician, medical billing and coding specialist, phlebotomy and more.

Weve graduated more than 2,000 students with the skills necessary to achieve successful careers in the healthcare industry. As a patient care technician school and medical assistant school in New Jersey, HTI provides all our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in healthcare. Upon completing our programs, HTI offers career guidance and assistance to all of our students and graduates. Our ultimate goal is to see every student succeed.

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HTI is a medical training school, accredited by the ACCSC . We are also approved by the United States Department of Education.

Spine Practices To Knowyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

The centerisaccredited by the Accreditation … neurosurgeon with fellowship training in orthopedic spine surgery at the NewYork City-based Hospital for Joint Disease and the Spine Institute of NewYork at Beth Israel MedicalCenter, also in NewYork

Becker’s ASC

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Abdominal Sonography 200 Hours

Examines the clinical applications within the specialty of abdominal sonography including interpretation of normal and abnormal sonographic patterns, pathology, related clinical signs and symptoms, normal variants and clinical laboratory tests. Includes laboratory sessions on basic scanning techniques and protocols.

New York Medical Career Training Center: Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s Programs

Join New York medical career training center if you want ...

education and e-learning programsNew YorkAccredited

New York Medical Career Training Center campus information

Student financial aid in Flushing, scholarships & student loans

forms of financial aidOPE code meanOPE ID

What programs is New York Medical Career Training Center known for?

accredited college degreeCouncil on Occupational Education

Accreditation, graduate programs, licensing and accrediting agencies
  • Academic departments & programs– this faculty is Accredited to offer various types of education
  • Understanding accreditation– New York Medical Career Training Center is Accredited as Institutional, Actual, but agency status is unexplained
  • Date and type of last action – We do not have any information regarding probation, loss of accreditation or pre-accreditation, termination, renewal, expiration or voluntary withdrawal, 09/18/2007 – Current
Degree types in the USA
Degree Levels

Tuition & fees – Flushing registrar’s office – New York Medical Career Training Center

Attending a prestigious state school in New York, NY as an in-state student might be the least expensive option.

How much is tuition, fees, housing?
Type of College
Average “indirect” expenses for undergraduate students

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American Society Of Health

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists is a professional organization that represents pharmacists nationwide. The organizations 45,000 members include pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Under the ASHP, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education is an accrediting body that sets standards for the education of pharmacists. Since 1932, ACPE has worked to hold educational institutions accountable to assure quality training for people in the pharmacy profession. Our Pharmacy Technician program is fully accredited by the ASHP/ ACPE. This accreditation is the national standard for pharmacy technician training programs.

Take the first step to your new career. .

  • New York Institute of Career Development
  • 41 East 11th Street, 11th Floor, Suite 66
  • New York, New York 10003

Ultrasound Tech Programs In Ny

Sonography programs in NY will help prepare you for a career as a diagnostic medical sonographer. These programs will teach you about human anatomy and physiology, healthcare ethics, and how to use medical imaging equipment. You may also learn how to communicate with patients and physicians. Select programs may also include a clinical interships component that allows for hands-on experience. You may also specialize in a specific field of sonography such as radiology, pediatrics, cardiovascular, or abdominal.

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New York Medical Career Training Center Accreditation

This institution is accredited by Council on Occupational Education

Specialized institution accreditations:

*General information for this school has been gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics database, a service provided by the U.S. Department of Education. does not guarantee the accuracy of information on this page. All information is subject to change. You should confirm all information with a college admissions officer.If you work for a school and would like to update your data please contact us.

New York Ultrasound Technician Schools

Programs at the New York Medical College School of Health Sciences and Practice

New York is the third most populated state, but it is home to New York City the most populated city in the nation. Many industries flourish and thrive in New York from agriculture to health care and finance and more. As of 2013, there were 4,320 diagnostic medical sonographers employed in the state of New York. By 2020, this number is expected to reach 4,810.

The median annual wage for ultrasound technicians working in New York is $67,000 coming in just above the national median. Analysts project continuous growth for the profession, expressing a suspected 34% increase in total employment between 2010 and 2020.

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Doctorand Medical Training Providerin Flushing Michigan

New York Medical Career Training Center is the place to get the right medical training for making career in the medical field. The NY med training center provides the skill that is essential for graduates to learn to work in top hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes etc. Students are encouraged to take the National Health Career Association Exam .

The New York Medical Career Training Center is spacious enough and the current office space has six classrooms. The training center offers courses including diagnostic medical sonographer, dialysis technician, medical assistant, EKG technician, EKG and phlebotomy, medical billing, medical office administration, nurse aid, pharmacy technician, English as a second language, CPR and phlebotomy technician.

There are different classrooms for medical billing, and computer application courses and media room for the students. There are four other classrooms, equipped with medical equipment for teaching lessons.

The NY Medical Training Center offers fast, affordable classroom experience that will deliver you the job you want. The quality education is guaranteed through their state of the art labs and experience and well qualified instructors.

New York Medical Career Training Center offers Financial Aid for Medical Assistant training program. In case of your financial needs, the qualified counselors will meet your needs. They guide the right choices and offer flexible payment plans for their students.

  • Work

Ob 2nd Trimester 75 Hours

The course instructs and demonstrates the clinical laboratory test and sign and symptoms used for evaluation abdominal organ and small parts pathology, OB. It will also describe the standard patient positions related to sonographic image. The instructor will explain normal fetal anatomy, apply appropriate measurements .It will also emphasize on estimate gestational age by ultrasound evaluation for confirmation of clinical dating for patients who are undergoing elective repeat cesarean delivery, induction of labor. The course will also describe and evaluate fetal growth or macrosomia, is suspected).

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Locate The Best Medical School In Queens For Pct Training Course

We all want to choose a right career which is in demand and allows for multiple job opportunities. There are distinct medical schools in Queens which offer different training courses. Anyone can choose them for a lucrative career. If you are interested in entering the medical field then you must go through this blog. Patient care technician is one of the fastest growing professions in the medical industry in the United States.

About patient care technician– A patient care technician is an integral part of the medical field. The technician is responsible for providing quality health care services to patients suffering from different diseases and illnesses admitted in the clinics, hospitals and reliability centers. After successfully completion of the PCT training program, an individual can work in the different medical or healthcare facility such as- hospitals, adult day care centers, old age homes, and other healthcare centers. We have mentioned some of the important reasons why you should choose PCT as a career option. Before this, lets have a look at the topics covered under the patient care technician program.

Reasons to choose PCT course

Want to join Patient care tech classes? Are you looking for the medical school in Queens? Contact- New York Medical Career Training Center. It is a leading institute offering patient care technician program.

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  • May 18, 2018 – Teacher inFlushing, NYRecommendBusiness Outlook


    Students are willing to learn to be professional Medical Bullets, Medical Assistants and Medical Office Administrators. Staff is nice to work for


    Right now it’s work is per diem. Looking for full time.

    Continue readingBe the first to find this review helpfulHelpful

  • multiple locations, more classes available to teach, some autonomy


    lack of supplies, poor management, dont provide biweekly/monthly pay stub

    They teach you a lot about things you dont know they have good teachers


    They dont post you to places for jobs


    New York Medical Career Training Center is a wonderful place to get started in medical industry. The way they taught me on how to communicate with patients and health care staff was particularly impressive. Frequent lab sessions organized by the teachers helped me immensely to keep on growing.


    I did not find anything as everything went well with me

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    Working As A Sonographer 10 Hours

    This course discusses and compares their experiences from internships, such as on workplace behavior. Student will learn how to perform job searches and where to find such information. Student will also learn about national and state/local branches of professional organizations in the field, notably SDMS, and CCI. This course also prepares resumes in formats used for Allied Health jobs.After Completion of 1440 Classroom hours, student has to complete 810 Hours of externship in order to complete the course


    New York Medical Career Training Center

    • 136-20 38th Avenue, Ste. 5F Flushing, NY 11354

    New York Medical Career Training Center

    • 500 8th Ave. Suite 5N New York, NY 10018

    New York Medical Career Training Center

    • 711 Stewart Ave, Suite #203 Garden City, NY 11530

    Lower Extremity And Abdominal Vascular 110 Hours

    The course concentrates on the anatomy of the vascular system. Students will able to recognize and demonstrate the common vascular diseases for which the application of ultrasound is critical as a noninvasive diagnostic tool, the risk factors associated peripheral arterial diseases, the sign and symptoms of peripheral arterial diseases and the anatomy of the peripheral arterial system. Student will also able to describe the arterial Doppler signals obtained during arterial duplex. The course teaches the factors associated with venous diseases, the sign and symptoms of the venous diseases, the characteristics of normal venous system, the imaging characteristics of a venous duplex imaging and the imaging characteristics associated with deep vein thrombosis and venous reflux.

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    Apply For Training In The Healthcare Field

    We work with the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare , the City’s healthcare industry partnership, and the Workforce1 Healthcare Career Center to offer no-cost training programs that prepare New Yorkers for jobs in the healthcare field. With NYACH, we engage employers, educational institutions, training providers, and other partners in designing training programs that provide the required skills and credentials for viable healthcare career opportunities.

    Certification Requirements In New York

    Patient Care Technician Training in NYC The Manhattan Institute

    There are a number of educational institutions in the state of New York that offer programs in diagnostic medical sonography. Ten schools in New York offer a program that has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs . Ultrasound technicians who hope to work in New York are not required to obtain certification, but it is highly encouraged by employers. To gain certification, one must take a voluntary exam released by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography .

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    About New York Medical Career Training Center

    New York Medical Career Training Center – Queens is located in Flushing, NY, but also offers classes online. This school offers training in 29 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Certified Phlebotomy Technician , Electrocardiograph Certification and Certified Nursing Assistant . Time to complete this education training ranges from 5.6 days to 14.1 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 6 weeks. The cost to attend New York Medical Career Training Center – Queens ranges from $500 to $50,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $900. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.

    Ultrasound Technician Salary In New York

    In 2013, New Yorks ultrasound technicians earned a median wage of $67,000 compared to the national median wage of $66,400. Those who fell in the top 10% of earners in New York made a salary of $87,900, while those in the bottom 10% averaged $50,900. The median hourly wage for diagnostic medical sonographers in New York in 2013 was $32.20.

    The New York State Department of Labor predicts a 34% increase in total employment to occur between 2010 and 2020. This growth will result in 4,810 technicians being employed in New York by 2020. Due to growth and net replacement analysts project 180 job openings per year.

    New York Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Salary by Local Area:

    Local Area

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    Student Loan Default Rate

    In 2017 the default rate for borrower’s at New York Medical Career Training Center was 12.6%, which represents 20 out of the 159 total borrowers.

    A cohort default rate is the percentage of a school’s borrowers who enter repayment on certain Federal Family Education Loan Program or William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program loans during a particular federal fiscal year , October 1 to September 30, and default or meet other specified conditions prior to the end of the second following fiscal year.

    Find Trade Schools & Colleges In New York

    The New York Institute of Career Development offers ...

    Find accredited trade schools and online technical colleges in New York. Learn about the different certificate training classes, diploma, and degree programs in the skilled trades, healthcare, business and other career fields. A variety of courses can be completed in 6 months or less.

    Available skilled trade programs include HVAC technician, welding, truck driving and mechanics. Medical career programs include healthcare administration, medical assistant, and dental assistant. There are online programs available for some careers like medical billing, medical coding, and criminal justice.

    All partner schools are accredited and offer financial aid assistance for students who qualify. Most colleges offer some evening, weekend and part-online course options. Find an accredited school in New York by using the search application.

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    New York State Education Department

    The New York State Education Department is one of the most respected education agencies in the United States. The New York Institute of Career and Development is licensed under the demanding standards of NYSED, and all our programs are regularly reviewed and approved by NYSED, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of education materials, student service and business practices. All NYICD teachers and key staff are licensed by NYSED. A full explanation of NYSED’s requirements that pertain to NYICD is available in our catalog.

    Suggest 7 Workplace Wellness Ideas For Business

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